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Pending/Partial interpretations


We will be posting prophetic words for today on this page. If the Lord gives you a prophetic word that He calls you to share with us, we invite you to send it to We will be posting the word that you send us based on the leading of the Holy Spirit. We will also be posting prophetic word that the Lord gives us at Shamah-Elim Bible Studies. For each word posted, we may add our comments expanding on the meaning of the message being given. If you send us a prophetic word, please warn us in case you want us to omit your name.


If the Lord gives you a vision or a dreamthat you feel needs to be shared with the Body of Christ, you can send it to us, if you feel the Spirit's leading to do so, even without giving us its interpretation. All the words, visions and dreams whose interpretation may be "pending" or "partial" will be listed on this page. Whenever we add a "full" interpretation to any of these postings, we will transfer it to the "Prophetic word for today" page. If the Lord gives you a word with regard to any of these postings, we would be blessed if you shared it with us.


As a believer, you are called to judge and discern these prophecies.


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{The "PFV" column below allows you access to the "printer-friendly version" of each word}


Submitted by



May 11, 2013 Cindy Duran Coming PFV
May 17, 2009 Crystal Thorne Tree 96 PFV
April 27, 2009 Carol Mann The final stages of the 5th seal PFV
December 10, 2008 Carol Mann Golden retrievers PFV
August 17, 2008 Stephen Hanson Circle in the sand PFV
August 3, 2008 Wendee Hernandez Sand dunes PFV
August 3, 2008 Wendy Hall Wave over the sand PFV
July 7, 2008 Kerry Salt Vision on America PFV
May 19, 2008 Wendy Borchers Left unattended PFV
May 5, 2008 John Edwards Mallard head PFV
April 14, 2008 Noelia The pull PFV
April 6, 2008 Noelia The ordinary Canal Street Church PFV
December 30, 2007 Carol Mann Bridge disaster PFV
November 3, 2007 John Edwards 4-horse drama PFV
September 19, 2007 Coral LaCrosse Hidden treasures PFV
June 3, 2007 Melissa 5 green tornadoes PFV
May 29, 2007 Kelly Shabott Seal 6 PFV
April 6, 2007 Paula Gibbs Hurried exit PFV
March 17, 2007 Wanda The dodging bubble PFV
March 13, 2007 Neidra McElroy Porch delay PFV
February 3, 2007 Cindy Segerberg Birth delay PFV
December 23, 2006 Donald Rubie Provoked PFV
September 30, 2006 Martina Webley The light house of Jubilee PFV
September 20, 2006 Cindy Segerberg Giant house on the meadow PFV
September 13, 2006 Marcella Darkness over the coliseum PFV
August 28, 2006 Julie Jackson Ward Pothole 52 PFV
August 27, 2006 Paula Gibbs Stowaway PFV
August 21, 2006 Chelsea Brown Turban threat PFV
August 17, 2006 Betty Greene The halving line PFV
August 16, 2006 Marcella The wallet frog PFV