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Prophetic word for today

Mumbai flooded

First posted: August 29, 2005

Word received: August 2005

Received by: Shamah-Elim Bible Studies


While Niger, Spain, and France have been going through drought, the west-coast city of Mumbai in India has suffered through massive monsoon flooding caused by 7 days of non-stop rain in the first days of this month (August 2005). Mumbai is the largest and most modern city in India, and is considered as India's "financial capital". It is also India's busiest seaport, and it is India's "film industry capital". Since it is India's version of Hollywood, it is also known as "Bollywood".

The Mumbai flooding has cost around 700 million dollars in infrastructure damage and loss of economic activity. The important Maharashtra farming region has also been devastated by the flooding, which has worsened the problem. Mumbai's citizens, who were forced to wade through feet of dirty water, were left without potable water, food, or electricity. Many Mumbai suburbs were also left "incommunicado", and the number of people who are believed to have died as a result of the flooding is around 1,000. India's Central Bank has declared that the economic impact has been so great that it will reduce India's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from 7% to 6% this year. For a nation as large and populous as India, a 1% decline in GDP is no small matter. Twenty million people have been directly affected by the rain-induced flooding, but the consequences will be felt throughout the hundreds of millions living in all of India. This flood is considered one of the worst in India's history, even when India is a country historically known for its monsoon floods. It is by far the worst in India's living memory. Millions of poor people have lost all their belongings and been forced to "start all over again".

An Indian actor named Gulshan Grover, interviewed on the BBC World channel, said that this was the biggest disaster he had ever seen, even after living in Mumbai for over 30 years. Gulshan Grover also spoke of how the monsoon rains have completely flooded the homes of at least "4 [acting] legends" he knows of. He went on to add, "No matter how expensive your car is, no matter how expensive [the] home you live in, this is one time that everybody is being affected equally, and I am very happy for that".

India has invested greatly in Mumbai, in the hopes of turning it into the linchpin of its rise as a global economic power. There was a 20-year plan in place to turn Mumbai into India's version of the Shanghai success in China. By all accounts, this plan has suffered a major setback.

According to a BBC reporter in India, Zubail Ahmed, the "image of Mumbai has taken a battering". Ahmed also adds that the people in Mumbai are sorely upset at the government's slow and disinterested reaction to the crisis. Cell companies and power plants were also shown to be unprepared for this disaster, as they lacked backup plans to deal with the crisis. According to Ahmed, "[the people have] lost faith in the government; only God can save Mumbaikites".

Even though African countries are the ones most "famous" for their devastating famines, India is the country with the highest rate of undernourished children in the world. Its rate is twice that of Africa. India's undernourishment is not as publicized as Africa's because it generally does not reach famine proportions, even though it is a perennial and chronic problem.


{Most of the information above was obtained from BBC World, Fox News Channel, and NBC News reports}



This is the prophetic interpretation of these events:

The black horse

As we have shared in previous words, the black horse of the Apocalypse has been galloping throughout various western regions of the world. It has attacked the west-African nations of Niger, Mali, Mauritania, and Burkina Faso with famine, and it has simultaneously attacked the west-European countries of France, Spain, and Portugal with drought. At the same time, it has come against the west-Indian region of Mumbai.


As we have said before, the black horse comes to bring scarcity of the temporal in order to expose the emptiness of temporal grace. In western Africa and western Europe, the black horse has brought this scarcity through drought and famine. Why? Because the "undercover" black horse comes to expose the hidden iniquity of man. For example, the west-African nations going through famine are spiritual extensions of France, and, as we have seen before, France is a nation under the spiritual influence of Girgashite dryness; therefore, the black horse has come to expose that dryness, which is physically manifested in literal famine.


By the same token, the west-European nations of France, Spain, and Portugal are influenced by the "right-handed" Jebusite, Girgashite, and Perizzite spirits, which foster spiritual dryness, oppression, and poverty. The black horse has come to expose all of this, physically manifesting it through literal drought, lost crops, and wildfire. Scripture shows that the Lord does send "wet" floods to drown Girgashite people, but He only does this when He is bringing utter destruction upon them. When He is working them over to "rescue the rescue-able", He exposes their spiritual dryness in the natural realm to do two things:


Lead the "rescue-able" to repentance


Leave a public spiritual testimony of the hidden sin in that place before destroying the stubbornly unrepentant


As opposed to the west-African and west-European nations, India is not dominated by right-hand spirits of "limitation". Instead, it is mostly dominated by the left-handed Canaanite spirit. As we have said before, India is a place full of Canaanite-Amorite "frogs". Far from being a place of right-handed dryness, India is a place of religious and carnal excesses, which means that it is "excessively wet". This explains why India is hit so frequently by monsoon flooding.


Therefore, when the black horse comes against "excessively wet" countries like India, it manifests itself through excessive literal wetness. Ironically, the Lord has sent the black horse to Mumbai to produce scarcity of potable water, food, shelter, and electricity through an excess of water that goes way beyond the "normal" floods in India. God did this to certify the fact that the Mumbai flooding is a supernatural manifestation of His wrath against India.


Incommunicado desperados

Many Mumbai suburbs were left incommunicado by the flooding. This again certifies God's judgment against the Canaanite spirit in India. Canaanites love to indulge in the pleasures of "soul communion", which means that they become addicted to communication at the soul level. Since Canaanites have low pain thresholds to begin with, they quickly reach "desperation" levels when they are deprived of their "soul communication".


Apostles, on the other hand, are able to endure the scarcity and loneliness of "desert" life. When you walk in God's apostolic anointing, you are able to endure the pain that is naturally inflicted upon the human soul as a result of "loneliness". Under God's apostolic anointing, you will filter all your soul communion through the narrow door of God's righteousness. You may speak and reach out to many people in some way, but you will only open up your soul to communion with people who pass the test of God's righteousness. On the contrary, Canaanites are so needy of soul-communion pleasure that they are not interested in "filtering" that communion. Like an addict, they must have their "fill", and they will "dance" for anyone to get it.


Indian pride attacked

Through the Mumbai flooding, the Lord has not only exposed India's Canaanite wetness, He has also attacked the Amorite spirit of Indian pride. As we have said before, India has a strong sense of identification with its culture, which leads to a spirit of nationalistic, Amorite pride. To "certify" their "greatness" as a nation, India embarked on a 20-year plan to turn Mumbai into India's version of the Shanghai success in China. India has seen how poor Asian neighbors such as Taiwan and South Korea have quickly risen to worldwide economic prominence, and they have seen how the tiny island of Hong Kong (a former British territory just like India) has turned into a major financial center in the world stage. Because of this, India began to long for the success of its Asian neighbors, but, unlike its neighbors, it wanted to have its cake and eat it too. It wanted to be economically successful while at the same time preserving the spiritual roots of iniquity inherent in its culture and tradition that have led to its chronic poverty. Because of Canaanite lunacy and self-deception, India as a nation has convinced itself that the worship of cows, snakes, rats and other such animals has nothing to do with their poverty. As a nation, India rejects any outside judgment against its culture, and it has been out to "vindicate" that culture by attempting to foster economic success without relinquishing its hideous practices.


Therefore, God sent devastating rains that specifically targeted Mumbai in order to shatter India's plans to emerge as an economic superpower without changing its Canaanite ways. The 20-year plan for turning Mumbai into a "Shanghai" has been thrown way off schedule because God has come as a strong conqueror against Amorite pride in India.


As we have said before, those of you who long to see India restored must pray for judgments to descend upon her until the underlying Canaanite and Amorite roots are destroyed. Amorites are strong-willed, determined, and highly territorial (Amos 2:9, Numbers 21:21-23), and the only language they understand is the language of force (Luke 11:21-22). The Amorite spirit cannot be driven out with an effeminate "pastoral evangelism" of "peace and love". It can only be driven out through apostolic evangelists who are "stronger-willed", more determined, and more territorial than the Amorites, and who are unafraid to launch massive judgment word until their assigned territories are conquered unto God. Mind you, those who operate in the true evangelistic anointing understand that nations will be taken "dead or alive". This means that there will be unfortunate cases where a territory will be taken through utter destruction. Peoples and nations that "harden their foreheads" against the Lord will be spiritually annihilated; the peoples and nations that surrender to Him will be spiritually restored and revived. Either way, all nations shall be taken. It is up to each nation to decide if it will be taken "dead" or "alive".


"He is the LORD our God: his judgments are in all the earth." (Psalm 105:7)


"1The earth is the LORDíS, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. 2For he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods." (Psalm 24:1-2)


"10Thou hast broken Rahab in pieces, as one that is slain; thou hast scattered thine enemies with thy strong arm. 11The heavens are thine, the earth also is thine: as for the world and the fulness thereof, thou hast founded them." (Psalm 89:10-11)

[The word "Rahab" in verse 10 literally means "pride, blusterer", and is derived from a similar verb that means "to behave proudly, to act stormily or boisterously". God does not come with "loving, embracing arms" against the Rahab spirit of Amorite pride. He comes with His "strong arm" to break the Amorites "in pieces, as one that is slain" (v10).]


As we have said before, evangelists that "go bad" turn into Amorites. Therefore, the fact that India is influenced by Amorite pride reveals its evangelistic calling. This evangelistic endowment can be seen in the way that India has been able to export many of its false religious practices throughout the world. One would be hard pressed to find a country in the world that has never heard of "buddha" or "yoga", for example. India's evangelistic endowment, however, will remain trapped in iniquity until its Amorite pride is broken.


The movie industry is an industry that manifests two types of spiritual endowments. It manifests the prophetic endowment that allows for creativity and emotional impact, and it manifests the evangelistic endowment because of its ability to draw the attention of large multitudes. Unbeknownst to most of the world, India produces a massive amount of movies every year. These movies are eagerly consumed by the hundreds of millions in the local Indian market, but they have no market outside the India region. There is a spiritual reason for this. Since India has attached its sense of identity to its culture, its movies are inextricably tied down to the local culture. Therefore, India is unable to produce movies that transcend cultural barriers and can resonate with a worldwide audience, this despite India's strong evangelistic endowment.


As we have said before, the prophetic ministry is a strongly emotional ministry. Because India is mired in the "Canaanite lowlands", all of its "emotional energy" is wasted away in Canaanite sentimentalism and is rarely channeled prophetically. This reduces the "originality" and "creative impact" in Indian movies, which further explains why Indian movies are popular only within the local market. The local success of Indian movies is mainly due to India's inherent evangelistic endowment (gone "Amorite") and to the sense of nationalistic, Amorite pride that Indians derive from seeing their own movies. Therefore, when God flooded Bollywood, He was once again coming against the spirit of Amorite pride in India.


In just 7 days of non-stop rain over a single city, the Lord drove India's projected 2005 Gross Domestic Product from 7% down to 6%, one full percentage point, which is no small matter when it comes to the second most populous nation on the planet. As we have said before, the number "7" speaks of "perfection" or "completion", while the number "6" speaks of "human weakness" or "earthliness". India believes that everything is "complete" or "in place" ("7") for her economic and spiritual rise, but God is saying to her that she is still trapped in her human weakness and remains incomplete ("6"). In 7 days of rain, God revealed that India's "week" is still incomplete. In short, the Lord said to India,

"You are not as perfect as you think. I decide who rises and who falls, and I shall not allow you to glory in the filth of your Canaanite unrighteousness."


Maharaja fever

The rains devastated the important farming region of Maharashtra (Mumbai is Maharashtra's capital). According to, the name "Maharashtra" means "Great Kingdom" and is derived from the word "Maharaja", which is the title used to refer to "Indian princes". Therefore, the name "Maharashtra" points once again to India's Amorite spirit of kingly pride, and it also points to the caste system that is prevalent throughout India, even to this day.


According to a "Yahoo! News" report (posted on, many aid workers that went to India because of the December 2004 tsunami were surprised to see how the higher-caste Indians were preventing the lower-caste Indians from receiving aid. Indians labeled as "Dalit" or "untouchable" by the cursed caste system were forced out of relief camps by higher-caste survivors and denied aid supplies. Indian government officials deliberately ignored "Dalit" villages hit by the tsunami, showing the heartless nature of India's caste system. Even the dead bodies of the "untouchable Dalits" were often removed with "reluctance". It is ironic, therefore, that India prides itself in its message of "peace and mutual understanding".


India as a whole is comfortable with this abominable caste system. Otherwise, this system would have been wiped out ages ago. India is famous for its popular struggle for independence from the British, but the nationalistic fervor that evoked this popular struggle has never evoked a similar interest in freedom from the caste system. Even as South Africa's rigid apartheid has risen and fallen, India's caste system has remained unshaken and unchallenged.


Wherever Amorite spirits are allowed to roam about, caste systems will inevitably develop. Why? Because Amorites are by nature "self-exalters", meaning that they work to convince others that they belong to a "superior" level not attained by the average "mortal". This is why many kings throughout history have claimed to be "sons of deities" and have promoted the idea that they were literally "God's gift to the plebeians". Amorites rise to "greatness" by convincing others that "not all men are created equal" and that "not all men are derived from the same blood". Once these falsehoods are accepted, castes will inevitably follow. Spiritually speaking, 4 basic castes are always formed. These 4 castes can be inferred from the triangle of evil we have studied before:


  1. Amorites

    These are the earthly "kings".


  2. Jebusites and Hittites

    These are the "law enforcement" and "secret service" that support the Amorite king's rule. They hold positions of authority and are active enforcers of the Amorite's system.


  3. Canaanites and Girgashites

    These are the people with a lower level of authority than the Jebusites and Hittites. Through their Girgashite teachings and Canaanite sentimentalism, they act as passive preservers of the system. Interestingly enough, these passive preservers are the ones that ensure that the system will get passed down to future generations and continue existing. Girgashites perpetuate the system by teaching it into the minds of future generations. Canaanites perpetuate the system by transmitting it into the emotions of future generations through contagion.


  4. Hivites and Perizzites

    These are the people with no authority who simply live out their lives with no sense of vision. Some of them accept a very limited view of their potential (imposed on them from the outside) while others limit themselves to the hedonistic enjoyment of inherited temporal grace.


Indians were willing to stand up to British rule because there was nationalistic pride involved. When it comes to the caste system, however, Indians have been "deafeningly silent". Why? Because, while British rule was an external problem, the caste system is an internal problem that makes Indian culture look bad. Therefore, out of Amorite pride, the caste system has been conveniently swept under the rug and "justified" Canaanite-style. Canaanites make judgments based on what makes them "feel" good, not on impartial truths and facts. Therefore, issues that stir Indian national pride are seen as "worthy" causes, but issues that reveal the roots of iniquity in the Indian culture are simply rationalized away.


Wherever caste systems are formed, a spirit of permanent Perizzite dependence sets in. Each caste becomes dependent on the castes above it. When this happens, people feel that they are "nothing" when they don't have some human "maharaja" leading them. This is when "maharaja fever" spreads like a contagious disease.


As we have said before, the black horse of the Apocalypse comes to reveal the emptiness of dependence upon man. In the Mumbai flooding, the Lord has done this in two ways. First, this flooding revealed the strong dependence that the massive Indian economy has on a single city. Second, the flooding made many Indians question the leadership of their government and their large companies. Cell phone companies, power plants, and other massive service providers were shown to have no backup plan for such an emergency, and the Indian government was slow and disinterested in its reaction to the crisis. Many citizens of Mumbai complained that no government official had visited them to assess the damages and coordinate relief efforts. BBC reporter Zubail Ahmed said "[the people have] lost faith in the government; only God can save Mumbaikites". As the black horse gallops across town, the leadership's frailties are revealed, and those with a softened heart will begin to look up to the Unshakeable Helper, the Lord God Almighty:


"1I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. 2My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth. 3He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber. 4Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep." (Psalm 121:1-4)


The original Hebrew text does not have punctuation marks, but the context of this passage reveals that the phrase "from whence cometh my help" in verse 1 is actually a question. In other words, the psalmist is asking himself, "Will my help come from the hills?". In Israel, the hills were often used as "high places" for sacrifices to false gods (Hosea 4:13, Ezekiel 20:28). Therefore, verse 1 is asking, "Will I get my help from those in high places? Will I get my help from the Amorites who have exalted themselves over God's people?", to which verse 2 replies "No!!! I shall not depend upon no one but God, who never slumbers nor sleeps". The black horse comes to reveal the futility of depending upon false gods, which includes the men who have exalted themselves over God's people. Anyone who sees himself as "inherently superior" to others is by definition a "demigod", a "false god" who stands in the way between God and man. Any "caste system", whether it be literal or spiritual, is a system that fosters the idolatry of false gods.


Ironically enough, the castes at the top become "dependent on the lower-castes' dependence". In other words, the higher castes depend on the "reverence" from the lower castes to maintain their "higher" position. Once the "lower" castes reject their dependence on man, the higher castes lose their "ground-swell of support", and the fall of these false gods becomes inevitable. If the lower castes refuse to relinquish their permanent state of dependence, they are condemned to perish with their false gods.


As we said at the beginning, an Indian actor named Gulshan Grover (interviewed on the BBC World channel) spoke of how the monsoon rains have completely flooded the homes of at least "4 [acting] legends" he knows of. The fact that he mentioned 4 acting "legends" points to the 4 Leviathan spirits we have studied before; therefore, it speaks of the spirits of Amorite pride that have ruled over India for centuries. Later in the interview, Gulshan Grover said the following, "No matter how expensive your car is, no matter how expensive [the] home you live in, this is one time that everybody is being affected equally, and I am very happy for that". This statement shows that he is tired of seeing Indians enjoying greater "privileges" than others. This is a great sign!!! The only way that India's prophetic calling will be rescued is through Indians who openly abhor any type of "caste privilege" (whether it be literal or spiritual). This is the only way for "Maharaja fever" to be eradicated and for God's Glory to be seen in India.


Apparently, India is the only country in the world where bubonic plague still exists. As you may know, the bubonic plague, or "Black Death" as it was known, swept across Europe during the 14th century, beginning in the year 1347 (13-47). The Black Death decimated the populations of England, Italy, Germany, and France, but it also led to the transformation of those societies. Those who were at the lower rung of society, the peasants, improved their economic condition because they were able to acquire richer lands to work on; these lands were left behind by those who had died due to the plague. This sowed the seeds that would eventually result in the quicker end of serfdom across those countries. Much of the later industrial development in those 4 nations is owed to the undermining of Perizzite peasantry by the black-horse bubonic plague.


Serfdom in Europe led to a very caste-oriented society, and the bubonic plague served as a necessary antidote against that caste system. Therefore, the fact that India still has the bubonic plague is a physical reflection of the "caste disease" in its spiritual atmosphere. God is coming against "Maharaja fever", and those who willfully cling to it will face the green horse of Death and Sheol as a result. On the other hand, those who relinquish "Maharaja fever" will begin to experience the freedom of prophetic independence from man.


Infrastructure damage

As we have said before, the red horse of the Apocalypse comes in the form of "pestilent" believers who begin to question the long-standing human doctrines inside the Church. Endowed with a teacher-apostle anointing, these believers expose the fallacies in man's teachings by comparing them to what God has declared in Scripture (Mark 7:5-13). Therefore, we can say that the red horse comes to challenge the human structures inside the Church.


Those who heed God's red-horse shout will escape from the covering of those structures and flee into the "uncovered" wilderness of prophetic impartation. Those who are too dependent on man will stay behind and suffer under the attack of the black horse, which comes to reveal the emptiness of the human structures in which the remaining believers have placed their trust. Therefore, the black horse always causes "structural damage". This is the reason why Mumbai's flooding has caused massive infrastructure damage running in the hundreds of millions of dollars.


Even though African countries are the ones most "famous" for their devastating famines, India is the country with the highest rate of undernourished children in the world, with its rate being twice that of Africa. India's undernourishment is a perennial and chronic problem that reveals underlying "structural problems" that are tolerated and never dealt with. However, the "days of decision" have come (Joel 3:14), and all the "chronic" spiritual problems on Earth shall be dealt with. God has never "accepted" these chronic structural problems, and there is now a prophetic remnant on Earth who shares His "intolerance". Through His remnant, God will deal with all these chronic problems once and for all. Through those of you who are willing to believe (Luke 18:1-8), the Lord is releasing and will continue to release the horses of the Apocalypse so that His purposes may be fulfilled on Earth.


The Mumbai flooding was so devastating that millions of people will be forced to "start over". As we have said before, the black horse emphasizes the need to destroy the chronically-flawed old structures so that true regeneration may take place. As it was in Noah's days, so shall it be at the coming of the "Son of man". Old structures must be wiped out in order for the "Last Adam" to be manifested in the Church and the world.


"37But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. 38For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, 39And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be." (Matthew 24:37-39)