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Prophetic word for today

Magic queendom

First posted: May 12, 2008

E-mailed: February 20, 2008

Word received by: Paula DeLisse/Phillip M. Smallwood


This was given to me by Phillip Smallwood for your interpretation.


Dream with a message in a dream by Phillip M. Smallwood:


Humans have been holding the world together for centuries with magic. It should have broken a long time ago. You will set in motion a specific set of events that will break that magic, and allow the Earth to proceed as it should have years ago.


This was told to me in a dream by God. The world is rotting and breaking down. Honest people can't make it and liars and thieves kill each other too quickly. Evil most foul rules the world and it must end.


Our brief comments


As I asked the Lord what we were to post next, the Lord began to emphasise the word "Magic" in my heart, and that is when I understood that the Lord wanted this word to be posted next. Magic is, in essence, the attempt to make wishes come true without having to tie yourself down to the surrounding reality. Magic "makes things happen" for absolutely no reason at all, and is aimed at fulfilling wishes without regard for the (apostolic) righteousness or (prophetic) usefulness of those wishes.


As we have said before, Jesus was not a "magician" walking about Israel trying to make people's wishes come true (santa-style). Instead, He was a man who put God's righteous logos before the exercise of power, and who was more concerned about the establishment of God's Kingship than about making the wishes of soulish hearts a "reality" (Matthew 15:21-26). Most believers in the Church, however, have failed to understand that, often turning the Christian walk into a "magical mystery tour" where God is supposed to make all your problems go away, without realising that following Christ means embarking on a "Total Transformation Tour" not only of yourself but of the entire world around you. God's blessings are more than a "lucky charm"; when His blessings intensify upon you, you will suffer through a process of purifying bronze judgements that will propel you into new dimensions of your walk with Him, and you will be sent to Sheol in order to go through death and resurrection that releases transformation power upon the entire Earth.


Around the time when the Lord made it clear that we were to post this word, He used various people to remind us of the "miracle movement" that is currently taking place in Florida, US. As I shared with a brother in London who has become aware of this movement, I said the following to him:

"When America's NFL played in London, they chose to feature the New York Giants against the Miami Dolphins. I asked the Lord, 'Why the Miami Dolphins?' and began to understand that there was a spiritual connection between Miami, Florida, and the remnant spirit's presence in the UK. The remnant spirit has been 'stowed away' in Britannia's spiritual realm, and Florida seems to be a spiritual bridge point from Britannia back to America."

I also said to him,

"Something is going on in Florida, but I believe that it goes beyond the signs and miracles taking place. We have had these signs and miracles come and go on various occasions (Pensacola, for example), so we must be looking for a deeper move. This deeper root is having external manifestations, but the roots run much deeper."


The game between the Miami Dolphins and the New York Giants at Wembley was on October 28, 2007, and it was the first NFL regular-season game ever played outside of North America. In that sense, it is the first-ever "overseas" regular-season game in NFL history. I was a bit surprised, therefore, that the NFL would pick the Dolphins for such a historic game, given that the Dolphins are one of the worst teams in the NFL. That is when I began to suspect that there was something spiritual taking place behind the scenes. It is no spiritual coincidence that the NFL chose London, UK for its first-ever overseas incursion, and it is no coincidence that the New York Giants went on to win Super Bowl 42 in Phoenix, Arizona, overcoming the juggernaut favourites New England Patriots (who went into that game undefeated). As I shared with a sister in Christ prior to Super Bowl 42, I was prompted by the Lord to fervently pray for the New York Giants to win that game, for their victory over the Patriots would serve as a spiritual figure of the remnant David overcoming the spirit of Goliath in America. It was no coincidence, therefore, that a player by the name of "David Tyree" made the miraculous 32-yard catch towards the end of the game that allowed New York to score the winning touchdown in what I consider the greatest Super Bowl in NFL history. The surname "Tyree" speaks of how the remnant had been the recipients of a Tyre treason, but who shall be able to be manifested ("17"), despite the matriarchal beast's efforts to keep them "unmanifested" ("14"). That is the reason why the final score in that game was 17-14. In that game, the true Giants defeated the pseudo-giants, the up-until-then undefeated Patriots.


{You can read more about David Tyree's miraculous reception on}


A brother in Christ thought I would support the New England Patriots in that game because of the word "England" in the team's name. However, my reply to him was, "The word 'England' in the name is just a name; their coach is a cheater who uses sneaky tactics to outmanoeuvre his opponents; the name may say 'England' but the deeds do not." This is similar to how Barack Obama speaks of "change" but never seems to be very clear about the exact details of that "change". He is not a man of change, because such men manifest a burning and clear vision for the future; you can hear the "meaty substance" of their vision when you hear them speak. After listening to Obama on multiple occasions, however, all I hear is generalities, despite my determined efforts to "give him an opportunity" in my heart to express himself. He speaks of "hope" and "unity", but he never lays out a visionary and innovative scheme to bring that "hope" and "unity" to fruition. He is like a magician who expects America's problems to magically disappear without devising innovative paradigms and philosophies that will break the strongholds that have allowed many of America's problems to fester for so long. On a recent video of a cable news programme, I had the opportunity to hear Obama's response to a viewer who sent a videotaped question asking him what he wanted to be remembered for after his "presidency" was over (it is worth noting that the viewer, who is black, began his question by saying "Actions speak louder than words", as if to say, "What concrete deeds will you be remembered for if you become president?"). When Obama heard the question, he paused for a second, and it was obvious in his eyes that he had no clear, concrete answer to that question. I did not see the "fire" that visionaries' eyes sparkle with when they are allowed to talk about the vision burning inside of them. He began his answer very slowly, fumbling for words, and it surprised me to hear that the first topic he stumbled upon as he struggled to reply was the pulling of American troops out of Iraq and dealing with Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran. He went on to talk about that issue at length, after which I chose not to hear any more. I said to myself, "If there were no war in Iraq, would this man have anything to do on behalf of America?". Based on Obama's reply, the answer was a clear "No". Barack is a magician, and he has charmed the hearts of many in much the same way that a snake charmer can charm a cobra, in the same way that pastors charm the hearts of believers inside America's institutionalised Church. That is the spiritual reason why Obama's arrogant and childish pastor has been so prominent in this election process (cursed be he and cursed be the pastors such as him, for these bastards callously profane the name of the Lord with their arrogant self-righteousness and their refusal to be scolded).


Having said all of the above, we can conclude that the manifestations taking place in Florida are actually "side effects" of much deeper spiritual currents flowing through. In a sense, those operating in these miracles are opportunistically "riding a wave", but they are not forging the wave, and they barely understand its nature. Those with a "magical" mind will only care about the miracles continuing and church attendance increasing. Those with a "kingdom" mind will be looking out for deeper factors at play. satan will use this "wave" of miracles to distract those with an immature, "magical" mind, steering them away from what God is really up to.


In these latter days, God is raising a remnant who will be fighting against the root issues that have perpetuated evil for so long. Enough of those who offer superficial solutions! Enough of those who want to solve the world's problems without dealing with the underlying issue: the queendom of the soul.