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Prophetic word for today

"Keep 'em apart"

First posted: May 8, 2005

E-mailed: January 13, 2005

Word received by: Catha Miller


I had a dream. In this dream, I saw lots of people. They were in this church. As I stood on the platform, I looked down, and there was a big hole in the floor. It was covered with a hard plastic. I could see through to the ground. I kept looking, and there were big holes everywhere, and, then, I looked outside of the building. I saw a new part built on. It looked like a big hallway. I could not understand why they were building on to the church when the sanctuary of the church was decaying away. I looked around to see where the pastor was. I wanted to see his face and see what he thought of all these holes we had to step over.


I could not find him, so I walked off the platform, and sat three rows back. Then, I saw smoke coming from somewhere. I thought someone was smoking, but, then, Dina Nickler came up, and I saw a pipe coming up out of the floor, and fire out around it like a fuel oil stove. It was burning too high, and smoke was coming up and into the sanctuary, so Dina turned the fire down. 


Then, I was outside of the church. It was nice. It looked like they were building rooms for people to go and rest in; they could sleep or just rest. Then, I heard a family member talking, and I went to find them. Then, I saw my sister standing in a place off by herself. People were walking by and talking to her, but no one stopped to talk. As I started to walk toward her, about that time, someone else came over to her, so I went on looking for the voice I heard. They were speaking things they should not have been speaking, so I had to get to them and warn them to be careful what they were saying. When I found them, they were in one of these rooms. I saw some sleeping and some just sitting. And, then, I woke up.



Our comments

The platform

In the beginning of the dream, sister Catha finds a church with lots of people, which means that they were there to hear the message that would be preached from the platform. When sister Catha inspected the platform, she found a big hole that was covered up with hard, transparent plastic, and she found that the rest of the platform was full of these big holes. This speaks of how the Church is littered with congregations where the "word" that is being preached from the platform is full of spiritual holes.


What is the spiritual reason for these "holes"? The answer can be found in the hard plastic that was used to cover the big hole. As we have said before, the Church is full of congregations where pastors prefer to "cover up" unrighteousness rather than cover it. "Covering up" unrighteousness means that you simply pretend like the unrighteousness is not there, rationalizing it and hiding it under the blanket of "grace" and "unconditional forgiveness".


As we have said before, in order to truly cover unrighteousness (instead of just "covering it up"), Scripture clearly speaks of confronting unrighteousness through spiritual judgments and of paying a personal price, if necessary, in order for that unrighteousness to be eradicated. When the Lord Jesus worked to redeem us from our unrighteous nature so that we could walk in God's righteousness, He paid the price with His own life. Those who want to truly cover unrighteousness must be willing to pay a heavy toll. This is the reason why most people prefer to simply "cover up" the sin of others. "Covering up" entails little more than placing a blanket over the sin and pretending like the sin is not there, without destroying it. While the destruction of unrighteousness requires personal sacrifice, rejection, and persecution, the "covering up" of unrighteousness easily wins you the accolades of the sin-condoning Church and world. Those who "cover up" sin are quickly praised as "merciful", "compassionate", and "understanding". Those who truly love the other person and want to destroy the unrighteousness in the other person's life are quickly condemned as "merciless", "heartless", and "primitive".


According to Webster's Dictionary , the adjective "plastic" means, "capable of being formed or molded". The reason why plastic is used so much in the manufacturing of our daily products is because it is a hard substance that can be easily molded into practically any shape. Therefore, the fact that the hole in the dream was covered with "plastic" speaks of a Church that molds its message into the shape of the hearers' unrighteousness. The Church is full of "Aarons" that are quick to mold "God" (cursed be they) into the "golden calf" shape that their audience requests.


From all of the above, we can say that the hole-riddled platform speaks of a congregation where the "word" being preached is not laden with spiritual judgment. Where judgments are lacking, unrighteousness is easily overlooked and rationalized, and, as we have said before, when unrighteousness is "left alone", it quickly spreads like gangrene (1 Corinthians 5:3-7). This is the reason why the initial hole in the dream led to a whole host of holes throughout the platform.


In the dream, sister Catha could see through the hard plastic and onto the ground below. The "ground" speaks of "earth", which in turn speaks of the Girgashite spirit of earthliness. As we have said before, teachers who stray from God's purposes turn into Girgashites, meaning that the platform in the dream speaks of congregations where stale, Girgashite teachings are being taught from the pulpit.


As we have said before, the apostolic ministry is the one most related to the making of spiritual judgments. This means that the apostolic ministry is a "right-handed" ministry, since judgments are "right-handed" by nature. The teaching ministry is also "right-handed" because it focuses on the nurturing of the mind, and, as we have said before, the mind is on the "right side" of our soul. When apostolic judgments are kicked out and replaced with Canaanite "soul communion" and "unity", the word preached from the platform falls from "apostolic wisdom" down to Girgashite teachings fraught with meaningless human traditions and methodologies. As we have said before, Girgashites are the people most susceptible to becoming "worn down" and "decayed". This explains why sister Catha says that the sanctuary was "decaying away".


As we have said before, God writes from right to left, meaning that a righteousness foundation must always be laid before grace and life can freely flow. Therefore, the shoddy platform in the dream speaks of congregations with a poor righteousness foundation caused by a Canaanite abhorrence of God's spiritual judgments.


The hallway

In the dream, sister Catha was surprised to see the hallway being built outside when the sanctuary inside was in such a state of decay. This speaks of how churches don't think twice about building on top of shaky spiritual foundations. All that these churches care about is "external growth". They want to see more members sitting in the pews every Sunday, and they want to see more "branches" of their churches across more and more counties, states, and nations, but they are not interested in the individual growth of the believers they already have. As we have said before, Canaanite pastors like to possess sheep, and their obsession with "sheep possession" leads them to focus on "number-oriented" sheep growth. Most pastors would not be willing to leave the 99 sheep in order to go after the 1 lost sheep (Luke 15:4-7) because they do not value the inherent potential and worth of each individual believer. Canaanite pastors have a tendency to patronize the "sheep" and to see them as defenseless little animals that are utterly helpless without the guidance of their human "shepherd" (i.e.- the pastor). Since they don't expect much from the "sheep" to begin with, they believe that their work is "done" once they get them to repeat the prayer of salvation and to attend church every Sunday. They fail to see the God-potential in every believer. They fail to see that every man and woman who is born again is endowed with the potential to be a physical manifestation of Jesus on Earth.


As we have said before, Scripture clearly shows that spiritual growth is achieved through the application of spiritual judgments (Hebrews 5:10-14, Genesis 3:24). If you really don't expect much out of fellow believers, you will be quick to dismiss the need for judgments because there would be no point in exposing someone to growth-producing judgments if it is impossible for the person to grow anymore. For example, if your pet chihuahua stays small, you would consider it useless to spend any money on medicine to make the chihuahua grow. Why? Because you know that chihuahuas are by nature small animals. However, if your son is failing to grow and develop physically through his teenage years, you would immediately become concerned, and you would probably spend time and money on prayer and medical tests in an effort to determine why your son is not growing. Why? Because you believe that your son has growth potential, and any "stunting" of that growth would immediately imply that something is not right. You would then expose your son to medical "judgments" in order to pinpoint the problem and to root it out if possible.


Since the church in a dream is a figure of churches where apostolic judgments have been discarded, it is only natural to expect them to focus on external growth without caring for the internal spiritual growth of all believers. Such churches are building their houses on sand foundations (Matthew 7:24-27). In order to build more quickly, they have bypassed the slower and more painful step of cutting through a rock foundation. However, the Lord declares that His judgments are inevitable (Matthew 7:27, Hebrews 9:27), meaning that the churches (and individual believers) that build on a sand foundation will eventually face the judgments they so deliberately run away from.



In the dream, sister Catha decides to find the pastor and to "see his face" in order to confront him regarding the platform holes. Sister Catha's reference to the pastor's face has prophetic significance. As we have said before, Acts 20:25 shows that believers who are focused on "getting blessings" from God will go after the Lord's Back and shy away from Face-to-face encounters with Him because the Glory of God's Face always produces death to temporality. There is always judgment in God's Face, because His eyes are in His Face, and His eyes are eyes of fire that test everything that is before them (Revelation 1:14).


People who do not believe in a foundation of justice and judgments cannot have Face-to-face encounters with God. No matter how emotional and "teary-eyed" they may get during praise and worship, such believers can at best have encounters with God's Back. Only those who are willing to expose themselves to God's Consuming Fire shall abide with Him forever (Isaiah 33:14-17, Isaiah 9:7, Hebrews 12:25-29).


Just like Adam and his wife in the Garden of Eden, pastors who are more interested in blessings than in righteousness hide from Face-to-face encounters with God. This is the reason why sister Catha was unable to find the pastor in the dream.


"7And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons. 8And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God amongst the trees of the garden." (Genesis 3:7-8)

[The word "presence" in verse 8 was translated from the Hebrew word paniym which literally means "face"]


Notice that Adam and his wife tried to use the "trees" as covering to protect themselves from God's oncoming judgment. The trees here are a figure of the pastoral ministry that has exalted itself over the rest of the brethren:


"1Open thy doors, O Lebanon, that the fire may devour thy cedars. 2Howl, fir tree; for the cedar is fallen; because the mighty are spoiled: howl, O ye oaks of Bashan; for the forest of the vintage is come down. 3There is a voice of the howling of the shepherds; for their glory is spoiled: a voice of the roaring of young lions; for the pride of Jordan is spoiled." (Zechariah 11:1-3)

[As we have said before, the word for "shepherd" and "pastor" are the same in Hebrew]


As we have said before, pastors generally try to shield fellow believers from the growing pains of God's judgments, and, by doing so, they ensure that their fellow brethren will not see God's Face. A short-term "benefit" leads to a long-term, eternal loss. Cursed be those who deliberately shield God's people from beholding His Face!!! Cursed be those who teach others to abhor God's judgments!!!


The pipe

In order to understand the spiritual meaning of the pipe, we must first understand the spiritual meaning of the name -- Dina Nickler -- mentioned by sister Catha in the dream. As we have said before, prophetic dreams are like prophetic dramas where different people and objects play spiritual roles that are related to the "drama" that God wants to portray. At first, we thought about removing the name from the dream's narration for privacy reasons. However, as we meditated on the name, it became evident that the Lord prompted sister Catha to mention both the first and the last name of the person because it had spiritual significance within the context of the dream.


The name "Dina" literally means "judgment" in Hebrew, and it is related to the Hebrew word adon, which means "lord, master" (the name "Adonai" literally means "my Lord"). Therefore, the name "Dina" speaks of God taking Lordship over His people through the application of judgments. As we allow His judgments to be executed, we allow God's Lordship to be manifested. A subject who denies his king's right to enforce his judgments and laws is denying that king's lordship. When we deny God His inherent right to judge us, we deny His Kingship over our lives.


As we meditated on the last name "Nickler", the Lord brought the verb "nick" to our minds, which speaks of making cuts or indentations on the surface of a person or object. Therefore, since "Dina" means "judgment", the name "Dina Nickler" can be taken to represent those inside the Church who try to "nick" or "chip away" at the importance of God's spiritual judgments in order to prevent the reigning human leadership from losing control of the Church. Why? Because, when God's judgments are allowed in, God's Kingship is manifested and carnal man's dominion is denied.


As we meditated on the name "Nickler", the Lord also reminded us of the word "nickel", which refers to a 5-cent coin. Since Ephesians 4:11 declares that there are 5 different types of ministry, the word "nickel" can be taken to represent the Church's ministries. Therefore, since "Dina" means "judgment", the name "Dina Nickler" can be taken to represent those who try to adapt God's spiritual judgments to the interests of the "reigning ministries". Even though pastors speak against judgments, they don't think twice about applying judgments when it comes to condemning a "sheep" that attended a spiritual conference without their "permission", or when it comes to condemning the "sheep" that are not actively involved in the church's activities. In that sense, therefore, they try to "nickel" God's judgments -- in other words, they adapt judgments to their interests.


In the dream, sister Catha saw a pipe coming up out of the floor with fire around it like a "fuel oil stove". In Scripture, "oil" is a figure of the prophetic anointing, and the fact that the pipe came up from under the floor is a figure of "prophetic resurrection". The fire around the pipe is a figure of God's apostolic judgments, and the smoke that was coming up and into the sanctuary is a figure of prophetic prayer that reaches the Father's throne and releases God's apostolic judgments on the Earth:


"1And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour. 2And I saw the seven angels which stood before God; and to them were given seven trumpets. 3And another angel came and stood at the altar, having a golden censer; and there was given unto him much incense, that he should offer it with the prayers of all saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne. 4And the smoke of the incense, which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God out of the angelís hand. 5And the angel took the censer, and filled it with fire of the altar, and cast it into the earth: and there were voices, and thunderings, and lightnings, and an earthquake." (Revelation 8:1-5)


As we have said before, angels in Scripture are agents of God's judgment. Therefore, the prophetic prayers of the saints in the passage above are prayers within the context of God's apostolic judgments. Notice that, when the angel cast the prayers into the Earth, the Earth was not suddenly filled with "blessings", "happiness", and "world peace". On the contrary, the prayers caused "voices", "thunderings", "lightnings", and an "earthquake" (v5). This verifies the fact that these prayers were laden with apostolic judgment.


As we share in a previous word, the "two witnesses" of Revelation 11:1-14 and Zechariah 4:11-14 refer to latter-day believers with a strong prophetic anointing whom God will use to release apostolic judgments on the Earth. Therefore, it can be said that the pipe coming out of the ground speaks of believers with the "two-witness" anointing. In Revelation 11:1 --- before the two witnesses are mentioned --- God gives a "reed like unto a rod" to the prophet John in order to measure "the temple of God, the altar, and them that worship therein". When sister Catha stood on the platform and evaluated its condition, she was carrying out Revelation 11:1!!! Therefore, it is not surprising that the pipe that represents the two witnesses appeared shortly after that.


All of the above explains why a person by the name of "Dina Nickler" turned the fire down. As we said above, the name "Dina Nickler" can be taken to represent those who "chip away" at the importance of God's judgments and who try to adjust God's judgments to the interests of the "reigning ministers". The smoke from the pipe was releasing purifying judgments on the platform, and the "judgment nickers" (or "judgment nickelers") do not like that because it eats away at the domination of the pastoral matriarchy.


While the foolish eschatologists expect the "two witnesses" prophecy to be fulfilled by the physical appearance in Jerusalem of two bearded old men spewing literal fire out of their mouths, the "two witnesses" are really being manifested throughout the globe in the form of believers who are releasing judgment prayer into the atmosphere that is attacking the Church's Girgashite structures and Canaanite attitudes. May those who have spiritual ears hear what the Lord is doing in these latter days! The "judgment nickers" are working to turn down the two-witness pipes, but they are only delaying the inevitable, for God's purposes for His Church shall be fulfilled, and no human can do anything to stop that.


Sleep & Rest

As we have said before, the Church should give "Rest & Relaxation" to the tired believers who come "home" from spiritual battle. The Church is called to be a military camp that spiritually projects itself in a "masculine" way and where the "female" ministries "nurse" those who are waging spiritual battle. However, the pastoral matriarchy has turned the Church into a permanent hospital that gives "R & R" to spiritually idle believers who stay "home" and who never go out in a "masculine" way to wage spiritual battle. This is the reason behind the rooms in the dream that were being built so that people "could sleep or just rest" in them.


As we have said before, the word "Girgashite" literally means "clay dweller", which speaks of people who are comfortable living at spiritual "sea level" and who are not willing to pay the emotional sacrifice required to soar to prophetic heights. On the other hand, the word "Canaanite" literally means "lowlands people", which speaks of people who are willing to be dragged down by lowly passions that take them below spiritual "sea level". Since "sleep" is a deeper state of inactivity than just "resting", we can say that those who were "sleeping" in the dream refer to "lowlands people", i.e.- Canaanites, and those who were "resting" refer to "clay dwellers", i.e.- Girgashites.


In the context of this dream, those who "sleep" are those who allow themselves to be dragged down into illusory "dream states" that are not truth-based. Since Canaanites are judgment-haters, they become detached from spiritual truth because, as we have seen before, truth and judgments are inextricably intertwined in Scripture. Therefore, when judgments are rejected, truth is also rejected, which then leads to Canaanite lunacy.


In the context of this dream, those who "rest" are those who feel "complete" in their temporality and who enter into "religious conformity". Girgashite believers are aware of both their earthly temporality and their spiritual nature, but they prefer to box their "spiritual nature" within a "to-do list" of religious traditions and methodologies. They sincerely believe that they can fulfill their "spiritual commitments" before God by performing a list of external activities such as attending church, "saying grace" before every meal, singing in the church choir, doing "deacon duty", etc. They believe that they can claim "obedience to God" by simply abiding by the rules and regulations established by the congregation's "leadership". This saves Girgashites from the painful responsibility of taking decisions in their personal lives that go against their natural understanding. Non-Girgashite believers are willing to follow the prophetic leading of the Holy Spirit and to take decisions that make no sense whatsoever to their natural mind. They are willing to be led into circumstances that will imply emotional pain where others will be eternally blessed. Girgashites, on the other hand, would rather drown than shed their "blood" in prophetic sacrifice for others.


As we have said before, the pastoral matriarchy has led to the domination of the Canaanite and Girgashite spirits over believers' souls. As we have also said before, Isaiah 32:11-12 declares that the "women at ease" (v11) shall "lament for the teats" (v12), which speaks of God's judgment against both the Canaanite and the Girgashite spirits inside the Church (the left breast refers to the Canaanite spirits and the right breast to the Girgashite spirits). God is coming against the spirits of "sleep and rest" inside the Church, and the "women at ease" (i.e.- the "souls at ease") shall be judged by the Lord.


Family values?

In the dream, sister Catha heard a "family member talking", and she went to find them. This happened in order to point out the following: because of their focus on "soul communion", Canaanites place a strong emphasis on "family unity" and "cultural unity".


It is angering to hear renowned preachers teach that a believer's priorities should be God, family, the local church, and people in general, in that order. What passage of Scripture are they deriving this list from? Any believer with some intellectual honesty would have to admit that such a list has no Scriptural backing whatsoever and is nothing more than a human opinion. According to God (not man), our list of priorities boils down to 2 items: Loving God with our entire being and loving our neighbor as we do ourselves (Matthew 22:37-39). As we have shared before, this means that God should be our all, and that our love for others should flow out of our love for God.


As we have shared before, Scripture never portrays Jesus as a defender of "family values". In fact, many passages of Scripture clearly portray Him as an enemy of "family values" when those values in any way intrude upon total obedience to God (John 2:1-4, Matthew 12:46-50, Luke 2:41-50). To the Lord, there is only love for God and love for your neighbor in the context of your love for God. Obviously, your "list of neighbors" include your family members, but you are not to love your neighbors because they are family. Instead, you are to love your family because they are your neighbors, and you are to love them in the context of your love for God, meaning that you will automatically exhibit the same intensity of love for any other human being, whether or not he or she is "family". If you love your family more than you love a total stranger, the love of God is not in you. In such a case, you are practicing nothing more than biological love.


I have also heard that "family is the foundation of society". Again, those who say this do not ever quote a passage of Scripture in order to support their claim. They cannot quote any passage of Scripture because there is no passage to quote. In fact, Scripture declares that the foundation is Jesus Christ and that anything that departs from that is a false foundation (1 Corinthians 3:11-15). Society is nothing more than a group of individuals. If we can ensure that each individual's relationship with God is right, "society" will take care of itself. God never called anyone to preach a "Focus on the Family" message. I say this under the Anointing of the Spirit and in the full awareness that God is reading these words as I am typing them. God commands us to conform a society of God-centered individuals, not a family-centered society. When each one of us is right with God, our societal interaction automatically comes under the perfect guidance of the Spirit, and our societies take care of themselves.


Consider the case of the "mafia" and "gangs", for example. In such groups, a strong "family-oriented" message is preached. The group is labeled a "family", and each member must swear to unconditional loyalty to the "family". Yet, this strong "focus on the family" has never brought any mafia or gang member any closer to God. There is no evidence whatsoever that greater levels of "family loyalty" lead to greater levels of righteousness. In fact, Scripture constantly shows how "family ties" generally act as a hindrance to God's kingdom and righteousness (Luke 9:59-62, Matthew 10:33-42, Genesis 12:1-3). In many societies, God has been "kept out" through the barrier of "family loyalty". Anyone who sides with God is immediately labeled a "traitor" and a "pariah", and is immediately persecuted.


In Latin America, there are many indigenous groups that force their members to wear certain "traditional clothing". Unbeknownst to the tourists who buy these folkloric garments as "souvenirs", these garments have for centuries acted as spiritual shackles that bind people to pagan values that prevent God's righteousness and purposes from being manifested in those people's lives. Anyone in the indigenous group who dares to break away from the group's cultural values, including its clothing, is automatically ostracized and condemned. In such groups, not wearing the "official garments" is more seriously condemned than murder, adultery, theft, and slander. Cursed be such groups! God's judgments have come, are coming, and shall come upon those who use "family loyalty" as a stumbling block for others!!! May God have mercy on those within those groups who are willing to defy the group's creeds in order to go after truth and judgments.


Canaanites promote a "family unity" and "cultural unity" that emphasizes loyalty to the family or culture. In a subtle and bewitching way, Canaanite unity becomes so important that it takes precedence over impartial truth and righteousness. in other words, Canaanite unity leads to Canaanite lunacy, i.e.- to people whose minds no longer make sane judgments. A classic example of this is Scott Peterson's parents. As many of you may know, this man was sentenced to death in California, USA, for murdering his wife and his unborn son. Despite the overabundance of evidence that proved this man's guilt, his parents, especially his mother, still claim that their "poor baby" was the innocent victim of a media campaign of "hatred" against him. To this man's parents, loyalty to their son is more important than loyalty to the truth, and they have deceived themselves into believing that he is innocent, no matter what the evidence may or may not say. They love their son more than they love their murdered daughter-in-law. Why? Because their daughter-in-law Laci was not biologically related to them. This shows that the love of God is not in them.


Another classic example where Canaanite unity has led to Canaanite lunacy is the recent Terri Schiavo situation in Florida, USA. Terri's parents were able to portray their cause as a battle between "conservative religion" and "runaway liberalism", and most evangelicals in the U.S. sadly took the bait. Once labels were placed on each side, most people took sides based on those labels, and their decision was based on either "religious" or "anti-religious" unity, not on the merits of the facts. As we share in a previous word, Scripture reveals that the evangelicals' actions during the Terri Schiavo situation were clearly contrary to what believers under the Anointing would have done, which shows that most Christians did not bother to go to God in prayer to ask Him what He thought. Instead, they asked what Pat Robertson thought and what Pat Boone thought. They would have even asked Patrick the starfish for his opinion before asking God if they knew that Pat the starfish was a renowned "evangelical leader" too! It is not wrong to ask for a fellow believer's opinion. It is wrong, however, to take that opinion as fact simply because the fellow believer is a "renowned religious leader".


When the Lord was crucified, the revered religious leaders saw it as the death of a "criminal", but the "heathen Roman centurion" and his "heathen soldiers" were able to see that the weak Jewish man hanging on that cross was really the "Son of God". If you had taken sides based on religious labels, which side would you have taken?


"Now when the centurion, and they that were with him, watching Jesus, saw the earthquake, and those things that were done, they feared greatly, saying, Truly this was the Son of God." (Matthew 27:54)


When Jesus was arrested, Pilate the "heathen" realized that Jesus was innocent, and even Pilate's "heathen" wife received prophetic revelations concerning Jesus. Yet, the respected religious leaders were sincerely convinced that Jesus was a blasphemer who deserved to die. If you had taken sides based on religious labels, which side would you have taken?


"17Therefore when they were gathered together, Pilate said unto them, Whom will ye that I release unto you? Barabbas, or Jesus which is called Christ? 18For he knew that for envy they had delivered him. 19When he was set down on the judgment seat, his wife sent unto him, saying, Have thou nothing to do with that just man: for I have suffered many things this day in a dream because of him. 20But the chief priests and elders persuaded the multitude that they should ask Barabbas, and destroy Jesus." (Matthew 27:17-20)


The Roman soldiers at Golgotha, along with Pilate and his wife, did not reach their conclusions regarding Jesus because of "family" or "cultural" ties to Jesus. Jesus was not a "Roman compatriot", and He was not a "relative" of either. To them, externally, He was just "another Jew". Yet, they were able to see past the external and emotional elements, and what they saw was a righteous and sinless man. To the religious leaders, however, Jesus became a "persona non grata" because He "betrayed" the cultural and religious traditions of His fellow Jews. To Jesus, loyalty to God was more important than Canaanite unity with the Jews.


When sister Catha heard a family member talking, she went out to find her family. The Lord allowed this into the dream as a prophetic figure of how strong the "family calling" is inside the Church. When apostolic judgments are removed, the force of "Canaanite unity" becomes strong, and most believers are unfortunately swallowed up by it.


The lonely prophet

When sister Catha went outside, she saw her sister standing "in a place off by herself". As we have said before, the ministry most directly related to "aloneness" and "uniqueness" is the prophetic ministry. Therefore, sister Catha's sister is a figure of the true prophetic anointing. From all that we have said so far, it is evident that sister Catha herself is a figure of the true apostolic anointing. Since the apostolic and the prophetic anointings always work like a two-person "tag team" (Ephesians 2:20, Luke 10:1), it is not surprising that they appear as sisters in the dream.


People would walk by and briefly talk to sister Catha's sister, but no one would stop to have a long conversation with her. The reason why they would not "stick" around is because they did not want to share in her "aloneness". This is a figure of how believers throughout the Church are interested in the prophetic anointing only in terms of the emotional blessings it may provide them but without exposing themselves to the emotional sacrifice that the prophetic anointing entails. In other words, they are willing to stick around the prophetic anointing long enough to get the "perks", but not long enough to pay the price.


"Not those two together!"

As sister Catha started to walk towards her sister, someone else came over to her. There is a powerful prophetic significance to this. Sister Catha represents the apostolic anointing, while her sister represents the prophetic anointing. Therefore, their coming together represents the unifying of both anointings inside the Church. As we have said before, the prophetic intercession movement of the late 1990s and early 2000s failed because it was willing to be prophetically anti-Girgashite, but it was unwilling to be apostolically anti-Canaanite. It focused on the emotional blessings of prophetic freedom, but it forgot about God's righteousness and judgments. In the dream, the person who came over to the prophetic sister, at the moment that the apostolic sister was approaching, was trying to keep both of them apart. However, the Lord has declared that both anointings will be strongly manifested in the "two-witness" believers of these latter days, whether the established Church likes it or not.


When the "reunion" with her sister was interrupted, sister Catha proceeded to confront people who "were speaking things that they should not have been speaking". Why? Because believers who operate under the true apostolic anointing of judgments always deal with the spiritual root of the problem. In this case, the spiritual root that interrupted the "reunion" with her sister was the unrighteous Canaanite communion (or "communication") that was prevailing in the atmosphere. Therefore, sister Catha was motivated in the Spirit to confront the unrighteous conversation she was hearing.


When she found the unrighteous talkers, she found them in one of the "Sleep & Rest" rooms. This means that the spiritual idleness promoted by the pastoral matriarchy was fostering the unrighteousness. The reason why David sinned with Bathsheba is because he was idly "hanging around" the palace instead of being out in battle:


"1And it came to pass, after the year was expired, at the time when kings go forth to battle, that David sent Joab, and his servants with him, and all Israel; and they destroyed the children of Ammon, and besieged Rabbah. But David tarried still at Jerusalem. 2And it came to pass in an eveningtide, that David arose from off his bed, and walked upon the roof of the kingís house: and from the roof he saw a woman washing herself; and the woman was very beautiful to look upon. 3And David sent and enquired after the woman. And one said, Is not this Bathsheba, the daughter of Eliam, the wife of Uriah the Hittite? 4And David sent messengers, and took her; and she came in unto him, and he lay with her; for she was purified from her uncleanness: and she returned unto her house." (2 Samuel 12:1-4)


An atmosphere where people are not being projected outwardly in the Spirit leads to spiritually idle people that become "ideal incubators of unrighteousness".


When you consider the entire dream, it becomes evident that sister Catha is acting as an agent that is working to restore apostolic judgment into a church that embraces the prophetic but is infested with Canaanite unrighteousness and soul communion along with Girgashite conformity. Therefore, this dream is a figure of how God is currently operating in the Spirit in order to unite the apostolic and the prophetic inside the Church through "two-witness" believers. Even though the Church's establishment is trying to keep the apostolic and the prophetic apart, God will unite them in these latter days, and this will lay the foundation for the greatest evangelistic manifestation of God's Kingdom in the history of mankind.