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Changes after the initial posting


This is the list of changes made to the articles and prophetic words since their initial posting:


{Articles and prophetic words are regularly modified to include new internal "bookmarks" that allow for direct hyperlink navigation from new postings to previous postings (and vice versa). Such internal modifications are not taken into account in this list. At times, certain articles and prophetic words are also modified to make very minor diction changes and orthographical corrections; such changes are also generally ignored in this table.}


Posting Updated Changes made
The sons of Javan - Tarshish September-8-2019 We made some minor changes and corrections throughout the posting, and we added a few hyperlinks for reference.
The sons of Gomer - Ashkenaz December-9-2018 Previously, we had incorrectly attributed a very soulish remark about "Ashkenaz" to the authors of Strong's Concordance. The remark, however, was actually made by the creator of the Gesenius Lexicon. We therefore made the correction and apologise for the mistake.
Sabbath - The regenerating priesthood February-16-2015 We made some minor changes and corrections throughout the posting, and we added various hyperlinks for reference.
Romans 13 (Part 2) May-19-2014 We added a reference to Romans 6:22 to emphasise the connection between the prophetic endowment and the word telos in Romans 13:7, as well as some other minor changes to the section "Sharing the burden and funding judgements"
Lingering blackness (Part 1) February-7-2011 We made some minor changes to a couple of paragraphs, and we added a comment regarding "Death Valley Days".
Enemies in the UK April-29-2007 We added a p(r)o(ph)etic word by William Blake.
Winter front of Godly discontent April-8-2007 We added a comment emailed by a visitor, plus our contribution to his comment.
Hurried exit April-6-2007 We added various comments, including a comment on God's "double-whammy" strategy plus a comment on the number 468.
Super Bowl 41 March-4-2007 We added a comment (in brackets) in the paragraph where we talked about the Colts game against Baltimore in the 2006 NFL playoffs.
Brittany August-22-2006 In the section '"Small" Brett Favre', we had originally indicated that Brett Favre's "father-in-law" had died in an accident, but it was actually his brother-in-law. Even so, there was a spiritual "father-in-law" connection to the death of Favre's brother-in-law,  since the father-in-law of Favre's teammate Donald Driver died in Mississippi a mere 2 months after the death of Favre's brother-in-law in Mississippi. Around that time, Reggie White, a former Packer and a respect-inspiring "father figure" to his teammates, also died.
5 animals (Part 1) August-9(-10)-2006 We began adding comments that were pending on this prophetic word sent to us in 2004
Please help us! May-19-2006 We removed a small note added at the end of this article on July 29, 2005. We replaced the note with a more somber short sentence.
Red Sox win! July-29-2005 We corrected some comments regarding the translation of Psalm 18:4 and Psalm 55:4 in the King James Version. We also added another passage that emphasizes the spiritual connection between Sheol and "terror".
Please help us! July-29-2005 We added a small note at the end of this article where we share that things have been set in motion. This small note was removed on May 19, 2006
London 2012 July-10-2005 We added a few paragraphs explaining the spiritual reason for the change in the official times of the first 3 attacks of July 7, 2005.
Theresa mercy rolled back December-31-2004 We added comments on the name "Amy Kudwa" based on information sent to us by a visitor.
Luke 6:38 December-16-2004 We added a couple of paragraphs at the end of the section "Do good to those who hate you" explaining how Canaanites love to "counter-judge" those who judge them because of the bitterness and resentment Canaanites have against speakers of truth.
War-free zones December-12-2004 We added a triangle of "spiritual antitheses" that illustrates the 2 spiritual clashes across the "spiritual triangle". This triangle of antitheses is a combination of the triangle of ministries and the triangle of evil.  
The believers during the Revival December-3-2004 We added a "triangle of ministries" that portrays how the 5 ministries of Ephesians 4:11 are positioned with respect to each other (functionality-wise).
Luke 6:38 November-28-2004 Three new sections were added ("Love your enemies", "Do good to those who hate you", and "True apostolic judgments"), and section "See, invest, and be multiplied" was modified.
Bread sowing October-19-2004 Passage references were added to reaffirm the connection in Scripture between silver and mental purity (Proverbs 25:4-5, Psalm 66:10-11, Malachi 3:3)
The showdown before the Revival October-19-2004 Passage references were added to reaffirm the connection in Scripture between silver and mental purity (Proverbs 25:4-5, Psalm 66:10-11, Malachi 3:3)
The perfect teacher October-19-2004 A reference to Acts 15:32 was added to reaffirm the spiritual connection between prophets and exhortation
The restoration of the male ministries September-26-2004 Correction of a Bible reference from "Luke 12:38-42" to "Luke 10:38-42"
The real Unity of the Church July-27-2004 An important comment was added towards the end of the article on how cultural traditions act as "mammon" that gets in the way of God's Lordship in many people's lives.
The Canaanites July-17-2004 A column relating each of the seven Spirits of God to the 7 unique names of Jehovah was added in the table listing the 7 Spirits of God.
The Canaanites July-6-2004 Comments about Canaanite mothers were added near the end of the article
What is a "false prophet"? July-6-2004 Very minor word changes
The Amorites June-14-2004 Correction of a reference to the Hebrew word kaphaph, some very minor word changes, and a short explanation on why Simon Peter cut off Malchus' right ear, as opposed to his left ear.
The Girgashites June-5-2004 A slightly more expanded description of each of the 7 types of evil spirits in the section "The 7 types of evil spirits"
The spiritual Trojan horse May-2004 Minor word changes towards the end of the article
Male and female ministries in the Church May-2004 Very minor word changes