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First posted: September 3, 2006



On July 3, August 10, and August 29, 2006, a sister in Christ from Barbados sent us 3 e-mails in which she attached various prophetic words, dreams, and visions that believers have been having in Barbados regarding a coming flooding of the island. The number of believers who have been having independent but concurring visions and dreams of flooding in the island has been far too great to ignore. Because of this, this sister in Christ asked us what the Lord spoke to our hearts regarding all of these dreams and visions.




The elements in Barbados' spiritual makeup

Barbados is a small Caribbean island in the western Atlantic Ocean that lies to the southeast of the Caribbean Sea. In order to understand what may be coming to this island, we must first understand what has already come to it in the past. All of the dreams and visions that believers in Barbados have been having are God's way of drawing people's attention to the spiritual nature and calling of Barbados. There is an important spiritual battle being waged in the "tiny" island of Barbados, and that battle is a reflection of things that are happening in the spirit realm throughout the world.


The Lord prompted us to meditate on Barbados first, and these are the 6 thoughts that the Lord dropped into our hearts:


  1. The England connection

    According to, the influence of the English is more noticeable in Barbados than in other islands in the West Indies.



    According to, Barbados is nicknamed "Little England".



    The UK's Elizabeth II is Barbados' official monarch.


    Barbados has 11 administrative parishes. As we have said before, the number "11" represents God's purifying judgments, which points to the apostolic ministry, since that is the ministry most directly related to the making of judgments. As we have said before, Britain's strongest endowment is the apostolic endowment.


  2. The Celtic connection

    Barbados' independence day is November 30, which is the same as Scotland's national day.



    The Barbados flag features an extended arm clutching 2 sugarcane stalks that form an "X", which represent the cross upon which St. Andrew is said to have died. St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland.



    In the early days of Barbados' colonization, large numbers of Celtic people, mainly from Scotland and Ireland, went to Barbados as indentured servants.



    The term "Red Legs" is used to refer to the modern-day descendants of Scots and Englishmen sent as slaves to Barbados by King James II and others for participating in rebellions such as the Monmouth Rebellion. According to, these "Red Legs" are among the poorest people in Barbados.



    According to, Barbados was mainly Celtic in the 17th century.


  3. The Carolinas connection

    British settlers that owned small plots of land in Barbados were displaced. These settlers relocated to British colonies in North America, especially in South Carolina.



    7 out of the first 21 state governors in the U.S. Carolinas were Barbadians.



    The name "Carolina" is a female version of the name "Charles", which means "man, male". The name "Andrew" literally means "manly", which, therefore, is related to the name "Carolina". This points to Barbados because of the connection to St. Andrew mentioned above.


  4. Proximity to Latin America

    Barbados is barely 270 miles northeast of Venezuela, South America. Venezuela is home to Hugo Chavez, a "prototype" of where Latin America is headed politically and culturally as her spiritual decline becomes more and more evident.



    According to, most of Barbados' foreigners are people from the US, Canada, and the UK, along with expatriates from Latin America. It is interesting that the article used the word "expatriates" when referring to Latin Americans only, since expatriates are people who live in another country without letting go of their roots in their country of origin. As we have shared before, this is one of the root problems with Latin American immigration in America.


  5. The pirate connection

    The name "Barbados" was given to the island by an Iberian explorer, and it means "The Bearded Ones". The name was inspired by the physical appearance of the island's fig trees, whose long hanging aerial roots resembled beards. The name's connection to "beards" immediately reminded us of the comments on "Redbeard" that the Lord had us post recently (in the Stowaway word). I believe that the Lord did not allow us to sit down and meditate on the Barbados e-mails until we had written about "Redbeard". There is a spiritual connection there, a connection we were not aware of until today (August 30, 2006).


    The name of the Portuguese explorer who gave Barbados its name was "Pedro Campos", which literally means "Peter Fields" in English. "Coincidentally", the apostle Peter was the apostle ("St.") Andrew's brother in real life (John 1:40-42).



    Starting a few weeks ago, the Lord has had me thinking a great deal about the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies. This started as I saw a segment, aired recently on the Fox News Channel's "O'Reilly Factor", in which Bill O'Reilly interviewed a person who spoke of the spiritual themes that ran through those movies. A few days earlier, I was looking up a word on Webster's Dictionary, and the Lord got my eyes to land on the phrase "Davy Jones' locker". It seemed odd to me that this phrase would appear in a formal dictionary, since the only place where I had ever heard this phrase was in an episode of the Sponge Bob cartoon! I then learned that "Davy Jones' locker" was the name for the "burial place for those drowned at sea", which immediately made me think of Sheol. This "dictionary incident" made me think about pirates even more, especially since the Lord has had us talking about "buccaneers", beginning in an early posting (entitled "Hurricane Charley"), and even more since the end of 2005. All of this relates to Barbados for 2 reasons:

    1. Barbados is a Caribbean island, which correlates with the title "Pirates of the Caribbean".

    2. The dreams and visions which prompted this posting show Barbados being flooded. A massive flooding would lead to the drowning of many and would turn Barbados into a "Davy Jones' locker", a burial place for people drowned by the sea.


    Interestingly enough, the above-mentioned Fox News interview was first aired on July 13, 2006 at 8:00 pm US EDT. This means that it was already July 14 in Europe at the time that the interview was aired. July 14 is Bastille Day, a day of "pirate-like" anarchy that was instrumental in the downfall of "fattened" kings throughout Europe. "Coincidentally", this word on Barbados is being posted on September 3, 2006 (in both the UK and US), which is exactly 52 days after July 13 (and 51 days after July 14). The spiritual drama being played out in Barbados is spiritually related to the drama that led to God's shift away from America and towards Europe.


    {You can read a partial transcript of the Fox News Channel interview in a page posted on; this page has a "Video" tab that provides a link to the interview's video. You can also read comments about the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies and other movies on Even though this may seem like an "unrelated" comment, we strongly encourage you to read's comments on the "Lord of the Rings" movies; I have the Spirit's witness that this is not an unrelated comment.}



    In the "Stowaway" posting, the Lord had us talk about "Barbary pirates", especially the Scottish pirate Peter Lisle. The name "Peter" points to "Pedro Campos", the Iberian explorer mentioned above who gave Barbados its name, and the word "Barbary" itself is very similar to the name "Barbados".


  6. The Israelite connection

    According to, Brazilian Jews in exile were the ones who introduced sugarcane to Barbados. Sugarcane went on to become the most important industry throughout Barbados' economic history.



    As we said above, St. Andrew is related to Barbados. Andrew is mentioned 13 times in 12 different verses. However, the only passage in Scripture in which Andrew is referred to individually is in John 1:40-42. Immediately after that passage, the joining of Nathanael to the rest of the apostles is described, and Andrew is mentioned once again (in verse 44). When Jesus saw Nathanael coming to Him, He said, "Behold, an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile!" (v47). After that, the Lord says to him, "Before that Philip called thee, when thou wast under the fig tree, I saw thee" (v48). This points to Barbados, since, as we said above, the name "Barbados" was inspired by fig trees. All of this emphasizes the "Israelite connection" in Barbados, since the Lord refers to Nathanael as a "true Israelite".



    In the "Stowaway" posting, the Lord prompted us to add a paragraph on how the "stowaway" principle also applies to the people of Israel. We were not going to add this paragraph, but, just before we posted the "Stowaway" word, the Lord insisted that we add it.


"Elementary" conclusions

From the 6 spiritual elements listed above, we can derive the following conclusions about the spiritual makeup of Barbados:


  1. Barbados is a "stowaway" island

    We can say this based on the following:


    The first 2 elements listed above reveal a strong spiritual connection between Barbados and the UK. As we shared in the "Stowaway" posting, Britannia found grace in the eyes of the Lord and was set apart by God for a mighty purpose. In the islands of Britannia, God "stowed away" Europe's calling. As He found stumbling blocks towards the end of His work with Britannia, He "stowed away" Britannia's call in America. Therefore, Barbados' connection to the UK reveals that Barbados itself has a "stowaway" calling. This is evidenced by how many Scots, Englishmen, and Irish were shipped off to Barbados for defying the British kings. God has stowed a special anointing in Barbados, an anointing that God wants to collect spiritual returns on, for the time of the harvest is here.



    The Jewish people are "stowaway" people. Therefore, Barbados' spiritual connection to the Israelites (discussed above) emphasizes Barbados' "stowaway" calling.



    America is also a "stowaway" land. Therefore, Barbados' spiritual connection to the American Carolinas (mentioned above) emphasizes Barbados' "stowaway" calling.



    The Lord began to speak to us about spiritual "stowaways" as He had us meditating on the unrecognized red-bearded man in the "Stowaway" dream posted on August 27, 2006. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the visitor sent us an email asking about Barbados on August 29, 2006, 2 days after that dream was posted, since "Barbados" means "bearded ones". She had also sent us an email regarding Barbados on August 10, 2006, 17 days before the comments on "Redbeard" were "manifested".


  2. Barbados has a strong Japhethite influence

    Barbados has embraced the British influence from Europe, so much so that it is called "Little England". As we have said before, Europeans are physical descendants of Japheth. Therefore, those who embrace European values such as "law and order" and "respect for your fellow man" become "spiritual Japhethites", regardless of their race or ethnic background; and those who are Japhethites come under the prosperity blessing pronounced by God through Noah after the flood (Genesis 9:25-27). Because of this, Barbados is a relatively prosperous island, as shown by the following facts:



    According to, Barbados has one of the highest standards of living and literacy rates in the developing world.



    According to the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), Barbados is currently the 4th most developed of all developing countries in the world.



    Barbados is a major tourist destination, and, according to, Barbados has seen an increasing construction boom since the 1990s, with new hotels, redevelopments, new office complexes, mansions, and condominiums being built throughout the island. In other words, Barbados is unlike other tourist destinations that remain in perennial economic stagnation, despite the influx of tourists.



    According to, Barbados has one of the densest road networks in the world. In other words, despite being a "tropical" island that attracts tourists because of its natural beauty, Barbados is not an island "overrun" by nature, as is the case with other tourist destinations.



    According to, Barbados has 1 registered car for every 2 citizens in the island.


  3. Barbados has a "Charlesian" influence

    As we saw above, Barbados is spiritually connected to the American states of North and South Carolina and to the name "Charles". This reveals a negative influence in Barbados. As we have shared before, the name "Carolina" speaks of the self-aggrandizing "ministers" who pretend to be acting as "manly" spirits but who are really acting like nothing more than "female" souls. These ministers are "fatman" pastors who sumptuously feed themselves off of God's people but who do not care to feed the brethren who uphold their earthly "ministries". These "fatmen" ministers are contaminated with the hideous Amorite spirit of pride and self-exaltation, along with the Girgashite "pig spirit" that promotes religious hierarchies and distinctions. The combination of both the Amorite and Girgashite spirits leads to "ministerial elitism".


    When reading the prophetic words on Barbados (from others) that the visitor sent to us, the strong spirit of "ministerial elitism" was very evident in the wording. For example, at the beginning of one of the files sent to us, the writer refers to a prophetic dream of flooding given by a person we shall call "XYZ". Before describing XYZ's dream, the writer introduces him as "Barbadian Prophet Dr. XYZ". In other words, it took the writer 3 titles to get to the name of the brother. The first title, "Barbadian", is designed to promote "Barbadian national pride". The second title, "Prophet", is designed to promote him as a "minister", as opposed to the average "layman". The third title, "Dr.", is designed to emphasize his humanly recognized academic credentials, which apparently certify the "spiritual validity" of whatever he said. As if the "Dr." title was not enough, the writer goes on to emphasize that Mr. XYZ's doctorate is a "doctorate in Theology and Divinity", as if to say, "He is a really important fellow, so we must all pay attention to whatever he may have to say!!" My immediate "buccaneer" reaction, as I read that phrase, was to say, "Who cares? What divinity school did Elijah, Jeremiah, or Ezekiel attend? What divinity school did Yeshua attend, for that matter?" The "Ph.D." that God has called us to receive from man is the Ph.D. of "Pain, heartache and Diatribes", but that Ph.D. is not as popular as the one handed out at divinity school!


    In the same document that mentions brother XYZ, the writer also uses glowing terms to refer to a Barbadian organization called the "Pastors and Ministers Roundtable Network International". Notice how this organization's title places the word "pastors" before "ministers", which insinuates the pre-eminence of the pastoral ministry over all other ministries. This, therefore, points to how deeply rooted the "pastoral matriarchy" is in Barbados. The organization's title also emphasizes the pre-eminence of humanly-ordained "ministers" in general, portraying them as the "enlightened" higher-ups who are so spiritually above the rest of mankind that they are the ones delegated to do all the important spiritual work while the rest of God's people stand at the foot of the mountain, waiting for "bearded Moses" to come down from his "roundtable" at the mountaintop to inform the people of what the Lord wants done.


    Wherever the fatman "Charles" spirit is allowed to emerge, strong Amorite pride soon follows. Therefore, it is not surprising that the national flower of Barbados is called "Pride of Barbados" and that the country's motto is "Pride and Industry". As we said above, the "Charles" spirit also has a foundation of Girgashite hierarchies, which correlates with the word "Industry" in the motto, since Girgashites are industrious workaholics when it comes to working for things that are visible to their natural understanding.


    According to, Barbados and Japan have the highest per capita occurrences of centenarians in the world. Longevity is strongly associated with the teacher endowment, since it promotes a sense of stability and order (due to its focus on methods and traditions), which leads to a reduction in the anguish induced by a life of uncertainties; the teacher's focus on methods and traditions also leads to a systematic attention to "precautionary measures" such as the intake of (sometimes unnecessary) medicines and the avoidance of high-risk activities and decisions; all of this leads to a longer life expectancy. As we have said before, teachers degenerate into Girgashites when they stray from God's purposes. Therefore, the longevity in Barbados' population betrays a strong teacher endowment over the island, which, in turn, betrays the strong Girgashite influences that keep the fatman "Charles" spirit in control of the island.


  4. Barbados has a "green" pirate calling

    Barbados' flag has 3 vertical bands; the two outer bands are blue, and the middle band is yellow and contains what looks like a trident. These elements all point to the green horse of the Apocalypse:


    The two blue bands that "wrap" or "surround" the middle yellow band points to the "blue prayer shawl" that green-horse riders are called to wrap themselves in for the sake of others.



    The yellow band points to the vulnerable "yellow flowers" that green-horse riders pose as in order to bait the attack of Korah.



    The trident points to Poseidon, Hades, and the "stings" of Sheol. Green-horse riders arise from their "death and Sheol" experience to unleash Death and Sheol against the matriarchy of the soul.


    As we have shared in recent postings, green-horse riders are spiritual "buccaneers" with no reverence for human titles or greatness. Therefore, we can say from all of the above that God has, from the very beginning, called Barbados to be an island of "irreverent" green-horse "pirates" who will "plunder and pillage" in the spirit realm in order to help tear down the pastoral matriarchy around the world. This is the reason why the Lord sent "green" Irishmen and Celts to Barbados even from its early history. The Scots are black-horse riders, but they also have a Celtic, green "pirate" streak in them, which explains why God sent them to Barbados as well.


    It is no coincidence that Barbados' capital is called "Bridgetown". As we share in the "Outpouring" word, "bridges" are a figure of prophetic intercession, which reaches its deepest levels when you enter into the fullness of the green-horse anointing.


    This "green calling" on Barbados is reaffirmed by the fact that Barbados is a land with many green, gently-sloping pastures that provide good views of the sea.


A spiritual backdoor of collateral damage

All of the above explains the spiritual conflict that is going on in the spirit realm over Barbados, the conflict that is being perceived in the dreams and visions that the brethren have been receiving in Barbados. It is, in essence, the conflict of "fatman Charles vs. the green pirate". The people who are willing to move in the green-horse pirate anointing (like the visitor who sent in the question) are quickly attacked by the fatman-Charles spirit.


Barbados has warmly embraced the covering of Japheth, instead of rejecting it (which is what most physical descendants of Ham have unfortunately done). Because of this, Barbados has found grace in the eyes of the Lord, and He has blessed her greatly. However, this acceptance of the Japheth spirit has been perverted by a spirit of Amorite opportunism, which has used it as a door to establish the spirit of ministerial elitism. Japheth's respect for law and order has been turned into a worship of regulations, and Japheth's respect for the fellow man has been turned into undue reverence of "greater" men. This is the reason why the Anglican denomination is so firmly established in Barbados, since the Anglican Church is a strongly hierarchical church.


As a result of this distortion of God's right-handedness, the green-horse "pirate" calling on Barbados has been repressed and pushed back. This explains why many British settlers were dislocated at the beginning of Barbados' history, and were forced to relocate in other British colonies. It also explains why the "Red Legs", modern-day descendants of the Scots and Englishmen, are among the poorest in the island. Despite all the blessings and green endowment that God has provided Barbados with, Barbados continues to fight her "green" calling, and is therefore gearing up for a confrontation with the Lord of Hosts' "green tank".


By referring to the Scottish and English descendants as "Red Legs", people are mocking their skin's vulnerability to the sun, which points to how Korah loves to take advantage of the green-horse riders' vulnerability. By doing so, however, Korah is inviting his own destruction.


In the middle of this conflict, Barbados has a slightly ajar backdoor of spiritual contamination from Latin America, due to its proximity to Venezuela and the rest of Hispanic South America. As we have said before, Latin America is a land dominated by the Korah spirit, and, as Barbados continues to (unknowingly) side with Korah and reject its "green" calling, it exposes itself to God's judgments against Korah, including "collateral" damage from God's judgments against its Korah-ite neighbor, Hispanic America.


As I read the prophecies, dreams, and visions on Barbados that were sent to us, I was personally shocked when I read that a brother and a sister in Christ (2 witnesses) believe that there will be a preceding "minor" tsunami before a major one. This is because this correlates with what the Lord has spoken to us regarding a small country in Latin America. In the case of this small country, the Lord has spoken about 2 literal (and spiritual) disasters, a "minor" one followed by a "major" one. The "minor" one will be devastating, but the country will get up from that difficult blow, thinking that "the worst has passed", but, just as with Agag (1 Samuel 15:32-33), her arrogant self-righteousness shall draw upon her a doom that will shock the world. This "double whammy" projection correlates with God's judgment against the literal Korah. First, God opened up the Earth, and the Earth swallowed up Korah and his house (Numbers 16:30-34); immediately after that, God sent fire that consumed the 250 elders who had allied themselves with Korah (Numbers 16:35-40). This two-stage first judgment ended the "Korah leadership". Even so, the people rose up the next day and arrogantly defied God for having judged Korah "so harshly" the day before, which led to a second judgment, a devastating plague that ended all mention of "Korah" among the people, once and for all (Numbers 16:41-49).


There are other details in the Barbados prophecies, dreams, and visions that served as confirmation to us that the word for Barbados also applies to the aforementioned Latin American (L.A.) country. It is as if the visions and dreams that are being received in Barbados are spiritual projections of what God will do to Latin America spiritually (and to that small country literally). In the measure that Barbados shares in Latin America's (L.A.'s) Korah attitudes, in that measure it shall be harshly judged. Why? Because, when it is time for Korah to be judged, God's command is:

Get away from Korah, for the time has come to destroy him.

Get out of the way, for no pastoral "human" shield shall dissuade Me from executing My judgment.

Get out of My way, for the time of My vindication is at hand.


"23And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, 24Speak unto the congregation, saying, Get you up from about the tabernacle of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram. 25And Moses rose up and went unto Dathan and Abiram; and the elders of Israel followed him. 26And he spake unto the congregation, saying, Depart, I pray you, from the tents of these wicked men, and touch nothing of theirs, lest ye be consumed in all their sins." (Numbers 16:23-26)


"44And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, 45Get you up from among this congregation, that I may consume them as in a moment. And they fell upon their faces." (Numbers 16:44-45)


In other words, whenever Korah is judged, there is bound to be much "collateral damage", because God's executioners are no longer held accountable for the lives of the people standing by Korah's side. Such people have already been warned in the Spirit, and those who stubbornly refuse to heed the invisible trumpet blasts of the Spirit (because they believe in the queenship of the soul and hate "taking orders" from the Spirit) shall suffer the consequences of their arrogance. This is the spiritual reason why Lebanon suffered so much "collateral damage" from Israel's attacks. Despite the many warnings, Lebanon saw no danger in having Hezbollah Korah "by her side", operating in her territory. Therefore, without warning, the wrath of the God of Israel suddenly rained down upon her, a rain of judgment that was sparked by an "innocent little" kidnapping of 2 Israeli soldiers. Whoever "kills" His "2 witnesses" shall face the wrath of God, a wrath that is not greatly concerned about "collateral damage".


The unhealthy connection between Latin America (L.A.) and Barbados can also be seen in the fact that Barbados has many undeveloped areas with marshes and mangrove swamps. As we have said before, L.A. is a spiritual swampland, and it shall remain as such, even when God's glory fills the Earth (Habakkuk 2:14). There is a difference, however, between Barbados and Latin America. As a region, L.A. has already been irremediably cast off, never to be taken into account again. This is not the case with Barbados.


Charlemagne vs. Buc Rogers

As the Lord has had me writing this, He has constantly brought to my heart the name "Charlemagne". The fatman-Charles spirit that is preventing Barbados from fulfilling its "green pirate" calling is the "Charlemagne spirit". According to, Charlemagne brought many good reforms, which are known as the "Carolingian Renaissance". However, as indicated in another article, this "renaissance" was confined to the clergy and did not lead to a generalized "cultural breakout". This emphasizes the fact that the Charlemagne spirit brings "ministerial elitism".


Interestingly enough, Charlemagne was born in Belgium, the country which the Lord prompted us to write about when we wrote on the "Red-bearded" man in the Stowaway posting. Belgium represents the spirit of civil war that results from divided compromise. The tolerance of the "Belgian Charlemagne spirit" in Barbados is driving God to declare a spiritual "civil war". Once that civil war is decreed, inevitable green-horse judgments will be on their way.


As I thought about "Charlemagne", the Lord began to say to my heart that the name of his adversary is "Buc Rogers". According to a names-meaning website, the name "Roger" means "famous spear". As we have said before, "spears" are spiritually related to the green horse of the Apocalypse. Therefore, the name "Buc Rogers" (i.e.- "Buccaneer Spears") represents God's irreverent green-horse riders.


According to articles on, the fictional character "Buck Rogers" evolved from a Philip Francis Nowlan novella which first appeared in the August 1928 issue of the magazine "Amazing Stories". Later, in the 1960s, this novella and its sequel (entitled "The Airlords of Hans") were combined into a paperback novel entitled "Armageddon 2419 A.D.". In the Buck Rogers story, the main character (originally called "Anthony Rogers") was trapped in a cave-in and became exposed to radioactive gas that placed him in a state of "suspended animation". He woke up 492 years later, in the year 2419, and became a member of a "cooperative gang" that fought (guerilla-style) to free America from the influence of the Hans in the so-called "Second War of Independence". All of this correlates with the green horse and the battle against Charlemagne in the following ways:


As we have said before, green-horse riders are spiritually "radioactive". Therefore, Buck Rogers' exposure to radioactive gas correlates with the spiritual nature of green-horse riders.



As we have said before, the name "Anthony", when used in a negative spiritual sense, points to ministers who consider themselves to be of a higher "caste" than the rest of their brethren. John F. Dille convinced the creator of Buck Rogers to call the comic strip "Buck Rogers", the name by which the character became widely known. This subtle transformation from "Anthony" to "Buck" is a figure of believers who, like Nathanael, were once submissively operating under the "Anthony" covering but who heeded the Son of God's call and became "buck-aneers" with no reverence for man's sacred cows but with an utter reverence for the Lord God of Israel.



The word "Armageddon" in "Armageddon 2419 A.D." speaks of the spiritual battle in the "valley of decision" (Joel 3:12, Revelation 16:16). No half-hearted commitment to God's ways will do anymore. God is calling man to decide between His ways and man's ways. Those who put on their green "Buck Rogers" robe shall remain, and those who stay with their "Charlemagne" robes shall be wiped out. The green horse is a horse of no compromise, and it pressures everyone around him to "take a side".



The war narrated in "Armageddon 2419 A.D." is not a battle between independent nations, but rather an internal conflict, an internal civil war, which correlates with the green horse, since green-horse judgments are sent by God after He decrees "civil war" in the spirit realm.



The year 2419 is comprised of the numbers "24" and "19", and it correlates with everything that we said about the number "1924" in the Stowaway article (1924 was the year when both the writer and the drawer of the "Redbeard" comic series were born in Belgium). Therefore, the number "2419" speaks of a green-horse army rising up in judgment against those who refused to touch the "untouchable" cadaver of Goliath.



The "cooperative gang" that Buck Rogers belonged to speaks of the small gangs of "communistically organized" pirate prophets who are operating in the spirit realm, unleashing God's judgments upon the Earth and bringing about the restoration of all things. Therefore, the "cooperative gang" points to green-horse riders, since green-horse riders are buccaneer prophet-pastors.



The fact that Buck Rogers emerged from a cave where he was all but "dead to the world" for 492 years is a figure of God's green-horse riders who rise in resurrection from the Sheol cave to wreak havoc upon the structures of man.



The number "492" is equal to 41 times 12. In a negative sense, the number "41" speaks of "Amorite fornication"; and, based on what we have studied before, we can say that the number "12" speaks of the time when the believer (and the Church in general) must break away from any type of "pastoral-matriarchy control" in order to mature spiritually. Therefore, the fact that Buck Rogers slept for 492 (41 times 12) years speaks of believers who are willing to "sleep through" the reign of Amorite man and who rise up when it is time to overthrow the matriarchal rule of soulish man. This "sleeping through" involves the willingness to die rather than submit to the rule of Amorite man.



In "Armageddon 2419 A.D.", Buck Rogers fights in the so-called "Second War of Independence". This correlates with the spiritual calling of green-horse riders, since, as we have studied before, they come to terminate the rule of the Old-Covenant intermediaries so that all believers may enter into a free and direct New-Covenant relationship with God. Just like the fighters in the first American War of Independence, God's green-horse riders come to free their fellow man from the rule of oppressive Amorite kings. Through their spiritual operations, the Ark of the Covenant is revealed to the entire Earth so that all may have direct access to it and so that God's fearsome Glory may fill the Earth (Habakkuk 2:14).


As the Lord has had me typing all of the above, He has brought to my heart the phrase "Enlightenment vs. Romanticism". In the "Turban threat" posting, the Lord had us write about the Romanticism movement of the late 18th century, a movement which emphasized human emotions and intuition in an effort to counteract the more "Girgashitely rational" approach of the Enlightenment. In Barbados, due to the Charlemagne spirit, "Enlightenment" is dominant, and God is raising a pirate "Romanticism" spirit to destroy that dominance. Therefore, the battle in Barbados (and in America) is a battle between "enlightened" Charlemagne and "romantic" Buc Rogers. Charlemagne lost the opportunity he had to propel Europe into an era of cultural, political, and economic progress. Because of this, Europe went through additional centuries of "darkness" and "underdevelopment". The Charlemagne spirit represents "nominal improvements that keep you trapped in the past". Buc Rogers represents "true transformations that propel you into the future".


{We recommend that you read an article posted on which deals with the "Dark Ages" and with the conflict between the "Enlightenment" and "Romanticism"}


It is no spiritual coincidence that hurricane "Ernesto" pounded the American states of North and South Carolina as this word on Barbados was being drafted. The word "Ernesto" means "Earnest" in Spanish. According to Webster's Dictionary, one of the meanings for the word "earnest" is "zealous, determined", and another meaning is "a portion of something given in advance as a pledge". Therefore, God is declaring that "Ernesto" is an "advance payment" pledging (i.e.- guaranteeing) that worse things are too come, for His Buc-Rogers green-horse riders are consumed by the zeal of God and are determined to pay the spiritual price necessary to unleash the destruction of "Carolina the Great" (i.e.- the soul of Charlemagne). The fact that the name of the hurricane is a Spanish name (something which happens very infrequently) also has prophetic significance. Because of the spiritual contamination from Latin America that America has tolerated, a harsh green-horse judgment has been guaranteed, and it is looming as a turban in the horizon. It is no coincidence that news came out yesterday (September 2, 2006) of a long video featuring a turban-wearing former American calling all Americans to "peacefully convert to Islam, or else...". When green-horse Joseph's call to peacefully surrender is ignored, Hittite Yusuf's call to "peacefully surrender" shall be heard, and terrible terror shall be on its way.


A pressure to shift from Philip to Nathanael

God wants to raise "Nathanaels" in Barbados, but the "minister-loving" Philip spirit is still dominating the scene. Philip saw Christ as the "son of Joseph", meaning that Philip only saw Him in the context of his humanity (John 1:45, John 14:8-11). Nathanael, however, saw Christ as the "son of God" (John 1:49). Therefore, we can say that the "Philip spirit" prompts you to see "Christ" (i.e.- the Anointed One) as an important human figure worthy of reverence. By contrast, the "Nathanael spirit" prompts you to see "Christ" as a weak "son of man" who, in His weakness, is also a "son of God". Once Nathanael is allowed to be manifested, the "Jacob's ladder" referred to by the Lord in John 1:50-51 will be established over Barbados, and God's glory shall be seen there.


It is no coincidence that the "Buck Rogers" character evolved from a novella by Philip Francis Nowlan. As we said above, he originally named the character "Anthony Rogers", but John F. Dille convinced him to give the character the now-well-known name of "Buck Rogers". The name "Anthony" means "Worthy of praise". This emphasizes the fact that the Philip spirit prompts us to "praise Charlemagne", while the Nathanael spirit prompts us to praise God for His manifestation in man. Nathanael knows that that manifestation occurs as the anointing moves in us as we choose to believe (1 John 2:20-27).


God is birthing a latter-rain outpouring in the UK. Because of the spiritual connection between the UK and Barbados, Barbados is being pressured into the same spiritual process that the UK is going through. Barbados is lagging behind, so God is putting on the pressure. This has led to the many dreams and visions that have been received there.


Barbados, as an independent country, is about to turn "40" on November 30, 2006. Right now, Barbados is "39", which correlates with what the Lord has had us saying about America standing at "39". God is calling Barbados not to get stuck between 38 and 40, as was the case with America. The signs of revival that have been seen in various congregations in Barbados is a sign that Barbados is past the "38" stage and is being called to cross the Jordan and enter into its "40" stage. However, just like America, Barbados is hesitating. Therefore, God is telling Barbados not to "turn back" as America did. Otherwise, it shall face the same type of sudden judgments that are coming over America in the coming years (until May 2009).


As I reread the above paragraph just now, the Lord brought to my heart the phrase "reluctant Lots". In a spiritual sense, Barbados is acting like a "reluctant Lot" that is struggling to break from its attachment to "Philip Charlemagne", even when it has a heart that desires to do the right thing.


Spiritually speaking, just as Reggie White died at a relatively young age in Charlotte, North Carolina, many "pirates" have been prematurely killed in Barbados by the "Charlemagne" spirit, and their blood is clamoring for revenge from God. If Barbados does not turn back from its minister-revering Charlemagne spirit, God's green waves shall most definitely come upon the land of the "bearded ones", for the only bearded ones in that island should be the "Redbeard" pirates, not the "bearded know-it-all gurus".


God is calling Barbados to welcome His green-horse visitation. The spiritual name of the judgment that is looming over the horizon is "Hurricane Charley".


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