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Prophetic word for today

God's eye on Washington

First posted: September 8, 2011

E-mailed: August 10, 2011

Word received by: Paula DeLisse


The instant I saw the image I knew he was watching Washington DC.



[August 10 2011 12:06am Central DayLight Time]


"I got My eye on you." The Lord is paying particular attention to what is going on, with His eye pointed to the east.



Our comments


Unexpected agitations - One if by land

When sister Paula sent this word on 10 August 2011, I felt in my heart that it had to be posted soon, even if we did not have a full understanding as to the meaning behind it. We knew in our hearts that this word was not merely calling attention to the political events in Washington. The Lord was saying something much more profound and relevant, and He certified this by the earthquake that He triggered 13 days later, the 23 August earthquake that shook most of America's east coast, including Washington D.C. According to, this was the strongest earthquake to hit the East Coast of the U.S. in seven decades. With its epicentre in Louisa County, Virginia, the earthquake caused cracks in the stones at the top of the Washington Monument in what they call the monument's "paramedian". The damage was serious enough that the monument was closed indefinitely. There was also damage at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C., where 3 of the 4 pinnacles atop the Cathedral's tower were clearly damaged, with additional cracks found in the flying buttresses around the east end of the Cathedral.


Notice how the earthquake damaged the top portions of both the Washington Monument and the National Cathedral. This points to God's judgement on both the religious and political leadership of America. The fact that God targeted the Washington Monument itself emphasises His judgement on the city of Washington, D.C. itself, which is the city housing America's political leadership structures. Hence, the Lord is declaring His judgement on the political and religious structures that America has allowed itself to be led by for all these decades.


As we have shared before, the green horse is the horse of spiritual earthquakes. Therefore, the unusual and wide-impact earthquake that shook Washington and most of the U.S. East Coast is the Lord's way of expressing the dark cloud of judgement that God's green-horse remnant have caused to hang over America, especially as America chose to stick with its Korah leadership even after God fully exposed that leadership for what it was in the spirit realm.


Three out of four

The fact that 3 out of the 4 pinnacles atop the National Cathedral's tower were damaged speaks of the "3-quarters" process that America went through. As we have shared before, a weak remnant of God were forced to bear "3 quarters" of the spiritual burden. Since this remnant were much, much smaller in numbers than they were supposed to be, they were forced to bear 3 times the burden they were supposed to bear, and, when the "4th quarter" came around, the quasi-remnant believers that remained on the spiritual sidelines refused to step in and rescue the remnant from their heavy burden. It is as if they said,

"If this is from God, it will succeed on its own. If they are acting on God's behalf, they will be able to finish it on their own. It does not need our intervention, and we might actually be doing ourselves harm if we become involved in something that ends up being contrary to God and to his leadership. Let us simply sit back and see whether God is truly with them."


The above may seem like the "wise" and "spiritual" attitude to take, and some might even want to quote the passage in Acts 5:34-40 where the religious leaders say something similar when discussing the future of Peter and the other disciples. However, anyone foolish enough to quote this passage to defend his inaction would automatically be labelling himself a blind enemy of God, for those speaking these words of "wise caution" were people trapped in religious falsehoods who were utterly blind and clueless as to God's ultimate purposes. As sons and daughters of God, believers are called to exercise a higher level of discernment, especially when they are given clear signs before, during, and even after God's visitation season.


Thus, when these borderline remnant believers chose to "play it safe" and allowed the remnant to perish under the triple weight that they were carrying, they brought the judgement of God upon their lives. These "let's-see-what-happens" believers were unable to understand that God would refuse to manifest Himself unless He saw a "corporeal" effort from those called by His Name. God's latter-day move shall not be singlehandedly brought about by the brute strength and will power of one anointed minister or ministry. It can only be brought about as a critical mass of believers unites around God's green-horse, latter-rain purposes, purposes that involve not a "tweaking" but rather the utter devastation of the Church's matriarchal structures, especially with regard to its spiritually-corrupt leadership. Since the sizable quasi-remnant remained on the fence, only 3/4 of the Church's "pinnacle" structures were toppled, which was not enough to enable God's regeneration. This is why only 3 out of the 4 pinnacles in the "National Cathedral" were toppled by earthquake, which left an old and lifeless building standing in a state of damage, with no new building or structure to take its place.


The "3/4" proportion reflected by the "pinnacle damage" at the National Cathedral also points to how America allowed 3 of the 4 horses to gallop with relative freedom and success, with only the 4th horse, the green horse, being severely stymied midway through its gallop. This is why the Lord allowed the green horse to gallop in anger across America's East Coast to let America know how furious He is at His green horse being disabled halfway through its journey.


Not Egypt again

Around the start of this year (2011), a sister in Christ from Barbados (named Maria Davis) pointed out to us that the Lord was speaking to her about Egyptian obelisks and their evil significance. "Coincidentally", the Egyptian uprising began shortly after that. As God began to raise our spiritual awareness about "obelisks", one of the things that He emphasised was the fact that the Washington Monument was, in truth, an obelisk. Even though this was in no way "news" to our natural mind (or to the natural mind of most), it was as if the spiritual reality of this "simple" fact was suddenly revealed to us. Because of the constant indoctrination that most Christians in America receive, an indoctrination that emphasises once and again that America was founded by God-fearing men with strong Christian principles, it is somewhat "shocking" to admit that America so deliberately chose (and embraced) a pagan Egyptian symbol to represent and honour its supposedly "Judaeo-Christian" foundations.


Some might want to argue that the Washington Monument cannot be taken to represent America's early roots because it was finished until the latter part of the 19th century, in 1884. However, as indicated on, the decision to use an obelisk design for the Monument was made as early back as 1836 by an architect from Baltimore, Maryland named Robert Mills. This Robert individual was so enamoured with the "Egyptian motif" that he designed an Egyptian-style "winged sun" on the Monument's doorway, which was actually built into the monument but was eventually removed in 1884. Some stubborn American Christians might still want to argue that 1836 is way past the period of the "Founding Fathers". However, such recalcitrant, flag-waging Bible-Belt Christians must be reminded that 1836 happens to be the very year that the last surviving Founding Father died (according to, James Madison, the 4th President of the United States and the "father of the Constitution", died in 1836). Therefore, we can safely say that the Washington Monument exposes spiritual anti-Christian issues deeply embedded within America's foundations. These anti-Christian issues go beyond the mere "design choice" for a monument, for as we have tweeted before, America's Founding Fathers based much of their thinking on the flawed philosophical foundation of empiricists such as Locke and Hume who denied the possibility that God could write His truths into the hearts of men; as a result, these men subtly proposed a life based on earthly, rational empiricism and not on the search for metaphysical truths.


The "Egyptian motif" in America's foundations (made evident by the Washington Monument) also reflects a foundational problem in the American Church's spiritual attitudes. As we have shared before, the matriarchal Church is constantly looking for "Moses's" who will come in the "anointing of God" to lead them out of their spiritual Egypt. These "Moses" figures are to come with spiritual powers superior to those of the "mere mortal", using those powers to singlehandedly pull the Church from its condition of weakness into a condition of "societal dominance" and "prosperity". This attitude is even reflected in the way she sees the "Coming of the Lord", where Jesus becomes a "Moses" figure that will singlehandedly snatch (i.e.- "rapture") the Church from its condition of weakness and usher in the "Kingdom of God" as believers watch in "comfortable amazement". In that sense, therefore, the American Church behaves as if it is still in Egypt and as if it must continue with business as usual until a "superman saviour" appears to set things straight. However, as we have said before, a "Moses-style" rescue can be expected when the Church is in a "baby" stage of maturation, but not when the Church is expected to show "signs of spiritual growth". As the Church is given time to mature, it is called to operate in a "Joshua" anointing, an anointing under which no individual, external agent is expected to do all the conquering work as others stand and watch. Under the "Joshua" anointing, believers are expected to get up and take over the Promised Land "themselves" as they allow the anointing of Christ to be manifested from within them, conquering and destroying the enemies in the land in the Lord's anointing. The type of people "capable" of manifesting this "Joshua" anointing have had Egypt so inexorably extricated from their hearts that they would never so much as "consider" the idea of erecting an Egyptian symbol to honour their origins. Unlike the "Moses crowd", the "Joshua people" have refused to carry a piece of Egypt in their hearts even after they have been physically removed from Egyptian bondage. Unlike America's "conservatives", the "Joshua people" are not interested in glorifying an imperfect past; they are too aware of the imperfection of their current "desert status" to be looking back towards an even more imperfect past. There is too much left to possess, too much left to conquer in front of them to be erecting monuments to an Egyptian past. All of this explains why the wrath of the 23 August 2011 earthquake focused on exposing the Washington Monument as a weak and unacceptable monument, to the point that the Washington Monument had to be "closed indefinitely" after the green temblor. America was supposed to have left Egypt long ago, yet it somehow continues to go back to it once and again in its heart.


{Fellow believer, it is no coincidence that the animal obama was so intent on visiting Egypt early into its destructive reign. During that trip (in June 2009), it (i.e.- obama) was on one occasion walking inside a pyramid with its lapdog staff; the animal then pointed out a carved image of a head with two huge ears, and they all had a laugh about how similar the drawing was to it (i.e.- obama); some of you may have seen the video of this event. This carving inside an Egyptian pyramid was more than a "coincidence". It was a prophetic sign of the animal that centuries later would visit that pyramid, the same Korah animal that is being used by its master satan to release the Egyptian influence hidden in America's foundations so that it may come out into the open and enslave America to it in perpetuum.}


Mineral earthquake

According to, the epicentre of the 23 August 2011 earthquake was 8 kilometres SSW of the town of Mineral, Virginia (some 150 km from Washington DC). According to, Mineral derived its name from the gold mining industry that drove the town's economy at the start of the 20th century. At its mining peak, the town had 15 gold mines operating within 3 kilometres of it. The town's mining activities included other minerals such as zinc and lead even into the 1970s.


The fact that God chose this mining town as the "official epicentre" of this earthquake is no spiritual coincidence. Mining implies digging and going underground into dark, cavernous places, all of which points to the green-horse rider's descent into Sheol and 5th-seal hibernation. Gold per se points to the glory of God. Therefore, the "mining of gold" is a figure of those who understand that the manifestation of God's glory requires believers who are willing to "go underground" in green-horse death in order to extract God's glory from the centre of the Earth and release it into the world.


"8 Wherefore he saith, When he ascended up on high, he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men. 9 (Now that he ascended, what is it but that he also descended first into the lower parts of the earth? 10 He that descended is the same also that ascended up far above all heavens, that he might fill all things.)" (Ephesians 4:8-10)


"For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea." (Habakkuk 2:14)


"In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened." (Genesis 7:11)


Notice how Habakkuk 2:14 above makes a "subtle" but very real reference to Noah's flood. Notice also how Noah's flood involves waters breaking through from the "great deep" below and into the sea. As we study in one of our videos, Genesis 7:11 reveals that Noah's flood involved both water raining down from above (from massive water stores once floating in the Earth's upper atmosphere) and water seeping through from below (from massive water stores once below the sea floor). Hence, the combination of Habakkuk 2:14 and Genesis 7:11 reveals that the releasing of God's Glory into the Earth involves "extractions" of spiritual substance from below ground.


The 15 gold mines during Mineral's mining heyday points to the number "15", which, as we have said before, speaks of the true manifestation of the 3 "male" ministry endowments inside the Church and in the world. This means that God's Golden Glory is intimately linked to a manifestation of God's "male" nature. The mining of God's Glory cannot be carried out in a matriarchal context dominated by the "female" soul. A manifestation of God's "male" nature is both the cause and effect of God's Glory being manifested, regardless of what the matriarchal Church may or may not want to believe. A "seed" of that "male" nature must be sown into the ground, and, once it germinates, that seed yields an overflowing fruit of God's "male" nature on Earth.


Green Irene - Two if by sea

As we said above, the 23 August 2011 was the strongest earthquake on the East Coast in some seven decades. Despite the earthquake's unusual strength, some Girgashite believers might still want to attribute it to the earth's natural "geological" cycles, arguing that it should in no way be viewed as an assault by God on Washington, D.C. or the East Coast of the U.S. To these Girgashite, Thomas-like American sceptics, the Lord has one word: "Irene".


On 27 August 2011, 4 days after Washington and the East Coast had been rattled by the Mineral earthquake, Hurricane Irene struck North Carolina and Virginia; it then moved up the east coast, making a second landfall in New Jersey and a third landfall in Brooklyn, New York on 28 August. It then moved up to New England, reaching all the way up to Quebec, Canada, heading back to sea on August 29 (on the 6th anniversary of Katrina's hit on New Orleans), as indicated on Just to emphasise its unusual nature, Irene was the first hurricane to make landfall in New Jersey since 1903 (108 years earlier). Irene was also the first hurricane to make landfall in New York City since Gloria in 1985, according to (the fact that the previous hurricane's name was "Gloria" and that it hit in 1985 are no spiritual coincidences). Hence, it is safe to say that Irene was not "your common summer thunderstorm".


The name "Irene" is derived from the Greek word eirene meaning "peace". As indicated on, the colour most likely to create a psychological effect of peace is the colour green, due to the fact that the eye requires no adjustment to see it, making it restful on the eye. It is also in the centre of the colour spectrum, making it a colour of "balance". In nature, it indicates an abundant presence of water and, thus, the low likelihood of famine, making it a "reassuring" colour. Therefore, we can safely conclude that, when the Lord sent "Irene" against the East Coast of America, He was emphasising the colour green. Just as He had sent a green-horse earthquake to rattle Washington and the East Coast, He was now sending a "green" hurricane to emphasise the green-horse nature of His red wrath against Washington and the East Coast.


As Irene galloped up America's East Coast, she caused the death of at least 55 people, along with significant flooding and damages in the billions of dollars. Vermont, for example, suffered the worst flooding in centuries, according to As a parenthesis, it is worth mentioning that Vermont, along with South Dakota, are the states least friendly to this website, according to visitor statistics, which we would dare say illustrates the anti-green-horse nature of Vermont, explaining why Irene dumped so much flood on it, even when it had already weakened greatly that far north.


The flooding deliberately caused by God through Irene points to Noah's flood and to the types of changes that get manifested as God's green-horse visitation begins to take hold. In the New Testament, the Greek word used to denote Noah's flood is kataklysmos, from which the English word "cataclysm" is derived. Interestingly enough, defines "cataclysm" as a "violent upheaval, especially of a political, military, or social nature" and as a "great destruction that brings about a fundamental change". Therefore, we can say that a "flood" speaks of a violent upheaval that brings about a dramatic destruction of all the structures that people have placed their faith in, thus enabling changes in the society's basic foundations. This is the type of change that follows from green-horse agitations. This is why the Lord proceeded to flood the East Coast from above through Green Irene after He had shaken it from below with the Mineral Earthquake.


New York strike

As you may know, it is common to speak of hurricanes hitting Miami or Florida, but it is almost unheard of to speak of hurricanes hitting New York. Hurricane Irene is, in fact, the first hurricane to hit New York City in exactly 25 years and 11 months (311 months), and the deadliest hurricane to impact New York in 39 years (according to This, combined with the earthquake that shook rock-solid New York 5 days earlier, emphasises the Lord's green-horse displeasure with New York. As we have shared before, New York was destined to be the epicentre of God's latter-rain revival for this generation. However, as New York proved indifferent to God's prophetic purposes for her, leaving the Lazarus remnant out in the cold, God's silent presence departed from New York City, leaving a subtle but palpable void in her spiritual atmosphere. Those currently living in New York who have strong prophetic perception are very much aware of this silent, hope-draining void. After much silent anger, the Lord has chosen to voice His displeasure towards New York, especially as the remnant are currently "fighting for their lives". All the sadness and despair currently being experienced by the remnant would have never had to happen had New York opened her arms to embrace the green remnant and provide them some warmth.


The fact that Green Irene made landfall in Brooklyn has prophetic significance. As we have shared before, Brooklyn represented a transition into the "River of God", and, had the remnant's visitation been allowed into Brooklyn, America and the world would have begun to experience the flow of God's River in this generation. Since Brooklyn did not open up to its appointed green visitation, God rammed it with Green Irene as if "to return the favour" for how Brooklyn had shut its door to the green-horse remnant.


Not as eastern as you think

As we have shared before, God's black-horse riders travel from "east to west", whilst His green-horse riders travel from "west to east". Therefore, when God set His eye on America's East Coast, He was evaluating how "green" she was, for only those in the green-horse anointing are allowed to be in the Lord's spiritual east. Since America failed God's "green" evaluation, God sent His green earthquake and His green hurricane to strike America's so-called "east" from below and from above. "Washingtonian" America has proved herself not as eastern as she thinks, for her spiritual landscape is blacker and redder than it is green.