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This page is intended to list various postings containing "trains of thought" regarding the spirit realm. The postings listed here will generally be shorter and less structured than other postings on this website, and they will be in more of a "stream of consciousness" mould, often including thoughts of a more "personal" nature, and often containing "incomplete" thoughts. We wish to include "trains of thought" that we have received from you via email. Therefore, if the Lord prompts you to share a "train of thought" with us, we invite you to send it to Your train of thought does not have to be "fully structured", as long as you allow the Spirit to flow through you as you write ("fully structured" thoughts are welcome as well). We may at times add our own comments expanding on the "train of thought" that you have shared with us. If you prefer that we not post your name, please let us know.


As a believer, you are called to judge and discern these "streams of consciousness".


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{The "PFV" column below allows you access to the "printer-friendly version" of each word}
Date Submitted by Last follow-up Subject PFV
April 18, 2010 Noe Leon   Bearers absent, bearers present (Part 2) PFV
March 3, 2010 Noe Leon   Super Bowl 44 PFV
October 11, 2009 Noe Leon   It's not just God and yourself PFV
June 28, 2009 Carol Mann   The Dramatic battle PFV
June 1, 2009 Noe Leon   Should we continue? PFV
April 26, 2009 Wendy Borchers   A Daniel proclamation PFV
August 31, 2008 Peter Cirillo   Markers PFV
May 18, 2008 Daniel Heidemann   Loaded question PFV
April 12, 2008 Carol Mann   Black and gold PFV
September 3, 2007 Shamah-Elim   Grand Central explosion PFV
July 1, 2007 Shamah-Elim   Muddy June PFV
April 29, 2007 Daniel Heidemann   Security biscuit PFV
April 25, 2007 Shamah-Elim   Enemies in the UK PFV
April 22, 2007 Shamah-Elim   Awesome Impartation PFV
March 9, 2007 Daniel Heidemann April 8, 2007 Winter front of Godly discontent PFV
February 18, 2007 Shamah-Elim   Argentinian white tigers PFV
February 13, 2007 Shamah-Elim   Dead Brazilian snake PFV
February 9, 2007 Shamah-Elim   Olive ridleys PFV
February 4, 2007 Shamah-Elim   Super Bowl 41 PFV