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Prophetic word for today (p.i.)

5 green tornadoes

First preliminary posting: June 3, 2007

E-mailed: June 1, 2007

Word received by: Melissa


Over the past 4-5 years, I have had roughly 5 dreams that had to do with tornadoes.


The first one I can remember was this:

I was the passenger in a vehicle on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. There were 2 tornadoes behind the car, a good distance away. I just remember looking at them through the back window of the car, but not really in fear or anything like that. I don't remember who was driving the car either.


The second one I remember:

I was driving my car down a main street in the city I live in (Amarillo, TX), and I came upon the intersection of my parents' street and this main street. My parents live near a mall as well as the major shopping area of our town. I looked up into the threatening sky and saw a classic skinny tornado come out of the clouds and touch down either right over my parents' house or close to it. I remember trying to navigate the car toward their house but with no success.


The most recent dream about tornadoes was a few nights ago. Here it is:

I was in a farm house out in the middle of nowhere with a good friend of mine (she is in her 50's and I am in my 20's). We had many children around us. My oldest child who is now 8 was there...only she was much older. My now 3-year-old son was there as well, but also older. My baby who is 7 months was there, but, again, she was older (I would say she was 2 in this dream--I have no idea how old my other 2 children were). I was carrying a small baby the whole time, but I do not know who that baby was, only that it was a boy.


There were about 4 other children there as well, but I did not recognize any of them. We were trying to seek shelter from a tornado that was coming in our direction. We hovered and crouched in several different locations throughout the house, until we finally went into an old cement cellar either in the house or just outside of it. What is special about this dream is that I physically felt the shaking of the structure as the tornado approached. I also heard the classic "freight train" sound of it approaching. I remember sitting on the floor of the cellar, clutching this little baby boy, and watching the other children who were crouched nearby. My back was to the tornado, but I could feel it coming right on top of us. Then I woke up.


[2 other dreams]

The other 2 dreams that I have had were not really significant enough to remember detailed information, but I do remember that they at least contained a tornado. I don't really recall having much fear associated with any of the tornadoes, just that they were a spectacular sight to see in each of these dreams.



Our brief comments


These dreams have several elements to consider:



The 5 tornado dreams correlate with the "5 months of torture" caused by God's green-horse locust believers (Revelation 9:1-6), and it speaks of God's green judgement against those who stubbornly rely on the Church's Korah ministers (since the number "5" speaks of "ministerial grace").



Even though sister Melissa speaks of 5 dreams, the dreams contained a total of 6 tornadoes (since the first dream had 2 tornadoes). This speaks of how God's green-horse believers are the forgers of the spiritual transition from the "ministerial grace" of "5" to the "sacrificial weakness" of "6".



The 2 tornadoes in the first dream points to the 2-witness anointing in God's remnant.



The unknown person driving in the first dream points to the "stranger" nature of the Spirit. As we have studied before, the things of the Spirit are "strange" or unfamiliar to the soul. The latter-rain move of God is being forged by believers enveloped in the "unnatural" Spirit nature of God.



Each of the 5 dreams correlates with each of the 5 ministries of Ephesians 4:11:


The first dream points to the manifestation of God's apostolic, trailblazer nature. This is the reason why the car in the first dream acted as a trailblazer for the 2 tornadoes that followed behind. The "dirt road" in the dream also points to the breaking of new ground in previously uncharted territory.



The second dream points to the manifestation of God's prophetic nature. As we have shared before, God's prophetic people are by nature defiant of the Girgashite traditions of their human forefathers (Judges 6:25-32). This is the reason why the tornado in this dream touched down at the house of the dreamer's parents. The shopping area near the dreamer's parents represents the traditional values that the Church has "bought into", values which are ironically getting in the way of God's latter-day purposes.



The third dream points to the manifestation of God's evangelistic nature. As we have shared before, God's evangelistic anointing is inherently expansive. This is the reason why this dream is the one that covered the most physical locations. God's evangelistic people also beget new children unto God; this is the reason why so many children appeared in this dream.



The last 2 dreams point to the manifestation of God's 2 "female" ministries, pastor and teacher, both of which correspond to one of the 4 "spiritual faces", the Man Face. As we have shared before, God's intention is for these ministries to operate in anonymity, as enablers in the shadows of the "male" ministry anointings in God's people. All of this explains why sister Melissa was unable to recall too many details on these 2 dreams and why she mentions them together.



Amongst other things, the 4 unknown children in the 3rd dream point to the 4 years of delay in America's spiritual revival, a delay that began on May 11, 2005 and will end on May 11, 2009. During these 4 years, the remnant which were to be manifested in America are being forced to remain as "unknowns", hidden away in lonely anonymity, whilst God judges America.



Besides the 4 unknown children, the 3rd dream included 4 other children: 3 which are sister Melissa's children in real life and a 4th child, an unknown baby which she zealously guarded in her arms throughout the dream. Because of this "mystery" baby, the number of children in the dream went from 7 to 8. As we have shared before, God shall force the American Church to make a transition from the rest of "7" into the regeneration of "8". This transition is being forged by a silent angelic warfare which God's remnant are currently waging, a warfare that has unleashed judgements on America in the natural realm. These judgements shall become worse as the weeks and months advance. Had it been impossible for America to make the transition from 7 to 8, she would have been cast off as Latin America was in 2003; the enemy tried to destroy America's "8th child", but the enemy was only able to delay the child's manifestation, not to kill him. America's "8th child" is a Joash (Judges 6:29, 2 Kings 11:2). Thanks be to the Lord for His mercy.



The "freight train" sound that sister Melissa heard in the 3rd dream points to the "spiritual train" that the Lord has had us talk about recently. The "freight" in this train is the burden of grief and wrath in God's soul, a grief and wrath that He has experienced as His faithful remnant have suffered at the hands of the soul matriarchy. God's soul is reaching a "suffering limit", and He is about to unload much of this "grief freight" on those who have opposed Him.



In the 3rd dream, sister Melissa, who is in her 20s, was with a good friend who is in her 50s. As we have shared before, the number "50" speaks of an outpouring of the Spirit, and the number "20" speaks of a green-horse army of young "buccaneer" warriors. Thus, the presence of both sister Melissa and her friend emphasises the fact that God's mighty outpouring cannot come without an army of young buccaneers who have no reverence for the structures of man (Isaiah 43:27-28). The American Church, as a whole, became stuck at "19", but there was a faithful, hidden remnant that moved on to "20". This is the remnant that preserved the promise of spiritual regeneration (the "8th child") for America.



In the 2nd dream, sister Melissa was in Amarillo, Texas. The word "amarillo" literally means "yellow" in Spanish. Therefore, it points to the spiritual judgement that has been decreed against America for allowing the Latin American contamination within her to trample on God's vulnerable "yellow-flower" remnant. This "trampling" was made possible by the American Church's cautious doubting of God's radical plans.



As the Lord had me type the title for this posting, He inspired the phrase "5 green tornadoes" within me (due to these tornadoes' connection to the green horse of the Apocalypse). As I stared at the title, the phrase "Fried green tomatoes" came to my heart and mind. I then recalled a movie from many years ago with that title. As I searched for information on this movie at, I was surprised to learn that the movie's story took place in the town of "Whistle Stop, Alabama". As we have shared before, Alabama points to the spiritual civil war that God has decreed over America due to her stubbornness, whilst the name "Whistle stop" points to the "freight train" in sister Melissa's 3rd dream. Interestingly enough, the movie's storyline focused on the friendship between an elderly woman and a younger woman, which correlates with the presence of sister Melissa's older friend in the 3rd dream. There is a spiritual connection between these dreams and the movie, a connection that becomes increasingly evident as you meditate on the movie's details. By the way, Jessica Tandy, who starred as the older friend in the movie, was born in London, England, UK; she died on September 11, 1994.