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Train of thought

Super Bowl 44

First posted: March 3, 2010

Word received by: Noe Leon



The following train of thought is the result of a visitor's question sent to us the day after Super Bowl 44. The question reads as follows:


The Super Bowl ended when the Colts lost possession to an interception on their last drive -- the game was over. The time on the game clock was 44 seconds. The EST was 9:44. The game was Super Bowl 44. "44" has significance in my own life as something that is a general "no" or negative thing. The only numbers I see being more negative are "66" and "666".

What do you make of this?


Even though we could have categorised this posting as a "Question & Answer" word, we chose to post it as a "train of thought" due to the fact that, as I sat down to answer this email, a flurry of thoughts inundated my mind and heart, with the Lord prompting me to share "unusual" thoughts that I have shared with very few people. This word is a sad word, and I am grieved that such a word would need to be posted in the first place. Is it a harbinger of a spiritual demise in the near future? If it is, my days on Earth are numbered, and the days for this website and this ministry are numbered as well.


Not the matchup that was supposed to be

I am still struggling to understand the spiritual meaning behind this Super Bowl. I must tell you, however, that my heart was greatly burdened and saddened by this Super Bowl, with the burden starting during the Conference championship games. I am convinced that a New York-Minnesota Super Bowl would have been a prophetic sign of wonderful things to come for America. (Minnesota quarterback) Brett Favre's redemption would have been a sign that America's 4-year revival delay was fully behind her, and the unexpected rise of the New York Jets to a Super Bowl berth would have been a sign that New York, the spiritual epicentre of America's future revival, would be getting ready to be used by God in a mighty way. I believe that the Lord's perfect will was for that New York-Minnesota matchup to take place in Super Bowl 44, but it seems as if America remains unprepared for God's perfect will.


Minnesota's defeat at New Orleans was especially painful to my heart. I believe that Minnesota was robbed by 3 referee calls that went the Saints' way; these unrighteous referee calls were the consequence of the excessive "soul support" that the Saints were receiving from people all across the country. People across America were cheering for the Saints out of post-Katrina emotionalism, with no one seeming to care about the basic unrighteousness that led to the Katrina judgement in the first place. As you know, New Orleans is an epicentre of much spiritual evil in America, and, even after God's Katrina judgement, New Orleans remains defiant about its unrighteousness. Those who were in favour of the Saints were talking about how great the next "Mardi Gras" would be if the Saints won, meaning that they saw a Saints victory as a "validation" of New Orleans' "right" to be unrighteous.


In that game, Minnesota had every opportunity to win, but, for some reason, they kept fumbling the ball, once and again and again. It is as if that ball had been "hexed", and, knowing New Orleans, I would not be surprised if some witch was not literally praying to some voodoo power to make the ball difficult to carry for the Vikings. Unfortunately, some of the players in the Vikings team had spiritual areas within them that made them susceptible to these demonic forces. Even towards the end, Minnesota could have easily won the game, but, as you may know, Brett Favre chose to make an ill-advised pass rather than simply run with the ball to get better field position for what would have been the game-winning field goal, and that ill-advised pass was intercepted by a Saint; after that, the Vikings offence never saw the ball again.


If you have been following the recent postings, you will have noticed that the Lord has had us talking a great deal about Denmark, which clearly points to the Vikings. Denmark is a place that represents the potential 6th-seal redemption of God's 5th-seal remnant. Therefore, a Vikings victory at New Orleans would have represented the remnant's victory in the middle of America's unrighteousness stronghold. America, however, seems to remain unable and unwilling to fully team up with the remnant to pull off a Kingdom victory in America's spiritual atmosphere. It is no coincidence that Minnesota's Adrian Peterson had so much trouble holding on to the ball during that game. As we "coincidentally" share in the posting prior to this one, the surname "Peterson" points to America's soul connection to her "great ministers", and this connection is keeping the best in the American Church from fully cooperating with the remnant and pulling off the groundbreaking victory required to forge the latter-rain revival in the land. It takes a team effort to carry out the conquest, but the few remnant believers in America remain too marginalised, too unsupported by the rest of America to truly effect the required change.


If you have read a few of the earlier postings, you may have read that, due to personal reasons (too long to detail here), I was a loyal, diehard fan of the Colts for some 25 years. The Lord told me to emotionally separate myself from them during the 2005-6 playoffs, but my affinity for them has remained. Therefore, anyone who knew me would expect me to support the Colts against the Jets. However, I have for many years been a supporter of all New York teams, especially the Jets this past season. Besides that, I kept hearing in the back of my mind the idiotic things that Colts' owner Jim Irsay said against talk-show host Rush Limbaugh when Rush was trying to buy the St. Louis Rams. I knew from that point on that the Lord would not be happy with the Colts and that any Colts success from that point forward would remain spiritually tainted by Jim Irsay's unwise and slander-supporting remarks. Therefore, I knew that the Lord's perfect will was for the Jets to win and the Colts to lose. However, many key Jet players began to "drop like flies" during the game, succumbing to various injuries. When this happened, the Jets were simply too weak to withstand the Colts' onslaught, and the Colts ended up winning that game. This, however, came at the price of Dwight Freeney succumbing to an ankle injury. It is as if the Colts "paid for" all of the Jets' injuries by conceding the injury to Freeney (who is the Colts' cornerstone on defence). Had Freeney not gotten injured, the Colts would have won Super Bowl 44 without much effort.


After both the Jets and the Vikings went down in defeat, I lost interest in the Super Bowl altogether. However, as the days went by, I began to perceive all the soul support (founded on emotionalism) that the Saints were getting from everywhere. Even though I felt "turned off" by Jim Irsay's unrighteous remarks, I decided to support the Colts. A Colts victory in Super Bowl 44 would at least serve as a sign that America had enough zeal for righteousness to defeat much of the unrighteousness in America that remains alive due to soul-centred, emotional rationalisations. Having to choose between the Colts and the Saints felt like having to choose between death by lethal injection and death on the electric chair, similar to what happened in the 2008 elections, when America was given to choose between an often-lukewarm and unexciting John McCain and the charismatic liar and demagogue barack hussein obama.


Not a repeat of something good

I found it interesting that the Colts got off to an easy 10-0 start in the 1st quarter. When I saw that, I was immediately reminded of what happened in Super Bowl 22 (22 is half of 44). As we share in one of the postings, Super Bowl 22, which featured an epic Redskins comeback, was a figure of how the green-horse remnant are to rise from apparent weakness and defeat to execute an obliterating victory over the enemy. In Super Bowl 22, the Redskins fell behind 10-0 to the arrogant Broncos before mounting an obliterating 5-TD second quarter, thus sealing the game by the end of the half. It would be wrong, however, to draw a parallel between Super Bowl 44 and Super Bowl 22. In Super Bowl 44, the score was 10-6 in favour of the Colts at the half, meaning that the Saints had not mounted an obliterating comeback the way the Redskins did in Super Bowl 22. Even at the end of the 3rd quarter, the Colts remained ahead, by a score of 17-16, and it was not until the 4th quarter that the Saints were able to go ahead in the score; and, even then, the game remained in the balance until late in the 4th quarter.


Not New York

I just found out on Wikipedia that the NFL had voted on 23 March 2005 to have Super Bowl 44 in New York City. This was conditioned on New York approving the building of the West Side Stadium that NY mayor Bloomberg was fighting so hard to get. Part of the reason why the Stadium was being proposed was so that New York could host the 2012 games. However, the Democrat politicians in New York voted down the Stadium because they were bent on destroying any good plans that the then-Republican Bloomberg wanted to promote.


As we share in a posting from 2005, it was the Lord's intention to have New York be the host city of the 2012 Olympic games. However, the people in New York remained indifferent about hosting the 2012 games, seeing it more as a future inconvenience than as an opportunity to bless the world. God intended to use those games as a "point of global impartation" so that the world could receive what the Lord was planning to produce in New York between 2005 and 2012. But, once the city became indifferent to His plans, the games were given to London. All of that spiritual indifference led not only to the games being played elsewhere but to Super Bowl 44 being played in Miami and not New York.


The visitor's email that prompted this word indicated that the visitor perceives the number "44" as a number of "no". There might be a spiritual reason why this site visitor feels that way. As we have shared before, the number "44" speaks of prophetic intercession to forge national restoration. Therefore, the fact that unrighteousness stronghold New Orleans won Super Bowl 44 is a bad omen for America's restoration as a nation. It seems as if there are stones of stumbling that are blocking the resurgence of a prophetic-intercession movement for the national restoration of America. I keep perceiving America being blocked at "43", without being able to move into "44". America is about to lose the manifestation of the latter-rain revival in this generation, and, even though she has made some progress between the middle of 2009 and now, it seems not to be enough. In that sense, therefore, the results of Super Bowl 44 sound like America saying "No" to God and to His latter-rain revival. That is why my heart became so grieved and burdened after Super Bowl 44. That game being held in Miami instead of New York was already a sign of America being indifferent to God, but the results of the game itself seem to be indicating that that indifference has continued.


Everything seemed to be going so well

All the Super Bowl results in recent years, starting from Super Bowl 31, had gone in favour of God's perfect will. In Super Bowl 42, satan mounted a great effort to overthrow God's perfect will, but, thankfully, the Lord's perfect will was allowed to succeed, and the New York Giants defeated the "New England" Patriots. In Super Bowl 43, satan mounted another great attack against God's perfect will; even so, the Lord's perfect will was allowed to pull ahead with a few minutes left in the game; unfortunately, a couple of bungled referee calls allowed satan's will to prevail, and the unrighteous Pittsburgh Steelers, owned by an obama-supporting naive old man, ended up winning the game over the Arizona Cardinals (who were led by the righteous Kurt Warner). That Super Bowl was a figure of what had happened a few weeks earlier, when America foolishly chose obama over the senator from Arizona, John McCain. I was pretty disappointed after that Super Bowl, and I became even more convinced that the year that lay ahead would be dramatically painful. As it turned out, 2009 was indeed a hellish year for the remnant.


America stubbornly clinging to her blindness

When Super Bowl 44 came around, I was rather concerned. After watching Minnesota (and New York) get bounced out of the playoffs, I understood that 2010 would not be as "breakout" a year as I thought it would be, so I hoped that at least the Colts would win, which would serve as a sign that this year would not be "perfect", but would still be, on balance, more successful for the remnant than painful. Being that it was Super Bowl "44", I hoped it would serve as a sign that America's national restoration was well on its way, and that the prophetic-intercession movement that would forge this restoration would be enabled in a forceful way this year. Unfortunately, the results of Super Bowl 44 seem to indicate that America remains rather "unready" to understand and enable God's vision for her, and it really throws into doubt whether America will get to see His Glory in this generation.


Everything that happens in the spirit realm is reflected in the natural realm, including the political realm. In the second half of 2009, America seemed to be waking up from her stupor, from her foolish slumber, and it seemed as if America was realising "big time" how idiotic she had been in electing a demagogue and malintentioned deceiver such as obama. However, there have been spiritual signs in the air that the "awakening" remains somewhat superficial, reaching up to level "4.2" in the 5-stage bowl, without actually approaching the level "5" that God is asking of her. Despite all of his lies and the exposing of obama's surreptitious Maoist, class-warfare agenda, his approval rating still hovers around 50%! Also, the "conservative" movement that has arisen to fight the liberals' Korah agenda has showed signs of being a movement that simply wants things to "go back to the way they were". It is as if the self-isolationist conservatives came out of their cocoon, not because they realised their cocoon was unrighteous, but because they were traumatised by what the extreme left-wingers were doing. These conservatives worship America, and they believe that there is nothing "fundamentally wrong" with America, that there is nothing about America that needs changing. They do not perceive the fundamental social, moral, and cultural issues that must be dealt with before America can be truly restored. They do not perceive the fact that cutting taxes and reinstituting "school prayer" is not enough. To these conservatives, America was fine and dandy until the liberals stormed in. However, were that true, God's latter-rain revival would already be falling across the land. If America were as fundamentally sound as these naive conservative fools believe, the American Church would not have rejected God's remnant, and this American generation would not be on the verge of losing its visitation from the Lord God of Israel. America has many wonderful qualities, so much so that it is the nation chosen by God to act as the epicentre of the latter-rain revival. However, wonderful qualities can go sour when they become stagnant. A teenager can be very charming and charismatic, but, if he stays a teenager forever and is unwilling to mature, all of his charming teenage qualities can "get old" very quickly. This is what has happened to America in God's eyes, but America remains unable to realise it. Despite the many good qualities that America's "conservatives" have, their good qualities become abominable unto God when all they want is to kick out the radical leftists so that they can return to the "good ole' days". These conservatives are "conservers", i.e.- defenders, of the status quo. Their "conservative" philosophy turns them into reactionaries, not transformationalists, into passive observers, not activists; ironically, they then are stunned when they see the media overrun with anti-conservative activists; they are stunned when the most vocal elements of American society are all liberals! How can they expect people to rally around them when their message is a dull "Things are OK ... No need to change a thing"? If things were truly OK, this nonchalant message might be OK. But, deep within, things are not OK, and those with some spiritual sensibility know it full well. God's truth is alive, it is vibrant. God's truth is never stagnant and blasť. If America were abiding in God's truth, she would be going from glory to glory, growing in ALL dimensions of its cultural and moral being. This growth would first be reflected in the American Church, and it would emanate from there until it enveloped and permeated the full spectrum of American society. However, instead of shining forth, the American Church is constantly "imploding" (like a black hole) due to the inherent doctrines that keep it behaving like an isolated group that is about to taken up in the "rapture" at any moment, an isolated group that believes in miracles without a process, blessings without righteousness, happiness without growth.


Some of America's conservatives want to live like Ron-Paul isolationists; others just want tax cuts, the end of abortion, and a return of school prayer; others just want things to return to exactly where they were right before the radicals overran Washington. These political views are a reflection of a deeper issue: the vast majority of American "conservatives" are not interested in using the sword of the Spirit to root out the fundamental issues of unrighteousness within the American Church and American society, issues that are utterly unpleasant and repugnant to God's Spirit. God cannot operate in such an environment of conformity and indifference. God cannot forge the type of transformation that will usher in His latter-rain Kingdom on Earth with people who do not understand or care for (true) change.


When satan (cursed is he) realised that the kairos door for fundamental change had opened in the heavenlies and that the American Church was refusing to walk through that door, he sent his servant, barack hussein obama, to take advantage of that inner longing for fundamental change by making false promises of a "new era". Ironically, now that satan has used this opportunity to push an agenda of unrighteous change (wrecking the American economy and leaving a damage that will take years and years to undo), the American Church and America's conservatives' reaction is to shout from the rooftops: "America DOES NOT need fundamental change!!". In other words, instead of realising her tragic mistake, which led to the rise of Korah obama, America seems to be coming out of this experience more determined than ever to remain the same. My heart is grieved, utterly despondent over all of this. I know that my personal future lies in the balance and that the continuation of my life hinges on whether America will react or not. My heart grieves over such a massive and monumental waste of an opportunity by America! My heart grieves over the spiritual devastation that is being produced by such monumental stubbornness and indifference!


Drew Brees

Drew Brees, the New Orleans quarterback, has been hailed as a hero, not only by the liberal media, but even by conservative Christians. I have read prophetic words on the Internet indicating that Drew Brees' rise to Super Bowl victory is a figure of how God will lift up the lonely underdog to victory and how God plans to do great things with America. Ironically, I did not see Christians making such prophetic interpretations when devout Christian Kurt Warner went from bagging groceries to winning a Super Bowl, going on to become one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Whereas a close examination of Kurt Warner's story only confirms his positive prophetic significance, a close examination of Drew Brees' story reveals the dark prophetic nature of his Super Bowl victory. In the posting immediately prior to this one, the Lord had us talking about the name "Drew" in the context of the "killers of spiritual callings" inside the Church. It is only until a few days ago that I realised how this is connected to Super Bowl 44, since its MVP was "Drew" Brees. The previous posting, where the Lord had us talk about the exalted "Mountain Drews", was based on a dream that we received 9 months ago, and it was only until about a month ago that the Lord brought that dream to our remembrance and told us to write about it. Therefore, it is more than a "coincidence" that Super Bowl 44 chose to exalt a man named "Drew" as its most valuable player.


When I searched on Wikipedia, I was surprised to find that Drew Brees's wife is named Brittany. In the posting on "Mountain Drews", the Lord had us talk about the spirit of "Brittany" compromise that leads to the rise of these mountain Drews. Another thing that was rather "curious" was the fact that Drew Brees was born in Dallas, Texas. As we have shared several times before, Dallas points to the spirit of ministerial elitism that led to the big "D"elay in America's latter-rain revival. Interestingly enough, the city, besides Washington, that got more attention on the news for the recent record snowfall across all 50 US states was Dallas, and the Lord has us talking about the spiritual significance of that snowfall in the word on "Mountain Drew".


I also learnt that Drew Brees and his wife purchased and renovated a home in Uptown New Orleans. This is a prophetic sign of those who believe in New Orleans and who want to build it back to what it was before, with no interest in discerning why God would have sent Katrina and Rita against New Orleans in the first place. This tolerance of New Orleans' unrighteousness is certified by the fact that some 3 years ago, on 18 February 2007, Brees was honoured by the "Krewe of Bacchus" as the "2007 Bacchus Grand Marshal". The "Krewe of Bacchus" is a New Orleans Mardi Gras parade club that is named after the Roman "god" Bacchus, (Dionysius in Greek mythology); this is the "god" of debauchery and orgies. According to Wikipedia, Brees' connection to this group remains to this day, given that he was set to preside as "King of Bacchus" during the 2010 Bacchus parade, which took place on 14 February 2010, one mere week after Super Bowl 44 and 2 days before the unrighteous Mardi Gras parade. How, then, can Christians point to him as an example of the righteous who are exalted from lowliness to greatness by God?


Interestingly enough, according to, the surname "Brees" is derived either from any of various places in France named Buré or from a Dutch form of the name Brictius. The surname Brees's connection to France certifies the spiritual connection between Drew Brees and the spirit of Brittany compromise. It also certifies even further the connection to the "Mountain Drew" word, given that the Lord had us talk about the Acadian expulsion in that word. These Acadians were French-speaking exiles who ended up in various places across the United States, including Louisiana. In fact, the word "Cajun" is a variation of the word "Acadian".


As the Lord had me browsing through the Wikipedia article on Dionysius (i.e.- Bacchus), I was surprised to see the connection between this "god" of debauchery and the region of Arcadia, which the Lord has us specifically refer to in the "Mountain Drew" word. In Arcadia, Dionysius was worshipped as the "giver of unmixed wine". Thus, it is interesting that "Drew Brees", a name so spiritually related to Brittany compromise, is also related to "uncompromised" wine. In other words, when it comes time to becoming inebriated "à la Bacchus", compromise becomes all of a sudden unacceptable.


The surname Brees' connection to the name "Brictius" also has spiritual significance. According to, the name Brictius is a Latin form of the name "Brice", which is possibly derived from a Gaulish word meaning "speckled". The fact that the name has a Gaulish origin emphasises the connection to France. The fact that the surname Brees is related to a Gaulish word meaning "speckled" speaks of someone who is not clean, someone who has spots that refuse to be washed away, even after a Katrina (i.e.- "purification") scraping.


"5 Your lamb shall be without blemish, a male of the first year: ye shall take it out from the sheep, or from the goats: 6 And ye shall keep it up until the fourteenth day of the same month: and the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel shall kill it in the evening. 7 And they shall take of the blood, and strike it on the two side posts and on the upper door post of the houses, wherein they shall eat it." (Exodus 12:5-7)


"Thou shalt daily prepare a burnt offering unto the LORD of a lamb of the first year without blemish: thou shalt prepare it every morning." (Ezekiel 46:13)


"25 Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; 26 That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, 27 That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish." (Ephesians 5:25-27)


"But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot:" (1 Peter 1:19)


The fact that the Brees surname has a connection to the Dutch also has deep prophetic significance. It is no spiritual coincidence that, on the next day after the Lord made me realise the "Dutch connection", one of the biggest news was the story of the Dutch skater in the Vancouver Winter Olympics who had a gold medal "well in his bag" and who was disqualified because of a silly misdirection given to him by his coach that caused him to cross into the wrong lane. He had such an ample lead that he could have won without any problem, but that technicality led to him losing out on Olympic glory. It would seem as if America is about to do that in the spirit realm. Even though she seemed to be waking up from her spiritual slumber and was well on her way to defeating the enemy, she still seems susceptible to hearing the wrong voice, the wrong spiritual advice at the last moment, which will throw her back in the lane of conformity and "returning to the way we were"; and, in doing so, this American generation will be disqualified from seeing and hosting the Glory of God in these latter days.


The Wikipedia article on Drew Brees features a picture of Drew Brees in Canal Street, New Orleans, during the "Who Dat Victory Parade" after Super Bowl 44. It is no spiritual coincidence that, in a prophetic word entitled "The ordinary Canal Street Church" (posted in April 2008), the Lord had us make a last-minute reference to the Canal Street Church in New Orleans that was greatly affected by the Lord's Katrina judgement. As we share in that word, God wants to establish a "Canal Street Church" in America, but not one that can comfortably reside in the middle of New-Orleans-style unrighteousness without affecting it in any significant way. Instead of releasing God's judgements, these tainted Canal-Street churches end up on the receiving end of God's judgements, just as the literal Canal Street Church in New Orleans did.


It was time already

The visitor's question mentioned the fact that the time left on the game clock was 44 seconds when the (green-horse) Colts were intercepted by the (back-to-the-black-horse-stage) Saints during the Colts' last possession of the game. This is the Lord's way of saying that the kairos watch reads that it is the time for God's national restoration for America, yet the game is about to end in sadness and defeat. The visitor's question also mentions that the local time when the interception took place was 9:44 US Eastern Standard Time. As we have shared before, the number "9" speaks of dunamis power. Therefore, the Lord is declaring that the time had come for the release of the dunamis power generated by the intercessory prayers for national (and trans-national) restoration uttered by the remnant through their words and their very lives. Things are in place for this "positional intercession's power" to be released, but America is on the verge of putting a sad end to all of that manifestation. I do not perceive the number "44" as a bad or negative number per se, but it seems as if the Lord has associated "negativity" to the number "44" in the visitor's heart as a prophetic warning of how America seems bent on saying "no" to God's national restoration and revival, for America (especially the American Church) refuses to understand God's ways.


The 666 alternative

The visitor deems that the only numbers more "negative" than "44" are "66" and "666". I found this rather interesting because, the days immediately prior to receiving this visitor's email, the Lord had me thinking over and over about the number "666". In fact, the day before this email came in, the Lord had me sitting in a public place thinking about the number "666", and He made me realise that the number 666 can be obtained by calculating the following expression:


6 * 6 * 6 + 6 + 6 * 6 * 6 + 6 + 6 * 6 * 6 + 6

[When calculating the above expression, keep in mind that multiplications take precedence over additions. If you wish to calculate this expression in the Microsoft Windows calculator, make sure it is in "Scientific" view and type in the expression (you can also copy and paste the line above and press the "Enter" key); you will then see the number "666" appear.]


The expression has 12 6's and 11 operators, for a total of 23 characters. Out of the 11 operators, 6 are multiplications (*'s) and 5 are additions (+'s). The number "12" is the number of "kingdom government" and the number "6" is the number of "man" or "human weakness". Therefore, the 12 6's speak of a world governed by man in his mortal nature, i.e.- a world governed by a humanity that was not transformed into the likeness of the Lord God. The number "5" points to ministerial grace; therefore the fact that there are 5 additions (instead of 5 multiplications) in the expression above speaks of ministers whose false anointing only adds more of the same, instead of multiplying the nature of God amongst men. Such ministers produce natural, flat-line "growth" that keeps people at the same level, rather than supernatural growth that propels others into new and higher dimensions. If you add 100 to the number "100", you get "200"; if you multiply "100" by 100, you get "10,000". This illustrates the difference between a ministerial grace that merely adds, as opposed to a grace that multiplies. The fact that there are 6 multiplication operators in the expression above speaks of a world that merely multiplies the nature of mortal man ("6") without ever propelling man into the God nature he was originally created for. Therefore, we can conclude that the number "666", as shown by the expression above, speaks of people whose "utopia" is a world ruled by a natural man that is satisfied with staying natural and is not interested in manifesting God's nature; it speaks of a world ruled by an oligarchy of flat-line pastoral "ministers" that only add more of the same without ever propelling others to new levels; it speaks of a world where the mortal "6" man continually multiplies like rabbits, without ever evolving from an animal soul into a Spirit being. This false utopia is what America is opening up to as she denies God's "44" restoration. America has allowed satan to define her national restoration in terms of the flesh; when America allowed Korah to redefine the number "44", that number silently morphed into "666".


The number "66" is not inherently bad, as shown by the fact that the Bible has 66 books. The reason why the visitor associated the number "66" with "negativity" is because the American Church has said "no" to Scripture. If the American Church were willing to see Scripture as the sole foundational source for truth, without adding all the human sources of pseudo-truth that she is so enamoured with, she would come to know the true God, and, instead of rejecting the remnant spirit, she would be openly longing for God's remnant visitation. Since America remains sceptical about the Lord's latter-rain purposes and continues to cling to her religious ways, America's Jordan crossing is in danger of being cancelled for good, at least for this generation. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the visitor who sent this question is named Jordan Ross.