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First posted: September 17, 2007



Recently, somebody posed the question about the relationship between the Girgashite spirit and the cause of cancer in the body. Would appreciate for your enlightenment. Thanks.




The dividing spirit

As indicated on, cancer is a disease characterised by cells that grow and divide without respect to normal limits. This unrestrained division points to the Girgashite spirit for several reasons. As we have studied before, the Girgashite spirit is a distortion of the teacher spirit, which is God's Spirit of Perfection. God's Teacher spirit creates a zeal for "methodological efficiency". Therefore, He is the Spirit behind the "division of labour", which promotes efficiency through a methodological division of tasks. When people with the Teacher endowment go awry, they become overly obsessed with delegating tasks to the recognised "experts" in the area. One of the areas Girgashites love to delegate is the "spiritual area". Whilst they continue with their earth-centred existence, they delegate the "spiritual" tasks to the recognised religious "ministers". Thus, it can be said that the Girgashite spirit promotes an unrighteous division that "disintegrates" man from his spiritual nature. As a spiritual creation, man cannot be separated from his spiritual component without losing his humanity. An integral human being must grow as a spiritual being. Otherwise, he withers into nothing more than a biological animal and dies. This is the reason why bodies disintegrate into dust upon death. Everything that is temporal will eventually disintegrate, and, since Girgashites are clay dwellers focused on the temporal and visible, they end up disintegrating (i.e.- dividing) beyond repair.


The I-won't-die spirit

According to, cancer cells have a peculiar characteristic: they avoid "apoptosis". As indicated on, apoptosis is the "suicide" or "programmed death" of a cell in a multi-cellular organism. As opposed to "necrosis", which is traumatic cell death due to acute cellular injury, apoptosis is a "deliberately scheduled" death that promotes the long-term health of the entire organism. Apoptosis helps the organism to dispose of cellular debris and is essential in the functional shaping of the organism. Were it not for apoptosis, for example, our hands would be nothing but a giant palm, for the fingers are formed as the cells between the fingers die through apoptosis during the embryonic stage. The same applies to the toes in our feet. Thus, apoptosis is a figure of one person wilfully dying so that others may live and be shaped into their predestined form.


Interestingly enough, the gene "p53" is essential in the apoptosis process (as indicated on Because of this, "p53" is a tumour-suppressing gene that prevents cancerous division. As we have said before, the number "53" points to Isaiah 53, which speaks of how the Anointed One bears the iniquity of others in sacrificial death so that others may live. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the presence of the "p53" gene in cells prompts them to die in sacrifice for the sake of the other cells in the organism. The number "53" is an eminently "green" number, since green-horse riders are the ones who make the ultimate sacrifice of going through "death" and down to "Sheol" for the sake of others.


The number "53" in the name "p53" is derived from its apparent molecular mass. Using the "SDS-PAGE" protein-separation technique, "p53" registers as a 53 kilodalton protein. Its theoretical mass, however, is really 43.7 kilodalton. The difference is caused by the high number of amino-acid proline in "p53", which leads to the larger result of 53 kilodaltons. In other words, a mathematical calculation of p53's mass based on the sum of its amino-acid residues does not yield the real-life result due to an "invisible" component. This is a figure of the "illogical" nature of God's "p53" green-horse believers, who operate in a "crazy fractal" logic that considers invisible spiritual factors that natural man's logic is unable to discern.


Because of the way it protects cells against cancerous growth, p53 is known in the medical field as the "guardian of the genome", the "guardian angel gene", or the "master watchman". This once again points to green-horse believers, since, as we have said before, God's green-horse riders are the sentinels who are beholding visions appearing in the faraway horizon that others have yet to see. Such believers can stand and watch from the highest vantage point because they are willing to descend to the lowest places (Philippians 2:1-11).


All of the above emphasises the spiritual link between cancer and the Girgashite spirit. As we have studied before, Girgashites are unwilling to shed their "blood" (i.e.- their life) in sacrifice for others, and they usually end up dying with their blood on the inside, like a foolish man literally "holding on for dear life" to an existence that he will have to give up anyway, whether he wants to or not (Luke 12:20). Cancer cells behave in the same way; they refuse to die and are not willing to engage in "apoptosis". Even when they are infected with a virus or damaged beyond repair, they selfishly "hold on for dear life" and continue dividing, even if that means sapping nutrients away from the healthy cells around them, and even if that means spreading their viral infection to others.


Because of their reluctance to sacrifice themselves for others, Girgashites are the complete antithesis of God's green-horse riders. Under the anointing of the Messiah, green-horse riders are willing to live out Isaiah 53 in their lives, thus acting as the "p53" gene in the Body of Christ's DNA. Their "molecular mass" cannot be calculated using natural logic, for they operate at a fractal dimension that transcends into the third heaven, an eternal dimension that is completely unreachable to the earth-bound Girgashite. As they fly into the higher dimension, green-horse riders become watchmen who are able to visualise things that are completely foreign to the self-centred Girgashite who cannot see beyond his own little interests and "rights", like a pig that cannot lift its eyes from the ground. It is no prophetic coincidence that, as the Lord has us writing on all of this, one of the big news in the UK is the fear of pigs being infected with foot-and-mouth disease (as indicated on


As we said above, apoptosis is essential in the formation of our fingers. As we have studied before, the 5 fingers in our hands correspond to the 5 ministries of Ephesians 4:11 (apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher). Therefore, the fact that cancerous cells avoid apoptosis is a figure of how the Girgashite spirit becomes a hindrance to the development of the 5 ministry anointings in believers. Since Girgashites like to delegate the "spiritual" to the "recognised ministers", they lose the ability to exercise their God-appointed spiritual ministry on Earth. Scripture declares that all believers are "kings and priests" (Revelation 1:6) and that all believers are called to be "priests of the Lord" and "ministers of our God" (Isaiah 61:6). This means that we are all called to grow in each of the 5 ministry anointings; in other words, each of us is called to grow into a fully mature apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher. We may be born with 1 ministry anointing or more, but we are called to grow into all 5. In fact, those who are born with a given ministry anointing are supposed to facilitate the impartation of that ministry anointing to those who were not "born" with it. Two verses after Ephesians 4:11, the Lord declares that the 5 ministry anointings are designed so that we may "all come in the unity of the faith", unto a "perfect" (i.e.- completed) man, unto the "measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ"; and can anyone argue that a believer has become a "completed" man who has reached the "stature of Christ's fullness" without operating in all 5 ministry anointings? When we operate in a Girgashite mentality that eternalises the division of "ministry" labour, we turn into deformed spiritual hands with fingers not fully separated, which is what happens when apoptosis is not allowed to complete its work on a hand during the embryonic stage.


The i-m-mortal spirit

According to, one of the biological properties of cancer cells is "unlimited growth potential (immortalisation) due to overabundance of telomerase" (it is interesting that biologists chose the term "immortalisation" to refer to the behaviour of cancer cells). According to, "telomerase" is an enzyme that is described by biologists as a "fountain of youth" that "allows for rapid growth of cells without the problems of senescence" (senescence is a biological term for "cell ageing"). Thus, cancer cells are cells that are trying to somehow "beat" the death decree declared by God upon earthly man in Genesis 3:17-19.


[As a parenthesis, it is worth mentioning that it is no coincidence that the American state of Florida is so closely associated with the legendary "fountain of youth". According to, it is believed that Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de León heard stories about the fountain of youth located in Florida from the people of Puerto Rico after he conquered the island. Whilst he was governor of Puerto Rico, de León became a very wealthy man, but, apparently, his great wealth was not enough to satisfy him, which prompted him to launch an expedition to locate the fountain of youth, and, in the process, he discovered Florida. It was chronicled in the early and mid 16th century that one of his motivations for finding the fountain was his desire to find a cure for his sexual impotence. Some may question the veracity of these details, but, whether they are literally true or not, they were widely documented shortly after Ponce de León's death, which indicates that they were derived or exaggerated from actual facts (and, even if they weren't, they were derived from facts in the spirit realm; as we have said before, legends often reflect realities in the spirit realm).


The above, therefore, explains the spiritual connexion between Florida and the Girgashite spirit, a connexion we have studied before. Florida is a place where many Girgashites retire to in an effort to avoid the reality of their impending death. In a sense, Girgashites like Ponce de León still flock to Florida in their "senescence" in search of the "fountain of youth". Upon realising that the material wealth they have so dryly accumulated is not enough to fulfil them as human beings, they go after some "magical water" that will gladden their lives and somehow delay their inevitable death.]


As we have studied before, the Girgashite spirit is the spirit that creates the greatest fear of dying. Due to their faith in temporality, Girgashites make every possible effort to prolong their temporal existence so as to somehow avoid the unavoidable. We can say that Girgashites are in a constant feud with God, arguing with Him over their human mortality. Through their earth-centred actions, Girgashites keep shouting at God, "We will live forever", to which God constantly replies, "No, you won't". As we have shared before, Girgashites have a hard time distinguishing between "quantity" and "quality", and they believe that they can compensate for inferior quality by piling up a higher quantity. Girgashites do not understand that a quantum leap of light separates an earthly existence from an eternal existence, and that no amount of earthly works on the earthly side of the abyss will enable them to reach the eternal side. In the same way, cancer cells say to themselves, "We can become eternal and avoid death by simply multiplying and multiplying". Since they are unwilling to admit their impending death, they continue multiplying, even if they are damaged beyond repair or infected with a virus. Cancer cells keep saying "Immortal", but, the word keeps dividing as it traverses spiritual reality, and, by the time it reaches God's ears, it says "I'm mortal", for God's decree and the spiritual calling of man cannot be circumvented. You cannot immortalise temporality through natural means. A set of 2 trillion objects may "seem" like an infinite set, but it is still a finite set, and it will remain a finite set even if it multiplies a hundredfold.


Only that which is united to God is immortal; He is the only immortal one (1 Timothy 6:16), and He is Spirit (John 4:24), not flesh and blood (1 Corinthians 15:50).



The greedy amassing spirit

As we have studied before, Girgashites turn into greedy workaholics who work night and day to amass temporal resources. They become warehouses tirelessly working to accumulate a temporal fortune that will allow them to enjoy a life of "luscious" Hivite retirement. In doing so, they are willing to sacrifice their own spiritual future and the future of the next generations. In the same way, cancer cells are tireless workers who divide and grow night and day, and, as they do, they begin to hoard the body's nutrients, thus weakening the rest of the body as they themselves are energised for a season. This is the reason why cancer is such a debilitating disease. Cancer cells and Girgashites are like tireless sponges that drain away the energy and joy of life from all those around them.


Because of their "covetous amassing", Girgashites are very vulnerable to indebting themselves and leaving "debts" to their "children" (whether literal or figurative), especially when the long-term debt allows for a large amount of short-term benefits. This is because of their intense focus on the temporal short term and their relative disinterest in the eternal long term. As Girgashites work and work, they become prouder and prouder of the temporal fruits of their works, and that pride leads to an Amorite over-confidence that ends up destroying them. Many of them become unfazed by debt, "invulnerable" to it, and they become convinced that their work is so good that they can work themselves out of debt at any time, no matter how large the debt may be. This is because they begin to overestimate the long-term transcendence of their works. Another reason why they become unfazed by debt is that debt is somewhat intangible. Since Girgashites focus on the visible, they tend to pay attention to debt only when it produces tangible consequences.


The water-greedy dry spirit

As we have studied before, Girgashites eventually decay into the Hivite spirit. This is a natural consequence of their dry existence. Whilst working tirelessly and methodically, they deliberately deprive themselves of rest and of enjoying life, which dries them up emotionally. After oppressing their bodies (and those around them) for years, they suddenly come to the realisation that their life is too dry, too predictable. That is when they begin to make a drastic shift to the left (in the triangle of evil) towards the "wet" spirit of Hivite hedonism. As we mentioned above, this is what happened to Ponce de León. After amassing a large fortune but living a dry life, he began seeking after the fountain of youth in an effort to feel pleasure. This is equivalent to the Girgashite pigs dashing for the water in Matthew 8:32.


The Girgashite lifestyle causes a "numbing" in the person's emotions, a "drying up" that turns the person into an insipid human being. This "deadening" of the emotions has repercussions in the physical body, causing a draining of fluids, a silent dehydration that begins to stress the body's cells. This is the reason why the physical trademark of the Girgashite ("clay man") is the act of "sweating" (Genesis 3:19), i.e.- the draining of fluids out of the body. Through the lively expression of our emotions, chemicals are released into the body that accelerate blood flow and provide hydration for the body's cells. By contrast, through the deadening of our emotions, the cells are forced to "thirst" for fluids.


[As we have said before, the dry Girgashite spirit is the one most directly related to ageing. Thus, it is no coincidence that wrinkles can be diminished through the use of "moisturisers".]


As we have seen before, Girgashites are very "hierarchy-oriented". They believe in "following procedure" without asking any questions, and they believe in the importance of abiding by the "hierarchical chain of command". When questioned about the validity of their methodologies and procedures, Girgashites simply reply, "That is the established procedure; that's just the way it is". This blind submission to hierarchical structures is transmitted to the Girgashite's body cells. When the dehydrated cells begin crying out for hydration, the brain replies, "That is just the way it is; just submit and adapt to the established circumstances". That is when the cells stop questioning the head's "dehydrating" procedures and begin adjusting their biological makeup in order to conform to their new "dry" status. The cell then weakens its genetic material and becomes susceptible to external elements that eventually alter it and turn it into a cancerous cell.


As we have shared before, Hivites are schemers. Therefore, as Girgashites make their sharp Hivite turn to the left, they become more and more "scheming" in their nature. As we said above, Girgashites are very vulnerable to getting into debt, and, as they do, their unhealthy faith in their work abilities makes them believe that they can quickly produce work that will far exceed any present debt. As they turn Hivite, Girgashites will be prone to coming up with quick schemes that will supposedly get them out of debt. They will boldly proclaim that their next scheme will get them out of debt, and they remain unrepentant about the decisions that drove them into debt in the first place. Girgashites believe that "work" is the key to success and are very reluctant to judge the quality of their head-spinningly fast but mediocre work.


As I have been meditating on the above, the Lord has brought these two songs to my remembrance:


[Lyrics from the song "I am a rock" by Simon & Garfunkel - adapted from]


I've built walls,
A fortress deep and mighty,
That none may penetrate

I have no need of friendship; friendship causes pain
It's laughter and it's loving I disdain
I am a rock, I am an island.

Don't talk of love,
But I've heard the words before
It's sleeping in my memory

I won't disturb the slumber of feelings that have died
If I never loved, I never would have cried
I am a rock, I am an island.


[Lyrics from the song "Praying for time" by George Michael - adapted from]

The rich declare themselves poor
And most of us are not sure
If we have too much, but we'll take our chances
'Cause God's stopped keeping score

I guess somewhere along the way
He must have let us all out to play
Turned His back, and all God's children
Crept out the back door

And it's so hard to love; there's so much to hate
Hanging on to hope when there is no hope to speak of
And the wounded skies above say it's much, much too late
Well, maybe we should all be praying for time




So you scream from behind your door
Say what's mine is mine, and not yours
I may have too much, but I'll take my chances
'Cause God's stopped keeping score

And you cling to the things they sold you
Didn't you cover your eyes when they told you?
That He can't come back
'Cause He has no children to come back for

It's so hard to love, there's so much to hate
Hanging on to hope, when there is no hope to speak of
And the wounded skies above say it's much, much too late
So maybe we should all be praying for time

The lyrics above are prophetic rhema against the spirit of cancer.


The runaway spirit

Cancer cells carry out their division and growth without regard for the overall health of the body. Convinced that they are gaining immortality, they charge ahead with their growth and are almost impossible to stop without being killed. If cancer cells could speak, they would say, "How dare you say we are a disease? Haven't you seen how successful we are? If we were 'diseased', we wouldn't be multiplying so!! Our numbers certify our success!!" This is a figure of what we have said before regarding the Girgashite's will. Since Girgashites disregard the invisible things of the Spirit and judge all things through visible parameters, they make decisions based on their natural understanding and are very difficult to dissuade from those decisions, especially when they are explained the spiritual underpinnings and ramifications of their actions. Just like cancer cells, Girgashites storm ahead and carry out their mentally-wrought decisions with no regard for God's will and for His spiritual principles, since such principles are no more than "mystical mumbo-jumbo" to them. Girgashites are "pigs" that storm ahead towards their own demise (Matthew 8:32).


It is worth noting that the Girgashite spirit is very strong within the Church. In other words, most believers who claim a faith in spiritual things live their lives at a very "primitive" spiritual level and have very little awareness about the deeper things of the Spirit. They live their lives with no sense of or interest in their prophetic calling in life, and they are unable to perceive the spiritual issues going on all around them. They may carry a Bible and sing songs to the Lord at church, but that is as far as their spirituality goes. After church, they go on with their natural lives, making decisions based on purely natural parameters, altogether disregarding the prophetic purpose for which they were placed on Earth in the first place. That amounts to a state of spiritual death. These believers are "walking dead", even if they have a name that they are "spiritually living" (Revelation 3:1).


Jebusite pressure

As the Lord had me writing this word, He kept impressing the word "Jebusite" into my heart. Both the Girgashites and the Jebusites are "right-handed" spirits that oppress and demand. There is a subtle difference between them, however. Whereas Girgashites are self-centred demanders of "personal rights", Jebusites are more "crusader-like" in their nature, meaning that they are more willing to go out of their way to attack and destroy those who are contrary to their dogma. Girgashites are more pragmatic and "down-to-earth" (literally); Jebusites, on the other hand, are concerned with issues that are a tad more "abstract" and "spiritual" in nature, and they are more likely than Girgashites to actively herald their points of view (this is because they are apostles gone bad). Jebusites tend to "go out of their way" to unjustly hurt people, whilst Girgashites tend to steamroll over those who get in their way, running over spiritual barriers which their dehumanised, natural eyes are too desensitised to detect. Even though Girgashites and Jebusites are subtly different, they generally work in tandem, and both spirits often manifest themselves in the same person.


[By the way, the Girgashites' disregard for invisible barriers (mentioned above) is reflected in cancer cells' disregard for "contact inhibition". As indicated on, contact inhibition is a naturally occurring biological process in which cell growth is arrested when two or more cells come in contact with each other; unlike healthy cells, cancer cells do not allow their growth to be restricted by contact with neighbouring cells, meaning that cancer cells do not respect their neighbouring cells' "personal space". This obliviousness to boundaries can also be seen in the "maize people" who completely disregard America's immigration laws and who do not feel that they are violating any moral precept whatsoever when they cross America's southern border illegally. It is interesting, however, how, after entering America, these illegal immigrants become intensely aware of their so-called "legal rights", and they are willing to fight tooth and nail to demand them, in typical Girgashite "give-me" fashion.]


As we have studied before, the word "Jebusite" literally means "thresher". As indicated on, the act of threshing was often performed in the past by animals who were made to walk in circles over grain stalks spread out on the floor. The animals' weight would cause the covering chaff to crumble and separate from the grain. Therefore, "threshing" is related to the application of "pressure" in order to break hindrances. This is the principle behind the making of judgements; God calls believers to declare (apostolic) judgements in order to apply pressure on others that will allow the grain (i.e.- the hidden potential) in them to be manifested (Isaiah 28:27-29). Jebusites (who are "apostles gone bad"), however, take this pressure principle to the extreme, and are willing to crush the grain along with the husk, thus throwing out the baby with the bath water.


Because of the spiritual connexion between the Jebusites and "pressure", and because of God's righteous "pressure" on me to discern the connexion between the Jebusite spirit and cancer, I did a search on the Internet of the words "cancer" and "pressure", and I was surprised to find an article on brain tumours posted on This article spoke of how brain tumours cause an increase in pressure in or around the brain. Since there is no spare space in the skull for anything but the delicate brain tissues and the brain's fluid, the growth of tumours creates intracranial pressure that leads to unpleasant symptoms such as headaches, nausea, personality changes, irritability, drowsiness, and may even lead to (shaming) seizures, slurred speech, and partial paralysis (by the way, seizures are a physical manifestation of how the Jebusite spirit "threshes" people by beating them against the ground as if they were husks of grain; the shame incurred by seizures in public speaks of how Jebusite spirits like to devastate people's sense of self-confidence, belittling their authority in front of others).


As we said above, the pressure caused by brain tumours is due to the lack of spare space in the skull for anything but "the essentials". In other words, the skull is not designed to house any cancer tumours; therefore, tumours are quick to reveal their "inappropriateness" or "excessiveness" when they begin to grow inside the skull. Thus, they are a figure of how Jebusites apply excessive judgements on others, judgements derived from laws which they add to God's laws. As we have studied before, God is the Lawgiver (James 4:11-12), but natural man has a tendency to ignore many of God's laws and to add many of his own. Due to their legalistic nature, Jebusites are prone to adding tonnes of laws with no purpose behind them, meaningless laws that do nothing to advance God's righteousness and that only serve as hindrances to God's purposes on Earth (Colossians 2:16-23, Matthew 23:24). Whilst Jebusites are intent on judging inane issues, they leave the truly necessary judgements of God undeclared. The judgements of God unearth the deep things of the heart, the things which Jebusites are too blind to behold.


As we have said before, the mind is the part of the soul that acts as the "judgements factory", i.e.- the place where we assemble the evidence, analyse it, and reach a verdict. Obviously, the part of our physical body most directly related to the mind is the brain. Therefore, it is no spiritual coincidence that the type of cancer that would most directly portray cancer's connexion to the Jebusite spirit is brain cancer, since Jebusites are "judges gone bad".


As we have said before, Jebusites are murderers by nature. Therefore, it is no coincidence that cancer is not only a (Girgashitely) debilitating disease but is also a (Jebusite) killer.


Amorite expansion

As I continued writing this word, the Lord kept impressing the name of another spirit into my heart: "Amorite". As we have studied before, Amorites are earthly kings who like to have their name broadcast all over and who want their name to instil fear in all those who hear it. Amorites are conquerors by nature, but, unlike true evangelists (who conquer the world unto God), Amorites want to conquer the world unto themselves. In a similar way, cancer likes to expand its "name" across the entire body. Not satisfied with "localised success", cancer invades non-contiguous organs through "metastasis" (as indicated on Cancer cells rejoice over their success as they expand and conquer more regions of the body. Their success aggrandises them and prompts them to expand even further. This emphasises their connexion to the Amorite spirit, since Amorites are full of self-aggrandising pride.


Amorites are giants who love to intimidate others through their tallness and strength (Amos 2:9). Amorites work to have their very name strike fear in the hearts of those who hear it. This correlates with how "cancer" has become a name that strikes fear in the heart of people who hear it in a diagnosis. The name of "cancer" has turned into the name of an intimidating Amorite king that completely shatters, shakes up, and takes over people's lives.



From all of the above, we can see that cancer is an eminently Girgashite disease with strong Jebusite elements that goes into Amorite expansion. All of this points to the "spirit of Cain", since, as we have said before, "Cain" is a Girgashite-Jebusite spirit gone Amorite. Therefore, we can safely say that the spirit behind cancer is the spirit of Cain. Cain was a murderer, and, if there was ever a murderer, it is cancer.


As we have studied before, the spirit of Cain is the one behind the "pride of life" mentioned by the Lord in 1 John 2:16. The word "life" in "pride of life" that appears in the original text of 1 John 2:16 is the Greek word bios, from which we get the word "biology" in English. All of this correlates with cancer, since cancer is biological existence gone wild; cancer is biological existence that is too proud to admit its limitation and that wants to prove its "unlimited immortality" by growing and expanding until it ends up proving exactly what it was trying to deny --- that biological existence cannot "immortalise" itself without a need for the spirit.


As we have said before, the spirit of Cain is related to one of the 3 temptations of the Lord described in Matthew 4:2-10 --- the temptation in which satan tells Jesus to jump off the pinnacle of the temple and expect "servant" angels to catch Him (Matthew 4:5-7). The Lord responded to this temptation by saying, "You shall not put the Lord your God to the test". As we have studied before, this speaks of God's indictment against Cain for belittling the God-potential in his brethren and for seeing them as mere "subordinate pawns" in his plans and projects. In the same way, "cain-cer" cells tend to belittle the value of surrounding cells, seeing them as mere pawns designed to enable their "growth" projects. "Cain-cer" cells do not mind weakening the entire body if that is what it takes to continue with their self-aggrandisement plans.


Due to his self-centred Girgashite "roots", Cain has a knack for demanding that others, including God, align themselves with their decisions and plans. Cain makes decisions based on his natural understanding, and then expects God to work on his behalf to make those decisions successful. As we have said before, "Egypt" is strongly related to the Girgashite spirit in Scripture. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the Israelites who left Egypt with Moses exhibited a complaining attitude towards God, constantly demanding that He work to provide for the things they had mentally decided they needed to have (Exodus 17:1-7, Numbers 11:1-10); they kept putting God to the test, and for that they died in the desert and never entered the Promised Land. The same thing happens to "cain-cer" cells, which make up their minds to "grow and grow" and then expect the rest of the body to align itself with that decision; by doing so, "cain-cer" cells seal their own death.


As we have said before, the book of James could very well have been called "the epistle of James to the Girgashites", since it is the epistle most directly addressed to believers stuck in a Girgashite religiosity of superficial "spirituality" (Girgashites use this religiosity as a blanket to hide a life of earthliness underneath). Interestingly enough, the book of James also addresses Jebusite believers when it confronts those who belittle the poor brethren and pay homage to the rich (Amorite) brethren, thus dividing the congregation into castes (James 2:1-11). The book of James also addresses the Amorite believers who have grown proud due to their riches (James 5:1-11). Thus, we can say that the book of James is an epistle of God against the spirit of Cain (i.e.- against Girgashite-Jebusites gone Amorite). Therefore, it is no coincidence that James 4:13-17 speaks out against those who say, "I will do this today" and "I will do that tomorrow" without ever asking God what His will is. Those under the spirit of Cain make up their minds on their own and then expect God to adapt to and enable their decisions.


Considering the fact that James is a letter that attacks the spirit of "Cain-cer", it is interesting to consider how James is the only book in the New Testament that gives specific "procedural" instructions on praying for the sick, in James 5:14. There is much spiritual significance behind this verse, significance that most preachers fail to discern, since they ironically interpret it from a literal (i.e.- Girgashite) perspective. Once you take into account the entire context of this verse, its fuller spiritual significance becomes evident, and it is a significance far, far deeper than a mere word of practical advice on "praying techniques". The spiritual principles behind James 5:14 are essential for the curing of cancer, both literal cancer and spiritual cancer.


Cancer's breeding ground

As we have studied before, the spirit of Cain is a militant and arrogant defender of the status quo, which God's red-horse riders come to rattle. This emphasises a principle already mentioned earlier: Cancer grows wherever cells learn to "calmly live in" an unhealthy situation. Cancer requires that cells learn to "shut up" and accept circumstances that they know are not healthy; this means that cancer grows in an atmosphere of stagnant silence. This is the spiritual reason that prompted Simon and Garfunkel to sing the following words under a red-horse anointing:


[Partial lyrics of the song "The sound of silence" adapted from]


And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more
People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening
People writing songs that voices never share
And no one dared
Disturb the sound of silence

"Fools", said I, "You do not know
Silence like a cancer grows
Hear my words that I might teach you
Take my arms that I might reach you"
But my words, like silent raindrops fell
And echoed
In the wells of silence

As we mentioned above, cancer-preventing gene p53 contains a high quantity of an amino-acid called "proline". According to, proline is an alpha-amino acid, and is one of the 20 DNA-encoded amino acids. As indicated on, proline and its derivatives are often used as asymmetric catalysts in organic reactions. As we have said before, spiritual "catalysts" are believers who act as "bridges" or "enablers" for others; they start by causing a red-horse stirring in the Church's spiritual atmosphere, a stirring that leads to the liberation of the souls that are trapped within the Church's stale structures but who are longing for God's deep truth. Thus, catalysts act as destroyers of the status quo. They act as "salmon begetters" who shake people out of conformity with the "spiritually unhealthy" surrounding environment. Embracing the "unrest-causing" red-horse anointing, therefore, is the initial key to preventing and combating spiritual (and literal) cancer.


The spiritual connexion between cancer and laid-back conformity is illustrated by second-hand smoking. If you teach your body not to become "upset" over the smoke produced by people around you, you will increase your risk of acquiring lung cancer, even if you yourself do not smoke. You must never allow yourself to become comfortable in an unhealthy situation, whether it be literal or spiritual. You must be willing to hear the "warning cries" of your "cells" rather than silence them. An artificial silence that ignores the warning signs will create an atmosphere in which spiritual (and literal) cancer will happily grow. Cain had "unhealthy" issues in his heart, and, rather than heeding God's warning (Genesis 4:6-8), he continued with his "regularly scheduled programming", pretending as if nothing was wrong. After he murdered Abel, he kept pretending as if nothing was wrong, even when God confronted him and told him that Abel's blood was shouting out from the ground (Genesis 4:9-11). Long, long ago, Cain had stopped listening and had rejoiced in the "peace and quiet" of stagnant silence; he became a spiritually deaf man who felt comfortable in the "peace and quiet" of deafness. In order to avoid Cain's cancerous deafness, you must allow "unease" and "discontent" to enter your life whenever you are in the midst of an unhealthy situation. That "stirring unease" will be essential in propelling you to the dimensions God is calling you to enter.



It is interesting to me that, as the Lord has had me writing this word on cancer over a period of some 11 days, the famous "Terracotta Army" has been making news in London. On September 13, 2007 (3 days prior to the writing of these words), some 20 life-size figures, including some 12 warriors, from the Terracotta Army were placed on display in the British Museum in London. Initially, I did not pay much attention to this story, but, slowly, the Lord's insistence made me understand that the arrival of these statues in the UK has everything to do with the timing of this posting. As you may know, the Terracotta Army is an army of over 8000 terra cotta statues that the Chinese emperor of Qin ordered sculpted during the 3rd century B.C. The emperor wanted these statues to be buried with him in order to "protect" and "tend to" him in the "afterlife".


As indicated on, "terra cotta", the material the statues are made of, is, in essence, refined clay, which immediately points to the Girgashite spirit, since "Girgashite" means "clay dweller". According to, it is believed that the statues were built in an assembly-line style of production, which speaks of efficiency-driven "division of labour", and, thus points to the teacher endowment and to the Girgashite spirit (since Girgashites are teachers "gone bad"). The fact that the emperor thought he could take his temporal power with him to the afterlife also points to the Girgashite spirit, since, as we said above, Girgashites try to "immortalise" their temporal resources, and are always trying to avoid the reality of their earthly mortality.


According to, it is believed that the manufacturing of this huge army of statues along with the emperor's mausoleum took some 700,000 labourers working over a period of some 36 years. This means that this futile endeavour required a great deal of taskmasters pressuring poorly-paid workers in order to fulfil the emperor's caprice. This points to the Jebusite spirit, since Jebusites are taskmasters who delight in enforcing their Amorite king's wishes. The Terracotta Army's connexion to the Jebusite spirit is reinforced by the fact that the emperor of Qin was a ruthless murderer and oppressor. As indicated on, he ordered many major construction works that cost numerous human lives, and he ruthless repressed Confucianism, burying many of its scholars alive; he also attacked freedom of expression by banning and destroying all books other than the ones officially approved by him.


The emperor of Qin who ordered the manufacturing of the Terracotta Army was the first to rule over a unified China, which speaks to his "conquering" nature, and, thus, to the Amorite spirit of territorial conquest (a conquering nature can also point to the evangelistic endowment; true evangelists, however, conquer in righteousness). This emperor's link to the Amorite spirit is further reinforced by the fact that the "emperor of China" became known from this emperor onwards as "the Son of Heaven", thus distinguishing himself from the "common mortal". This emphasises his megalomaniac nature. As we have seen before, Amorites are self-aggrandising megalomaniacs.


From the above, we can see how the Terracotta Army points to the Girgashite, Jebusite, and Amorite spirits, all of which are wrapped up in the spirit of Cain. This means that the emperor of Qin was "infected" with the spirit of Cain, i.e.- spiritual cancer, and, just like cancer, the emperor of Qin left behind a purposeless multiplication of statues of no eternal value.


It is interesting to consider that the Terracotta Army was discovered by chance by some farmers digging a water well, which points to the "wells of silence" mentioned in the lyrics above. For centuries, the man who had silenced dissenters by burying them alive had his "magnum opus" buried in a well of silence. The fact that the farmers were digging for water points to how cancer is a "dehydrating" disease. The fact that the discovery was "by chance" points to the "random" nature of the prophetic spirit, which is contrary to the oppressive and control-obsessed nature of the Cain machinery. The fact that the army was discovered by farmers is God's ironic way of showing how the very people whom Mr. "Son of Heaven" belittled were the key to exposing his "magnum opus". In the spirit realm, the discovery of the Terracotta Army was more of an indictment than a reward, for, in God's eyes, that army is a blatant expression of all that was "cancerously" wrong with the first emperor of China. The emperor of Qin was, in fact, a spiritual "Qain".


{You can go to to read more on the Terracotta Army display in London}


Some conclusions

Having said all of the above, we can conclude that cancer is derived from a Girgashite lifestyle that focuses on the temporal and pressures the cells into accepting unhealthy stress. Cancer is bred as the "prophetic cry" of the cells is forcibly repressed and as they are taught to accept a permanent state of "dehydration". As a repressive call for "stagnant conformity" is sent from the brain to the entire body, the cells become susceptible to cancer. Therefore, one of the keys to fighting and preventing cancer is to allow our "cells" to long for a higher dimension of existence. We must allow our cells to cry out in the midst of stagnant situations, and we must be willing to allow our cells to enjoy moments of "hydration". Injections of emotion into our cells will hydrate them and make them aware that they are alive. These emotions imply things such as "longing", "hoping", "dreaming", and "rejoicing" over a yet unseen future potential. As "life-pumping" emotions rush through our veins, however, we expose ourselves to suffering. A "dead" cell can feel no pain. An "alive" cell can feel great joy, but it can also experience great despair and heartache. Cancerous cells avoid such experiences because they imply a "prophetic death", and cancerous cells have no interest in tasting death.


One of the other keys, therefore, to fighting and preventing cancer is a willingness to undergo "apoptosis". As we make a deliberate decision to shed our lives in prophetic sacrifice for others, something is released into our bloodstream, and gene "p53" begins to do its anti-cancerous work. If we try to avoid "apoptosis", the spirit of Cain will become stronger and stronger in our lives as the Jebusite spirit of muffling oppression and the Amorite spirit of pride set in. We will begin to push ahead with our plans and projects with no regard for God's eternal principles, and, as we do so, Cain's "pride of life" will become our "guiding force".


Since cancer is an expression of the spirit of Cain, and the red horse is the spirit of Cain's nemesis, we can safely conclude that heeding God's red-horse shout is essential to combating cancer, not only in our own lives, but in the lives of those around us. We must be willing to "rock the boat" and to "let the boat be rocked". A desire to seek a state of peace in a "land of stagnation" will allow cancer (both literal and spiritual) to breed and grow in our bodies.


I personally believe that the above conclusion is a very "inadequate" way of summarising all that we have shared above. Yet, if I had to bundle up all of the above into one sentence, I would say that the greatest enemy of cancer is a spirit of "restless non-conformity" that seeks after a level of humanity that transcends the banal, routine existence of natural man.