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Prophetic word for today

John L. Kerry

First posted: December 23, 2004

Word received: December 21, 2004

Received by: Shamah-Elim Bible Studies


On December 21, 2004, the TV program "Special Report with Brit Hume" (on the Fox News Channel) reported that the U.S. electoral college votes were in, and, as expected, George W. Bush won the 2004 Presidential elections. However, an interesting thing happened. Even though John F. Kerry won the state of New York, he did not get any of that state's electoral votes. Why? Because New York gave all of its 31 electoral votes to "John L. Kerry" of Massachusetts.


This is the prophetic interpretation:


This might seem like a meaningless human snafu, but there is a powerful spiritual message behind this story. I must personally admit that, of all the states that voted for Kerry, the one that disappointed me the most was New York. As we share in many of our articles, we know that God is going to do great things with New York. The greatest revival in the history of mankind will spiritually flow out from New York and impact the nations of the Earth. Therefore, it was surprising to me that such a high percentage of New Yorkers would have voted for Kerry. Based on preliminary (but almost complete) results which we gathered on the night of November 4 (2 days after the election), these are the 10 electoral regions with the highest vote percentage in favor of Kerry as opposed to Bush (we are ignoring votes given to other candidates):




Votes for Bush Votes for Kerry

Percentage for Kerry

Electoral votes for Kerry
1 D.C. 19,007 183,876 90.63% 3
2 Massachusetts 1,067,163 1,793,916  62.70% 12
3 Rhode Island 161,654 247,407  60.48% 4
4 Vermont 120,710 183,621  60.34% 3
5 New York 2,782,457 3,971,059  58.80% 31
6 Maryland 951,892 1,223,813  56.25% 10
7 Connecticut 686,923 847,666  55.24% 7
8 California 4,403,495 5,427,055  55.21% 55
9 Illinois 2,313,415 2,826,757  54.99% 21
10 Hawaii 194,109 231,318  54.37% 4
  Totals 12,700,825 16,936,488 57.15% 150


As we mentioned in a previous prophetic word, D.C. and Hawaii are the most Canaanite electoral regions east and west of the Mississippi respectively, so it is curious to see them at the top and bottom of the table above. It makes sense to see Massachusetts in second place, since that is Kerry's home state. Vermont appearing as number four is not surprising either, since Vermont is a very liberal state (consider, for example, the fact that Howard Dean was able to get elected as governor in that state!). Rhode Island and Connecticut's appearance in the list above also makes sense, since both are New England states, and Kerry is from New England, which traditionally votes "liberal".


Maryland's appearance at #6 is not spiritually surprising either, since, as we mention in a previous prophetic word, "Mary" has become a religious figure representing the "pastoral matriarchy" that has dominated the Body of Christ for centuries. Therefore, the name "Mary-land" represents the presence of the pastoral matriarchy inside the Church in the USA. The number "6" is a number of human weakness and earthliness, which correlates with the appearance of the word "land" in Maryland.


California's appearance at #8 is not surprising either. With its influx of Latin American illegal immigrants and with the influence of liberal Hollywood, California is a very "left-oriented" state that focuses on blessings and benefits rather than on right-handed concepts such as truth, law, and judgments. However, there is a strong prophetic promise for California: California (including Hollywood) will be regenerated, and California shall see the Glory of God in these latter days (the number "8" is a number of regeneration).


Illinois' appearance at #9 is not surprising either. As we share in a previous prophetic word, Illinois is a spiritual stronghold of the pastoral matriarchy in America, and is dominated by Amorite and Hittite spirits. As we also mentioned before, the number "9" represents "spiritual power", and points to the pastoral matriarchy's obsession with releasing spiritual power in order to bring "blessings" and "happiness", without caring to establish a foundation of righteousness first.


As we mentioned before, Senator Kerry represented an America dominated by Canaanite and Girgashite spirits where the government would become like the "saving Messiah" that would solve all the problems for the "lame, average folks". Therefore, all the 9 electoral regions mentioned above have spiritual profiles that makes it "expectable" to see them in the Top-10 list of "Kerry supporters". The only one that doesn't seem to fit in is New York.


This is the reason why God did not allow New York's 31 votes to go to "John F. Kerry", giving them to "John L. Kerry" instead. In a spiritual sense, the "F" in "John F. Kerry" stands for "First", while the "L" in "John L. Kerry" stands for "Last". By doing this, God was reaffirming what He has already declared in Scripture:


"But many that are first shall be last; and the last first." (Mark 10:31)

[Notice that the verse above is verse #31, which is the number of New York's electoral votes. This is no coincidence.]


The fact that New York has 31 electoral votes also has prophetic significance. As we have said before, the number "31", when used in a negative sense in Scripture, refers to the Amorite spirits of pride and self-exaltation that have established their dirty little kingdoms inside the Church. By giving their 31 votes to "John L. Kerry", New York is declaring that the Amorite spirits who currently rule as "kings" shall be Last in the latter-day Church.


As we have also shared before, the number "31", when used in a positive sense, refers to prophetic intercession, which is the key to the tearing down of the Amorite triangle of evil. George W. Bush won 31 states, while Kerry won 19, and "19" is the number of kings who ruled over the northern kingdom of Israel, as well as the number of kings who ruled over the southern kingdom of Judah. Therefore, God is declaring that, in these latter days, those of you with the true spirit of prophetic intercession shall be used to tear down Amorite kingdoms of all types ("northern", grace-emphasizing kingdoms as well as "southern" kingdoms of human legalism).


In those days, New York, the "Empire State", will be a spiritual stronghold unto God, a fortress of Zion out of which God's kingdom will impact and conquer all the nations of the Earth.