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Train of thought

Winter front of Godly discontent

First posted: March 9, 2007

Last updated: April 8, 2007

Word received by: Daniel Heidemann (emailed February 26, 2007)

Additional comments by: Robert Hill (emailed March 9, 2007)


{Hyperlinks to other postings were added by us}


This morning, February 25, 2007, the Lord impressed me on the prophetic meaning of numbers. As I was rereading "American Civil War (Part 1)", first posted March 8, 2006, I was making a list of numbers and their spiritual meanings in the posting, to be used as a reference. After I pondered the meaning of the number 35 on page 19, I was prompted in my spirit to check my e-mails. When the AOL main screen came on, the headline news was, "Winter Front Heads East After Blasting West". Instead of checking my e-mails, I was prompted to read the article. The number 35, was mentioned twice, in 2 paragraphs below:

  1. "The storm's snow, sleet and freezing rain led airlines to cancel 200 flights Sunday at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport and about 35 at Midway Airport, said Wendy Abrams, a spokeswoman for the Chicago Department of Aviation. That was on top of more cancellations on Saturday, and Abrams estimated that about 1,000 stranded passengers spent the night at O'Hare."

  1. "On the Plains, Interstate 70, a major cross-country route, was closed for about 400 miles in both directions Saturday from just east of Denver to Salina, Kan., because of blowing snow and slippery pavement. Ice and poor visibility in blowing snow were blamed for one 35-car pileup just outside Denver; no major injuries were reported."


Note: I believe the Lord is prophetically speaking to His Body/Church in these storms that are raging across America. Referring to the word from the Lord that sister Cindy's daughter, Stephanie, received:

"Nobody is listening to what he is saying ...

He listens to us but we are not listening to Him ...

Something is gonna happen and real soon ...

Are you ready for it? ...

You will know when it happens; you'll all know when it happens ...

You know ... You all know, but, yet, you wait ... What are you waiting for? ...

What is God doing? ... What do you think?"


The canceling of the 35 flights at Midway Airport in paragraph 2 points to a delay, and the pastoral matriarchy Church in America is still stuck on in the Symbolic (U) Bowl ... being in Chicago, (a stronghold of Amorite pastoral matriarchy) ... Midway Airport meaning halfway between 1 and 5 ... 3. In the number 35, it would be 4, Midway between 3 and 5. If the pastoral matriarchy Church is not willing to admit defeat/total death, which God demands at stage 4, they are going to roll back to 3 (religious comfort).


You would think that the Amorite Pastoral Matriarchy stronghold in the Chicago Midwest would have gotten the hint in Da Chicago Bears loss in Super Bowl 41. I believe it was no coincidence that the "American Civil War (Part 1)" posting was about the prophetic meaning of Super Bowl 22, between the Denver Broncos and the Washington Redskins. In Paragraph 2 of the AOL news report that the number 35 is in, Denver is mentioned.


Ice and poor visibility in blowing snow were blamed for one 35-car pileup just outside Denver; no major injuries were reported. Denver is known for the "Mile High City" Amorite ("mountain-people") spirit of self-exaltation ... same as the Amorite Chicago Midwest stronghold. The fact that the number 35 was mentioned in 2 paragraphs points to confirmation by 2 or more witnesses, also pointing to the number 22 and it's prophetic meaning. One 35-car pileup is another confirmation on the delay, and not only delay but a crash. Praise God for His mercy, that there were no apparent injuries reported.


I believe there is more prophetic in the news report and I feel in my spirit, that I only scratched the surface. Below is the link to the report if the Lord leads you to read and comment on, in a posting or as another stream train thought.


Top News- Winter Front Heads East After Blasting West - AOL News



{Comment emailed by Robert Hill on March 9, 2007 in response to the above post}


In conjunction with the posting "The Winter of Godly Discontent" there was another recent event announcing the number 35:


In the early morning of March 2 a bus transporting the baseball team from Bluffton University, a Mennonite-affiliated school in Ohio, ran off an overpass in Atlanta, GA. The bus was carrying 35 including the driver and his wife. Six including the driver and his wife died immediately with the remaining 29 either critical or walking wounded. This morning, March 9 at 6:00AM, in Atlanta, a fifth member of the team died because of injuries sustained in the crash.


This accident occurred 102 days, within 8 or so hours, of the bus crash that occurred in Huntsville, AL on Nov. 20, 2007. We advised you of the Huntsville accident shortly after it happened.



{Our comments}

Due to brother Robert's comments, we felt prompted by the Lord to understand the spiritual significance behind the Mennonite denomination, a denomination I personally knew very little about. According to, Mennonites are a "peace church" denomination, staunchly opposed to any type of physical violence or war. To them, fighting in any type of war is a sin. Because of this, Mennonites in America during America's colonial period were opposed to the American Revolutionary War. This is a prophetic figure of how the American Church hindered God's spiritual revolution because of her matriarchal hatred of a male God who makes war and judgements (Exodus 15:3, Revelation 19:11-18). The matriarchal spirit promotes a false, frog-style peace that emphasises "coexistence" over true unity, "soul communion" over spiritual righteousness, and "tolerance" over transcending restoration. Had the Mennonites had their way in colonial America, there would have never been a Revolution, and a new, free nation would have never been born. America would have remained trapped under the old, colonial paradigms, and the "great American experiment" would have never gotten under way. Spiritual "Mennonites" are so bent on not rocking the boat that they are willing to live with stale paradigms that prevent transcendental growth, the only type of growth that leads to true peace and prosperity. This type of growth can only come through judgement and self-examination. Why? Because growth can only flourish in an atmosphere aligned with reality (i.e.- the Truth). An atmosphere where people deceive themselves into accepting or ignoring a lie is an atmosphere that will eventually cap the growth of the people under it, and that stagnation in growth will inevitably deteriorate into outright shrinking and decay. It is no wonder, therefore, that the stuck-in-the-past Amish sect is derived from the Mennonite movement.


{After the Bolshevik revolution of 1917, many Mennonites in Russia were driven out, and they were forced to emigrate to the Americas. Interestingly enough, the 3 countries in the Americas which they targeted were America, Canada, and Paraguay. This migration to Paraguay (of all places) is no spiritual coincidence. As we have shared before, Paraguay is a figure of the pastoral matriarchy spirit in Latin America, a spirit that led to the senseless burning of many wonderful spiritual callings throughout that region of the world.}


During America's colonial period, Mennonites were also opposed to religious revivalism, which points to how the "peace-and-love" spirit was instrumental in delaying America's latter-rain revival. By ignoring or downplaying roots of unrighteousness, and by abhorring any portrayal of God as a "bloody" God, the American Church unknowingly drove God's presence away. As a result, a cloud of judgement looms over America's head. Despite her belated efforts to move in God's "male" direction, she only does so halfway, without understanding that "halfway" is not enough for God. In order for God to be pleased, the "female" soul must come under the full and unconditional dominion of the "male" Spirit, and the judgement Lion of Judah must be allowed to roar in freedom. When you work to muffle the Lion's roars, all you achieve is an accumulation of rumblings in the underground, rumblings that lead to sudden and massive outpourings of destructive wrath. Just like Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:1-11), Christians (such as president Bush) shall ask, "Why, Lord? Wasn't I moving in Your direction?", to which God will reply:


You gave me half of what you promised unto Me. No one forced you to promise Me anything. But once you made your promise, you became bound by your very words. You want to be praised for the half that you gave, but I shall judge you for the half that you knowingly held back. When you gave Me the first half, you bound Me, for I always honour sowing, and you made Me invest resources in your investment. Now the building is half built, and I am demanding that you add the second half of your investment, for I will never inhabit half-built buildings. Those buildings which I cannot complete I destroy, and those which I can complete I SHALL complete, applying all the pressure required for the final half to be built. Rejoice, America, for your building shall be completed, though for a season I shall make you groan in terror under the weight of My Mighty Hand. I shall open your doors to the enemy, for I have handed you over to satan. I shall prove to you with painful examples that your doors are NOT completely shut as you claim they are. They remain half-closed, and I shall lure your enemies to enter through those half-closed doors.


The baseball team in the news story mentioned by brother Robert was from Ohio. This has prophetic significance. Ohio points to what the Lord had us say regarding the bastard spirit that the American Church has allowed in its midst, a bastard spirit that accelerated a green-horse death on "March 17", 2006. The Ohio team bus crash took place on March 2, 2007, exactly 350 days after March 17, 2006. This emphasises the spiritual, green-horse connection between this accident and the number "35" (a connection which was pointed out by brother Hill). Ohio also points to the segment of the American Church that was committed enough to prevent the death of America's calling but non-committal enough to leave God's remnant spirit "out on the porch".


The fact that the bus accident happened in Atlanta, Georgia also has spiritual significance, a significance which I am not at full liberty to detail here. Suffice it to say that it points to the spirit of Southern Cain in America, the spirit of a "New South" that is not as "new" as it claims to be. It also points to what the Lord had us say on singer Otis Redding in a previous post; Otis Redding was born in Dawson, Georgia and grew up in Macon, Georgia, a small city 80 miles (129 km) south of Atlanta. As we said before, Otis Redding speaks of someone who stood at the "green-horse crossroads" and decided to "stand still" rather than move on to his green-horse "death". By avoiding that death, he ended up dying in the "Madison, Wisconsin lake" that swallows up the eternal callings of God's people. Interestingly enough, 7 people died in the plane crash that killed Otis Redding, which coincides with the number of people who died at the Atlanta crash (5 team members plus the driver and his wife). Just as Otis' plane dove to its death, the bus in Atlanta dove to its death from an overpass, which speaks of the spiritual suicide committed by those who do not move away from leadership already discarded by God. Once you reach the end of the black-horse stage, you are bound to die either in a wilful surrender unto death or in an involuntary dive unto oblivion. Those who die a voluntary death die as they wilfully enter the unknown Jordan (Joshua 3:4); those who die an involuntary death die off in the desert without entering the Promised Land.


The fact that the driver and his wife died in the accident points to Ananias and Sapphira, whom the Lord had us "coincidentally" mention a few paragraphs above. The American Church was unwilling to remove the cadavers of the "Ananiases and Sapphiras" whom God had slain, and, because of it, the Church is following these vampire leaders unto a tragic end.


There is also spiritual significance in "Bluffton", the name of the Mennonite school the baseball team belonged to. According to, the word "bluff" means "to cause to accept what is false, especially by trickery or misrepresentation". This describes what the matriarchal spirit of Korah did to the American Church at a critical juncture in its history. By not executing uncompromising judgements, the American Church ended up accepting falsehoods as truths. This is because truth and judgements are inextricably intertwined. When you are unwilling to judge falsehoods, you end up being absorbed by them. There is no permanent middle ground between truth and falsehood. Half-truths inevitably turn into lies.


According to, the word "bluff" also means "to impress, deter, or intimidate by a false display of confidence". This is what Korah tries to do to weak-looking, green-horse Moses (Numbers 16:1-5). Yet, God shall vindicate "green-horse Moses" before His enemies. Woe be unto anyone who dares to "bluff" the Lord God of Israel, for, by bluffing His remnant, you are bluffing God Himself.


As indicated by brother Robert, the Atlanta accident occurred 102 days after another well-publicised bus crash in Huntsville, Alabama. As we have said before, Alabama points to the civil war that God has declared over America's spirit realm due to the spirit of delay which she allowed. This emphasises the spiritual connection between these bus crashes and the delay in America's revival. The number "102" equals 51 times 2. In a negative sense, the number "51" points to the spirit of Hittite deceit caused by the pastoral matriarchy. In a positive sense, it points to God's "spiritual move" to the UK and to His operations there.