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Prophetic word for today

American Civil War (Part 4)

First posted: March 27, 2007

E-mailed: January 12, 2006

Word received by: Shirley Brown

Word received: January 1, 2006


This is a continuation of a prophetic word posted earlier...



Our comments

4 states, 4 years

In her vision, sister Shirley saw 4 American states: Nebraska, Kansas, Oregon, and Nevada. There is deep prophetic significance in the appearance of these 4 states. As indicated on, the following table lists the 6 states admitted into the American Union immediately after California's recognition as a state:


State # State

Date of admission

32 Minnesota May 11, 1858
33 Oregon February 14, 1859
34 Kansas January 29, 1861
35 West Virginia June 20, 1863
36 Nevada October 31, 1864
37 Nebraska March 1, 1867


Notice that all 4 states seen by sister Shirley in her vision appear in the list above. In fact, if you exclude the state of West Virginia from the list (which broke off from Virginia during the American Civil War), the 4 states in the vision were admitted into the Union in succession, despite the fact that they are not all contiguous to each other. Nebraska and Kansas are in the middle of America, whilst Oregon and Nevada are on the western end.


As we have mentioned before, there is prophetic significance behind "May 11", Minnesota's date of admission into the American Union. It was on May 11 2005 that America's 4-year revival delay began, a delay caused in large measure by the Canaanite influence of Latin American illegal immigration into America; this negative influence is spiritually represented by the state of California, which explains why the states listed above happen to be the states admitted into the American Union right after California.


The 4-year American Civil War was fought between April 12, 1861 and April 9, 1865. This means that Oregon and Kansas were admitted into the Union shortly before the outbreak of civil war. As indicated on, Nevada is known as the "Battle-born state" because it was born into the Union whilst the civil war was still being fought, and Nebraska was the first state admitted into the Union after the end of civil war (less than 2 years after the war had ended). All of this reveals the spiritual connection between the 4 states in sister Shirley's vision and the American Civil War. All 4 states were born around and during the time of civil war.


From all of the above, we can conclude that the 4 states represent the 4 years of revival delay decreed by God on America due in large measure to her unwillingness to discern the destructive matriarchal influence from Latin America. As we have said before, this revival delay has led to a state of spiritual "civil war" in which God shall be forcing America into a place of definition. The American Church has tried to remain middle-of-the-road "grey", halfway between God's will and her matriarchal, Old-Covenant structures. However, there is a "blue" remnant, a remnant wrapped in blue, who are waging massive warfare against this "grey" spirit that is unwilling to admit the judgement nature of the Lord, unwilling to recognise an Almighty God who has decreed that all believers are His "ministers" and "priests" (Isaiah 61:6), and unwilling to love a Most High, conquering God who is the Father of strong spirits (Hebrews 12:9), not the "father of fluffy souls".


Of all the states listed above, the only one that had already been "in the Union" prior to its admission is West Virginia, which was part of the state of Virginia prior to the civil war. Indignant over Virginia's unrighteous stance, the people of western Virginia saw it more important to stand for righteousness than for human loyalties to their "home" state. Therefore, West Virginia represents the prophetic remnant who have broken off from the matriarchal Church because they value their relationship with God more than they value human, soul relationships with their "brethren".


Interestingly enough, an average of the 4 states' dates of admission yields the date January 18, 1863. West Virginia's date of admission (June 20, 1863) happens to be exactly 153 days after January 18, 1863. As we have said before, the number "153" speaks of the supernatural and overwhelming harvest that shall be reaped in the latter days as a consequence of the prophetic remnant's sacrifice. Thus, the Lord is declaring that, after the remnant-induced civil war is over, a great spiritual harvest shall break out across America.


Interestingly enough, "January 18" was the date in 1964 when plans for the World Trade Center in New York were revealed. January 18, 1964 was also the date when a 4-some known as "The Beatles" appeared on America's Billboard charts for the first time. Therefore, the date "January 18" prophetically points to the start of great spiritual works by God. As we have said before, the Lord's "revival building" in America has its foundation in New York, and that work shall have a strong invasive influence from the UK, for the Lord has "moved" His spiritual work to the UK and Europe whilst America's civil war rages on. As America's stubbornness is judged into submission, the Lord has "stowed His work away" in the spirit realm over the UK, where the Lord continues the work that was stalled in America. Once America submits to God's spirit nature, the progress achieved in the UK and Europe during the 4-year delay shall be imported back into America. There is a mighty "British invasion" of America in the works.


{Information on the date "January 18" was retrieved from}


Red flat Cain

The first pair of states seen by sister Shirley in her vision were Nebraska and Kansas. According to, the name "Nebraska" means "flat water". Therefore, the name "Nebraska" speaks of water in relative stagnation, which, as we have seen before, points to the Girgashite spirit of human traditions and methodologies. Nebraska was part of what was known as the "Great American Desert", which correlates with the Girgashite spirit since, as we have said before, Girgashites are emotionally dry.


The nickname for Nebraskans is "cornhuskers" due to the state's large production of "corn" (i.e.- maize). As we have said before, the Indian cultures in the Americas generally view maize as a symbol of attachment to the earth. Thus, Nebraska's linkage to maize once again emphasises its connection to the Girgashite spirit of "earthliness" that belittles the spiritual and the invisible.


According to, Nebraska has a large agriculture sector, which emphasises its link to the (Girgashite) earth. Interestingly enough, another important economic sector is freight transport. As we have studied before, the teacher ministry (in a positive sense) and the Girgashite spirit (in a negative sense) are related to vessels of containment and to mechanical vessels used to reach a goal (i.e.- a destination). Thus, Nebraska's freight transport is a spiritual outgrowth of its teacher calling (in a positive sense) and its Girgashite influence (in a negative sense). As we have said before, teachers turn into Girgashites when they stray from God's purposes.


Another important sector in Nebraska happens to be information technology, an industry that requires its professionals to accumulate large quantities of technical information. This once again confirms Nebraska's teacher calling, since teachers act as warehouses that store and distribute massive amounts of information. Information technology also entails a large degree of "methodology" and "established techniques", which correlates with teachers' penchant for "efficiency" and the establishment of "standardised methods".


Another important sector in Nebraska is "insurance". This once again points to Nebraska's teacher calling and its Girgashite influence, since teachers (and Girgashites) have a very low natural interest in "risk taking". They prefer to rely on the "old and tried methods of the past", swerving away from anything "new and untried". Thus, "insurance" is a word with a "heavenly ring" to those with a teacher calling and/or Girgashite influence.


Nebraskan farmers have used scientific techniques to successfully turn Nebraska from its initial desertic condition into a successful farming state. This shows Nebraskans' "trailblazing" nature, breaking new ground in what was originally inhospitable territory, which reveals Nebraska's apostolic nature. When the teacher and apostolic ministries are combined in a person, he or she turns into a creative designer and pragmatic implementer of new methods and techniques. This is due to the fact that the apostolic anointing allows the person to delve in conceptual abstractions, which enables him or her to devise "deeper" methods than the more "planar" methods that the teacher's gift alone can produce. This "deeper" thinking opens the way for fresh, new approaches. In that sense, therefore, these "deeper" methods are like fresh water poured on a dry land.


An interesting thing happens, however, as a teacher operates in the apostolic anointing without progressing towards the teacher's final phase, the prophetic anointing. Because of his or her tendency to "look back", a teacher who stops growing will begin to revel in his or her apostolic insights, seeing them as a testament to his or her "creativity". Once his or her creativity has been "certified", the teacher will see no need to progress into the deeper, life-renewing levels of creativity. This will cause the prophetic element that is always hidden in the apostolic anointing to slowly dry up, leading to the death of the creativity in the teacher's "apostolic insights". The teacher will continue to operate at an "acceptable" level of creativity, but his or her designs will become "flatter" and "flatter". What once was an apostolic stream of prophetic creativity will turn into a flat and stagnant lake. The teacher will say to him or herself, "Look, there is water in me; I am not dry and stale", without realising that his or her water is now "flat" due to lack of motion. Instead of progressing towards a prophetic death that would have propelled him or her across the light barrier, the teacher will regress into a state of Amorite arrogance, an arrogance birthed from "creative" accomplishments in the distant past. This is when the teacher turns into a "Cain", into an arrogant "Flatts-the-Flounder" bully who beats up on the "little" Abels around him who dare to insinuate through their teachings that he is "flat" and lacks depth. This is the spiritual message behind the name "Nebraska", which, as we said above, means "flat water". As we have said before, Cain is a Girgashite-Jebusite gone Amorite; Girgashites are teachers "gone bad" and Jebusites are apostles "gone bad", meaning that Cain is a teacher-apostle who went awry as he filled himself with "stagnant Amorite pride".


{You may get information on "Flatts the Flounder" at}


Sister Shirley received her vision on New Year's Day 2006. Exactly 210 days (7 months) later, on July 30, 2006 (UK time), an AP news story by James MacPherson was posted on Yahoo! News (available at The story's title reads, "More than 60 percent of U.S. in drought". The story was based on a report by Mark Svoboda, a climatologist for the "National Drought Mitigation Center" at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. According to his report, the epicentre of the drought was between North and South Dakota, the two states directly above the state of Nebraska. The agricultural effects of the drought in that region were so bad that they were noticeable even by travellers from outside who were not familiar with the region's "normal" agricultural landscape. The abnormally dry conditions went beyond the region around Nebraska, also affecting the entire southern breadth of America, from Georgia in the southeast all the way to Arizona in the southwest. This drought was one of the first judgements released by God against America during "consequences" period #5, the period after the "prelude calm" that ended on June 9, 2006. During the cruel summer of 2006, God began to unleash His full-blown judgements against the spirits of Cain, Balaam, and Korah in America. The 2006 drought was God's attack on the "Cain" spirit of "flat water".


On New Year's Day 2007, exactly 1 year after sister Shirley's vision, an AP story (available at was posted on Yahoo! News with the title "Winter storm in Plains states kills 12". According to the story, the Oklahoma Panhandle (to the south of Nebraska) received up to 18 inches of snow, and some 15,000 homes and businesses in Nebraska were left in the dark, without electricity as a result of the massive storm. Nebraska is part of the region known as the "Great Plains", a broad expanse of prairie and steppe that runs down the middle part of America. According to, one of the (archaic) meanings of the word "plain" is "Having no visible elevation or depression; flat; level". This emphasises God's judgement against the "flat" spirit in the American Church that is unwilling to recognise its lack of spiritual depth, deceived by a few stale achievements in the past.


{Please note the "100th-meridian" red line drawn across the middle of the U.S. map in the article that speaks on the "Great Plains"; this line correlates with the line seen by sister Shirley in her vision. If you look closely at the map, you will notice that Nebraska is the state with the highest percentage of its territory contained within the "Great Plains" area. Thus, it is safe to say that Nebraska is the state most representative of the American "Great Plains".}


As we have shared before, both the teacher and the apostolic ministries are most directly related to the mind, which is strongly related to the colour red. Thus, it is not surprising that Nebraska has a spiritual affinity for the colour red. The very successful University of Nebraska [American] football team has adopted red (along with cream) as its official colour, and it has a mascot named "Lil' Red"; the Nebraska football team is popularly known as "The Big Red", and their fans are known as the "Big Red Faithful". Thus, Nebraska represents the souls of believers in America (and the world) who have placed their faith on things visible with the red mind, and who have forsaken the deeper spiritual dimensions that can only be accessed through green prophetic emotions.


{Information on the Nebraska football team is available at}


According to, the largest ethnic ancestry in Nebraska is German. This is no spiritual coincidence. As we have said before, Germany has a strong impartation of the teacher, apostolic, and evangelistic callings, which correlate with all that has been shared above. Nebraska also has the largest Czech-American population in the U.S. Interestingly enough, the Czech republic is deeply identified with the colour red. Thus, Nebraska is, in every sense of the phrase, a "red state", a state representative of red Cain's influence on the American Church.


{Fellow believer, the Lord is prompting me to add this comment out of nowhere. Insomnia is strongly related to the "flat" spirit discussed above. Thus, insomnia disappears as you struggle to enter into deeper dimensions of your spiritual walk. This is the reason why Eutychus fell into a deep sleep as he became exposed to Paul's deep apostolic teachings (Acts 20:7-11).}


Little rising Abel

In her vision, sister Shirley saw Nebraska together with Kansas as the first area where a flashing circle appeared. Just like Cain and his brother Abel, Nebraska and Kansas are linked in their historical births, as shown by the fact that they became territories at the same time --- on May 30, 1854 when the Kansas-Nebraska Act became law. Geographically, Kansas is the state directly below Nebraska. Therefore, it speaks of those who are subjugated under the "Nebraska Cain-husker" spirit. In American culture, Kansas is intimately linked to the character "Dorothy" in the movie "Wizard of Oz". As we have studied before, the name "Dorothy" points to the God-given prophetic grace that all believers have been endowed with, a grace that the spirit of Cain works hard to subjugate and repress (Amos 2:13).


According to, the name Kansas is believed to mean "people of the wind", which speaks of people who are not tied to earthly paradigms but who are willing to fly in the prophetic winds of the Spirit. This emphasises the fact that Kansas represents the prophetic calling inherent in all of God's people.


Interestingly enough, there is a town in Kansas (which the Lord made me aware of a few hours ago) called "Independence". This means that the Lord is calling His "Kansas Dorothies" to fight for spiritual freedom from man's earthly paradigms, prompting them to sail on the winds of the Spirit. According to, Independence, Kansas was the site of organised baseball's first night game, on April 28, 1930; this speaks of people seeing with the supernatural light of the Spirit and not with the natural light of the Girgashite sun. This is the spiritual reason why God left 15,000 Nebraska homes and businesses in the dark during the winter storm at the start of 2007 (mentioned above). As Cain's "sun" goes out, Abel's light shall be allowed to shine forth in unencumbered freedom.


Laura Ingalls' childhood home was in Independence, Kansas. As you may know, Laura Ingalls wrote a children's book titled "Little house on the prairie", which was published in 1935 and is part of a series of books known as the "Little house" series. These books are fictional narrations based on Laura Ingalls' real-life childhood in the U.S. Midwest during the late 19th century. These books inspired the famous American TV series titled "Little house on the prairie". In real life, Laura Ingalls grew up in Independence, Kansas. There is prophetic significance behind this. As some of you may recall, the Lord had us post a prophetic word with the title "Giant house on the meadow", a title inspired by Laura Ingalls' book. This "house on the meadow" represents the place the remnant are running to in the spirit realm, the house that is serving as a spiritual conduit, a spiritual backdoor that shall allow them to re-emerge in glorious victory, even after they have been "killed off" by matriarchal man.


{You can read more on the "Little house on the prairie" at}


According to, the state of Kansas has a generally flat surface, and, at plain sight, it appears to be "perfectly flat". However, the land of Kansas has a gradual slope up from east to west, a slope that can only be discerned if you consider the land's altitude from one edge of the state to the other. This means that Kansas is not as "Nebraska flat" as it would appear to the natural eye. In the same way, Cain and Abel, being brothers, must have been somewhat similar in physical appearance, with Cain showing more "age" and "experience" than his younger brother Abel. However, there was a difference between them on the inside, a difference that could only be discerned with the "long-term" (i.e.- eternal) eye of the Spirit.


Shortly after Kansas became a territory, it was flooded by people who were for slavery and people who were against slavery; these newcomers were trying to ensure that Kansas would take their side on the issue of slavery once it became a state. This means that Kansas was a land of pestilent red-horse conflict which was destined to be a free land, but which "slavery Cain" was struggling to keep within its camp. Because of the violent clashes between anti-slavery and pro-slavery people, Kansas came to be known as "Bleeding Kansas", which points to the blood sacrifice of Abel and to the shedding of Abel's own blood at the hands of Cain. This reveals the spiritual difference between the "redness" of Kansas and the "redness" of Nebraska. Whilst "Nebraska" is red because of its clay earthliness, "Kansas" is red because of its blood sacrifice. This, in essence, is the difference between the redness of God's red-horse riders and the redness of stubborn Cain.


Whilst Nebraska is known for its maize production, Kansas is known for its production of wheat; Kansas happens to be the largest wheat producer in the United States. There is prophetic significance in this. As the Lord declared through a dream we posted on December 17, 2004, the Spirit of God is working to rescue the prophetic wheat from amongst the field of Girgashite maize. There are "Kansan Dorothies" whom God wants to snatch out from the grasp of "Nebraskan Cain".


Based on all of the above, we can now explain the spiritual significance behind the red circle that appeared over Nebraska and Kansas in sister Shirley's vision. This first circle refers to God's attack on the spirit of Cain in America. Nebraska represents Cain himself, and Kansas represents those who are under his control. God wants to rescue "Kansans" from the grip of "Nebraska", but Kansans have the prerogative to choose whether they will be rescued or not. The Kansans who heed God's red-horse shout shall start on their path to spiritual independence. The Kansans who are too "Girgashitely afraid" to step out into God's unknown shall perish along with "Nebraska Cain", sharing in the judgements that God has for him.


There is much more to say on sister Shirley's vision, but we will share it in a future posting...