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Prophetic word for today

U.S. Revival delayed

First posted: May 15, 2005

Word received: April & May 2005

E-mailed: May 3, 2005

Received by: Cindy Segerberg


I have to tell you something about Stephanie [sister Cindy's 5-year-old daughter] .... all of a sudden, just out of the blue, she has been asking about God and what He is doing. This has been going on for quite some time now. Yes, I read her Bible stories out of children's books, but something is bothering her. The answer that comes up in my mind every time she asks is, "He is watching over you, Stephanie, He is always watching and listening." Then, she responded yesterday with this one, "Are you sure about that??? Something is gonna happen, and real soon. Are you ready for it?" When I asked her what I am supposed to be ready for, she said I will know when it happens. Then she said, "Nobody is listening to what He is saying. He listens to us but we are not listening to Him." Now, mind you, the look on her face was serious, almost saddened.


Then, I asked her what I am supposed to hear, and she said, "You know; you all know, but, yet, you wait. What are you waiting for?" I didn't know what to say. I was picking up John [sister Cindy's husband] from work, and we were waiting in the van for him. And, when John opened the door, Stephanie stopped talking about it and was back to her silly self, goofing off. That serious look on her face was gone. She did it once while we were at home alone, just the two of us, and several times in the van, when we are getting John from work. It's always the same question, "What is God doing?"; it's how she always starts it.


I just don't know what to make of it. That's when it hit home ... when she told me about it yesterday as we were picking up John; it finally came to me that there is something more that I'm not understanding.


This is the prophetic interpretation:

What is God doing now?

One of the questions that Stephanie keeps asking is "What is God doing now?". For starters, her question is a question that challenges people to the awareness of God's presence, which means that it's a prophetic question, since the prophetic anointing imparts an awareness of His shamah presence. If one looks closely, her question is very similar to the question in the following passage:

"18Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. 19Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert." (Isaiah 43:18-19)

God is doing many things in the spirit realm while the Church continues with "business as usual". As we share in our articles, the horses of the Apocalypse are already "up and running", and the two witnesses of Revelation chapter 11 are already being manifested, but the Church doesn't know it because she is still interpreting Scripture literally.

Sister Cindy shares that her answer to Stephanie's question has been, "He is watching over you, Stephanie, He is always watching and listening", to which she once responded, "Are you sure about that???". At first, her question sounds "faithless", but, upon closer observation, it reveals that God is raising a question regarding our perception of Him.


What sister Cindy is saying to her is that God is "watching" and "listening". Notice that both verbs are passive in nature. In other words, sister Cindy's response implies that God is in a passive, non-active state. This is why young Stephanie keeps asking her, "What is God doing?", which is a question that challenges us to see God as a God of action, not passivity.

The cross-armed Church

After that, Stephanie said, "Nobody is listening to what He is saying. He listens to us but we are not listening to Him". Notice again that this portrays God as a God who is not simply listening (passively) but who is also actively speaking. Still, the Church doesn't hear Him because it believes in a passive, status quo God who has nothing new to say (it burdens my heart just to say that). This is the reason why Stephanie's face turns serious and almost saddened as she is saying these words.


When sister Cindy asked young Stephanie what she was supposed to hear from God, she replied, 

"You know. You all know, but yet you wait. What are you waiting for?" 

Stephanie stopped talking when brother John (sister Cindy's husband) opened the van door, and she went back to her regular, playful self. According to sister Cindy, this has happened several times while she is picking up her husband from work. When I read Stephanie's reply, I immediately related it to a "spirit of delay" that God has been making us aware of. This spirit of delay is trying to delay the inevitable fall of the pastoral matriarchy inside the Church.


If you have read the last few prophetic words we have posted, you will notice that the theme that runs throughout all of the recent words is the theme of "stalling" and "delay". Consider, for example, the last 2 dreams that we posted, which God (not us) very explicitly picked out as the next dreams to post. Consider also the "Terri Schiavo" word, which has to do with how man was trying to delay Terri's death, and consider the "Rats" word which deals with the consequences of postponing judgment against identified unrighteousness. Consider also the "Hospitality" word, which has to do with how a non-discerned "angelic visitation" led to problems later on; when a visitation goes un-discerned, it leads to either unnecessary delay or to God casting the person (or persons) away.

During her conversations with Stephanie, sister Cindy is playing the role of the "female" ministries, and her husband John is playing the role of the "male" ministries. As we have said before, the "female" ministries (pastor and teacher) are "stay-at-home" ministries that nurture and strengthen what the "male" ministries (apostle, prophet, and evangelist) "bring home". The "male" ministries are ministries that "project" the believers forward and outward, which means that they are active ministries. The "female" ministries, on the other hand, are more passive and nurturing ministries.

In a prophetic sense, this is what was happening during sister Cindy's conversations with her young Stephanie: While her husband was not in the van, only the "female" ministries (i.e.- sister Cindy) were present, which meant that the atmosphere was passive. Stephanie perceived this, and she began to "clamor" for an atmosphere where God is seen as an active God, i.e.- she began to clamor for an atmosphere where the "male" ministries (i.e.- John) would be manifested. When the "male" ministries (i.e.- John) finally appeared, the atmosphere became "active", and Stephanie did not feel the need to continue clamoring.

The above is reinforced by the fact that sister Cindy was picking up her husband from work, which emphasizes him as a figure of "activity".

The pastoral matriarchy has turned the Church into a Church that views God as a passive God, but there are believers inside the Church who do understand in their inner being that God is a "male of war" (Exodus 15:3). Yet, many of these believers are failing to act on their understanding, and they are allowing the pastoral matriarchy to continue with its stall tactics. This is the reason why Stephanie said, "You all know, but yet you wait".

Three types of individuals

The Lord declares the following in Scripture:


"He also that is slothful in his work is brother to him that is a great waster" (Proverbs 18:9)


The word "slothful" in the verse above is a mistranslation of the Hebrew word raphah, which literally means "to sink, relax, be negligent". The word "waster" is a mistranslation of the Hebrew word shachath, which literally means "to destroy, ruin, corrupt, decay". The word "work" was translated from the word melakah, which means, "occupation, work, business", and is derived from the word malak meaning "angel, messenger". Therefore, melakah has the connotation of an activity that requires:


Motion rather than idleness, just like a messenger who must move in order to deliver the message promptly. In Scripture, "motion" is strongly related to the prophetic ministry because of the prophetic anointing's connection with "flowing waters".



The assumption of personal responsibility rather than delegation. If you have been directly entrusted with a task by God, you are the one responsible for carrying out that task, the way a good messenger takes the delivery of the entrusted message as a personal responsibility. A good messenger will not "pass the buck" on to someone else. The assumption of personal responsibility is an apostolic trait, because "personal responsibility" entails a sense of self-judgment, and the ministry most directly related to the making of judgments is the apostolic ministry. 


Because of the connection between melakah and malak, we can translate the word melakah as "errand". Combining all of the above, a more correct translation of Proverbs 18:9 would read as follows:


"He also that is negligent in his errand is brother to him that is a great destroyer" (Proverbs 18:9)


Therefore, this verse delineates three types of individuals:

  1. The destroyers

    These are the people who actively commit unrighteousness. These are the people who work to commit and promote the unrighteousness.


  2. The negligent

    These are the people who try not to commit unrighteousness themselves, but who are oblivious to unrighteousness when it does not directly affect them. Such a person delegates his or her responsibility to others and stands still when he or she should be moving to fulfill that responsibility.


    Above, we saw that the delivering of a message requires prophetic motion and apostolic self-responsibility. Therefore, a person who is "negligent in his errand" is allowing the influence of the following two spirits:


    The anti-prophetic Girgashite spirit of stagnation and conformity.


    The anti-apostolic Canaanite spirit that shirks responsibility and always lays the blame on others because it refuses to accept judgments.


    Notice that both the Girgashite and the Canaanite spirits represent the spirits that dominate believers' souls when the pastoral matriarchy (i.e.- pastors and teachers) is in control. Therefore, the pastoral matriarchy leads to negligent believers who miss out on God's visitations and who allow a spirit of delay to settle in. 


  3. The proactive judges

    According to Proverbs 18:9, the two types of people above are "brothers", meaning that God sees them as members of the "same team". Those who belong to group number 2 are quick to say, "Hey, I am not out committing evil; I mind my own business and I let the world be". Because they are not actively promoting the unrighteousness, they believe that they are exempt from God's judgment regarding that unrighteousness. However, God lumps group number 1 and number 2 into one evil "band of brothers".


    If this is the case, it means that God has created the human being with an inherent responsibility to act as a spiritual judge who proactively goes after unrighteousness, even when that unrighteousness may not affect him personally.


Consider what the Lord says in the following psalm:


"1God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods. 2How long will ye judge unjustly, and accept the persons of the wicked? Selah. 3Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy. 4Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked. 5They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course. 6I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. 7But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes. 8Arise, O God, judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit all nations." (Psalm 82:1-8)

[To the stubborn believers who may argue that this psalm does not apply to us because it is in the "Old Testament", consider the fact that the Lord Jesus quoted from this very psalm in John 10:34. In the next verse (John 10:35), the Lord declares that no Scripture can be ignored, meaning that He emphasized the psalm's validity, not its "irrelevance"]


Notice that God sees us as "gods" (v1) and "judges" (v2). Notice also that God does not condemn us for judging. On the contrary, He condemns us for judging unjustly and for being partial towards the wicked (v2). He then calls us to defend and do justice to those who are weak (v3), which speaks of proactively working in favor of the righteous but weak who are being oppressed by the unrighteous. He calls us to "deliver the poor and the needy" (v4), which again speaks of proactive behavior (you cannot "deliver" another person with your arms crossed). It is worth noting that the references to the "poor" and "needy" in verse 4 are spiritual in nature. Obviously, they may have literal interpretations in certain contexts, but I know plenty of people who are literally "poor" but who are so unrepentant about their unrighteousness that they are anything but "poor" and "needy" in the eyes of God. A "poor and needy in spirit" is a person who is reduced to "beggary" by the unrighteous because of his or her determination to abide in the Spirit and not follow unrighteousness. Such a person recognizes his or her need of God, meaning that a proud and unrepentant person cannot be considered "poor in spirit", even if the person is literally poor.


Therefore, when Stephanie said, "You all know, but yet you wait", the Spirit was confronting the group of "negligent" believers in the Church who have refused to become "proactive judges". Through sister Stephanie, the Lord is confronting the believers in the Church who are aware of the "prophetic remnant" but who are passively waiting for God to manifest that remnant without acting themselves.


Delays in America

In recent days, the spirit of delay has been very strong in the USA. Consider the following examples:


The Democrats in the U.S. Senate have resorted to systematic filibustering in order to stall and prevent the appointment of very competent judges nominated by president George W. Bush. They have resorted to this tactic because they know that they are the minority in the Senate, meaning that these very competent judges would most likely be approved if an up-or-down vote was allowed on the Senate floor. Since the most anti-judgment spirit is the Canaanite spirit, the filibustering of these judges is a manifestation of a Canaanite pastoral spirit that is working to prevent the fire of God's judgments.



The Democrats in the U.S. Senate turned the nomination of John Bolton as U.N. Ambassador into an unnecessarily drawn-out and bitter debate. As we have shared in a previous article, the United Nations is an organization utterly infested with the cursed Canaanite spirit of soul communion and sin condoning. As we have said before, Canaanites hate judgment, and they are bitterly vengeful towards those who dare to judge them. God has prompted us to pray for judgments against the United Nations for some time now, and we rejoice at the embarrassment that self-righteous and shameless scoundrels like Kofi Anan (cursed is he) are going through because of the Oil-for-food scandal and the surfacing of the abominable rapes committed by U.N. "peacekeepers" in Africa. God is judging the United Nations, but those with Canaanite spirits are fighting God's judgments. This is why the Canaanite-infested Democratic party is fighting the nomination of John Bolton, a man known for his toughness and straight, judgment-centered talk.


In typical Jezebelian fashion (1 Kings 21:8-16), the Democrats have raised false witnesses that have unfairly smeared the reputation of John Bolton. Because of this, the Bolton nomination got stalled in the Senate's Foreign Relations Committee. Republican Senator George Voinovich from the state of Ohio allowed himself to get contaminated by the Canaanite and Hittite accusations against John Bolton, and his lack of confidence in Bolton delayed the Committee's vote for days. On Thursday (May 12, 2005), the Committee finally reconvened and allowed Bolton's nomination to come out of the Committee so that it could be voted on on the Senate floor, but it did so without the usual "recommendation" or "endorsement" that Senate committees issue when a nomination is sent to the floor. Even though George Voinovich voted in favor of Bolton's nomination coming out of committee, he bluntly said that Bolton was the type of man who would not get hired by any corporation. Isn't that interesting? George Voinovich bluntly condemned a man who is accused of being blunt. He spoke words heard around the world that portrayed Bolton as a man unfit to be hired anywhere!! And he did so because Bolton is alleged to have spoken words against certain coworkers in private!!! This reveals the inherent contradiction in those who abhor judgments. They prove themselves to be bitterly and unfairly judgmental against people who make judgments!!!


As I was typing the sentence that mentions the state of "Ohio" in the paragraph above, a report was aired on Fox News Channel indicating that some homes had been struck by lightning in Cleveland, Ohio. This is not a coincidence, and I have the Spirit's witness regarding that. As we share in a previous word, there were powerful spiritual reasons why God chose the state of Ohio as the state that got George W. Bush reelected in 2004. Therefore, the fact that the Republican Senator from Ohio sided with the Democratic accusations against a man of judgment like Bolton shows that America has made a temporary spiritual regression that has withdrawn it from embracing the apostolic judgments that would have led to a prompt manifestation of the latter-day revival in America.



The House majority leader, Republican Thomas Delay, has been facing accusations of unethical behavior because of hundreds of thousands in campaign money that he craftily redirected to the pockets of close family members. He is also being questioned for taking "Congressional trips" that were funded by questionable sources.


Conveniently enough, Tom Delay had earlier led the drive to change certain rules in the Ethics Committee. The new rules allowed accusations of ethical impropriety to be dropped after a few weeks if "enough" evidence was not presented by then. This meant that, under the new Delay rules, it was now possible to evade ethics investigations by simply stalling them long enough in the Ethics Committee. Under Democratic pressure, the Republicans were forced to revert to the old ethics rules so that the charges against Tom Delay could be investigated by the Ethics Committee.


Tom Delay is a skillful negotiator and a skillful promoter of the "Republican agenda", but he is nothing more than a clever politician. Even if he may not have broken Congress' ethics rules, his behavior clearly broke God's rules of ethical behavior. Tom Delay's eyes betray the soul of an opportunistic Amorite who actively promotes the Republican agenda in a zeal to promote himself, not in a zeal to serve the American people and promote righteousness for righteousness' sake. The rule changes that he promoted in the Ethics Committee and his unethical opportunism with regard to campaign money and "Congressional trips" clearly reflect that. Even his last name, "Delay", shows that he is a physical manifestation of the spirit of delay that has worked to thwart God's judgments through the use of clever stall tactics.



George W. Bush has been warned by different people of the danger posed by the influx of illegal immigrants through the Southern border with Mexico. Still, he has dragged his feet when it comes to securing that border. As we have said before, this is caused by his sentimental identification with Hispanics.


The history of Latin America reveals a culture plagued by an irreverence towards law and order, and this is the underlying reason for Latin America's perennial underdevelopment, even though it possesses great natural resources and is geographically close to the largest economy in the world (the U.S.). As we have said before, God showed Himself kind towards Latin America. He has allowed a great part of Latin America to be "democratized" and "evangelized", but, even so, Latin America as a region has continued to rebel against God's righteousness. The "gospel" in Latin America is completely focused on "blessings" and "escaping hell", and it refuses to confront the inherent Latin American irreverence towards laws and principles. With the exception of Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay, God has already cast off Latin America as a region, and He has left her to the Hittite deceit of her "blessings gospel". In less than 10 years, it will become evident to all that Latin America is nothing more than a "swamp" of spiritual stagnation, for it refused to depart from its Canaanite ways.


Bush's refusal to judge the Latin American culture is physically reflected in his refusal to safeguard the border with Mexico. The trafficking of illegal immigrants is an "industry" dominated by drug traffickers and unscrupulous "coyotes" who profit from people's desire to break the law and make money in the U.S. Those who are crossing the border illegally are not fleeing religious or moral persecution. They are not condemning the Latin American culture they leave behind. In fact, these illegal immigrants staunchly defend that culture and even demand that the U.S. adjust to it. Some weeks ago, immigrants (most of them Hispanic) were protesting in front of New York hospitals because these hospitals did not have enough personnel that could speak to them in Spanish!!! They labeled this as "discrimination". It is ironic how illegal immigrants are quick to demand all the benefits (i.e.-" blessings") of the very law system they so clearly ignored when they entered illegally in the first place!!! They are unwilling to admit that the material abundance in America is the direct result of cultural and moral values which Latin America has clearly refused to adopt. They love the fruit, but they abhor the seed that leads to that fruit.


When regular U.S. citizens --- the so-called "Minutemen" --- decided to keep watch over the Southern border themselves, Bush was quick to label them "vigilantes". Instead of seeing the rise of the Minutemen as a wakeup call, Bush resented them because they served as an embarrassing reminder that he was not doing enough. As we have said before, "gates" in Scripture are a figure of "judgments" because they act as "filters"; what is labeled "good" is allowed in and what is labeled "bad" is left outside. By watching over the "border gate", so to speak, the Minutemen are acting as "judges", and the Canaanite part of Bush hates it.


As I was typing the previous paragraph, Fox News Channel aired an interview with Randy Graf, a member of the Minuteman Project. According to various reports, a part of the border where the daily influx of illegal immigrants was 500 was reduced to 15 as a result of the Minutemen's mere presence. Mr. Graf states that credible sources have indicated to him that the border patrol has begun to drag its feet when it comes to arresting the immigrants that the Minutemen report crossing the border. Apparently, this is being done in an effort to minimize the success of the Minutemen's work and to prevent the Hispanic-pandering politicians in Washington from looking bad.


By dragging his feet and looking the other way, President Bush is using "delay tactics" of his own to prevent "filtering judgments" from being made at the Southern border. A handful of determined civilians have shown that those "judgments" are feasible if there is only the will to execute them.


There are other examples of "delay tactics" in recent events in the U.S., but we believe that the events above are enough to prove that there is a "spirit of delay" over America's spiritual atmosphere that is trying to prevent the full-blown entry of God's spiritual judgments. The words spoken by sister Stephanie under the Anointing of the Spirit bear this out.


Warning signs

As a result of the spirit of delay, God began sending warning signs to America, telling her the following: 

"If you do not cut out your negligence and your stalling, I will make a decision, and, when I do, your own restoration will be delayed because no one can play games with Me and get away with it"


These are some of the many warning signs:


Some two weeks ago, on Wednesday April 27, 2005, an unidentified aircraft was feared to have entered restricted air space near the White House, which prompted security to hide President Bush in an underground shelter. According to a CNN report, the scare lasted only a few minutes before it was determined that it was just a false alarm.


To be honest with you, we would not have been aware of this incident had it not been for a site visitor, Rhonda Breit, who e-mailed the CNN story to us on April 27. Along with the story, she added the following words:

When I read this I heard the following, written as I relayed it to her:

"This is a test. This is only a test. This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. This is only a test. In the event of a real emergency you would have been instructed....." and then it trailed off.

I also had a visual of children in a school during a tornado drill. Always, at this time in the Spring, the elementary schools have these drills. You know periodically throughout the year they also have fire drills.

As I read this article I felt this was a "drill." That in the near future, perhaps it will not be.



Two weeks later, on Wednesday May 11, 2005, a Cessna airplane did enter into restricted air space, coming within 3 miles of the White House. As all of you may know, this scare led to the evacuation of the White House and the Capitol building, which served as prophetic fulfillment of sister Rhonda's words above. All the naive "children" on Capitol Hill and the White House were forced to go through their "fire drill".



One day earlier, on Tuesday, May 10, 2005, President Bush was speaking in Freedom Square in Tbilisi, Georgia, when a Soviet-era grenade was found on the ground about 200 feet from where president Bush was speaking. The grenade was "inactive".



In the wee hours of Thursday May 5, 2005, two small makeshift grenades exploded in front of the building that houses the British consulate in New York City. There were no injuries, and the damage to the building was minor. However, several city blocks around the building on Manhattan's 3rd Avenue were blocked off by police for hours, and NYC's mayor Michael Bloomberg showed up at the scene to assess the situation and answer media questions.


A close study of these warnings reveals that each one of them is associated with a Canaanite spiritual door (we will not go into detail here in order not to digress into too many specifics). In other words, all of these warnings were given by God to reflect a looming spiritual danger that was approaching as a result of the Canaanite doors that America continues to keep open.


The spirit of delay in America that led to the looming danger was let in through tolerated unrighteousness.



Fellow believer, as we always say, you must judge the prophecies, meaning that you must discern in the Spirit whether what we are saying is from the Lord.


Shortly after the Cessna scare of May 11, 2005, on that same day, I received the following impression in my spirit: America's spiritual revival has been delayed. As I shared this with a sister in the group, she was reminded of the following passage:


"20And it came to pass the third day, which was Pharaoh’s birthday, that he made a feast unto all his servants: and he lifted up the head of the chief butler and of the chief baker among his servants. 21And he restored the chief butler unto his butlership again; and he gave the cup into Pharaoh’s hand: 22But he hanged the chief baker: as Joseph had interpreted to them. 23Yet did not the chief butler remember Joseph, but forgat him. 1And it came to pass at the end of two full years, that Pharaoh dreamed: and, behold, he stood by the river." (Genesis 40:20-41:1)


Just as Joseph was forced to wait 2 years due to the butler's negligence, the prophetic remnant's manifestation in America will be delayed 2 years.


An hour before the Cessna scare of May 11, 2005, a brother in the group had an interesting dream. We got together the next day (Thursday May 12, 2005) to meditate on what the Lord was trying to say to us through the dream, and it became evident that God was confirming that the USA's spiritual revival had been delayed and that Europe would gain spiritual preeminence in God's plans while America pays the consequences of its Canaanite spirit of delay.


After meditating for hours that day (May 12), we found out about the 150-foot section of a retaining wall along the Henry Hudson Parkway in Washington Heights, New York, that had suddenly collapsed around 4:00pm (New York time). Tons of rocks and dirt fell onto the highway, blocking off the northbound lanes. No one was injured, even though some parked (i.e.- non-moving) cars did get buried under the rubble. This incident led to major rush hour delays for commuters. The cause of the collapse is still under investigation at the time of this writing.


Later that evening (May 12), a railway bridge over the Hackensack river in New Jersey (south of New York) caught fire. The railway bridge is used by New Jersey transit trains, which transport thousands of New Jersey residents who work in New York. It is also used by the Amtrak railroad company to transport people to New York from cities to the south like Baltimore and Philadelphia. For reasons that are still unknown, the fire began at 7:46pm (local time). A single boat from the New Jersey Fire Department fought the fire at first. They called the New York Fire Department (NYFD) at 8:15pm to get backup, but the NYFD backup arrived until 9:55pm, more than 2 hours after the fire had started. Again, we see how the "spirit of delay" stalled the arrival of backup from New York.


The fire was eventually stopped, and the integrity of the bridge's structure was apparently unharmed. Due to damage to the railway signal system, however, trains were forced to reduce their speed to 5 miles per hour as they crossed over the bridge. New Jersey commuters faced major delays as they went to work in New York on the morning of Friday, May 13.


As we have said before, the mighty calling for Latin America was cast away by God on a very specific day: Sunday, June 29, 2003. The Lord directly confirmed this word to us through the news of a sudden bridge collapse and major ground cave-ins in a certain Latin American capital on that very day. It was interesting to us that similar things happened in New York on May 12, 2005, only that they happened at a lower scale and without permanent damage.


It is interesting to consider that both "delay" incidents in New York on May 12, 2005 affected northbound traffic into New York the most. As we have said on several occasions, God has decreed New York as the starting place of the great "revival outbreak" in America in these latter days. In Scripture, the south is a figure of "weakness", and is many times associated with the prophetic remnant that will rise from "southern weakness" in order to manifest God's Glory on Earth. By allowing a "spirit of delay", America has delayed the remnant's spiritual trip from its "southern weakness" so that it may be manifested in "northern" New York and the rest of the world.


Just as the "south" is a figure of "earthly weakness" in Scripture, the "north" is a figure of "prophetic power". There was a remnant of believers in the USA with "northern, prophetic power" who were being called to assist in the manifestation of a "southern, weak" remnant so that God's Glory could be manifested in the U.S. and all the world. However, the "northern" believers were spiritually negligent in assisting their "southern" counterparts, just like the New York fire department was late in assisting their New Jersey colleagues in fighting the railway fire.


From a previous e-mail we received from sister Cindy Segerberg (Stephanie's mom), the Lord revealed to our hearts that young Stephanie has a strong impartation of the "two-witness anointing". As you may recall from dreams we have posted recently, believers with the two-witness anointing are the ones who are in direct conflict with the Canaanite stall-artists. It is not surprising, therefore, that Stephanie was able to perceive the spirit of delay. She was prophesying what was about to happen a few days later: On May 11, 2005, America's spiritual revival was delayed 2 years. Despite all the warnings, America refused to hear. Just as Stephanie said,

"Nobody is listening to what He is saying. He listens to us but we are not listening to Him."


On Thursday or Friday night (May 12 or 13), I casually tuned to the TBN channel on TV. One of the renowned eschatological parrots was on the air, and he was asking the question "Where is America in Bible prophecy?". This seemed interesting to me because we were answering that very question on Thursday (May 12) with the brother with whom I met that day. Since the eschatological parrots interpret Scripture literally, the man on the air went on to say that America was not in Scripture, which evidences the spiritual ignorance of these men who never take the time to truly listen to God in the Spirit (they are too busy listening to each other). America is indeed in Scripture, and, God willing, we will share more on this in a future article. However, the fact that the eschatological parrot decided to address that very question immediately after America's latter-day revival had been delayed served as prophetic confirmation from the Lord to my heart.


Yesterday (Saturday, May 14, 2005), there was a minor scare on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. A truck was left unattended. At first, a terrorist bomb was feared, but it turned out that the driver had left the truck there when he realized that his truck exceeded the bridge's height limit. Fearing that the truck might not be able to make it through the entire bridge because it was too tall, he went to get help. Of its own volition, America is currently "too short" for the spiritual revival God had prepared, so the "driver" (i.e.- the prophetic remnant) will have to hide for a little longer before the revival may be manifested.


"As vinegar to the teeth, and as smoke to the eyes, so is the sluggard to them that send him" (Proverbs 10:26)