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Types of postings

Welcome to At present, this site contains 5 different types of content:

  • Articles

    These are generic Bible studies that are generally based on specific passages of Scripture.

  • Prophetic words

    These are prophetic words inspired by the Holy Spirit, and they are generally birthed through dreams, visions, or current events. We often post words that you have sent in to us, including dreams and visions, whose spiritual message or interpretation we endeavour to discern, appending it at the end of the word you sent.

  • Partial/pending interpretations

    These postings are similar to the "prophetic words" described above, with the difference being that the word's interpretation is either incomplete or missing. Thus, these postings are for words whose full meaning remains somewhat unclear to us.

  • Questions & Answers

    These are answers to generic questions sent in by you. These questions are often related to Scriptural passages or to the significance of a particular current event.

  • Trains of thought

    These are spiritual words that are often shorter and less structured than other postings on this website. These words are written in more of a "stream of consciousness" style, and may contain incomplete threads. These postings include words sent in by you.

Postings you may want to start by

The postings on this site are "cumulative" in nature, meaning that we often build on principles and concepts studied in previous postings. We often provide hyperlinks throughout each posting so that you may easily access the places where we have shared on a given point in the past. However, we believe that the following are part of the foundational topics (or "columns") that most of the postings are based upon; understanding these topics will ease your understanding of most of the postings on this website:


The pastoral matriarchy The 7 evil spirits The 4 horses of the Apocalypse The latter-rain revival
This topic deals with the "female" nature of the soul and how it has imposed herself over the "male" spirit. Understanding this topic also involves understanding the nature of the 5 ministries of Ephesians 4:11.
This topic deals with the 7 types of  evil spirits that God's people are to fight against and overcome before mankind and the Earth can be restored unto God.
This topic deals with the true, spiritual meaning behind the first 4 seals in Revelation 6 (the 4 horses of the Apocalypse), along with the meaning of the other 3 seals.
This topic deals with the latter-rain revival and the gargantuan spiritual battle that God's remnant are currently waging so that the Lord's latter-day Glory may be manifested.


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