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Prophetic word for today
Duct tape (Part 2)


This is a continuation of a prophetic word posted earlier...



Our comments

The destiny room

In brother John's first dream, the room (whose door was shut by the haunting spirits) represents the place where God's remnant can fulfil their prophetic destiny. As God drew near to America's front porch (in the form of His green-horse remnant), the invisible spirits that rule America's institutionalised Church said to the green-horse remnant (and, therefore, to God):

"You can be here if you want to, but we will not talk to you. We will give you the silent treatment, and we will launch invisible psychological warfare against you to make your stay as miserable as possible. We abhor your nature, and we will in no wise have communion with you."


As the door to the fulfilment of their destiny was shut, the green-horse remnant were forced into hiding once again, waiting in lonely darkness for other doors to be opened as unheeding America is pummelled by God's judgement rain.


The split

In the dream, brother John was "half standing in a wash room" and "half standing in a hallway looking down towards a room". This "half standing" was caused by America's spiritual indecisiveness. Since America would not make up her mind, the remnant were caught halfway between blessing America and retreating into a place of hibernation.


Later on, as brother John picked up the piece of duct tape on the floor and read what was written on it, he "didn't want to read the [remaining] half out of fear, half out of not wanting to entertain whatever had been written". Notice again how the Spirit of God prompted brother John to talk about "halves".


Brother John shares that he saw a duct tape square of 1' x 2' tapped to the door, and another square of 1' x 2' that was not stuck to the door. This insinuates that there was an original single square of 2' x 2' that was cut in two rectangles. The 2' x 2' dimension points to the manifestation of the 2-witness anointing in the American Church. One half of America's heart was willing to harbour this anointing, whilst the other half was uninterested in paying the required soul price. This anointing is inherently "male" and unpleasant to the "female" soul. This is why a soul-dominated atmosphere will be inherently inhospitable to God's 2-witness believers. America was half hospitable and half inhospitable to God's visitation, which, in God's eyes, amounted to no hospitality at all. He will never manifest His glorious nature in a place where He is half-constrained, in a place where He is half-accepted.


We received this dream's email in September 2005, a few months before the Lord made us consciously aware of the "civil war" He would decree over America. Therefore, God was already prophesying, through this dream, of the spiritual split in America's spirit realm, a split that led to the revival delay that ends on May 11, 2009.


Destiny's child

In the dream, the writing on the "unstuck" piece of tape was that of a child. As we have shared before, having the heart of a child is spiritually related to the green horse of the Apocalypse. Therefore, the child's writing on the piece of tape that was discarded on the floor is a figure of how the American Church rejected the green-horse spirit. Brother John says that the tape's "shiny side" was "facing out towards" him. This points to how the heart of a green-horse child is constantly beholding the shining Glory of God, a Glory you have access to only when you are willing to obliterate anything of the soul so that the Spirit of God may be fully manifested in you and in others (2 Corinthians 3:17-18).


The child's writing was done with a green crayon, which confirms the connection to the green horse of the Apocalypse. The crayon speaks of colours. As we have shared before, "colour" speaks of "subtlety" whilst "black and white" speaks of "naiveté". Believers who settle for a "simple Gospel" are black-and-white believers who will never grow to understand the complex fractal nature of God. Such believers will be shocked the day they encounter God and realise that He is not as "flat", as "planar", as they thought He was. They will then realise that the simplistic "Gospel" they had settled for was not enough to be allowed into the deep and unsearchable eternal life of God. By then, however, it will be too late for them, and they will be banished to the "Flatlands of Conformity" (Jeremiah 23:36-40), the spiritual place reserved for those who sought after the "simple Christian life", the life where subtle spiritual details are casually dismissed as "small" and "irrelevant". All of this explains why the piece of duct tape was "slightly curved". The "slightness" of the curving speaks of subtlety, and the "curvature" speaks of "non-flatness", i.e.- the refusal to live in "spiritual plainness".


The fact that brother John had to turn the tape over to see the writing speaks of "reading beneath the lines". Whilst "naive" believers are comfortable with a superficial understanding of things, "subtle" believers are diggers of deep truths, realising that there is always something spiritual hidden beneath what the natural eye can see. These are the believers who end up discovering the true God of Israel.


The child's writing was "partially in cursive, partially not". The word "cursive" is God's "coded" way of saying "curse-oriented". As you grow in understanding of the subtle details of the Spirit, you will begin to abhor things that others deem "unworthy of attention". You will become all "hot and bothered" in the zeal of God over things that others deem "harmless" or "tolerable". This will prompt you to "curse unto destruction" things that others are willing to live with, which will mean that your "cursiveness" shall be sorely rejected and misunderstood. The fact that the writing was "partially in cursive" means that your cursing will not be "carnally indiscriminate". You will curse that which your spirit identifies as worthy of being destroyed, and you will seek to enable that which your spirit identifies as "rescueable" and "perfectible". The children who shall fulfil their own destiny and the destiny of the Church are those who are willing to curse all that has been tolerated for ages without being destroyed. These "destiny's children" will know what to curse and what to bless, what to neutralise and what to enable, what to annihilate and what to forge.


The cursive writing in the dream also points to "letter writing", since cursive writing was used in the past to write formal documents and letters. Therefore, it points to God's apostolic epistles, to the apostolic epistles of judgement that God is writing through His determined remnant, a remnant who are willing to judge the Church and the world into true revival (a concept that is completely foreign to the matriarchal Church).


The crayon writing in the dream also speaks of prophetic creativity, of drawing up new worlds that have never been drawn before, of writing new dramas that have remained unwritten for ages. In order to use this green crayon, however, you must walk in a faith that leads you to an utter abandonment of all the paradigms of religious and carnal man so that God's paradigms may be drawn into your heart. Such faith is the faith that will spawn the impossible blooming of the desert rose, the impossible manifestation of God's latter-rain revival on Earth.


Green veer to the left

The duct tape that was stuck to the door appeared on the door's left-hand corner, and the unstuck piece had brother John's name on the upper left-hand section of the tape. All of this points to the phrase "35 degrees to the left", which the Lord had us write about before. At one point or another, the Lord calls His green-horse riders to make a "sharp turn to the left", a completely illogical turn that defies all right-handed human logic and understanding. This "wrong turn" sends God's green remnant over the edge, plunging them into an abyss of dark oblivion. Because of this, the green veer to the left requires a certain amount of determined and uncompromising recklessness. You must be willing to overcome all your natural fears and make a radical decision whose only backing is the clear witness of the invisible Spirit. This is the reason why brother John felt prompted to say "I rebuke you satan; I will walk into my fears" twice in the dream. The name "satan" literally means "adversary" or "opponent", which means that there will be a well-organised opposing force determined to stop you taking the "green-horse step" that God is calling you to take. When you do take that step, lonely Death and Sheol will be waiting for you, but it will all be in the Lord's will.


There is much more to say regarding brother John's dreams, but we will share it in a future prophetic word...