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Prophetic word for today (p.i.)
The light house of Jubilee


The moment I read the heading "Giant house in the meadow" {from a word posted 10 days ago} , I thought, "Wow, another house dream! Now I got to tell [them] mine".


Prior to this dream God spoke to my heart, telling me "I free you of everything (so I'll be free to follow Him.)" He brought my attention to the concept of the Jubilee: In the fiftieth years every debt was to be forgiven, everything lost was to be returned. This happened right around my 50th birthday! He arranged that my money debt was paid off. But the debt He referred to was a lot more comprehensive than just monetary. The money debt was just the beginning of the paying off of debts. It was right around that time, that I had this dream: and all these three things seemed to happen within a 7-10 day time period.


(I dreamt this early this year.)


Looking for a house to live in, I entered a small vacant house that was located in a quiet neighborhood. It was an older house, but in good repair. It was light green. It had a very clean atmosphere. As I entered it, I noticed a lot of light coming into this house through all the windows. I liked this very much and realized this was going to be my house. I walked through it, and exited the backdoor to check the fenced backyard. I noticed that the plants and the grass were in somewhat neglected shape, and was looking for a hose in order to water the lawn. As I was looking for a faucet, I noticed with delight that the yard had an underground sprinkling system.

I believe the light represents spiritual light, and the underground water system represents the well of living water that Jesus speaks of.



Our brief comments


{Fellow believer, there are many threads in this dream that are yet unexplored. We pray that you will follow up on these threads. If the Lord shares something with you regarding this dream, please let us know. Thank you.}


These are a few thoughts regarding this dream:



As I read this dream, it immediately took me to a literal place that the Lord sent me to on September 11, 2006. Many of the physical descriptions in the dream coincide with a large 2-story building where I was for hours that day. As I walked (and at moments ran) towards that place, I was immediately reminded of the "meadow" dream; and, as I was inside the building, I kept being reminded of that dream. Interestingly enough, that was the very dream that prompted sister Martina to email this dream to us.



Sister Martina's reference to the year of Jubilee points to several things:


The Lord had us speak about the "Year of Jubilee" in the "meadow house" dream posting. Sister Martina had not yet read that posting when she saw a spiritual connection between that dream and her house dream. She had only read the posting's title; yet, she perceived that it was related to a dream of hers which was in turn related to the year of Jubilee, this without knowing that the year of Jubilee was mentioned in the midst of that long posting.

As God's remnant believers have been willing to give the "10th gift", their own (and the Church's) "Matthew" gift has been preserved and rendered eternal. Through their sacrifice, Britannia's, America's, and the world's calling has been "stowed away" in the "house of light" described in sister Martina's dream.


As we shared before, the Thames river in London supports an artificial secondary channel between Maidenhead and Windsor that is known as the "Jubilee River", which is a prophetic figure of how the Lord shall manifest the "Year of Jubilee" "rose revival" in London and the UK.


America delayed its Year of Jubilee because of her Judas-like betrayal against God's remnant spirit. Spiritually speaking, the American Church passively withdrew her support of God's remnant spirit, instead of proactively enabling it in the zeal of God. America did not know that she was in her "Green Day", at the point in kairos time when the matriarchal spell was to be broken so that America could enter into a brand new day.


The Year of Jubilee mentioned by sister Martina speaks of the "violet" band of prosperity at the end of the rainbow. God's remnant people shall enter into their well-deserved rest and enjoy the fruit of all their righteous works (Psalm 31:19-24, Psalm 33:12-22).


The light green color speaks of God's green horse of the Apocalypse. The spiritual house portrayed in the dream is reached as we complete our spiritual "green-horse gallop", a gallop that takes us through death and Sheol.


In the dream, a lot of light was coming into the house through all the windows. When I read that the first time, I immediately thought of the huge window at the end of the "meadow house" dream; in my heart, that window was like a huge bright light at the end of a dark and turbulent tunnel.


The fenced backyard speaks of a safe place of refuge where God's remnant calling can be "stowed away" for a season, away from the contamination of the enemy. This is the reason why the house had such a "clean atmosphere".


In the backyard, the plants and the grass were in "somewhat neglected shape". This speaks of the UK's (and Europe's) spiritual condition. It is in a state of neglect after decades (and centuries) of "inactivity". The underground sprinkling system speaks of the wealth of anointing that remains buried beneath the neglected surface, an anointing waiting to be released.


As I began to meditate on this dream, the Lord would constantly bring the word "lighthouse" to my heart (because of all the light that was coming into the house). This means that such houses, whether literal or figurative, are lighthouses that provide spiritual light for remnant believers as they sail in the middle of utter darkness. Unbeknownst to natural man, the Lord has set a spiritual lighthouse in the UK, a lighthouse that shall bless the world.