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Prophetic word for today
Tarnished gold (Part 3)



This is a continuation of a prophetic word posted earlier...



Our comments


Chevymobile revivals

In the dream, brother John saw a Delta-88 type car. According to, the "Delta 88" is a version of the Oldsmobile 88, a car line that became popular in the 1950s. The "88" in the name refers to the "Rocket V8" engine it was designed with. The Delta 88 in the dream was from the late 1970s or early 80s. "Coincidentally", that was the time span during which the "Chevymobile Affair" took place. In 1977, carmaker GM was rocked by a scandal in which many customers were sold "Delta 88s" that had been built with Chevrolet 350 in.3 V8 engines. Many customers felt cheated, since they had paid a higher price for their Delta 88s under the fundamental assumption that they had acquired the larger and more powerful Rocket V8 engine on the inside. Therefore, the late 1970s Delta 88 in the dream is a figure of a revival that looks fundamentally sound on the outside but is fundamentally flawed on the inside. As we have said before, the "1950s-style" revivals that the American Church is bent on reproducing (over and over again) lack the fundamental willingness to overthrow the matriarchy of the soul. Such revivals relieve the world of its "hurt" without judging the roots of unrighteousness that led to that hurt in the first place. There is unnecessary suffering in this world because of wilful unrighteousness in the hearts of men, and, as long as that unrighteousness remains, the unnecessary suffering can at best be palliated for a season; after that season, the subdued unrighteousness will re-emerge, stronger than ever (like bacteria that become resistant to an antibiotic), and, when it does, the havoc it wreaks becomes all the worse. Thus, a "50s-style" revival that is bent on "blessing the soul" and relieving the world of its hurt is like a Delta 88 that looks like a Rocket V8 car on the outside, but has a smaller Chevy engine on the inside.


Interestingly enough, "Chevrolet" cars were named after Louis Chevrolet, a Swiss race-car driver who was born on December 25, 1878 (according to As we have shared before, the "xmas spirit" promotes worthless acts of "charity" and "human mercy" that do little to change the underlying problems; it is a spirit that reduces believers to miniscule workers in a vast ocean of problems that will somehow go away if we all contribute our little and indistinguishable "drop of love". It is the spirit that promotes "peace amongst the factions" without ensuring that the factions have aligned themselves with the Truth. Therefore, it is no coincidence that Louis Chevrolet was born in Switzerland, the land of "neutrality". The "xmas spirit" is deep in the heart of those who want 50s-style revivals that bless the soul, and it is the spirit that delayed America's awakening process in 2005.


As we have said before, the number "8" speaks of Noah-style regeneration, i.e.- destroying through judgements in order to start anew. "50s-style" revivals do have a "V8" regeneration engine, but it is a Chevy V8 engine that deals with some surface issues but not with the deeply-rooted and more painful issues of man. Because of this, these revivals lack the "Rocket" V8 engine that can propel man from the realm of the natural and into the realm of the Spirit, which means that they cannot cause the kingdom of Heaven above to be manifested on Earth. 50s-style revivals may appear to regenerate the world around them, but they are doing little more than expel the unclean spirit and "tidy up the house" for a short season. The unclean spirit's throne in the people's hearts is left "untoppled" (Matthew 21:12), which means that the unclean spirit is bound to return to reclaim his throne. Ironically, when the unclean spirit does return, it does so with 7 others (Luke 11:24-26), meaning that it returns as 8 spirits. Therefore, that which was supposed to be regenerated through judgements (the "8" of God) ends up degenerating beyond all possible repair (the "8" of satan) and is thus cursed unto total destruction (Hebrews 6:4-8).


That 70s show

As we have shared before, the Lord suddenly said to me, "You are back in the 1970s" on Saturday January 14, 2006 as I was walking down a street called "Cherry Street" in New Jersey, America. This word came to me exactly 22 days before Super Bowl 40. I was puzzled by the phrase when I received it, and it is only until now, exactly 80 weeks later, on July 28, 2007, that I am beginning to understand part of what the Lord meant on that winter afternoon in 2006.


As we have studied before, most believers, especially those inclined towards the prophetic, are prone to erecting "70-level" spiritual buildings, i.e.- buildings with the 30-level prophetic layer and the 40-level evangelistic layer, but without the unpleasant 30-level layer of apostolic judgements. A building built in Christ will always have "100 levels" (30 apostolic, 30 prophetic, and 40 evangelistic). Since the 30 apostolic levels are eminently foundational, and not "graceful", they will always remain hidden beneath the ground, out of the sight of the grace-seeking soul. By contrast, the other 70 levels will be more easily visible, since they correspond to the 2 "grace" ministries (prophet and evangelist). Because of this, both a 70-level building (with no foundation of apostolic judgements) and a 100-story building will "look alike" to the non-discerning eye. Since "70-level builders" do not "waste their time" in the unpleasant foundational task of judging before building, their buildings "go up more quickly", so to speak, and they can afford to spend more time embellishing the building's exterior, thus attracting large crowds. However, since their buildings do not have a true foundation, they quickly crumble, and the unwitting throng that were drawn to them end up perishing under the building's rubble. Though saved from literal hell, most of those in these buildings are never saved unto eternal life. They never complete their salvation, and the hidden potential in them remains forever buried in the rubble.


In short, when the Lord said to me "You are back in the 1970s" as I walked down a New Jersey street in January 2006, one of the things He was saying to me was that America was bent on building a 70-level building, not a 100-level building. Because of this, my soul was being called to "flee for my life" (Jeremiah 51:6), away from the 70-level building which God was about to judge. He had sent His remnant spirit to exhort America to build a 100-level building, but America chose to stick with a 70-level view. As a result, all that was left for the remnant to do was to wipe the dust from their sandals and "run" as America the half-hearted was judged into submission. 70-level buildings are for show. 100-level buildings are for God. Unfortunately, America chose to stay with that "70s show", and God's immediate plans for America were sent back on reverse, a reverse that has caused a 4-year delay in America's revival.


By showing a 1970s Delta 88 to brother John, the Lord is also revealing a spiritual contrast. For obvious reasons, the "70s" emphasise the number "7", whilst "88" (8 times 11) emphasises the number "8". Thus, the Lord is saying that America chose to remain stuck at "7" during its journey from "6" to "8"; and, as we have said before, those who choose to simply "rest" and are not interested in "resurrecting" (i.e.- regenerating), are bound to lose their forward momentum and go in reverse. The sad thing about this "reversal" is that it is imperceptible to the soul, which makes this "Korah self-deception reversal" all the more dangerous. This is the reason why the Delta 88 people in the dream were happily going in reverse, with no awareness of what was truly happening to them. That is what happens when you are not founded on judgements, because judgements always bare out the truth.


In the dream, brother John identified the Delta 88 as being either from the late 1970s or the early 1980s. This speaks of a Church oscillating between "7" and "8", without making up her mind. That is what sincere but "soul-waving" believers do. They straddle the fence without being resolute, and, if they do not make up their minds quickly, they are sent on a "rollback" that is imperceptible to themselves.


Delta for ...

God inserted the word "Delta" into brother John's dream in order to encode several spiritual meanings:



Delta for Disaster

In the prophetic word titled "Flight 358", posted on August 9, 2005, the Lord had us talk about Delta Flight 191, which ended in disaster on August 2, 1985. Ever since then, the Lord has established a strong connection in my heart between the word "Delta" and the phrase "tragic disaster". "Delta" is the name of the 4th letter in the Greek alphabet (the Greek equivalent of the letter "D"); therefore, it points to the 4th horse of the Apocalypse, i.e.- the green horse. The American Church was unwilling to make the transition from the 3rd horse (the "gamma" black horse) into the 4th horse, and it remained spiritually stuck at "3 out of 4". Because of this, the "delta horse", the horse meant to deliver the Church from her Deadness became the Deliverer of Disasters.



Delta for Dexterity

In the dream, the Delta 88 passed by the dreamer on his left side as it was going upwards, and on his right side as its tyres were rolling backwards. As we have shared before, the left-hand side is the side of "grace" and "freedom", whilst the right-hand side is the side of "judgement" and " limiting laws". Therefore, the fact that the car was going upwards on the left side speaks of how the forerunners in the American Church were interested in climbing up Parousia Mountain mostly because of the grace and blessings that they expected to receive once they met God at the mountaintop. However, they were not willing to meet up with the Lord if that meant judgements that would obliterate all that has stubbornly stood up against God for ages. That is the reason why the car was backtracking on the right side.


The Greek word for the "right" side is dexios, from which we get the word "dexterity" in English. Therefore, we can say that the American Church was not interested in a "dexterity-based" revival. Instead, she wanted a left-based river flowing across America. However, she failed to realise that God's river is a "right river", a river that flows from right to left. The letter "delta" stood for "dexterity" in God's eyes, but man's stubbornness caused it to stand for "disaster".


The English word "dexterity" can be used to mean "adroitness, skilfulness". Therefore, it represents the opposite of "lameness, inability". This is no spiritual coincidence. As we have shared before, Scripture declares that we grow through judgements (Hebrews 5:8-14), meaning that, as we are moulded by God's judgements, we grow into complete individuals who can operate in all facets of the Spirit (1 Corinthians 2:15-16). As we progress in His judgements, our ability to walk in the Spirit expands; and, as we have shared before, "walking" in the Spirit implies the ability to pronounce judgements and the ability to conquer. Thus, God's right-handed judgements mould us into "dexterous" spiritual beings. By contrast, a revival focused on left-handed blessings turns believers into "crippled" souls who can do little more than extend their arms and beg for some "angel" (i.e.- some "minister") to come down from his "lofty abode" and pour some blessings into their lives (John 5:5-7). God's right-handed revival shall enable His people; man's left-handed revivals cripple His people. God's right-handed revival makes us "dexterous"; man's left-handed revivals make us "lame".


There is still much more to say regarding this dream. God willing, we will do so in a future posting.