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Train of thought

Bearers absent, bears present (Part 2)

First posted: April 18, 2010

Word received by: Noe Leon



The following train of thought is a continuation of the prophetic word entitled "Bearers absent, bears present (Part 1)". In Part 1, the Lord had us address the dream that sister Cecile MacGregor described in her email. Here, in Part 2, we share the thoughts that the Lord placed in my heart as I meditated on sister Cecile's question regarding Super Bowl 44 and the "torch malfunction" in the Vancouver Winter Olympics' opening ceremony.


Even though we could have categorised this posting as a "Question & Answer" word, we chose to post it as a "train of thought" due to the fact that, as the Lord spoke to my heart regarding the torch malfunction in Vancouver, I began to see yet another sign of the Spirit, a strong confirmation of many of the thoughts that He has been placing in my heart. Many of these thoughts are rather personal thoughts that relate to my personal life, but I believe in my spirit that they have a wider application in the spirit realm that goes beyond my own personal life. This is the reason why I share them in this posting.


The 4th quarter that someone forgot to bear

The fact that sister Cecile asked about the Super Bowl and the torch malfunction in Vancouver immediately after sharing her dream is no spiritual coincidence. I must share that I was utterly stunned in my spirit as she described the torch malfunction. To be honest with you, I don't watch Winter Olympics that much. Just to give you an idea, the last one I followed closely was the 1984 Olympics in Sarajevo. Since then, Winter Olympics have remained off of my "conscious radar", so to speak. For some reason, I felt drawn to watch these winter Olympics, but the fact that NBC was the one broadcasting them killed any interest I had in watching them. I absolutely abhor NBC because of the whorish second-beast spirit it possesses, bearing false witness and causing the earth and its inhabitants to worship the fabricated image of the "first beast" (represented by obama in the political realm) (Revelation 13:11-15). Because of this, I had no idea what had happened in the opening ceremonies. As a result, it was all "news" to me as I read it in sister Cecile's email.


What shocked me as I read the email was both the unusual fact that 4 torches were planned and the fact that only 3 were actually used. The reason why it shocked me is because of something that I have not shared with anyone until now: On the Sunday of Super Bowl 44, the Lord told me to make a small sacrifice, and I asked the Lord, "How long must this sacrifice be?", and He said, "Until the end of the 1st quarter". I then waited until the end of the 1st quarter, after which I ended my small sacrifice. As you may know, the Colts totally dominated the first quarter, and, if you would have had to make a prediction based on that quarter, you would have thought that the Colts were on their way to a romp. However, as the 2nd quarter started, I felt a "momentum shift" in my spirit, and I began to notice that, somehow, the tide had turned. I could not quite put my finger on it, and I began to feel guilty about having ended my small sacrifice at the end of the 1st quarter. I began to ask myself whether I had heard the Lord incorrectly and whether I was supposed to have kept up my small sacrifice throughout the entire game. I began to wonder if I had been too lazy and selfish and that maybe I had deceived myself into thinking that the sacrifice was only to last for a quarter and not longer. The game continued, and, even though the Colts remained ahead, I felt that something was wrong, dead wrong. As you may know, by the end of the 3rd quarter, the Colts were still ahead, but New Orleans had seized control of the game. In the 4th quarter, things fell apart, and the Colts ended up losing by 2 touchdowns. In the 4th quarter alone, New Orleans scored almost as many points (15) as they did in the other 3 quarters combined (16); by contrast, the Colts, who had scored 17 points in the first 3 quarters, never scored again after that.


As we share in the "Super Bowl 44" train of thought that we posted on 3 March 2010, I was personally devastated at the end of Super Bowl 44. I knew that it was a horrible presage of both America's medium-term future and my own personal future. As I lay down to sleep extremely early that night (for I was too devastated to do anything that night), I began to wonder about the small sacrifice that the Lord had requested of me, and these are the words that the Lord began to speak into my heart:


You are a team of 4. There are 3 others that are supposed to collaborate with you as a team. You were supposed to "hold down the fort" for 1 quarter, and the other 3 were supposed to hold the fort for one quarter each. You did your part, but the other 3 have been absent. I have called them to join you, but they remain on the sidelines. This is why you continue to face all these struggles on your own, with no one to relieve you. Even though your sacrifice was designed to be for one quarter only, it was large enough to hold the fort for 3 quarters, for you have carried thrice the weight you were originally assigned. Yet, even though you have carried all this weight that others have left behind, I will not shine My Glory upon these people until those called to join you as a team do so, for the manifestation of My Glory and My revival is not meant to be a one-man job. I demand that at least a tithe of consensus be given, and, if I am not given that tithe, the portals in the heavens shall not be opened. When you, being 1, gave the equivalent of 3 quarters, you left 1 quarter to be given amongst 3. Even when you gave 3 quarters and the other 3 were left to give only 1/3 of a quarter each, none of them gave their share. Even when you were giving 9 times as much as each one of them were left to give, none of them gave their 1 part; none of them gave their tithe to complete your 9 into a 10. As a result, the battle for America's national restoration was lost.


As I was writing the words above, the Lord led me to flip through television channels, and He focused my attention on the film "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King". I had watched parts of that film before, and I have felt in my spirit that it is a very accurate reflection of the spiritual battle that God's remnant are going through. I don't know how many of you are familiar with the story, but I have always felt that Frodo reflects the anonymous and "insignificant" remnant who are fighting the invisible battle that is key for the entire army to be victorious. As I watched that film again, I suddenly realised that Frodo, who was a "hobbit", was part of a team of 4 hobbits, and it was through the collaborative work of the 4 that the ring was destroyed. Even as Frodo was carrying the burden and fighting the silent spiritual battle in the "air", there was an entire army of men and women fighting the literal battle on the ground. This army knew that the literal battle was utterly futile unless the spiritual battle was won, but they also understood that the literal battle was necessary to divide the enemy's attention and allow Frodo to reach the crater and destroy the ring. All of this illustrates the fact that God never intended the latter-rain battle to be fought by "one brave hero" who will do the battle on everyone else's behalf as the rest cross their arms and wait for the deliverance to be finalised. It requires an entire Joel army of believers who have the same mindset of the Spirit, who uphold the same principles of the Spirit, who are enamoured with the same vision of God, for the latter rain to come and be manifested. This team is not to be held together by cheerleader enthusiasm. Rather, it is to be held together by a common set of convictions and paradigms that contradicts the convictions and paradigms that the matriarchal Church holds so near and dear. It requires a vision of the Spirit that transcends a get-the-people-out-of-Egypt mentality and operates in a conquering-the-Promised-Land mindset. It requires a vision of the Spirit that transcends a Moses-will-do-the-work-for-us mentality and operates in a We-are-a-conquering-army mindset. The fact that the number of hobbits that Tolkien chose was 4 was even more astounding to me. To be honest with you, I would have never attributed real-life spiritual relevance to this element of Tolkien's story had the Lord not made me aware of it through the sad events of Super Bowl 44. (As a side note, I just learnt that Tolkien had a strong lifetime friendship with C. S. Lewis, and Tolkien's devout faith was a significant factor in converting C. S. Lewis from atheism to Christianity).


I believe that the only-1-out-of-4 word that the Lord spoke into my heart has an application not only for my own personal life but for the Church in general. I believe that I was supposed to fellowship and connect with 3 other persons in my life who were supposed to be my "fellow hobbits", so to speak, but these 3 other people chose not to "show up at the dance". I was therefore left alone to carry a burden that was intended to be shared amongst 3. In a wider sense, it is as if the remnant are also divided into 4 spiritual groups, but only one of the 4 groups has chosen to be active in this generation. As a result, it seems as if this generation has indeed lost its opportunity for God's latter-day visitation.


4 torch bearers not rising as 1

All of the above takes me to sister Cecile's question regarding the Vancouver malfunction. She shared that only 3 of the 4 pillars went up. This made me think of the triple burden the Lord spoke to me about, and it correlates with the fact that the Colts still led Super Bowl 44 after 3 quarters. The name of the person whose pillar did not go up was Catriona Le May Doan. This (rather unusual) name (I would say) encodes the following message:

  1. The name "Catriona" is a variation of the name "Katrina". As we have shared before, the Katrina hurricane was a black-horse judgement against America.


  2. The name "Le May" points to the month of May and to the verb "may". May was the month, in 2005, when God tested America's spiritual hearing and found it to be lacking, thus initiating a revival delay that ended up lasting for 4 years. As the Lord tested America's hearing, He was testing her willingness to enable the weak remnant that lay by the wayside like the 2 blind men of Matthew 20:29-34. Therefore, it is no spiritual coincidence that the word "May" is also a verb in English meaning "to be allowed or permitted"; thus, it speaks of someone "enabling" another to carry out a task. May is also the month when spring is in full force throughout the Northern Hemisphere; therefore, it is sometimes used to symbolise "the springtime of life" or "youth".


  3. The name "Doan" can mean "little black one" (according to This points to someone who did not grow up because she chose to remain in the black-horse stage. This correlates with the fact that Ms. Doan was the only one who did not "rise up" to light the torch, even as the others did. The name "Doan" can also mean "little stag". The word "stag" can be used to refer to a man who attends a social gathering unaccompanied by a woman. Therefore, it speaks of a man who is all by himself and who was not able to find "an help meet for him" (Genesis 1:20). A "male" spirit cannot multiply himself without the participation of a "female" soul. In the same way, those who are in the Spirit cannot have God's nature multiplied amongst men if there are no souls willing to enable them. God cannot massively multiply Himself on Earth if there are not a significant remnant of souls willing to harbour and enable that multiplication. Interestingly enough, the word "stag" is also used to refer to some male animals who have been castrated and who are thus unable to multiply themselves.


Combining all of the above, we can say that the name "Katrina May Doan" has the following spiritual message: Even after God brought a "Katrina" judgement on America for staying too long near the border between the black-horse and the green-horse stage, without enabling the weak green-horse remnant in "May", America remained stubborn and unwilling to cross the River Jordan and enter into the fullness of her calling. As a result, she regressed into the black-horse stage and became a Peter-Pan black-horse nation that failed to mature, i.e.- a "Doan", a "little black one". Because of this, she created an environment where God's nature could not multiply itself in a massive way, which made it impossible for the latter rain to descend.


America was judged for the way she treated the remnant who brought with them the anointing of His green-horse visitation. Instead of enabling them, she left them to starve and die like Lazarus in the unprotected cold. Since the Lord takes the treatment of His messengers personally, He could in no way honour America with His visitation after she had showed herself unable to recognise the God-nature hidden in the son of man. She was blind to it, and she showed it by not enabling the 2 blind men by the wayside. Whereas the weak blind men (i.e.- the green-horse remnant) could see the God-nature in the son of man, the strong and "non-blind" America could not, which proved her far blinder and weaker than those whose cries she chose to ignore.


The people whose pillars did rise were Wayne Gretzky, Steve Nash, and Nancy Greene:

  1. As you may know, Wayne Gretzky, the "great one", was, by far, the most popular and well-recognised of the 3.


  2. Steve Nash may be known to diehard NBA fans, but his accomplishments in basketball are not as "legendary" as the accomplishments and impact that Gretzky had on hockey. Having said that, it must be said that Steve Nash is indeed one of the 20 greatest basketball players of all time, especially because of his great ability to make every player around him better. Also, as a person, he is a very charitable and socially conscious man (as indicated on


  3. Before receiving sister Cecile's email, I had never heard of Nancy Greene. But, from what I have learnt, she was a dominant figure in the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, and, because of all of her skiing accomplishments during the 1960s, she is considered Canada's female athlete of the 20th century, meaning that she is the "female equivalent" of Gretzky in Canada; even so, I had never heard of her until now, in part because I have not been a close follower of winter sport. She is now a Senator from the Conservative Party for the province of British Columbia (as indicated on


The 3 pillars that did rise correlate with what the Lord spoke to my heart regarding one person doing the work of 3. Based on the above, Wayne Gretzky, in a sense, acted as an "umbrella" for the 3 whose pillars did rise, so much so that he went out to light a second, outside flame all by himself after the first big flame was lit (as indicated on Therefore, it is as if Wayne Gretzky was on all 3 of the pillars that did rise.


The pillar that did not rise represents the "quarter" that the other 3 "hobbits" refused to carry out. Interestingly enough, of the 4, the person most directly related to organised "Christianity" is Catriona Le May Doan, the one whose pillar did not rise. According to Wikipedia, she is involved in Campus Crusade for Christ. This is a figure of how the attachment to the current organisational structures of "Christianity" prevented the other 3 "hobbits" cooperating with the 1 "hobbit" who did carry out his assigned task. The other 3 pillars were free to rise from the ground of earthliness because the one on them had no attachment to the earthly paradigms that keep organised "Christianity" operating at the natural level; these paradigms prevent God's called people operating in the higher spirit realm and prevents them sparking God's revival flame.


The torch bearers' birth dates reveal a spiritual message:


Catriona Le May Doan, the bearer whose pillar failed to rise, was born on 23 December (1970). As we have often said before, December 23, 2005 was the date when God sealed the 4-year revival delay on America. This is no spiritual coincidence. Just as God sealed the 4-year delay that day, it seems as if God has now sealed the delay of America's (and the world's) restoration for one full generation.



Nancy Greene was born on 11 May 1943. As we have often said before, May 11, 2005 marked the beginning of America's revival delay after America had ignored God's spiritual warnings.



Steve Nash was born on 7 February (1964). As we have often said before, the date "February 7" is related to the unwillingness of America to remove her "religious carcasses", which caused the Lord to shift His attention away from America (and towards the UK and Europe) for a season. As I was looking up this date, I realised that the Lord had us speak about this date in the context of the 4 "war fronts" revealed in Revelation 10:11. I guess this explains why the Lord intended a team of 4 in my personal life, which is a reflection of a "4-pronged" attack that remnant-loving believers in general were being called to carry out.


An hour or so ago, the Lord also, out of nowhere, brought to my remembrance the fact that Super Bowl 44 was played on February 7, 2010, which "happened to be" Steve Nash's 46th birthday. As we have shared before, the number "46" speaks of a dark spiritual night in which America allowed the (Chicago) pastoral matriarchy to win over the male-spirit remnant, thus thwarting God's plans. All of this shows that it is no coincidence that the Lord prompted sister Cecile to ask about Super Bowl 44 and the Vancouver malfunction in the same sentence.



Wayne Gretzky was born on 26 January (1961). Even though we have mentioned the date "January 26" 5 times on the website, we have never talked about it in an explicit way (as opposed to the other 3 birth dates, which have "coincidentally" been "featured" at length on the website). I was surprised, however, to find that January 26 was the date when a sister in Christ had a dream that we posted with the title "Our house". At the end of that dream, she was calling 911, and the operator told her that "help would be there in 3 minutes", but then she lost the connection. This correlates with how the other 3 "hobbits" were supposed to come to my help but the "connection was lost" and the help never arrived, just as when Catriona Le May Doan's pillar never got off the ground (despite all the efforts made to make the pillar work).


As you can see from all of the above, all 4 of the torch bearers' birth dates are significant dates intimately related to America's revival being thwarted, the most dramatic date being the birth date of the one whose pillar never rose. Whilst the other 3 birth dates point to trouble brewing between God and America (due to her indifference), Ms. Doan's birth date (Dec 23) points to God's decision to definitively seal the delay due to that indifference.


Viewed from another perspective, the 4 pillars in the Vancouver malfunction also point to the 4 horses of the Apocalypse:


Being the "umbrella" for all 4 torch bearers, Wayne Gretzky represents the white horse (since the white-horse anointing acts as an umbrella that permeates the other 3 horses' anointings).



Steve Nash represents the red horse, due to the fact that the surname Nash means "at an ash (tree)" (according to In the past, ash trees were places where business would be conducted and court proceedings would be held, which speaks of "back-and-forth", red-horse conflict. (Fellow believer, it is no coincidence that the upper atmosphere over Europe is currently filled with ash from an Iceland volcano, causing massive travel delays; this is a prophetic sign of the "black blizzard" that the Lord had us talk about in June 2009; let him who has ears hear what the Lord is saying).



Nancy Greene represents the black horse, given that black-horse riders operate in anonymity, and Nancy Greene was the least recognisable of all the torch carriers, at least where the present generation of American viewers is concerned.



In this context, Catriona Le May Doan represents the green horse, given that Doan is a surname of Irish and Gaelic origin (according to, and Ireland points to the green horse.


Therefore, we can say that the Vancouver malfunction also points to the fact that America was able to enter into the fullness of the white-horse, red-horse, and black-horse anointings but decided to backtrack half-way across the green-horse stage, for which reason the Lord chose to start the definitive divorce proceedings against this present American generation. The fact that the "Irish-green" surname "Doan" can mean "little black one", emphasises the fact that America, which was supposed to go ("Irish") green chose to remain "black" in the middle of the green-horse stage. The fact that the "anonymous" Nancy Greene points to the black horse and not to the green horse, as her surname would suggest, emphasises even further how the American Church chose to remain "black" even in the midst of her green-horse phase.


According to one report I found on the Internet, the reason why the television audience realised that there was a problem with the pillars was the fact that an NBC reporter commented on it. Otherwise, the viewing audience might have never noticed that something had gone awry. This is a figure of how God's separation from America is happening outside of the view of natural man. To the religious "Christian" believer who lives in the natural world of "religiondom", everything seems to be OK and normal. Yet, those who are truly in the Spirit realise that something dramatic and sad is taking place in the spiritual atmosphere, something that is having, and will have, drastic consequences for America and the world in the natural realm. Just as the NBC reporter knew that something was wrong because he knew what had been originally planned for the torch lighting ceremony, those in the Spirit have realised that something is awry because they are comparing it to the plans that God's Spirit had for this generation. All of this correlates with sister Cecile's surname, MacGregor. As indicated on, MacGregor is a Scottish surname meaning "son of Gregor"; Gregor, in turn, means "watchful, alert". Therefore, it speaks of those with a sentinel spirit who are alert and watching what is going on in the darkness of night even as others sleep calmly. These sentinel believers know that something has gone dead wrong in the "darkness" of the spirit realm, something that has tragic consequences for an entire American generation. It is no coincidence that America just had the greatest mining tragedy in exactly 4 decades; the week-long rescue attempt in West Virginia was for naught. This tragedy occurred underground, outside the view of the light of day, but it happened nonetheless, and it has sad consequences for those above ground. Despite all the prayers uttered by hundreds of thousands of Americans, God did not rescue a single miner. It is too late to salvage the damage that has already been done. It is no coincidence that the number of miners that could not be rescued (besides the 25 who died immediately) was 4. This correlates with the 4 pillars in Vancouver and the 4 quarters in Super Bowl 44.


As we have shared before, the horse most intimately related to the "watchman anointing" is the green-horse, and the constituent country in the UK most directly related to the black horse is Scotland. Therefore, sister Cecile's surname, MacGregor, which is of Scottish origin and means "son of the alert", emphasises the interplay between "blackness" and "greenness" throughout this entire word.


The 4 April rift

One thing that just drew my attention is that the date when the Lord had me watching part of the "Lord of the Rings" film (as I typed the paragraphs above) was 4 April 2010. As you may know, Martin Luther King Jr. died on 4 April 1968. The night before he died, he uttered the famous words, "I may not get there with you, but I want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the Promised Land". As we have shared before, even though Martin Luther King was a man to be admired, he is also a figure of a failed Moses who allowed the pure movement that God birthed through him to degenerate into the whorish movement it is today, a movement now led by pathetic "they-spat-on-me" liars like John Lewis, self-serving demagogues like Jesse Jackson, and naive repeaters of lies like Al Sharpton. Having said all of this, I see a spiritual connection between the date 4 April and all of the above: Because America continues to follow Moseses rather than Joshuas, a divorce, a rift has taken place between God and America (this rift is the spiritual reason for all the recent earthquakes, starting with the ones in Haiti and Chile; the one in Haiti is an indictment against staying in the black-horse stage, for Haiti, the first black republic ever, is a land mired in stagnation; the one in Chile points to divorce; for, as the Lord had us share in 2004, Chile is spiritually related to "divorce"). As this rift has taken place, the remnant are being forced to go one way and America the other. Whereas MLK was taken away because he failed to understand the fullness of God's plan, the remnant will be taken away because the rest of the Church (not them) failed to understand the fullness of God's plan. This is why I am becoming increasingly convinced that my public ministry is being cut abruptly short, way before its originally intended time (just like MLK's was on 4 April 1968). If so, the Shamah-Elim website will not be up and running much longer, and I will soon stop writing altogether. I cannot carry this burden alone, and even if I could, the Lord would not let me, for He demands the "tithe" from His people, a tithe that never came. I was supposed to be part of a "team of 4", but the other 3 never showed up, and, as a result, this website's ministry will go the way of April 4. It was supposed to be "All 4 for 1 and 1 for all 4". Therefore, even if 3 (3 pillars and 3 quarters) could be brought to difficult fruition, the whole game will be lost, the entire holy invasion will be cancelled, unless all 4 are successful. It is a 4-front war, and it is supposed to be a team effort. A single swallow will not a summer make. God will not allow it.


As you may have noticed, this whole word has to do with believers who absconded from their responsibility to bear a burden and how the matriarchy bears infiltrated the landscape as a result, ruining God's visitation for the current American generation. It will be 20-30 years before the Lord tries again.


Interestingly enough, according to, the name Cecile, is derived from a Latin word meaning "blind". This points to the weak blind men by the roadside (i.e.- the remnant) who cried for "help", who cried to be enabled, but whose shouts remained unheard by the American Church and even by the avant garde believers who were supposed to know better (Matthew 20:29-34). Ironically, as the true remnant walked about like blind men searching for the light of God's manifestation in the natural realm, the rest of the Church remained blind in the spiritual realm. They were blind to the visitation door that was opened right before them. They were deaf to the voice of the remnant; they left the true remnant to fend for themselves, and, in doing so, they have casually allowed this generation to lose its visitation.