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Prophetic word for today

Daylight come

First posted: January 24, 2007

E-mailed: February 19, 2006

Word received by: Catha Miller


I saw what I though was a dream at first, but it was no dream, I wake up Feb/7/06. I was going to get up when I saw a vision of a tree from top to bottom. It was like you were looking at a tree in a picture where you could see the top of the tree as well as the roots. The tree on top of the ground was about 12-feet tall; the leaves came all the way to the ground, and they were wide leaves, like [the ones] you would see on a banana tree. The roots were deep, and there were a lot of them underground.


All at once, I saw a child's face in the roots of the tree, but, just a fast as I saw it, it disappeared to my right. And then, from my right, I saw what I thought was a big snake, but it wasn't. I was looking for its head, when I realized it was a root. It was about 2 inches around, and it had what looked like thorns all over it, but they were not sharp. This root was going at a fast pace like a snake. It was going through the roots of the tree like it was weaving something together.


Then, from my left, I saw a tube about 3 inches around moving toward the root about the same speed. What came to me was, "It is going to swallow the root and be a covering for the root". The tube looked like a woven net made out of plastic. It came to me that this has something to do with the Body of Christ and that something is getting ready to take place at the foundation of God's Church.


Our brief comments


Vision gone bananas

Bananas are known for their high potassium content, which immediately points to the Terri Schiavo situation. As indicated on (and in various media reports at the time), it is widely believed that Terri Schiavo's collapse was caused by a potassium imbalance that caused a cardiac arrest, which, in turn, led to the brain damage her body sustained. As the Lord had me thinking about this, He kept repeating the word "Resurrection" in my heart, and He said the following to me:

"Terri Schiavo's vegetative body represents the things that must be let go of, not to be raised up again; her body represents the things that die without being resurrected by Me. The Church's efforts to keep her alive represent her arrogant and stubborn efforts to preserve the life of those things whose death I have decreed. The Church is like a stubborn mule that keeps rebelling against Me, angering Me even more when she uses My Name to justify her rebellion against Me!!!"


Therefore, I was surprised to read on that Michael Schiavo had entered what is technically called a "Do Not Resuscitate" (DNR) order after Terri contracted a urinary tract infection in 1994, more than 3 years into Terri's vegetative state. Thus, the "potassium-laden" banana tree in the vision speaks of the "things" (i.e.- believers) whom the Lord wants to resuscitate. These are the believers who go through voluntary death in green-horse sacrifice in order to resurrect into a "Phoenix" newness of life, paving the way for the spiritual resurrection of the Church in general.


Out of nowhere, the Lord placed a train of thought in my mind that prompted me to perform a search on Yahoo! of the words "banana growth united states". The first result (on had a simple page that listed a couple of Web addresses, the first one being an address to a page on, a website which, to my surprise, was based in Phoenix, Arizona (US); this site provides free information on plants. Interestingly enough, this site's home page specifically mentions 3 places where their information CDs are available: Phoenix, Great Britain, and a place in Mexico called "San Jose del Cabo". None of this is coincidental. As you may know, "Jose" is the Spanish form of the name "Joseph", and, as we have said before, Joseph was a green-horse rider who gave his life in green-horse sacrifice in order to pave the way for others to escape certain demise (Genesis 50:20-21). As we have also studied before, the Lord established an unbreakable, trans-Atlantic green-horse link with Great Britain in January 2006, some 18 days before sister Catha's vision.



The roots in the vision speak of a prophetic remnant who are working on the spiritual root issues that no one else is interested or courageous enough to deal with. They are laying a foundation of righteousness that is wearing away the shaky foundation laid by the pastoral matriarchy. As green-horse riders, God's remnant are completing the spiritual work that is sealing the obliteration of the soul matriarchy, which is the basic root underneath the conflict between the Spirit of God and man. This is a "dirty" and "unpleasant" work that no one else is interested in, but the remnant press on until God's Glory is manifested on Earth through the sons and daughters that He has begotten.


"And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire" (Matthew 3:10)


The child's face from the right

The child's face also points to the green horse of the Apocalypse. As we have shared before, God's green-horse riders are believers who are meek towards God, meek to the point of allowing Him to take them to their deaths. They are children willing to "tithe" with their very lives, which allows them to behold the Face of God (Matthew 18:10). These believers are willing to allow God to utterly destroy all their paradigms and preconceptions so that His paradigms and concepts may rise up from the ashes.


Wherever child-face believers are manifested, Jacob's ladder is soon to follow. Angelic visitations come over places with child faces staring up into the sky. As we have shared before, God's angels are fearsome agents of judgment; they are not the "cuddly" creatures portrayed by natural man. Thus, innocent child faces in the land attract intense judgments, and those intense judgments work purity and innocence in the land.


At times, "children" are portrayed in Scripture in a positive sense, and at other times in a negative sense, as shown by the following verse:


"Brethren, be not children in understanding: howbeit in malice be ye children, but in understanding be men" (1 Corinthians 14:20)


Therefore, the Lord wants us to be children in our "yieldedness" to His righteousness, not in our lack of spiritual growth. God abhors immature, bratty children who only care about what they can get from "Grandpa God". Those are children from the "left", since they only care about "left-handed" grace. By contrast, God dearly loves obedient children who are constantly longing to grow in His judgments, children who seek after His right-handed righteousness. Those are the children from the "right". Those are the children who find an imperishable left-handed grace in the righteous eyes of God.


The headless snakes

There is a prophetic reason why the headless root seemed like a snake at first. Because of their "buccaneer" nature, green-horse riders appear to the religious as "rebellious" and "untameable". Yet, a closer look in the Spirit reveals that their rebellion is actually submission taken to the hilt. Just like Balaam's ass, these believers have a propensity for obedience (Luke 2:51-52), but they are willing to disobey man when obeying man implies betraying God (Numbers 22:21-35, Luke 2:41-50, Luke 4:16-30, Galatians 1:10).


The key to distinguishing between carnal rebellion and Godly rebellion lies in discerning the motivation. During her vision, sister Catha initially thought that the root was a snake, but she realised it was actually a root when she saw that it had no head. This is a figure of how God's remnant are not out to become "heads" over their brethren, because they know that the One Head is Christ. They are not out to lord it over their brethren. Instead, they are out to fully unite their brethren to the Head so that their brethren can be all that they are called to be (Ephesians 4:14-16, Colossians 2:18-19). Therefore, God's remnant are "loveable children" in the eyes of God because they are out to please Papa and exalt their brethren, rather than exalt themselves in pride of "superiority" over their brethren.


In a spiritual sense, God's remnant are like "snakes". They are the lowly judging "Dan" serpents sent by God to bite the Egyptian and Assyrian horses' heels, thus leading to the downfall of haughty man (Genesis 49:16-18). Sister Catha saw the child's face disappear to the right, from which the headless snake then appeared. This certifies the fact that the "headless snakes" are righteous in nature. Their judgments are righteous because they do not seek their own agenda but rather the will of God.


"30I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me. 31If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true. 32There is another that beareth witness of me; and I know that the witness which he witnesseth of me is true." (John 5:30-32)


Thorny issues

The root looked as if it had "thorns" all over it, but they were not sharp. This is a figure of how the remnant may at times seem like vitriolic, "insensitive", and "resentful" people because of the sword-sharp judgments they pronounce. They at times seem to the natural eye like people with a carnal "chip on their shoulders". However, upon closer review, that carnal "chip" is actually a zeal of God that abides in a deep love for others, a sacrificial, judgment-based love that transcends the superficial "love" produced by the soul matriarchy; the remnant's love is a love that does not settle for 50 or 75% but which instead wants their brethren to fulfil 100% of their calling in life. Because of this, they get "worked up" over things that others see as "insignificant" and "of little consequence".


God's remnant may seem like infertile souls, gruesome monsters who come to destroy all the pre-established protocols. They may seem "thorny" and "inhumane". Yet, upon closer observation, it becomes evident that their "thorns" are actually "buds". These buds are the "sons and daughters" of God that the remnant are pregnant with. The pregnant remnant come to reproduce the nature of God in a great multitude of people. They are pregnant with the offshoots of God on Earth.


"1And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots: 2And the spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD; 3And shall make him of quick understanding in the fear of the LORD: and he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of his ears: 4But with righteousness shall he judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth: and he shall smite the earth with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips shall he slay the wicked. 5And righteousness shall be the girdle of his loins, and faithfulness the girdle of his reins." (Isaiah 11:1-5)

[Notice that God's offshoots are judgment-oriented. The Lord declares that they shall "smite the Earth with the rod of their mouths", "slaying the wicked with the breath of their lips" (v4). Notice that this passage does not say, "they shall shower the Earth with tender, gooey love, forgiving the wicked even when they continue to defiantly shake their fists at God, oppressing the meek and silencing the poor."]


Weaving the dream of God

The root seemed as if it was busy "weaving" something underground. This weaving speaks of an "intricate web of complexity". As we have studied before, God's truth is inherently complex, and we have been given the mind of Christ, which enables all believers to operate in that complexity (1 Corinthians 2:15-16). Those who shy away from God's fractal complexity shall be unable to retake the Earth unto God because simpletons are too self-satisfied to "fill all in all" (Ephesians 1:17-23).


"But wisdom is justified of all her children" (Luke 7:35)

[The root was pregnant with sons and daughters because it was weaving in the wisdom of God]


The "weaving" in the vision points to the following passage:


"22And he made the robe of the ephod of woven work, all of blue. 23And there was an hole in the midst of the robe, as the hole of an habergeon, with a band round about the hole, that it should not rend." (Exodus 39:22-23)


The fact that the woven work is blue (v22) points to the "blue prayer shawl" that green-horse riders wrap themselves in. The word "hole" that appears three times in verse 23 was translated from the Hebrew word peh, which literally means "mouth" (and is translated as such throughout the King James Version). The word "habergeon" in verse 23 was translated from the word tachara, which is derived from the word charah meaning "to be hot, furious, become angry, be kindled". Thus, the hole in the woven work is a figure of a mouth pronouncing judgments that come forth out of an angry heart, a heart kindled with the zeal of God. God's green-horse riders are uncompromising believers who are out to utterly destroy the soul matriarchy, so their mouths will be quick to pronounce angry judgments even against apparently "little" things when those "little" things show the influence of the soul matriarchy. They will be willing to go to Sheol rather than accept a world in which the soul matriarchy has been "contained" but not destroyed. Green-horse riders do not believe in spiritual détente. Instead, they believe in creating pressure through their spiritual actions that forces a definition, a definitive victory by either one side or the other. Thus, the "blue prayer shawl" is a cloak of zeal.


The word "band" in verse 23 was translated from the Hebrew word saphah, which literally means "lip, edge", and is related to the following 3 words:


The almost identical word saphah meaning "to sweep or snatch away"


The word shaphah meaning "to sweep bare, scrape"


The word sowph meaning "end, conclusion".

This means that God's green-horse riders trigger a spiritual "conclusion" as they allow themselves to be "bound in blue" and taken where they would rather not go. Through this, they ensure that the enemy will be "swept bare", obliterated in such a way that all roots of unrighteousness shall be "snatched away", plucked out of the ground and destroyed. God's green-horse riders unleash this consequence on the enemy because they are willing to be "swept bare" and "snatched away" themselves. Thus, the charah anger borne by God's green-horse riders is not an out-of-control, carnal anger. Instead, it is a judging anger that is also willing to be silenced in sacrificial death. They are willing to be bound with "blue bands" and taken to unpleasant places because they believe in crossing the "edge" of the Jordan into new dimensions, and they know that that crossing must be done in binds. They know that God wants more than "lip" service. They know that the words from their lips must be bound to deeds and truth in order to stand the test of God (1 John 3:18).


Whilst the remnant weave a complex work in God's wisdom, the pastoral matriarchy continue to weave an ever-entangling web of excuses to condone unrighteousness and suppress God's judgments.


"5They hatch cockatrice’ eggs, and weave the spider’s web: he that eateth of their eggs dieth, and that which is crushed breaketh out into a viper. 6Their webs shall not become garments, neither shall they cover themselves with their works: their works are works of iniquity, and the act of violence is in their hands. 7Their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed innocent blood: their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; wasting and destruction are in their paths. 8The way of peace they know not; and there is no judgment in their goings: they have made them crooked paths: whosoever goeth therein shall not know peace. 9Therefore is judgment far from us, neither doth justice overtake us: we wait for light, but behold obscurity; for brightness, but we walk in darkness. 10We grope for the wall like the blind, and we grope as if we had no eyes: we stumble at noonday as in the night; we are in desolate places as dead men. 11We roar all like bears, and mourn sore like doves: we look for judgment, but there is none; for salvation, but it is far off from us." (Isaiah 59:5-11)

[As shown by verse 11, Scripture establishes a tight connection between judgment and salvation (Isaiah 1:26-28), a connection that the matriarchal Church is too proud, blind, and emotionally-judgmental to understand.]


Tola and Jair

The weaving root in the ground was operating like an earthworm. As indicated on, the lowly earthworm performs an invisible but very important work beneath the surface (literally). God's remnant are His earthworms, performing the "dirty" and thankless work that is setting the stage for His end-time latter-rain revival.


The earthworm-like behaviour of the root also points to the following passage:


"1And after Abimelech there arose to defend Israel Tola the son of Puah, the son of Dodo, a man of Issachar; and he dwelt in Shamir in mount Ephraim. 2And he judged Israel twenty and three years, and died, and was buried in Shamir. 3And after him arose Jair, a Gileadite, and judged Israel twenty and two years. 4And he had thirty sons that rode on thirty ass colts, and they had thirty cities, which are called Havothjair unto this day, which are in the land of Gilead. 5And Jair died, and was buried in Camon." (Judges 10:1-5)


The name "Tola" means "worm", and is derived from the Hebrew word for a crimson dye that was made in ancient times from the dried body of the female "coccus ilicis" worm. This dye, therefore, required the death and crushing of the worm, which is a figure of how green-horse riders die in prophetic sacrifice in order to leave an indelible (dye) mark on the lives of others. The name "Puah" in verse 1 literally means "splendid", and is derived from the Hebrew word paah meaning "to cleave or break into pieces, to shatter"; the name "Dodo", in turn, means "his beloved". Therefore, the names "Puah" and "Dodo" speak of those who are beloved by God because of their willingness to be shattered and broken for the sake of His purposes in others (Isaiah 53:4-9). God takes these beloved ("Dodo") up on their sacrificial offer and leads them down a life of constant "breaking into pieces" ("Puah"), and they end up like earthworms ("Tola") who perform an unseen weaving work that prepares great restoration and glory for others down the road. This is how "Dodo" begets "Puah" and how "Puah" begets "Tola". It all starts with a deliberate decision to surrender your life to God in unrestrained sacrifice, saying to God,

"Do as You please with my life; break it and shatter it, if You will; devastate me if that is what is necessary; reduce me to nothing if that is Your desire, so long as Your purposes are fulfilled"

After you say this to God with a sincere heart, He will do the rest. You will be bound up and taken through hell, and your life will release uncontainable nuclear power that will transform the Earth unto God.


According to verse 1 above, Tola, Puah, and Dodo, were of the tribe of Issachar. The name "Issachar" means "there is recompense". This means that those who take on the "Tola" anointing shall have their recompense for their selfless work, and that recompense is God Himself.


"Behold, the LORD hath proclaimed unto the end of the world, Say ye to the daughter of Zion, Behold, thy salvation cometh; behold, his reward is with him, and his work before him" (Isaiah 62:11)


The name "Issachar" also points to the sentinel spirit that discerns the moves of God and sees them coming on the horizon. These are the believers who are willing to hear the heart of God and who are willing to forge His agenda on Earth. These are the believers who live for God's dreams and visions rather than their own. These are the believers who live for the full-blown manifestation of God's Glory on Earth. They are the ones who constantly gaze into the horizon in the darkness of the night, longing for the Sun of Righteousness to emerge and inundate the Earth with His righteousness and an all-encompassing presence that cannot be ignored. They are a lonely bunch, but, through their longing and restless gaze, God's eternal purposes shall be fulfilled, for their proactive gaze is backed by painful sacrifice that causes their vision to draw ever so close.


"And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do; the heads of them were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their commandment" (1 Chronicles 12:32)


According to Judges 10:2 (quoted above), Tola dwelt in Shamir. The name "Shamir" literally means "point, thorn", which correlates with the thorn-like protuberances on the weaving root. Tola believers are called to live a "thorny" life, a life filled with sorrows and heartaches that work to restore the lives of others. The word "Shamir" is derived from the almost identical word shamiyr meaning "adamant, flint", which points to the uncompromising, flint forehead of God's "Tola" judges. The word shamiyr is in turn derived from the word shamar meaning "to keep, guard, observe, give heed", which emphasises the sentinel nature of God's "Tola" believers. With unflinching determination, they continue to stare through the thick darkness, and they travail in that thick, anonymous darkness until the Sun of Righteousness rises over the land.


According to Judges 10:3, Tola died in Shamir, which is a figure of how "Tola" believers are called to "die" like Elisha without seeing the promise fulfilled in "their days".


After Tola came Jair to judge Israel (Judges 10:3). The name "Jair" literally means "he enlightens". Jair was a Gileadite. Interestingly enough, the word "Gilead" is derived from the Hebrew word galed meaning "witness heap". Therefore, the name "Jair" speaks of a remnant of whom God witnesses the following,

"My revelation is in them, for they have been willing to pay the price, and, through them, My light shall shine upon you and bless you"


The Gilead "witness heap" speaks of the remnant believers who have died as witnesses (i.e.- martyrs) and whose spiritual work is accumulating for a nuclear 6th-seal release.


According to Judges 10:4, Jair had 30 sons who rode on 30 ass colts. The number "30" speaks of someone who has reached ministerial maturity, which implies the willingness to operate in green-horse weakness (30=5*"6"), even in the midst of ministerial grace (25=5*"5"). The Hebrew word translated as "ass colts" in Judges 10:4, ayir, is the same word used in Zechariah 9:9:


"9Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem: behold, thy King cometh unto thee: he is just, and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass. 10And I will cut off the chariot from Ephraim, and the horse from Jerusalem, and the battle bow shall be cut off: and he shall speak peace unto the heathen: and his dominion shall be from sea even to sea, and from the river even to the ends of the earth. 11As for thee also, by the blood of thy covenant I have sent forth thy prisoners out of the pit wherein is no water." (Zechariah 9:9-11)

[The word "colt" in verse 9 was translated from ayir]


This passage had a literal fulfilment in Yeshua's literal entrance into Jerusalem (Matthew 21:4-5). Therefore, the 30 colt-riding sons of Jair refer to a nation of believers who reach ministerial maturity and who shall enter "Jerusalem" (i.e.- the religious structures) in order to destroy man's paradigms and manifest God's glory on Earth. These are the "buds", the sons and daughters of God that the remnant "Tola" root is pregnant with.


According to Judges 10:4, Jair's 30 sons had 30 cities which were called "Havoth-Jair". The name "Havoth-Jair" only appears 3 times in the Old Testament; its first appearance is in the following passage:


"39And the children of Machir the son of Manasseh went to Gilead, and took it, and dispossessed the Amorite which was in it. 40And Moses gave Gilead unto Machir the son of Manasseh; and he dwelt therein. 41And Jair the son of Manasseh went and took the small towns thereof, and called them Havothjair." (Numbers 32:39-41)


The name "Machir" means "sold", and the name "Manasseh" means "causing to forget". Therefore, "Machir the son of Manasseh" speaks of the spiritual Josephs who are sold off to the enemy by their brethren and forgotten. These "forgotten ones" shall arise from their exile in oblivion to dispossess the Amorite kings who are ruling the Church and the world. The belittled ones shall return, riding on their ass colts to retake "Jerusalem" and the world unto God. These "Machirs" are begetting a generation of believers who will reconquer the spiritual atmosphere of the Earth back from satan and unto God.


Notice how Zechariah 9:11, quoted above, speaks of the prisoners whom God shall send forth from out of the pit (Revelation 9:11). These are the Josephs, forgotten in their prison pits, whom God will release with a mighty temblor, and who will with joy beget "Manasseh" as they say, "God has made me forget all my labour" (Genesis 41:51). These Josephs shall also beget "Ephraim" as they exclaim, "God has caused me to be fruitful on this Earth of my poverty" (Genesis 41:52).


As we said above, the name "Tola" points to a crimson dye used in ancient times. As indicated on, crimson is a bright deep colour that is combined with some blue. This once again points to the blue prayer shawl and to the blue woven work mentioned in Exodus 39:22-23 above. Notice that the verse numbers in the passage Exodus 39:22-23 are also the number of years that Tola and Jair judged the people of God. Tola judged for 23 years and Jair for 22. As we have said before, the number "23" points to the pastoral ministry, and the number "22" points to spiritual civil war. Tola, therefore, represents green-horse believers who operate in true pastorship. As we have said before, green-horse riders are prophet-pastors, and, in their green-horse sacrifice, they fulfil the pastoral obligation that most "pastors" in the Church are unwilling to carry out in the Spirit:


"11I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. 12But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep. 13 The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep." (John 15:10)


Because of this, green-horse riders die and are interred as impoverished and ignominious pastors rather than as exalted pastors beloved by all. Unlike the pastors who rule over the Church, God's green-horse riders are not "pastoral queens and kings" (i.e.- frogs and wolves). Instead, they are "pastoral slaves", and, by exercising true pastorship to the point of sacrificial death, they unleash a spiritual judgment against the pastoral matriarchs that have refused to operate in true pastorship, for the deeds of God's green remnant make it evident that God's true pastorship was indeed a "feat" achievable by lowly "worm-men", not a "privilege" endowed upon a select few.


"28But Jesus turning unto them said, Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but weep for yourselves, and for your children. 29For, behold, the days are coming, in the which they shall say, Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bare, and the paps which never gave suck. 30Then shall they begin to say to the mountains, Fall on us; and to the hills, Cover us. 31For if they do these things in a green tree, what shall be done in the dry?" (Luke 23:28-31)


After the "Tolas" die, their souls are sent to a haven of rest, and the "Jair" light of God's revelation is hidden away within them. During this period, spiritual "civil war" arises as God forces a definition of things. This is the reason why Jair judged for 22 years. As this period is completed, the 30 "buds" in "Tola" and "Jair" come forth, emerging as mature sons riding on their ass colts to take over Jerusalem and manifest the light of God's revelation in public.


"Fear not, thou worm Jacob, and ye men of Israel; I will help thee, saith the LORD, and thy redeemer, the Holy One of Israel" (Isaiah 41:14)

[The numbers "41 and 14" speak of the battle between the aggrandised Amorites ("41") and the yet-to-be-manifested "miniscule" remnant ("14"). This battle takes place in the context of a man-caused delay that has prevented the remnant's manifestation. Without this manifestation, the remnant remains "weak", and is forced to suffer an additional season of suffering at the hands of the powers-that-be. This is the spiritual reason why the UN resolution issued on November 8, 2002 against Iraq was officially called "UN Resolution 1441". Due to Tony Blair's interference, the attack on Saddam that was scheduled for the week of September 18-24, 2002 in the spirit realm became entangled in the swampland of UN "ministerial diplomacy". George W. Bush is to this day being judged by God for heeding the advice of Tony Blair (and others), who encouraged him to pursue the futile "diplomatic" route until the end. This delay opened the spiritual (and literal) way for the current quagmire in Iraq. Even though Resolution 1441 had strong and threatening language and was passed unanimously, the UN chose to sit on it without following through, just as it had done with all the other resolutions issued against Saddam.


This is what happens when you obey God halfway. If you choose to obey God's voice, it is better to do so full-throttle, with all the gusto in your heart. Otherwise, you will set yourself up for a tortuous and unnecessary no-man's land, and you will cause others to suffer for no good reason at all in the limbo that you created. The situation in Iraq will not be resolved until the remnant's situation is resolved in the spirit realm. The plight of the coalition forces in Iraq, and of the Iraqi people in general, is a physical manifestation of the plight the prophetic remnant are going through. Let him who has ears hear what the Lord is saying. Those who bless and value the "worm" shall themselves be blessed of God. To bless the worm, however, implies joining the worm in his unpleasant endeavour. It implies becoming part of the worm and sharing in his travail.]


February 7

Sister Catha had this vision on February 7, 2006. The Lord prompted me to do a search for the date "February 7" in all our postings (prior to this one), and I was surprised by the 2 results. The first result appears in the "Blue prayer shawl (Part 1)" posting, in which the Lord prompted us to mention "February 7, 2006", the exact date when sister Catha received the vision. On that date, the Lord spoke to us about the spiritual connection between the UK and the green horse of the Apocalypse. As America refused to remove her religious carcasses, the Lord gave the UK a prominent spiritual role earlier than originally planned. The series of spiritual events that have transpired since February 7, 2006 are all intimately related to the UK and to this vision. This spiritual connection shall be made increasingly evident in the months and years to come.


The second posting that mentioned the date "February 7" was one titled "Trichotillomania", which was posted on February 7, 2005, exactly one year before sister Catha's vision. Interestingly enough, the first section in that posting is titled 'The "root" of hair', which correlates with the "weaving root" in sister Catha's vision. As I was typing the previous paragraph (on Sunday, January 14, 2007, shortly before 19:00 GMT), the Lord had me listening to BBC Radio 4, which began to air a summary of a recently broadcast programme called "All in the mind" (which was aired on January 9, 2007). That broadcast featured readings from the diary of a young girl named Gillian; in this diary, she details her struggle with a compulsion that prompted her to cut herself with knives. As Gillian herself read portions of the diary, I was gripped by the things this young girl had written, and I stopped writing for a moment. It was then that they read a diary entry that began with the date "February 7, 2004". I was shocked to hear the date "February 7" being mentioned just as I was typing a paragraph on that precise date, and I was shocked even further by the fact that trichotillomania is spiritually related to the harm that Gillian was inflicting on herself through her self-cutting. I then understood that the Lord was saying that there is a spiritual connection between the shaming spirits and sister Catha's vision. These spirits have launched a final, vicious assault in an effort to bully God's remnant into submission. The remnant are now in seclusion, in underground "bubble caves", but their spiritual weaving continues unabated. The 6th seal shall be publicly opened, and the Jebusite-Hittite forces that are trying to prevent this shall not prevail.


{You may read more about the "All in the mind" broadcast mentioned above on a page posted on; this page may expire after a short time}


January 7

Around January 4, 2007, out of nowhere, the Lord said to me, "It is time for the root vision to be posted". Through no deliberate intention of our own, we began a full-blown writing of this word on January 7, 2007. "Coincidentally", this is exactly 11 months after sister Catha had the vision. As we have said before, the number "11" speaks of God's judgments. Therefore, God is declaring that a period of payback has started on January 7, 2007. As we have shared before, America is in the midst of its "5th period" during its 4-year revival delay. This 5th period, which is to last for 336 days (48 weeks), started on June 11, 2006, meaning that January 6, 2007 was Day #210 into the period. Thus, January 6, 2007 marked the completion of the first 30 weeks (210=30*7) in the 5th period, and January 7, 2007 marked the beginning of the last 18 (=48-30) weeks in the 5th period:


Start date End date # Days # Weeks
Jun 11, 2006 Jan 6, 2007 210 30
Jan 7, 2007 May 12, 2007 126 18


The 30 weeks in the first sub-period points to the 30 sons of "Jair" who are born as "Tola" dies. The 18 weeks in the second sub-period point to Luke 13:1-5, which, as we have studied before, speaks of chaotic attacks that result in senseless carnage.


January 7, 2007 was an eventful day for New York, sportwise. On that day, both of its NFL teams (the New York Jets and New York Giants), which had made it into the playoffs, lost their respective playoff games. The next day, New Yorkers woke up to a powerful smell of natural gas that permeated much of Manhattan and parts of New Jersey, causing a temporary suspension of commuter train service. Despite the alarmingly wide extension of the mysterious smell, the city's authorities were unable to determine its exact source or cause. According to a Reuters report posted on, the smell was strong enough in Greenwich Village so as to cause headaches; 7 people in New Jersey sought emergency-room treatment as a result of the smell. According to a report posted on, the smell was first reported around 9:00 am in the vicinity of Fifth Avenue and 34th street, right around the Empire State Building and the world-famous Macy's store. New York authorities later said that New Jersey was to blame for the nauseating smell, an accusation that New Jersey has heard before. This time, however, the pointing of the finger at New Jersey is prophetic in nature.


As we have said before, New York was to be (and shall be) the epicentre of the latter-rain revival in America. However, this spiritual outbreak from New York was delayed due to New York's indifference and to America's stubbornness. This is the spiritual reason for the incidents in New York and New Jersey around January 7, 2007. Let him who has ears hear what the Lord is saying.


As we are writing these words (in the wee hours of January 15, 2007), the news story of a deadly ice storm in America is appearing on the Internet. As indicated on an AP report posted on Yahoo! News, ice storms have hit a wide section of the United States, causing at least 20 deaths and leaving hundreds of thousands without power. After places like New York had enjoyed unseasonably warm weather, waves of freezing rain, sleet, and snow began to pound much of the United States. In New York state, a 22-year-old died in an accident caused by the icy roads. He had just gotten out of his car after a crash when another car suddenly slid on the icy road and came towards him; he climbed a railing to avoid the oncoming car, but he slipped off the railing and fell 90 feet from the bridge to his death. This great fall in New York speaks of God's judgment against America for having delayed His revival. Just like the 22-year-old man, America may feel as if she has dodged God's bullet. The 22-year-old man escaped unharmed from the first crash, but, just as with Agag, death rained down upon him all of a sudden, just as he was saying to himself that everything was "alright" and that doom did not loom over his head.


As we are writing these words (in the wee hours of January 16, 2007), news stories of the damage done by this deadly ice storm continue to surface. According to an AP report posted on Yahoo! News, the storm is now blamed for at least 39 deaths in 6 states. It moved into the U.S.'s Northeast on Monday (January 15), coating roads with an ice "shell" up to a half-inch thick, and knocking out power to more than half-a-million homes and businesses. The "ice shell" points to the isolation shell God's remnant are now hibernating in, and the half-inch thickness (along with the half-a-million homes and businesses without power) points to the halving line that God has drawn across America. The 39 reported deaths up until now point to America remaining stuck at "39", halfway between "38" and "40". God, however, will jolt America out of this half-hearted no-man's land. In this shaking, many will die (figuratively and literally), just as many Israelites died during the first 38 years in the desert. Those at "39" will either be forcibly dragged back to a "38" death or be propelled into a "40" entrance into the Promised Land. The American Church shall not be allowed to remain in limbo for long. Sister Catha had this vision on February 7, 2006, which happened to be day #38 of the year 2006. This is no coincidence. God's open wrath against the 39ers has begun; a cloud of "38" death is upon them.


The American ice storm ruined the Martin Luther King Jr. bank holiday in America. MLK is most famous for his "I have a dream" speech. Therefore, as we have shared before (in a paragraph written exactly one year ago to the day of the typing of these words), God sent this ice storm to declare,

"You have ruined My dream for you. I had a dream for you in 2005, yet you were oblivious to My plans. I shall deal very harshly with you, and I will force you to a place of repentance. I shall drag you through much carnage, a carnage that I had not originally intended for you. How sad!!! You do not understand My words now, but you will surely understand My sadness when sadness covers you like sackcloth. You will then utter the words I am uttering now, 'How sad, how sad, how sad!'"


In early 2006, the Lord dragged me down an "Azazel-goat" path that led to me standing in a small and gloomy room on March 19, 2006. As I paced back and forth, befuddled by utter despondency and sadness, I turned around, and, without being consciously aware of it, I picked up a small magazine and opened it. When I became aware of what I had done, I looked at the open page and saw a picture that filled half the page. I was in utter shock at what I was beholding. It was the picture of a real-life tree that had an intricate web of roots completely exposed!!! I then understood that I was not crazy, that it had indeed been the Lord God of Israel who had led me down this Azazel-goat path! God had sent me to my death, and, along the way to my death, He sent various signs that certified that I would rise like the phoenix from the ashes of my death. Just as the Lord Jesus rose from His death, all those who die in Him shall be resurrected in Him.


March 19, 2006 was exactly one month after sister Catha emailed her vision to us, and it was exactly 40 days after February 7, 2006, the date of the vision. The reason, therefore, why the Lord led me to see the banana-tree picture on that date was as a prophetic figure of a "40" entrance into the Promised Land. Because of the weaving work being performed by the "root remnant", the world shall enter into the Promised Land, a land in which God's Glory shall permeate across the entire Earth. Instead of an unpleasant stench, the atmosphere of New York shall be filled with the awesome presence of God's Glory. God is already at work in London and throughout Scotland, and His Glory shall be seen throughout the UK, Europe, and America, for it is the time of the coming of the Glory of the Lord.



At the time of this writing (the wee hours of January 17, 2007), southern California in the U.S. has been attacked by an unusually cold front that is leading to freezing temperatures (literally) in usually sunny California. As indicated on an AP report posted on Yahoo! News, the brief 3-night cold spell has been so intense that 3/4 of the citrus crop in California has been destroyed, causing a US$1 billion loss. A little over a day ago, Fox News Channel reported how Catalina Island, a small island to the south of Los Angeles, had been pounded by huge waves. As we have studied before, God shall massively judge California between now and the end of the 4-year revival delay (May 10, 2009), for California is the epicentre of the Latin American contamination in America, a contamination which worked to hinder God's visitation upon the US. Whilst America was hospitable to the unrighteous who have crossed the border to rape her, she was inhospitable (and indifferent) to God's remnant spirit. Whilst the Latin American influence has continued to "come to America", the Lord God of Israel, in His full manifestation, has been driven out of America. This is why California shall become the epicentre of the oncoming waves of God's judgments against America.


The name "Catalina" is the Spanish form of the name "Katherine". According to a names-meaning website, the name "Katherine" has several possible origins. One of the possible origins is the Greek word aikia meaning "torture". Another possible origin is a Coptic name meaning "my consecration of your name". The Romans associated the name "Katherine" with the Greek word katharos meaning "pure". All of these possibilities explain why the Lord God chose to pound "Catalina Island" at this time:

I shall torture you, oh America, just as you have allowed My precious remnant to be tortured. I shall pound you with one stone after the other, and you shall say, "Enough, enough!!", but I shall say, "It is not enough!!!". Because you have refused to consecrate My Name before the people, I shall desecrate your name before the world. I shall show the world how "holy" I esteem your name, for I shall not allow any 'god' to stand before Me. The god of your American pride shall be driven to the ground, for you judged yourself a "Christian nation" when you were in fact a "needy nation". You did not see the potential across the sea, and you refused to let go of your religious paradigms. You said to yourself, "I know what I am doing; no need to make any changes". You shut Me out, slamming your door in My Face. You did not recognise Me, and you went back inside to continue with your slumber. And My Face still feels the violent breeze of the door you slammed on Me!!! Thus, I shall wake you up. I shall blow My wind with might against you. I shall pound you until you fall out of your bed and cry out "Lord God, Lord God! What are we doing wrong? Help us to change!" When you do that, I shall be merciful upon you and restore you, and I shall forgive you for what you have done to Me, says the Lord God of Israel.


On January 18, 2007, the day after we wrote the paragraphs above, BBC Radio 4 aired a small interview which dealt with the possible emergence of the true location of Princess Katherine's tomb. Princess Katherine was Henry VIII's aunt, and recently-discovered evidence indicates that her tomb could be one in St. Peter's Church in Devon in S.W. England. As indicated on, it was formerly believed that her tomb had been at Castle Chapel, which was demolished in the 17th century.


As I listened to the interview, the BBC interviewer said, "3 of Henry VIII's wives were called Katherine, and my name is Katherine". When she said that, I felt the Lord impacting my spirit and saying, "What you read yesterday was relevant". The day before, on January 17, as I looked up the meaning of the name "Katherine", I read a comment indicating that 3 of Henry VIII's 6 wives bore that name. The Lord was therefore saying that the connection between the name "Katherine" and Henry VIII had a "treasure message" that needed to be unearthed. I then tried to learn more about these Katherines. For some reason, the one who drew my attention the most was the first Katherine, Henry VIII's first wife. As you may know, Henry VIII, who was an Amorite opportunist and fornicator, wanted to divorce Katherine simply because he could not bear him a male child. It was acceptable in England for a woman to sit on the throne; however, Henry VIII threw a wobbly because "baby Henry" wanted a boy. Besides that, his heart began to lust after another woman and he was weaving an excuse to get rid of his wife.


Up until then, Henry VIII had been a "staunch supporter" of the catholic faith and a public enemy of Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation. Because of this, the pope gave him the title "Defender of the faith", a title which all subsequent monarchs of England have retained (it is important that the English Christians who take pride in this title realise its tainted origin). Despite his title, the "defender of the [catholic] faith" wanted a divorce, even though the catholic church was officially opposed to it. This shows how Henry VIII was a man of convenience, not conviction. Whenever his belief system did not fit with his desires, he would acquit himself of all blame by simply changing his belief system; as a now-dead Amorite from Louisiana (LA) and Los Angeles (LA) would say, "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit".


Catherine of Aragon, Henry's wife, was the aunt of Charles V, king of Spain. Because of this, the pope knew that granting Henry's request for divorce would imply "problems" with Charles V, who was also the "Holy Roman Emperor", making Charles V king over large parts of Europe, including Italy. Thus, the Roman pope, who was an Amorite opportunist himself, found it more "inconvenient" to grant the divorce than to reject it, so he chose to deny Henry's request. That is when Henry VIII chose to break off from the catholic church, thus founding the "Anglican Church", of which he proclaimed himself as the "sole protector and supreme head".


Catherine of Aragon (whose great-great-grandmothers --- Catherine and Philippa --- were both from Lancaster, England) bravely opposed the divorce. She was therefore separated from her daughter and banished to remote castles where she lived in humble conditions. She died of cancer on January 7, 1536, 22 days after her 50th birthday. I was stunned to learn that she had died on "January 7", since that is the beginning of the full-blown "payback period" mentioned above. This certified the spiritual connection between the name "Katherine" and the banana-tree vision.


Catherine was a figure of a soul who was not afraid to fight for her convictions, despite the Amorite bear's intimidation. She was banished to a life of silence, but her silence unleashed a violence that ensured that Henry VIII would die grotesquely overweight and in ill repute in the eyes of history. In 1536, the same year that Catherine died, Henry had a violent jousting accident in which he suffered a thigh wound; this wound, which prevented him from taking exercise, never healed; it became ulcerated and may have indirectly led to his death in 1547. Thus, Henry was forced to endure 11 years of a slow, agonising decay as he became fatter and fatter, to the point that he reached a waist measurement of 137 cm (54 inches).


100 years after his death, the theory arose that Henry VIII suffered from syphilis, a theory that has reasonable evidence to support it. Thus, Henry VIII, a megalomaniac, has become the historical "poster child" of callous opportunism, sexual impurity, and overindulgence. Catherine's silence, therefore, produced a lasting damage on Henry VIII much greater than anything that Henry could have done to her. Her silence, epitomised by her death on January 7, did more damage to Henry VIII than all the kings of Europe and their armies combined could ever have, and it was part of the spiritual foundation that led to the eventual rise of a righteous queen in Britain, Elizabeth I.


{Some of the information above was extracted from various articles, including the ones titled "Henry VIII of England", "Catherine of Aragon", and "English Reformation"}


The events throughout America and in California that are being unleashed starting January 7, 2007 are a prophetic sign of what lies ahead. These judgments shall come like a hailstorm, as one pounding after the other, until the end of the judgment period. After that, God shall visit America, and America shall see the Glory of God.


In recent days, the Lord has been constantly reminding me of the 52 victims who died in London on July 7, 2005. Interestingly enough, January 7, 2007 is exactly 18 months after July 7, 2005. As we said above, the number "18" speaks of carnage that could have been averted had it not been for unrepentant stubbornness. The UK was forced to suffer unnecessarily because of America's stubbornness; God shall therefore repay America with "unnecessary" carnage.


The banana boat song

As I would meditate on sister Catha's banana-tree vision, the "banana boat song" would come to my mind once and again (and it still does). This song was made popular by New-York-born singer Harry Belafonte, who is of Jamaican ancestry. Part of the song's lyrics read as follows:


{Lyrics adapted from}


Work all night on a drink of rum!
(Daylight come and me want go home)
Stack banana till the morning come!
(Daylight come and me want go home)
Come Mr. Tally Man, tally me banana
(Daylight come and me want go home)
Come Mr. Tally Man, tally me banana
(Daylight come and me want go home)
Lift 6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot bunch!
(Daylight come and me want go home)
6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot bunch!
(Daylight come and me want go home)


A beautiful bunch of ripe banana!
(Daylight come and me want go home)
Hide the deadly black tarantula!
(Daylight come and me want go home)

The remnant have been working in the anonymity of the night, impelled by a drink of "RUM"; their spiritual work has been driven by the dream they are pregnant with, a dream which has led them to "Relish an Uncontainable Manifestation" of God. They have been stacking up "ban-ana", spiritual work designed to ban that which God has declared "anathema" (i.e.- cursed unto destruction). They have been stacking up these "ban-ana" so that the morning of God's rising may come upon the Church and the Earth. Just like Joseph, the remnant have been voluntarily paying the toll required to free Jacob from the matriarchal snare he himself fell into. The remnant are paying with their very lives in order to undo the spiritual damage done by others. They have been paying "mr. satan tally man", just as Hosea paid the slave owner to redeem his wife from her self-induced slavery (Hosea 3:1-5). The remnant have been draining themselves, like an electric device running on batteries, but their batteries are running out, and the time has come for their batteries to be "refreshed", "recharged" by those whom they have paved the path for. It is time for the remnant to go home, but just as Pharaoh did with the people of Israel, "mr. tally man" refuses to let the remnant go. With the help of a Church that refuses to house the remnant, "mr. tally man" continues to demand a toll from the remnant; however, all the toll that had to be paid has been paid already. Therefore, just as Pharaoh's Egypt was judged with massive carnage, America shall be judged with massive carnage, for she has been the epicentre of "mr. tally man's" resistance.


As we have said before, the remnant have been forging a transition from "6 to 8". Through their invisible "worm" work, they have forged a transition path from the human works of "6" into the death and rest of "7", which must then be followed by the resurrection regeneration of "8". Many in the American Church became stuck in the religious works of "6"; a few did move on to the rest of "7", but they became stuck there, without understanding that God had an all-encompassing "8" regeneration in mind. The remnant, however, went into the transition expecting an "8". They were willing to kill and destroy many fundamental things so that something completely new would arise. The remnant were not just "tweaking", they were "reaping" ... 6-foot, 7-foot, and 8-foot bunch, daylight come and me want go home.


The remnant have been working to reap a "beautiful ripe bunch" of mature believers walking in the fullness of God. They want the "deadly black tarantula" to disappear. This hideous banana spider, which reigns invisibly behind the Church's banana clusters, has been hindering God's entrance into "Jerusalem". This hideous spider --- the pastoral matriarchy --- continues to weave her web of soul deceit (Isaiah 59:5), even as the remnant have been weaving their blue robe of righteousness. According to, the spider known as the "banana tarantula" is the dangerous "Brazilian wandering spider"; even though the spider is named after Brazil, it is actually a spider indigenous to many parts of Latin America (according to This is no spiritual coincidence, for the "banana tarantula" of Latin American spiritual influence in America remains in full view before God's eyes, and the American Church keeps dismissing her iniquitous and repugnant presence as "irrelevant and harmless". Every time the remnant try to place this repulsive beast under the covering of the Spirit, the beast violently waves off the mantle of God's male Spirit with her ugly indigenous legs, as she defiantly claims her "right" not to be judged. Cursed be the Latin American whore! My eyes shall see her demise! And I shall rejoice as I see her shamefully wallow in the mire of her moral stagnation before the eyes of the entire globe, for the Lord God of Israel cannot be mocked! The Canaanites who refuse the covering of Shem and Japheth are cursed unto destruction. May God have mercy on the Lots in Latin America who deserve a chance to be rescued! May they hear the call of the Lord and distance themselves from the Latin American whore, for this distancing is a matter of spiritual choice, not a matter of geographical birth.


{Fellow believer, we strongly encourage you to read a news story posted on about a woman in Cornwall, England, who was bitten by a "banana wandering spider" on August 11, 2005, exactly 35 days after the July 7 terrorist attacks in London. Because of America's unwillingness to destroy the banana tarantula, the UK was forced to suffer attacks from this wicked beast, attacks that would have been unnecessary had America done her part. As indicated on, Cornwall is bordered to the east by the River Tamar, which has some 20 crossings, including the Tamar Bridge, a toll bridge on the A38 trunk road. This is no spiritual coincidence, for the name "Tamar" points to the Tamar travail that God's remnant are going through (Genesis 38:1-30); the "Tamar Bridge" points to how the remnant are interceding with their very lives, acting as a bridge upon which God Himself shall walk into the Church and the Earth and manifest the Fullness of His Glory. The 20 crossings points to the "20" spiritual warfare that God's remnant have been engaging in, even as the Church (especially the American Church) have remained at "19", and the number "38" in "A38" point to how the (American) Church unwittingly regressed to "38" instead of moving on to "40", after having reached "39".}


According to, a parody of the banana boat song was produced shortly after the 9/11 attacks in NYC. The main refrain says,


Come Mr. Taliban, turn over bin Laden
(Payback come then we gonna go home)
Come Mr. Taliban, turn over bin Laden
(Payback come then we gonna go home)

The words in this parody are no spiritual coincidence. As we have said before, God's remnant cannot "go home" and rest until God's payback is unleashed upon the Earth. The green-horse remnant exposed themselves to a vicious attack from the enemy, and God's vindicating vengeance has come and is coming. God shall not rest until the banana tarantula is handed over. Through His judgments, the tarantula shall be destroyed, and the way will be paved for His manifestation, for He will only manifest Himself wherever His little ones are welcomed rather than attacked.


The "banana boat song" became a chart-topper in the US and the UK in 1957. This is no spiritual coincidence. On March 6, 1957, the UK colonies of Gold Coast and British Togoland became the independent Republic of Ghana. Ghana thus became the first independent (i.e.- "fully mature") colony in Africa (according to; the rest of the colonies in Africa followed Ghana's lead in the years that followed. This correlates with the "ministerial maturity" that God's worms are unleashing upon the Church and the Earth. On October 10, 1957 (218 days after Ghana's independence), US president Eisenhower issued an apology to the finance minister of Ghana, Komla Agbeli Gbdemah, after he was refused service in a restaurant in Dover, Delaware. This speaks of how America shall be forced to apologise to the maturity-forging remnant for the way she has treated them. Instead of accepting the fact that "Independence Day" has come, the American Church betrayed God by trying to bring about revival under the cursed minister-layman paradigm, a paradigm which God abhors.


According to, Harry Belafonte was born in (Harlem) New York in 1927, but he lived from 1935 to 1939 with his mother in the village of Aboukir in her native Jamaica. Jamaica was a former British colony, and, remains, to this day, part of the British commonwealth, recognising Queen Elizabeth II as the "Queen of Jamaica" (as indicated on Therefore, it is no coincidence that God chose a New-York-born man of Jamaican ancestry to broadcast the "banana song" worldwide. New York shall be the epicentre of the latter-rain revival in America, and the UK is the launching point of the latter-rain revival throughout Europe and much of the world. In a spiritual sense, Jamaica represents the confluence of 3 geographical locations, all of which are related to the "banana saga" currently going on in the spirit realm. Two of those locations are North America and Europe.


According to, the name "Jamaica" means either "Land of Springs" or "Land of Wood and Water". There is a spiritual message behind this: Treat the lowly worm well, and springs of life shall flow forth in your land. Treat the lowly worm poorly, and obliterating judgment shall devastate your land. If you do not realise that it is time to let the worm "go home", the wrath of God shall be upon you, and there shall be no reprieve for you until you either repent or perish never to rise again (as shall be the case with the Latin American whore).


"14Fear not, thou worm Jacob, and ye men of Israel; I will help thee, saith the LORD, and thy redeemer, the Holy One of Israel. 15Behold, I will make thee a new sharp threshing instrument having teeth: thou shalt thresh the mountains, and beat them small, and shalt make the hills as chaff. 16Thou shalt fan them, and the wind shall carry them away, and the whirlwind shall scatter them: and thou shalt rejoice in the LORD, and shalt glory in the Holy One of Israel. 17When the poor and needy seek water, and there is none, and their tongue faileth for thirst, I the LORD will hear them, I the God of Israel will not forsake them. 18I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water. 19I will plant in the wilderness the cedar, the shittah tree, and the myrtle, and the oil tree; I will set in the desert the fir tree, and the pine, and the box tree together: 20That they may see, and know, and consider, and understand together, that the hand of the LORD hath done this, and the Holy One of Israel hath created it." (Isaiah 41:14-20)


Harry Belafonte's version of the "banana boat song" was a Top-10 phenomenon in both the US and the UK in 1957. Shortly after that, Shirley Bassey released a different version of the song, which became a hit in the United Kingdom in 1957. This means that the banana boat song was a hit in the UK twice in the year 1957. According to, Shirley Bassey is a singer born at 182 Bute Street in Tiger Bay, Cardiff, Wales. As we have studied before, the number "182" speaks of God's "detour" out of America in order to work in the spiritual atmosphere of Europe (while America gets its act together). The UK has therefore turned into a "Tiger Bay" in which the remnant's tiger spirit has made a spiritual landing and found a "bay of refuge", as opposed to North America, where God's tiger found nothing but a cold "Glace Bay".


Shirley Bassey's father was a Nigerian who worked as a seaman, while her mother was from Yorkshire, North England. The Nigerian origin of Shirley's father points to the black horse of the Apocalypse, since the name "Nigeria" comes from the word "Niger" meaning "black". The fact that Shirley's mother originated from Yorkshire points to the green horse of the Apocalypse; there is a spiritual "epicentre" located on a road called "Heavens Walk" in Doncaster, South Yorkshire; this epicentre is a spiritual focal point related to God's black- and green-horse visitation of Europe.


According to, the "banana boat song" version sung by Shirley Bassey was written by a group called the "Tarriers". This is no spiritual coincidence. Because of the American Church's indifference, God was forced to "tarry" longer than necessary, and His latter-rain manifestation was delayed. The Tarriers' members were Erik Darling, Bob Carey, and Alan Arkin. As a teenager in 1950, Erik Darling arrived in New York in 1950, and, with the passing of time, he formed the "Tarriers", which was initially signed by "Glory Records". All of this speaks of how the manifestation of God's Glory in New York was forced to "tarry". Their greatest imprint on music was made through a UK singer across the ocean from New York (Shirley Bassey), which is a figure of how God had to shift His focus across the sea because of the spiritual delay in America. Therefore, it is no spiritual coincidence that the Tarriers' version of the song includes the following lines:


Pack up all my things and I'll go to sea (go to sea)

Day de light and I wanna go home

Interestingly enough, Shirley Bassey began to perform her version of the banana boat song in December 1955 when she joined the cast of Jack Hylton's "Such is Life", a revue show in London's West End at Adelphi Theatre. This means that the "banana song" was being heard in the UK even before Harry Belafonte made it famous in America and throughout the world. This is a figure of how God has been working in the UK's spirit realm even before His work has been manifested in America and worldwide. God's "latter-day show" has already been started in anonymity.


British airways

At the time of this writing (the wee hours of Thursday, January 18, 2007), Britain is bracing herself for a rather blustery day. As indicated on a Reuters report posted on (a website from Lancashire, Preston), the wind gusts are expected to reach up to 80 miles per hour in parts of Britain. These gales could affect electricity networks, damage buildings, and interrupt transport in many areas. These gales are expected to impact all of England and Wales, and could even affect southern Scotland and Northern Ireland. Britain was also hit by strong winds right before New Year's Day 2007, which forced many New Year's Day celebrations to be cancelled across Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland (as indicated on On December 7, 2006, a tornado struck North-West London in the Kensal Rise neighbourhood, sweeping across several streets in less than a minute, injuring 6 people, and causing extensive damage to at least 100 properties (as indicated on


There is a spiritual reason for the sudden surge in wind intensity across the UK in recent weeks, especially since the second week of January 2007. Just as there was a spiritual delay in America, there has been a spiritual barrier causing a temporary delay in the UK. The UK's accountability in her delay, however, is much smaller in the eyes of God than America's accountability for her delay. God is applying spiritual pressure on the UK, forcing British believers to discern what God is trying to do. The British people are ready for God's great move. There is something in the air in the UK. There have been various reports of "spiritual stirrings" occurring across the UK, especially in Scotland. I feel those stirrings in my bones. I sense God's pressure on a thin, plywood wall lined across a field in the UK's countryside, and I see it bending down and swaying forcefully under the strong winds. I see that wall yielding to the wind and laying flat on the ground, opening the path for an army, a mighty army that shall march over the plywood on the ground and invade the land.


God did not want the UK to celebrate New Year's Day 2007. He forced the UK to sense God's sadness over the religious resistance in the UK that is preventing His visitation on the land. Ever since 2005, the Lord has forced the UK to share in the sorrows of the remnant. If God's remnant are sad, the UK shall be gloomy. If God's remnant are perturbed, the UK shall be perturbed. If God's remnant are pining for a spring breeze, the UK shall be immersed in pining. The UK's atmosphere has been given to the remnant, and that atmosphere will reflect the things stirring in the remnant's heart. God has found a land with people who have the ability to empathise with the remnant spirit, and, even without them knowing it, the people of that land are sharing in the remnant's burdens and travails.


{You may want to read various reports on what is happening in Scotland and the UK at}


On January 18, 2007, a video report was posted on regarding a "mystery ice ball" that had crashed through the roof of a home in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The ice ball left a huge hole in the house's roof, and it crashed through the "plywood" in a bedroom ceiling; it even left a huge hole in the floor where it finally stopped. The house-owner's wife had just entered the bedroom when the ice ball crashed through. She was 4 feet from where the ice ball landed. As I heard this story, I was surprised by the use of the word "plywood" in the report (it is a word I don't hear everyday, and it is the type of word that looks all the stranger the more I stare at it). This correlated with the word "plywood" which the Lord God prompted us to use out of nowhere two paragraphs above.


Delaware County is on the south-eastern tip of the state of Pennsylvania, bordering with the Atlantic Ocean. According to, around 95% of the 2000 population in Delaware County was either white or black (80% white and 15% black), which is almost equivalent to the percentage in England (according to, around 94% of the 2004 population in England was either black or white: 91% white and 3% black). According to, Delaware County is bisected north-to-south by "Blue Route", a nickname for Interstate 476 (=28*17). All of this, therefore, reveals that Delaware County --- a small region hidden away in the south-eastern corner of Pennsylvania --- is a prophetic figure of how the Lord spiritually stowed the prophetic remnant by wrapping it in blue and "transporting" it across the Atlantic Ocean, leaving it in the UK, which is geographically to the right of America (this is the literal reason why the child's face disappeared to the right in the vision). Thus, the "mystery ice ball" is a figure of how God is dealing with the UK (represented by the Delaware County house-roof), breaking its last bit of resistance so that the "plywood wall" may fall flat down on the ground. God is unleashing a "hailstorm" designed to unravel all resistance against Him.


According to a Reuters report posted on, British and French rescue services were able to rescue 26 crew on January 18, 2007 from a British-flagged container ship with hazardous cargo which began to fill up with water in the English Channel. The MSC Napoli was on the French side of the Channel when it became holed on the starboard side. The rescue operation lasted some 2 hours, and was complicated by the severe gale force 9 and a 9-metre (29.5 ft.) swell. According to a report aired on BBC's Radio 4 on January 18, the rescuers described the rescue as "miraculous", since all 26 crew were taken back to safety in Britain. Some of the rescuers said that, in all the years they have performed rescuing operations, this one was indeed the most dramatic.


As we have said before, the number "26" is the spiritual number of God's 2-witness believers who unleash God's counter-rebellion against the stubborn rebellion of matriarchal man. Thus, the rescue of the 26 crew means that the UK's 2-witness anointing, though in temporary straits, will not be in those straits for long. That anointing's full manifestation shall make it safely to Britain's shores. The crew were rescued because they chose to leave the ship behind, just like the crew in Acts 27. Britain shall leave the doomed ship of human paradigms much more quickly than America, and, because of this, Britannia shall be blessed.


{Interestingly enough, a big story this week (starting January 22, 2007) in the UK has been the washing up of the Napoli's cargo off the coast of Devon, South West England. The cargo that has washed ashore has included BMW car parts and even nappies. As usual, the British public's primary concern has been over whether picking up these items from the beach is morally acceptable or not. The fact that the cargo has been washing up on Devon is no spiritual coincidence. As we wrote above (in a paragraph which the Lord prompted us to type days before the cargo story broke), evidence has been revealed this month (January 2007) that Princess Katherine's tomb could be in St. Peter's Church in Devon rather than in long-ago-demolished Castle Chapel. The name "Peter" in "St. Peter's Church" points to Acts 10:5-6, which, as we have studied before, speaks of recognising the value and potential floating in the sea. By contrast, the word "Castle" in "Castle Chapel" speaks of the "Castles in the air" that God shall pulverise through His obliterating judgments. These temporary castles are built on a predicate of "ministerial intimidation" that fails to see the hidden "brown" potential in the so-called "little" people. The cursed lords of these castles see their brethren as "perennially tiny", forcing them to wear nappies during their entire spiritual life, without realising the eternal value in those "babies", in those "little children's faces". By the way, Devon is the only county in England with 2 separate coastlines (as indicated on Let him who has ears hear what the Lord is declaring through all of this.}


According to an AFP report posted on Yahoo! News on Friday, January 19, 2007, a Trojan virus tried to take advantage of the storms sweeping across Europe to infect computers. The virus came in an email with the subject line "230 dead as storm batters Europe". The virus spread rapidly across Europe, but it was quickly contained. By January 19 at 14:00 UK time, the epidemic had been neutralised. According to Mikko Hyppoenen, a Finnish researcher at F-Secure (a European anti-virus company), the virus was targeted mostly at European users and didn't seem to be "too interested in American audiences". According to F-Secure, "the likely intention [was] to create a new raft of zombie computers to steal information and to further propagate large-scale spam". Therefore, the appearance of this Trojan horse is no spiritual coincidence. This virus was a physical manifestation of the spiritual battle that is being waged in the spirit realm, a battle which Europe is winning and America lost since 2005. Through their strategy with a hidden "Trojan" agenda, the pastoral matriarchy in the American Church was able to convince believers in America to follow them, turning them into "zombies following zombies". In exchange for some spiritual sweets, the American Church was willing to follow Cain in his "western escapade", and most of the believers who did abandon Cain were unwilling to put on the "robes of vengeance" in order to fully obliterate the pastoral matriarchy and all manifestations of unrighteousness. Just like the Israelites, they were willing to dominate the Canaanites but not to exterminate them (Judges 1:28-33). They had a threshold below which unrighteousness turned "tolerable". This is what ultimately led to them betraying the remnant and allowing satan to delay God's revival in the "land of Thomas". By contrast, the battle in Europe is faring better, as shown by the fact that the Trojan virus was quickly contained. This Trojan threat came as God sifted Europe with winds, meaning that the winds helped to expose a "Trojan agenda". Once that agenda was revealed, Europe dealt with it quickly. The virus was not "interested in American audiences" because the Trojan horse already won in America. There was no need to conquer territory that was already conquered.


For what it's worth

As I have been typing these words, the famous 1967 song by Buffalo Springfield titled "For what it's worth" has been sounding in my mind:


{Lyrics adapted from}


There's something happening here
What it is ain't exactly clear
There's a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware
I think it's time we stop, children, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down

There's battle lines being drawn
Nobody's right if everybody's wrong
Young people speaking their minds
Getting so much resistance from behind
I think it's time we stop, hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down

What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly say, "Hooray for our side"
It's time we stop, hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down

Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you're always afraid
You step out of line, the man come and take you away
We better stop, hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down

Stop, hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down
Stop, now, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down
Stop, children, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down

This song, released 10 years after Harry Belafonte's "banana boat song", was written by Stephen Stills. According to, Stephen Stills was born in Dallas, which correlates with what we have shared on Dallas and the "Big D" (Big Delay) spirit. Interestingly enough, Stephen Stills spent his teenage years in Costa Rica and Panama, where he graduated from high school. Costa Rica is known for her strong banana production. According to statistics available on, Costa Rica was the 8th largest banana producer in the world in 2005, despite its small size and population; Costa Rica was beaten in banana production by countries such as India, Brazil, China, the Philippines, and Indonesia (the 2nd, 5th, 1st, 12th, and 4th most populous countries in the world respectively), which makes Costa Rica's #8 production ranking all the more impressive (Costa Rica is the 119th most populous country in the world, and is 129th in total area). Panama is also strongly related to banana production, so much so that "Costa Rica" and "Panama" were once economic "banana republics", i.e.- countries whose economies were dominated by banana trade, according to; even though Panama's economy has diversified considerably, Panama's 2005 banana production was still larger than all of Europe's combined, and it was #25 in the world (Spain, which accounted for 91% of Europe's total production, was #26). Therefore, the fact that Stephen Stills spent his teenage years in Costa Rica and Panama betrays the strong spiritual connection between the song he would be most famous for and the "banana boat song".


The name "Stephen Stills" also speaks to what is going on in the spirit realm. The name "Stephen" points to the "death by pounding" that the remnant have suffered as they shout for the pressure on the wall to be increased (Acts 7:54-60). In December 2006, the remnant received a strong pounding, a strong attack (both literal and spiritual), and many remnant believers were left reeling as the year 2006 drew to a close (this is the reason why New Year's Day 2007 was not a "day of celebration" in the spirit realm). All of this has happened because the Church has chosen to stand "still", unwilling to budge despite God's promptings. The delay caused by the Church's "stillness" has left the remnant open to Stephen-style poundings from the enemy. Yet, this final series of poundings have triggered a wrath in the spirit realm. There is something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear. I think it's time to stop and hear the infra-sounds so that we can understand what's going down.


Blowing in the wind

In 1963, Bob Dylan recorded a song titled "Blowing in the wind", which correlates with everything that is happening in the spirit realm at present. These are the song's lyrics:


{Lyrics adapted from}


How many roads must a man walk down, before they call him a man

How many seas must a white dove sail, before she sleeps in the sand

How many times must the cannonballs fly, before they are forever banned

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind

The answer is blowing in the wind


How many years must a mountain exist, before it is washed to the sea

How many years can some people exist, before they're allowed to be free

How many times can a man turn his head, and pretend that he just doesn't see

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind

The answer is blowing in the wind


How many times must a man look up, before he can see the sky

How many years must one man have, before he can hear people cry

How many deaths will it take till he knows, that too many people have died

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind

The answer is blowing in the wind


Interestingly enough, according to, Dylan performed this song for the first time on television in the UK (despite being an American singer) when he appeared in the BBC television production of the play "Madhouse On Castle Street". As indicated on, British director Philip Saville saw Dylan performing in New York City in 1962, after which he decided to contract Dylan to travel to London for 3 weeks to star on "Madhouse On Castle Street". Saville did this despite Dylan's complete lack of acting experience and despite the fact that Dylan had never been outside North America. This is a figure of the UK enabling a talent whose value was not fully appreciated by the American mainstream; NBC would have never taken the chance that the BBC took because the American culture, unlike the UK's, is more concerned about upholding past traditions than about discovering new and deeper truths. These truths are discovered as you pay attention to the wind, for the answers are blowing in the wind of the Spirit.


The song "Blowing in the wind" was featured in Dylan's album "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan". According to, this album was recorded in New York City in 1963, which once again points to the spiritual connection between the latter-rain revival wind in America and New York City. Curiously enough, the album reached #22 in the US but went on to became a #1 hit in the UK in 1965, even though it was an album produced in America. The fact that it only made it to #22 in the US was a prophetic figure of how God's latter-rain wind in America would be held up by a period of "22" civil war, whilst it would be allowed to gain full force in the UK, if only after a short and somewhat understandable delay (the album made it to #1 in the UK 2 years after it was released in America).


{Fellow believer, you might want to read a 1984 interview of Bob Dylan by the UK's Sunday Times, which sheds some light on Bob Dylan's spiritual makeup. This interview is posted on You might also be interested in reading what the British people think about Bob Dylan in a page posted on}


Cranberry troubles

Recently, on Wednesday January 18, 2007, an AP report (posted on Yahoo! News) indicated that "a surprise storm" had dusted parts of Southern California with snow, including the Los Angeles area. It had been at least 18 years since snow had last fallen in the Santa Monica Mountains. In the AP report, an L.A. native said that it was the first time that she had ever made a snowman in L.A. She and her family used dried cranberry for the eyes and a baby carrot for the nose; she said she used a "baby" carrot because it was a "baby snowman".


I was not planning to write about the snowman, but, as I was typing the paragraph above, the Lord prompted me to add what would seem like "irrelevant" details. I then asked the Lord, "What is the meaning behind this snowman?". As I looked at the word "cranberry", I was stunned. A few hours ago, a 1990s song called "Zombie", by an Irish group called "The Cranberries", began to sound in my mind. I began to sing out parts of the lyrics after I had finished typing the paragraphs in the previous section. I felt as if the Lord was trying to tell me something at that time, but I was unable to discern it. I then felt prompted to search for the song's full lyrics. I was surprised by what I found:


{Lyrics adapted from}


Another head hangs lowly
Child is slowly taken
And the violence causes silence
Who are we mistakin'?
Mmm, You see,
It's not me, it's not my family,
In your head, in your head
They are fighting

With their tanks, and their bombs
And their bombs, and their guns
In your head, in your head
They are crying

In your head, in your head
Zombie, zombie, zombie
What's in your head, in your head
Zombie, zombie, zombie oh

Another mother's breaking heart is taken-over
When the violence causes silence
We must be mistaken

It's the same old theme, since 1916
In your head, in your head
They're still fighting

With their tanks, and their bombs
And their bombs, and their guns
In your head, in your head
They are dying

In your head, in your head
Zombie, zombie, zombie
What's in your head, in your head
Zombie, zombie, zombie

According to, this is a protest song about the period of conflicts in Northern Ireland known as "The Troubles", which covered the late 1960s through the late 1990s, ending in the Good Friday Agreement of April 10, 1998. The reference to the year 1916 is with regard to the Easter Rising of 1916 in Dublin, a failed attempt by militant Irish republicans to gain independence from Britain in the middle of World War 1. Despite its failure, the 1916 Easter Rising laid the foundations for the eventual independence of Ireland 5 years later, in 1921.


As we have said before, the American Church continues to follow and support zombie leaders, "undead" cadavers that should be removed and buried but are instead being kept "alive" artificially by a Church that refuses to let go of the old so that the Truth may manifest Himself. Because of these "zombies", God has decreed a period of "Troubles", a period of civil war that will cause America to experience a period of stagnation and violence that will drag on and on, and America will become aware that she is going nowhere fast. In the spirit realm, the soul of America will then lament and say,

It's the same old theme, since March 17, when God's green-horse riders were killed without so much as a scene

These leaders are vampires, who have used us to maintain their empires

They have arisen from spiritual suicide, and they are driving us to share in that suicide

They are undead creatures with unGodly features, mere mortals who claim to be with the One Immortal

We should have buried them when we had the chance, instead we chose to share in their dance

We were unable to discern their stench, now the wrath of God we must quench


"25Withhold thy foot from being unshod, and thy throat from thirst: but thou saidst, There is no hope: no; for I have loved strangers, and after them will I go. 26As the thief is ashamed when he is found, so is the house of Israel ashamed; they, their kings, their princes, and their priests, and their prophets, 27Saying to a stock, Thou art my father; and to a stone, Thou hast brought me forth: for they have turned their back unto me, and not their face: but in the time of their trouble they will say, Arise, and save us. 28But where are thy gods that thou hast made thee? let them arise, if they can save thee in the time of thy trouble: for according to the number of thy cities are thy gods, O Judah. 29Wherefore will ye plead with me? ye all have transgressed against me, saith the LORD. 30In vain have I smitten your children; they received no correction: your own sword hath devoured your prophets, like a destroying lion. 31O generation, see ye the word of the LORD. Have I been a wilderness unto Israel? a land of darkness? wherefore say my people, We are lords; we will come no more unto thee? 32Can a maid forget her ornaments, or a bride her attire? yet my people have forgotten me days without number. 33Why trimmest thou thy way to seek love? therefore hast thou also taught the wicked ones thy ways. 34Also in thy skirts is found the blood of the souls of the poor innocents: I have not found it by secret search, but upon all these. 35Yet thou sayest, Because I am innocent, surely his anger shall turn from me. Behold, I will plead with thee, because thou sayest, I have not sinned. 36Why gaddest thou about so much to change thy way? thou also shalt be ashamed of Egypt, as thou wast ashamed of Assyria. 37Yea, thou shalt go forth from him, and thine hands upon thine head: for the LORD hath rejected thy confidences, and thou shalt not prosper in them." (Jeremiah 2:25-37)


America's indifference led to violence being heaved upon God's green-horse riders. As the song indicates, that violence has led to their silence, a silence that is in turn begetting a violence whose volume is increasing as 2007 gets underway. Let him who has ears hear the loud thunder of the violence of silence.


Yesterday (January 19, 2007), an AP report was posted on Yahoo! News about the plans to celebrate Robert E. Lee's 200th birthday in Virginia, USA. This is no spiritual coincidence. Robert E. Lee was a general who led the pro-slavery Confederate forces of the South against the Union forces of the North during the American Civil War. According to, Lee was at first opposed to the Confederacy, and he came close to accepting a major position in the Union army. He changed his mind, however, when his home state of Virginia seceded and joined the Confederacy. He chose to support his family and friends in Virginia rather than fight for higher principles. Some events in his life and some of the words he penned seem to indicate that Lee was not too "enthused" about slavery. However, he chose to place the traditions he had known from birth over the Truth. He is therefore a symbol of American half-heartedness, the same half-heartedness that led to the "civil war" that God has decreed over America. The fact that there are so many people bent on celebrating Robert E. Lee is a figure of how the American Church continues to follow zombies, men (and women) who have been proved wanting and whose calling has been stripped away from them. Rather than objectively weighing the good and bad actions performed by these zombies, the American Church continues to idealise their behaviour, portraying them as glamorous heroes standing in the horizon with a romantic sunset in the background. How sad! How pathetic! God did not call us to celebrate sunsets. He called us to spawn sunrises. Let him who has ears understand the difference.


On January 18, 2007, an AP report was posted on regarding a controversial performance by Ted Nugent, a hard-rock guitarist from Detroit, Michigan, USA. He was asked by Texas governor Rick Perry to perform at his second-term inaugural gala, and he proceeded to appear onstage with machine guns as props, wearing a cut-off T-shirt featuring the Confederate flag, and shouting offensive remarks against non-English speakers. The Lord allowed this event to surface in order to emphasise the intensity of the battle being waged in America's spirit realm. The spirit of Southern Cain is becoming all the more recalcitrant, and the atmosphere of tension and division is intensifying all across the American landscape. As God intensifies the call for "Independence Day", Pharaoh is shouting "No! The Old Covenant is here to stay!!", to which the Lord replies, "We shall see".


California dreadin'

On January 19, 2007 in the US (January 20 in the UK), an AP report was posted on indicating that Denny Doherty had died in a city just west of Toronto, Canada. Doherty was the main voice in "The Mamas and the Papas", a 1960s folk-rock group whose most famous song was titled "California Dreamin'", a song in which the singer longs for the warmth of Los Angeles.


Doherty was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, a town named after a town in West Yorkshire, England. This connection to Yorkshire, England correlates with what we said above regarding Yorkshire. There is also a town in Virginia, USA called "Halifax". This correlates with what we said above regarding Virginia and Robert E. Lee. I am realising this connection until now. All the events that have been occurring in recent weeks, including the death of Doherty, are interweaved in an intricate pattern, just like the roots in sister Catha's vision!


Denny Doherty died of complications from kidney failure. As we have said before, kidneys are a figure of the judgments we use to filter out the bad and keep the good. Therefore, Doherty's death speaks of how the American Church's kidneys are lethally sick on account of the L.A. Canaanite spirit she continues to condone. Yesterday (January 19, 2007), on the same day that Doherty's death was reported on the Internet, an AFP report from Los Angeles was posted on Yahoo! News; the report stated that a San Francisco, California lawmaker had proposed a law that would make spanking a child 3-years-old and under a crime punishable by jail time or a fine. This emphasises the influence of the anti-judgment Canaanite spirit in California, the same spirit that permeates across Latin America. This is the same spirit that hates the judging spirit of father Abraham (Genesis 18:19); this is the L.A. spirit that resents the fact that Abraham stopped interceding for Canaanite Sodom at "10 righteous" (Genesis 18:23-33).


The "California Dreamin'" song says as follows:


{Lyrics adapted from}


All the leaves are brown
And the sky is grey
I've been for a walk
On a winter's day
I'd be safe and warm
If I was in L.A.


California dreaming
On such a winter's day


Stopped into a church
I passed along the way
Well, I got down on my knees
And I pretend to pray
You know the preacher likes the cold
He knows I'm gonna stay

All the leaves are brown
And the sky is grey
I've been for a walk
On a winter's day
If I didn't tell her
I could leave today


California dreaming
On such a winter's day


Notice how the song speaks of someone seeking physical shelter in a church by pretending to pray. This means that the singer understood that he would not be allowed to stay if the "cold" preacher realised that he was in the church for temporal reasons, not for eternal reasons. The reference to the preacher's "coldness" is an indictment against the spirit of judgments that is more interested in forging righteousness than in fostering the false warmth of unrighteous soul communion (Luke 10:4).


It is no spiritual coincidence that Doherty's death comes as California is suffering a citrus-destroying cold spell and as the L.A. area is covered with snow. In the spirit realm, the American Church has been trying to run away from the "dreadful winter" of God's judgments. She allowed the Canaanite California spirit of sin condoning to seduce her. She has been trying to flee to the warmth of Latin American "L.A.", but God's winter has reached the Church's den of thieves, and America shall not be spared. All the California dreaming in the world will do no good, for God has turned the California dream into a nightmare. The "m" in "dreamin'" shall be turned into a big "d".


A few days ago (on January 16, 2007), an AP story was posted on Yahoo! News which spoke of an organised effort by residents in Richmond, California to block the building of new crematoriums in their neighbourhood; their complaint is based on scientifically-shaky concerns that mercury fumes from dental fillings could pose a health risk. There is spiritual significance behind this story. Cremation speaks of green-horse riders who are reduced to "phoenix ashes". Therefore, the rejection of crematoria by this California town across the bay from San Francisco speaks of how the Canaanite L.A. influence in America was instrumental in preventing God's green-horse riders being received amicably. The green were told to go ... "green go", Canaanite L.A. shouted; green did go, but green is returning in the form of obliterating judgments.


"Coincidentally", the most famous "Richmond" in America is the one in Virginia, which acts as the state's capital. This correlates with the comments above on Robert E. Lee and Virginia. During the American Civil War, Richmond was the capital of the rebellious South. Therefore, it represents the stronghold of the American Church's rebellion against the God of the green horse. Though the American "Richmond" may neigh like a wild horse against God's green-horse purposes, all her neighing shall serve for naught, for she shall be stricken down and forced to surrender, just like Robert E. Lee at Appomattox in 1865.


{Interestingly enough, there is also a "Richmond" in North Yorkshire, England. This is no coincidence.}


On the same day that the Richmond story was posted (January 16, 2007), another California story was posted on Yahoo! News. This story reported that a California aquarium had released a great white shark into the ocean. The aquarium was located on Monterey Bay, a bay south of San Francisco. This great white shark is a prophetic figure of surreptitious, quick, and sudden attacks of high impact that leave long-lasting consequences. The California spirit has opened the door for the release of a "great white shark" against America, a surreptitious shark that shall shock America into submission unto the God of judgments and justice.


{Fellow believer, it is worth noting that both San Francisco Yahoo! stories mentioned above have the exact, same date and time of posting: Tue Jan 16, 16:47 US ET. This is no coincidence. As we have said before, the number "47" speaks of God's revival river, whilst the number "16", in a negative sense, speaks of an attempt to bring revival without allowing the prophetic-remnant spirit to be manifested (because such a manifestation means that pastors will have to yield their matriarchal control over the Church). Both news stories betray a strong influence of the Canaanite spirit of matriarchal protection that is not in submission to the sane judgments of the Spirit. Therefore, it is appropriate that the number "16" appears twice in the date and time "Jan 16 16:47".}


The Long Island dolphins

Yesterday (January 20, 2007) was the 1st anniversary of the London whale's appearance on the River Thames. Today (January 21, 2007) is the 1st anniversary of his death. It is no coincidence that the Lord has had us writing this word around this time. We began writing this word on January 6, but the Lord has been adding detail after detail, which caused the writing of this word to reach into January 21.


"Coincidentally", a pod of 20 dolphins was sighted about 11 days ago (January 10) in a shallow cove off Long Island, near New York CIty. After efforts to save the stranded dolphins, 8 dolphins were coaxed back into open waters. The rest died, one by one, over a period of several days. The 12th dead dolphin appeared yesterday (January 20), and it is not believed that there are any more dolphins left in the cove. This would mean that the last dolphin died exactly on the 1-year anniversary of the London whale's appearance in the Thames. God allowed this in order to prompt us as believers to compare the 2 events, which reveals several important differences:


  1. The dolphins did not make it into the city

    The London whale made it into the heart of London, gripping the attention of the entire city. By contrast, the Long Island dolphins did not reach New York City proper. Long Island is an island to the east of New York City; even though it is considered part of the greater New York Metropolitan Area, much of the island is economically self-sustaining, meaning that it does not depend on New York City for most of its jobs. Geographically speaking, the island contains the NYC boroughs of Brooklyn (Kings County) and Queens (Queens County), but the term "Long Island" is used to refer to the more "rural" Nassau and Suffolk counties. The dolphins reached the "Suffolk County" part of the island, which is the part with the fewest NYC commuters, since it is on the east end of the island, with New York City lying across to the west.


    Whilst the London whale had a crowd of anxious Londoners gathered around the edge of the Thames, there were no crowd of New Yorkers gathered around the cove in Long Island where the dolphins were stranded, meaning that the level of concern and drama surrounding these dolphins was much more limited. Whilst people in London were all aware of the coming anniversary and were talking about the whale that appeared a year ago, it is doubtful that the people of New York will remember the 20 dolphins that appeared near Long Island a year from now, even the people from Suffolk County in Long Island.


    {Much of the information on Long Island was retrieved from If you look at a map of Long Island like the one posted on, you will notice that "Elizabeth, New Jersey" appears next to the western tip of the island, whilst "New London, Connecticut" appears right above the eastern tip. This is no spiritual coincidence.}


    Ironically enough, I personally learned about the Long Island dolphins whilst listening to BBC Radio on January 18, 2007. As the people on the programme were reminiscing about the Thames whale, the appearance of the dolphins near New York was briefly mentioned. That is when the Lord led me to search the Internet for more information.


  2. The dolphins were found dead

    The London whale died as he was being taken out to sea by his rescuers, meaning that he died in the hands of those who cared for him. By contrast, the Long Island dolphins died one by one, and their dead bodies were found by rescuers, meaning that they all died "on their own".


  3. Not all the dolphins were sown in sacrifice

    The one whale that appeared in the Thames died a day after he was spotted, meaning that "100%" of the whales that were seen in the Thames died. By contrast, not all of the dolphins that appeared near New York City died; 12 of the 20 perished, meaning that 60% died, whilst 40% survived. The "60%" points to the number "60" in Mark 13:23. As we have studied before, the number "60" in that passage speaks of a "Level-2" development, whilst the number "100" speaks of a "Level-3" development that reaches beyond the increase of the first 2 levels. The "60%", therefore, is a figure of how New York and America were able to reach "Level 2" but were unwilling to cross the Jordan into "Level 3". Because the American Church was unwilling to go all the way, the revival was delayed.


    8 of the 20 dolphins made it back east to the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The number "8" speaks of regeneration. The "sending back of the 8", therefore, is a prophetic figure of how the American Church rejected God's plan for total regeneration. Because of this, God took His "8" (i.e.- regeneration) remnant spirit and sent it across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe. That regeneration spirit is at present doing a mighty work in the spirit realm over the UK and Europe. That is why the winds are blowing! God is knocking on the door of the UK and Europe, and He is applying pressure on the "plywood wall" until it yields and fully lets Him in.


  4. The sense of urgency in the dolphin rescuers was not as strong

    In one of the Reuters rescue pictures posted on Yahoo! News, one of the dead dolphins lies in the middle of a rescue boat with 6 rescuers standing around it. In the picture, one of the rescuers is smiling and another one is standing casually with his feet crossed. None of the 6 rescuers is looking at the dolphin's body. As I looked at that picture, I received the impression that the rescuers were not "too heartbroken" about the whole thing. It was as if the dead body were not there. The Lord allowed this picture to be posted in order to reflect the American Church's indifference to God's prophetic sacrifice through His remnant.


In a spiritual sense, God visited America in 2005 in the form of His green-horse riders, but He was sent away by America as she shouted,

"Green, go home!! We don't want total obliteration and regeneration here! You are foreign to us; the God we know is not a God of judgments and justice; He is a good God"

Because of this, God's 2005 visitation became nothing more than a short visit to America's front porch, just like the dolphins who visited the New York area. By contrast, God did penetrate the UK in the spirit realm, as shown by the whale who went into the heart of the UK and captured the hearts of millions. There is currently a battle being waged in the European air so that God's penetration into the European spirit realm may be fully manifested in the natural realm.


{Much of the information on the Long Island dolphins was retrieved from and}.


It's time to go home

The "Home Office" is the UK's government department responsible for ensuring a "safe, just and tolerant society" (as indicated on, and it is the department in charge of UK immigration. Ever since the early part of 2006, the Home Office has been under fire as a string of scandals have been publicly exposed. This is a brief list describing the hail of scandals that have rained down upon the Home Office from February 8, 2006 onwards (February 8 was the day after sister Catha received her vision):


  1. A report posted on on February 8, 2006 indicates that over 170 locks at Erlestoke prison in Wiltshire had to be changed after the contractor apparently "forgot to hand over the keys" after finishing her work in the jail. The Home Office was forced to change the locks at a cost to taxpayers of £19,721.34. The prison in question held up to 426 inmates, including 30 on life sentences.


  2. A report posted on on February 13, 2006 indicates that the Home Office lifted its ban on prison inmates buying Treasury-backed Premium Bonds; these £1 bonds allow you to win up to £1 million. The bonds were deemed as an "investment" rather than as "gambling" by the Home Office, meaning that they would not fall under the ban that prevents prison inmates from buying lottery tickets. Victim advocates denounced the decision as outrageous and a slap in the face of victims. The anti-gambling ban, instituted by the Home Office in November 2005, came after it was revealed that a rapist had won £7 million after buying a lotto ticket while on weekend leave from a prison in Gloucestershire in 2004.


  3. A report posted on on February 15, 2006 describes the controversy generated by the Home Office when it refused to investigate the release from jail of a serial rapist who was suspected by police to have murdered a 20-year-old Polish careworker Karolina Mikolajewska in a flat near Bristol.


  4. A report posted on on February 16, 2006 describes another controversy generated by the Home Office when it refused to grant a posthumous gallantry award to police officer Stephen Oake, who was stabbed to death by an al-Qaeda suspect in an anti-terrorist raid in Manchester in 2003. The Home Office argued that the gallantry award had standards that were "extremely high", and Stephen's unarmed efforts to restrain an armed and known murderer did not qualify in their view.


  5. A report posted on on February 22, 2006 indicates that a cold-blooded murderer had been let out of prison on day release; this murderer had killed head teacher Philip Lawrence in a scuffle in which the teacher intervened to protect a pupil. The murderer had been given a life sentence in 1996 and was supposed to serve at least 12 years in jail. To make matters worse, Philip Lawrence's widow was not informed by the Home Office of the murderer's release, and she was shocked to find out about it whilst reading the newspaper.


  6. A report posted on on March 1, 2006 describes a scandal in which the Home Office botched the extradition process initiated by Italian prosecutors against Tessa Jowell's husband, who was involved in a money-laundering investigation. The Home Office's mishandling of the affair, angrily described as "deplorable" by the Italians, compromised the Italian prosecutors' investigation efforts.


  7. As reported on on April 25, 2006, Home Secretary Charles Clarke came under intense fire when the Home Office admitted it had lost track of over 900 foreign nationals who were released from the prison system. None of these criminals were considered for deportation, and some of them went on to commit murders shortly after being released from prison (as was the case with the man who murdered Stephen Oake). As indicated on the BBC News report, there were 10,265 foreign nationals in prison in February 2006, which represented 13% of the population.


    This row became so intense that it led to the sacking of Charles Clarke from the Home Office in May 2006 by Tony Blair, who had a day earlier spoken out in defence of Clarke (as indicated in a video interview posted on


  8. As reported on on May 22, 2006, a migrant officer was caught on videotape offering an 18-year-old asylum-seeker from Zimbabwe "help" with her asylum petition if she agreed to having sex with him. The incriminating videotape, exposed by The Observer, came two months after an official report had urged the immigration office to overhaul its procedures so as to ensure that such abuses would not take place; "apparently", the report went unheeded. A link to the shameful video clips appears on


    On May 17, 2006, 5 days before the above report was posted, a senior immigration bureaucrat admitted to MPs that he did not have the "faintest idea" how many illegal immigrants were in the UK. The next day, 5 illegal immigrants turned up working as cleaners in the Home Office!


  9. A report posted on on June 7, 2006 indicates that at least 200 (some 20%) of the foreign prisoners released in the Home Office scandal (mentioned above) had been allowed to stay in the UK, meaning that Tony Blair broke his pledge to kick them out. To make matters worse, at least 8 of the most serious criminals in the scandal (which includes rapists and paedophiles) were still free 6 weeks after the scandal had broken out. These 8 criminals are an ironic mirror image of the 8 dolphins -- mentioned above -- who left the New York area alive; they also reflect the 8 terrorists in a 2001 dream posted on April 24, 2005).


  10. As indicated in a news report posted on, the Home Office came under further fire on July 21, 2006 after a parliamentary report was published which accused the Home Office of ignoring a £3 million discrepancy in its accounts and failing to resolve the root causes that led to the foreign-prisoner scandal.


  11. A report posted on on August 23, 2006 indicates that the Home Office came under even further fire when an error in a radio advertisement directed Internet users to pornographic websites. The advert for the Home Office Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre website told users to visit a website whose domain name included the letter "u"; listeners thought that the "u" was the word "you", and, as they typed the mistaken address, they were taken to a website with links to pornographic material. The Home Office was forced to issue a public apology.


  12. According to a report posted on on November 2, 2006, a report issued by Chief Inspector of Prisons Anne Owers paints a picture of a Home Office mired in utter incompetence and chaos. In some cases, forgotten case files were stuffed into cupboards that were so full that workers were afraid to open them. Prison staff voiced "extreme frustration" over their inability to contact the Home Office's Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND). In one case, a young Chinese woman who did not speak English sobbed inconsolably for 2 days after arriving in prison. When a translator was finally found for her, it was discovered that she believed she was going to be executed by a firing squad, which was the reason behind her anguished sobbing! Whilst the Home Office was sparing rapists and murderers greater suffering by letting them free, the young Chinese woman had to cry for 2 days until the Home Office was able to end her suffering (in part).


  13. According to reports posted on and on January 10, 2007, the Home Office came under fire (once again) as the Association of Chief Police Officers said that the Home Office allowed thousands of UK nationals convicted abroad to find work where they had contact with children. Information about crimes committed abroad was sitting in desk files and not being entered on the Police National Computer, meaning that a criminal could go to another country, commit a sexual offence, serve a sentence, and then return to the UK as if nothing had happened. This scandal surfaced one month after a Home Office blunder almost led to the release of 100 dangerous criminals.


    The above scandal was heightened as a report (posted on appeared on January 13, 2007 indicating that a man whose conviction in Europe had not been entered into his UK criminal record had returned to the UK and killed a person. According to a report posted on January 15, 2007, a senior Home Office official was suspended from duty because of this scandal, and John Reid (the Home Secretary who replaced Charles Clarke in May 2006) is only until now "demanding an overhaul" of the way information on crimes abroad is being collected. Even after 7 months of John Reid at the helm, there is a backlog of 27,500 files on Britons convicted abroad that the Home Office has yet to relay to police authorities.


  14. According to a report posted on on January 16, 2007, a terror suspect being monitored under a control order had absconded earlier this month. This is the third terror suspect that has gone missing from the Home Office's radar since August 2006. Shadow home secretary David Davis warned that "Far from getting a grip since John Reid took over, the Home Office has been marked by murderers walking out of open prisons and suspected terrorists escaping from control orders".


The 14 examples above illustrate the hailstorm of scandals the Home Office has been under. As we have said before, God's judgments expose the hidden roots. The above list, therefore, reveals that God has placed the UK's Home Office under a judgment cloud, a cloud that will not go away. This cloud has intensified in "darkness" since February 2006, and it reflects the spiritual judgment the UK is currently experiencing in the spirit realm. In a way similar to America's, there is a spiritual element in the UK that is keeping the righteous "out", whilst at the same time allowing the unrighteous to roam about in freedom (a sign of "kidney failures"). However, there is a fundamental difference between the UK and the US. Whilst America's "border blunders" remain mostly under the radar, with crimes by illegals being rarely publicised and with people like the "Minutemen" being labelled as "bigoted racists" (and as "vigilantes" by the president himself), there is an open debate in the UK over the mistakes being made. Being deeply apostolic in nature, the British people are quick to judge and expose mistakes as they happen, in a sincere effort to find solutions to problems, instead of sweeping those problems under the carpet. Whilst America's atmosphere is currently thickening with undealt-with racial tension, the people of the UK are just coming out of a huge row caused by semi-racist comments made by a contestant on the Big Brother TV show. These comments stirred the morally-sensitive people of the UK so deeply that even the MPs were debating what those comments (on a reality TV show, mind you) said about British society. Even though the comments were not overtly racist (by American standards), a major sponsor pulled out of the show, British viewers voted the guilty contestant out of the show, and Channel 4, which airs the hugely popular programme, held internal meetings to debate whether the show was worth continuing or whether it needed a complete re-evaluation and overhaul to avoid racial bullying in the future. Why? Because the British people saw the comments as symptoms reflecting possible roots within. They were not satisfied with simply eliminating the symptoms. They wanted to destroy any unrighteous roots hidden underneath. They saw the detection of the symptoms as the opportunity to cure a problem that may have gone unnoticed before.


Even so, there is a spiritual problem that the UK has yet to deal with. There is a dark spirit in the UK that is fighting to prevent the full manifestation of God's remnant spirit. This dark spirit (disguised in piety) has been in full operation within the UK government since 1997, but its strong influence will soon come to an end. This dark spirit is the one operating inside the "Home Office", working to prevent God's remnant fully feeling at "home" in the UK. In a spiritual sense, the UK's Home Office does not want God to find a literal and stable home in the UK. However, the UK people themselves are judging the Home Office, which is a figure of how the spiritual sensitivity of the UK people is allowing God to remain at the "physical door" instead of walking away. In the spirit realm, God is already inside the UK, with only the physical manifestation pending. By contrast, America locked God out altogether, forcing Him to walk away for a season. God already feels very much at home in the UK, and He is fighting to break the "plywood Home-Office barrier" that is preventing His army from marching in and blessing a land that is "silently crying out" to God. As America is judged, the spiritual door in the UK will open up wider and wider, and the remnant spirit will feel fully at home in the UK.


In the vision, sister Catha saw a 3-inch plastic tube that sped in from the left to cover the 2-inch weaving root. As we have said before, there are 3 "male" ministries and 2 "female" ministries, and, as we have also said before, the spirit is "male" whilst the soul is "female". Therefore, the 3-inch tube covering the 2-inch root means that the remnant will be provided a covering for their souls that will not compromise the dominion of the spirit over the soul. The remnant have, in a sense, walked about "naked" because they prefer the human shame of nakedness than to accept the tainted covering provided by the pastoral matriarchy, a covering that provides shelter in exchange for the remnant's spiritual convictions. Since the remnant are not about to sell their souls to satan, they have been willing to suffer in the shame of their nakedness, but God is covering them with "white robes" (Revelation 6:9-11) as He completes His vengeance upon Babylon. This tube covering represents the spiritual "Fort Waynes", the small paradises in which the remnant shall hide as their silence in the natural unleashes God's vengeance against His enemies.


The fact that the tube looked like a "woven net" means that it provides space for the buds in the root to shoot forth. The tube is not a smothering, black-hole matriarchal covering. Instead, it is a covering that gives the remnant some room to breathe and to continue growing in the Spirit, even if their suffering is not fully ended.


Plastic is a material used for disposable containers. Therefore, the fact that the tube was made out of plastic speaks of the covering's temporary nature. This covering shall act as a "temporary car park" for the remnant as a more permanent home is prepared for them.


The dreadful day of the Lord, prophesied long ago, is now at hand. Daylight come and me want to go home.


"And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcases of the men that have transgressed against me: for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched; and they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh." (Isaiah 66:24)