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{Latest articles: Joel - Part 5 (Apr 8) Joel - Part 4 (Dec 8 2023)}
{Latest Q & A's: Fathers and sons (Dec 28 2023) Abe got shot (Jul 16 2022)}
{Latest videos: Song of songs 3:6-11 (Pt 29) (May 25) Song of songs 3:6-11 (Pt 28) (May 18)}
{Latest audio snippets: The 5th amendment - Part 5 (May 25) ... - Part 4 (May 18)}
{Latest prophetic words: Second fiddle (Apr 26 2023) Georgia (Part 10) (Jun 13 2022)}
{Latest tweets: It is sad that Trump ... (Aug 6 2016)}
{Latest major changes to an article: Sabbath - The regenerating priesthood (Feb 16 2015)}
{Latest p.i. prophetic words: Coming (May 11 2013), Tree 96 (May 17 2009)}
{Latest major changes to a prophetic word: Lingering blackness (Part 1) (Feb 7 2011)}
{Latest train of thought: Bearers absent, bearers present (Part 2) (Apr 18 2010)}
{Latest major change to a train of thought: Enemies in the UK (Apr 29 2007)}


This is the list of currently posted articles, from the most-recently posted to the least-recently posted:


{The "PFV" column below allows you access to the "printer-friendly" version of each article}
Name Subject First posted PFV
Joel - Part 5 Joel April-8-2024 PFV
Joel - Part 4 Joel December-8-2023 PFV
Joel - Part 3 Joel September-6-2023 PFV
Joel - Part 2 Joel March-20-2023 PFV
Joel - Part 1 Joel December-20-2022 PFV
Fear of God Dominion and Power January-29-2022 PFV
Fear of the all-too-real Dominion and Power August-29-2021 PFV
Irrational fear Dominion and Power April-20-2021 PFV
Fear of the visible Dominion and Power December-31-2020 PFV
The release of power Dominion and Power August-2-2020 PFV
The sons of Javan - Dodanim Sons of Japheth April-9-2020 PFV
The sons of Javan - Kittim Sons of Japheth November-30-2019 PFV
The sons of Javan - Tarshish Sons of Japheth July-15-2019 PFV
The sons of Javan - Elishah Sons of Japheth February-3-2019 PFV
The sons of Gomer - Togarmah Sons of Japheth December-9-2018 PFV
The sons of Gomer - Riphath Sons of Japheth September-2-2018 PFV
The sons of Gomer - Ashkenaz Sons of Japheth June-8-2018 PFV
The 7 sons of Japheth Sons of Japheth April-22-2018 PFV
Matthew 24 - The Overview (Part 2) Matthew 24 February-19-2017 PFV
Matthew 24 - The Overview (Part 1) Matthew 24 January-1-2017 PFV
The dichotomous Matthew 24 October-15-2016 PFV
Smiting Matthew 24 September-11-2016 PFV
The kakos servant v. Gabriel Matthew 24 August-14-2016 PFV
Possessions Matthew 24 July-8-2016 PFV
Angelic service Matthew 24 May-19-2016 PFV
Rising of the Ready Matthew 24 March-27-2016 PFV
The break-in Matthew 24 January-31-2016 PFV
The vigil Matthew 24 December-28-2015 PFV
The coming cataclysm Matthew 24 November-8-2015 PFV
The day and the hour Matthew 24 September-27-2015 PFV
The passing Matthew 24 July-26-2015 PFV
Humanity-transforming wisdom Matthew 24 May-30-2015 PFV
Lights out!!! Matthew 24 April-11-2015 PFV
Sabbath - The regenerating priesthood Matthew 12 February-8-2015 PFV
Sabbath - Priestly work Matthew 12 January-4-2015 PFV
Sabbath - Green treasures Matthew 12 November-28-2014 PFV
Sabbath - Blasphemers of green Matthew 12 October-13-2014 PFV
Sabbath - Green blasphemed Matthew 12 August-24-2014 PFV
Sabbath - Going green Matthew 12 July-19-2014 PFV
Sabbath - Black Matthew 12 June-8-2014 PFV
Romans 13 (Part 10) Romans 13 May-19-2014 PFV
Romans 13 (Part 9) Romans 13 April-20-2014 PFV
Romans 13 (Part 8) Romans 13 March-1-2014 PFV
Romans 13 (Part 7) Romans 13 February-9-2014 PFV
Romans 13 (Part 6) Romans 13 January-1-2014 PFV
Romans 13 (Part 5) Romans 13 August-24-2013 PFV
Romans 13 (Part 4) Romans 13 July-1-2013 PFV
Romans 13 (Part 3) Romans 13 April-7-2013 PFV
Romans 13 (Part 2) Romans 13 September-2-2009 PFV
Romans 13 (Part 1) Romans 13 July-31-2009 PFV
Sabbath -  White and red Matthew 12 December-1-2008 PFV
The anti-isolation revelation Matthew 24 March-11-2008 PFV
The humanity project preserved Matthew 24 February-11-2008 PFV
Flight of sadness Matthew 24 January-22-2008 PFV
3 levels of flight Matthew 24 December-25-2007 PFV
Discerning the abomination Matthew 24 December-11-2007 PFV
The Gospel of the Kingdom Matthew 24 December-3-2007 PFV
Waiting (Part 2) The coming of the Lord June-20-2007 PFV
Waiting (Part 1) The coming of the Lord June-10-2007 PFV
The 4 war fronts (Part 3) Kingdom of God November-27-2006 PFV
The 4 war fronts (Part 2) Kingdom of God November-16-2006 PFV
The 4 war fronts (Part 1) Kingdom of God October-29-2006 PFV
The tithe (Part 3) Tithing July-15-2006 PFV
The tithe (Part 2) Tithing July-7-2006 PFV
The tithe (Part 1) Tithing May-22-2006 PFV
Adam's bridge Kingdom of God June-11-2005 PFV
Pastoral evangelism Kingdom of God May-29-2005 PFV
Please help us! Kingdom of God May-22-2005 PFV
The snare before the end Matthew 24 March-13-2005 PFV
Betrayal before the end Matthew 24 March-6-2005 PFV
The beginning of sorrows Matthew 24 January-23-2005 PFV
Pre-parousia -- The green horse The Apocalypse horses January-16-2005 PFV
Pre-parousia -- The black horse The Apocalypse horses January-9-2005 PFV
Pre-parousia -- The red horse The Apocalypse horses January-2-2005 PFV
Pre-parousia -- Internal turmoil Matthew 24 December-19-2004 PFV
Pre-parousia 1 Matthew 24 December-12-2004 PFV
The Tyre treason Kingdom of God December-5-2004 PFV
Wolves in the Church Justice November-28-2004 PFV
Jonah's journey Hope November-21-2004 PFV
The body of Moses Justice November-14-2004 PFV
Luke 6:38 Kingdom of God November-7-2004 PFV
The stinging mustard seed Mustard seed October-31-2004 PFV
The small mustard seed Mustard seed October-24-2004 PFV
The perfect teacher Ministries in the Church October-17-2004 PFV
Bread sowing Isaiah 31 & 32 October-10-2004 PFV
War-free zones Isaiah 31 & 32 October-3-2004 PFV
The peace process Isaiah 31 & 32 September-26-2004 PFV
Wild asses Isaiah 31 & 32 September-19-2004 PFV
Castles in the air Isaiah 31 & 32 September-12-2004 PFV
Easy like Sunday morning Isaiah 31 & 32 September-5-2004 PFV
The rise of women during the Revival Isaiah 31 & 32 August-29-2004 PFV
The stingy enemies of God Isaiah 31 & 32 August-21-2004 PFV
The generous enemies of God Isaiah 31 & 32 August-15-2004 PFV
The restoration of the male ministries Isaiah 31 & 32 August-7-2004 PFV
The believers during the Revival Isaiah 31 & 32 July-31-2004 PFV
The real Unity of the Church Isaiah 31 & 32 July-24-2004 PFV
The showdown before the Revival Isaiah 31 & 32 July-17-2004 PFV
The Hivites The 7 spirits of evil July-10-2004 PFV
The Perizzites The 7 spirits of evil July-3-2004 PFV
The Canaanites The 7 spirits of evil June-26-2004 PFV
The Hittites The 7 spirits of evil June-19-2004 PFV
The Amorites The 7 spirits of evil June-12-2004 PFV
The Jebusites The 7 spirits of evil June-5-2004 PFV
The Girgashites The 7 spirits of evil May 2004 PFV
The spiritual Trojan horse Justice May 2004 PFV
What is your inheritance? Kingdom of God May 2004 PFV
The three levels of pastoring Ministries in the Church May 2004 PFV
What is a "false prophet"? Justice April 2004 PFV
Can a believer be sick for the sake of others? Kingdom of God March 2004 PFV
Are you a wide gate believer? Justice March 2004 PFV
Male and female ministries in the Church Ministries in the Church March 2004 PFV