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Prophetic word for today

Imposter liberty

First posted: May 24, 2011

Word received: March, April, & May 2011

Received by: Shamah-Elim Bible Studies


According to a 15 April 2011 report by Reuters, the United States Postal Service (USPS) had recently printed and issued some 3 billion new postage stamps that were intended to commemorate the Statue of Liberty. The stamps featured an image of the Statue of Liberty, but a stamp collector noticed that there was something "wrong" with the image. After doing a bit of research, he realised that the image was not that of the Statue of Liberty in New York. Instead, it was the image of a half-sized fibreglass and Styrofoam replica of the Statue that stands outside the "New York, New York" casino in Las Vegas. Because of this, the collector sent the USPS a question to find out whether they had done this on purpose. This is when the USPS finally realised its humongous mistake. When the USPS issued the stamps in December 2010, it released a statement describing the image on the stamp as "a gift from the people of France ... which stands 305-feet tall on Liberty Island off the tip of Manhattan", a "symbol of political freedom and democracy for millions of people around the world". Therefore, they clearly believed that the image was that of the real Statue of Liberty in New York.


The USPS realised its mistake about a month ago (in March 2011), but it remained silent about it. The USPS finally made a public admission of the mistake when it was exposed in the April issue of the Linn's Stamp News, a magazine for stamp enthusiasts. Roy Betts, a USPS spokesman, partly blamed Getty Images, the stock photography company, for "ambiguously labelling" the image in its database. Even though the Getty image used by the USPS includes the keywords "Nevada" and "Replica Statue of Liberty - Las Vegas", Betts claims that these keywords were added until after the USPS pointed out their absence to them.


Despite the humongous 3,000,000,000-stamp blunder, the USPS will not issue a recall, limiting itself to correcting the catalogue information related to the stamp and labelling the whole incident as a simple "mischaracterisation". Spokesman Roy Betts even stated that "... we love the stamp design, and we would have done the same thing and used the same artwork". There was no word whatsoever of any sackings or reprimands to any USPS worker or manager as a result of the 3,000,000,000-stamp fiasco.



Our comments


Out with the true, in with the false

Even though the USPS's blunder took place in December 2010, it was only until 15 April 2011 that it finally become widespread public news. There is a prophetic reason for this. As you may recall, the Lord had us post a dream on 15 March 2011 (exactly one month earlier) entitled "Green bashed" in which the dreamer saw the Statue of Liberty floating on the Hudson River. As we shared then, this is a figure of how this American generation had irrevocably rejected God's green-horse visitation. Therefore, the USPS's use of the fake Statue of Liberty for its 3 billion stamps emphasises the fact that America opted for the false "liberty" of Korah rather than the true liberty being heralded by God's green-horse riders. In 2008, when she had to choose between the slick and glamorous barack hussein obama and the old and sleep-inducing John McCain, she quickly opted for the slick demagogue, just as when the USPS people chose the "clean-cut" and "brand-new" look of the Vegas statue over the more "tired" and "worn out" look of the New York statue. It is very difficult to believe that any professional searching through Statue-of-Liberty images on the Internet would not have come across images of the true Statue along with images of the fake one. It is also very difficult to believe that any American with some sense of perception would not have realised that the image eventually selected for the stamp was not that of the true Statue. Being an American icon, the true Statue of Liberty has its image constantly flashed in adverts, films, and documentaries, to the point that any perceptive American over the age of 30 would be able to visualise a realistic image of the Statue's face in his or her mind on command (without having to be Shawn Spencer from Psych). Even if the USPS employee who selected the fake image was too young and immature to notice his big mistake, any supervisor validating his selection (before approving the printout of 3,000,000,000 stamps) should have caught the blunder, especially if you consider all the ageing union-protected dinosaurs that litter the landscape of the USPS's mediocre bureaucracy. Besides the fact that the real statue is clearly more "time-tested", the fake statue shows a smug look on its eyes when compared to the more serene look in the real statue, and its cheeks are more puffed up, more "chipmunkey", than the real statue's. Even so, everyone involved in the USPS's selection process clearly found these differences "ignorable", just as America did when it elected a smug, puffed-up, and arrogant con artist to occupy the White House in 2008 (ignoring all the clear warning signs of his radical left-wing liberalism).


Moab-solutely "right"

In his statement, USPS spokesman Roy Betts blamed Getty Images in part for the mix-up, asserting that Getty had simply tagged the Vegas images with the phrase "Statue of Liberty" without specifying that the images were from the statue in Las Vegas. Even if this is true, Getty would still be technically correct in placing the tag "Statue of Liberty" on an image showing a Statue of Liberty replica. As we shared above, anyone with an acceptable sense of observation would have noticed the difference between the false Statue and the true Statue when viewing them side by side in the same search-results page, unless, of course, the person doing the search was simply trying to get that image search out of his/her hair before getting back to doing nothing (irresponsibility, negligence, and mediocrity tend to annihilate perception). Hence, the effort to blame Getty Images for the blunder reveals that the USPS are unwilling to accept any scrutiny or judgement on how their bureaucratic machinery could have possibly selected the wrong image, especially when almost 10 copies of that image were about to be printed for every man, woman, and child in the United States of America.


In his statement, Roy Betts also asserted that, even though the use of the Vegas Statue was unintentional, they would have selected its image over the New York Statue's even if they had known. Roy Betts was therefore saying the following,

"We would have intentionally used the fake Statue of Liberty to commemorate the real Statue of Liberty because the real one is not as good as the fake one".

This is like holding a gala event to honour Elvis Presley whilst putting up a giant picture of an Elvis impersonator (fittingly dressed in Elvis' Vegas-act attire), or like commemorating Clinton's presidency (God forbid) with a stamp featuring comedian Phil Hartman ... or like commemorating Bush 41's presidency (God forbid, again) with a stamp featuring Dana Carvey. As evidenced by these analogies, Roy Betts' words are clearly ludicrous, and, along with the effort to blame Getty Images, they evidence a basic spiritual flaw: the unwillingness to admit a fundamental flaw even in the face of overwhelming evidence.


Between the 5th and 11th of March 2011, I was forced to go through a horrendous encounter with a recalcitrant group of spirits. That experience was so spiritually overwhelming that I was left in a spiritual daze for several weeks, and, even now, at the time of this writing, I have yet to fully recover from it. That experience revealed the increasing darkness of the already gloomy future before me, and it made me realise how narrow the opening is to any meaningful chronological future in my life. As I meditated and asked the Lord what had happened, He took me to Isaiah 16, and He very clearly said to me, "You have been attacked by the spirit of Moab":


"6 We have heard of the pride of Moab; he is very proud: even of his haughtiness, and his pride, and his wrath: but his lies shall not be so. 7 Therefore shall Moab howl for Moab, every one shall howl: for the foundations of Kirhareseth shall ye mourn; surely they are stricken. 8 For the fields of Heshbon languish, and the vine of Sibmah: the lords of the heathen have broken down the principal plants thereof, they are come even unto Jazer, they wandered through the wilderness: her branches are stretched out, they are gone over the sea. 9 Therefore I will bewail with the weeping of Jazer the vine of Sibmah: I will water thee with my tears, O Heshbon, and Elealeh: for the shouting for thy summer fruits and for thy harvest is fallen. 10 And gladness is taken away, and joy out of the plentiful field; and in the vineyards there shall be no singing, neither shall there be shouting: the treaders shall tread out no wine in their presses; I have made their vintage shouting to cease. 11 Wherefore my bowels shall sound like an harp for Moab, and mine inward parts for Kirharesh. 12 And it shall come to pass, when it is seen that Moab is weary on the high place, that he shall come to his sanctuary to pray; but he shall not prevail. 13 This is the word that the LORD hath spoken concerning Moab since that time. 14 But now the LORD hath spoken, saying, Within three years, as the years of an hireling, and the glory of Moab shall be contemned, with all that great multitude; and the remnant shall be very small and feeble." (Isaiah 16:6-14)


A study of 2 Kings 1:1-2, 1 Kings 11:7, Genesis 19:31-37, and Jeremiah 48 reveals that Moab points to the Jebusite spirit, and, in a more specific context, to Jebusites who aspire to become Amorite kings one day. In this sense, Moabites are like the Jebusite officials who work under an Amorite king and are seeking the opportunity to take over the throne and become kings themselves. As we have shared before, the Amorite spirit is a spirit of self-exalting pride, and Jebusites are "apostles gone bad"; as we have also shared before, apostles are judgement-makers imbued with a spirit of trailblazing persistence and endurance. Therefore, when the Jebusite spirit of persistent legalism combines with Amorite pride, as it does in Moabites, it leads to people who are actively persistent when it comes to upholding their flawed beliefs and who are too proud to ever admit that they are wrong. This is made even worse by a spirit of Amorite opportunism that is constantly seeking to domineer over weaker people in order to impose the kingship of their flawed values over the lives of others. The Moabite spirit is a spirit that seeks every possible opportunity to humiliate you, to make you feel "stupid" for so much as daring to question its so-called "wisdom". In short, Moabites will never admit that they are wrong, and they will seek every opportunity to make you feel less "wise" than them so as to perpetuate the validity of their mistakes. However, the Lord declares that Moab's falsehoods shall not stand, despite Moab's arrogance and self-assuredness (Isaiah 16:6).


From all of the above, we can safely conclude that the USPS's refusal to admit that they were wrong is a spiritual manifestation of the Moabite spirits that have been "circling the air" in recent weeks and months. As I meditated on why these worthless spirits have been "stirred" in recent weeks, I began to understand that it was the result of a response that this generation has been releasing into the spirit realm in recent months. As the verdict of "you are a rejected generation" has been ringing in the spirit realm, this generation has responded by saying,

"We are NOT a rejected generation. We have done nothing wrong. There is no reason whatsoever for God to reject us. We are about as good as, if not better than, any generation before us. We have actually done a hell of a job, and we have nothing to hang our heads in shame about."


Moabite earthquake

As we shared above, we began to feel these bastard Moabite spirits stirring in a horrendous way on Saturday 5 March 2011, culminating in a vicious attack on Friday 11 March 2011 (all of which I experienced in a very personal way). Therefore, it is no coincidence that the Tōhoku earthquake in Japan happened at the end of that horrid week, on 11 March 2011. A few weeks earlier, as I was meditating on the correlation between the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 different racial groups on Earth, the Lord suddenly spoke into my heart and said, "Japan represents those who refuse to admit that they are wrong". I was a bit stunned that the Lord would point out Japan to represent such people, given that, if anyone asked me to name a nation of people too proud to admit that they were wrong, I would reel off the names of several worthless Latin American nations before ever getting to Japan. Yet, that night, the Lord was for some reason singling out Japan. Therefore, I was not surprised when the Tōhoku earthquake happened a short time later, and I was not surprised that it happened at the end of a week of vicious Moabite activity. Even though Latin America's culture is evidently inferior and "discardable" when compared to Japan's, the Lord was singling out Japan because it is a nation of people with many good qualities, which makes it easier for them to mask the issues that remain unsettled within them. It is easy to see and judge the moral and cultural backwardness of (Hamite) Latin America, for example, but it is more difficult to judge the unrighteousness of people who have been willing to embrace the covering of Japheth and who, in many respects, have been willing to learn new things, to not be comfortable being stuck in stale paradigms, and who hold hard work and personal honour in high regard. In many ways the David spirit of innovation operates within them, but Japan has a rotting corpse in its closet, a cadaver that it refuses to get rid of.


When Japan launched herself on the conquest of Asia and the Pacific in the early part of the 20th century, her excuse was that it was running out of living space and agricultural resources for its relatively large population. However, as Japan invaded China, Korea, the Philippines, and other places, it acted less like an out-of-breath nation desperate for "breathing space" and more like a nation bent on raping and humiliating its neighbours. As testified by those who had to live through Japan's invasion and occupation, the Japanese soldiers were vicious and ruthless, raping the women of the towns they took over and using them as sex slaves, murdering children just for the "thrill" of it, and destroying property "simply because they could". Most of the worthless left-wing liberals in America (and around the world) who resent the nuclear bombs dropped by America on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are completely unaware of (or uninterested in) the "Nanking Massacre", a 6-week orgy of rape and murder perpetrated by the Japanese Imperial Army on the Chinese city of Nanjing. During this brief 6-week period, Japanese soldiers murdered hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilians and disarmed soldiers, and it is believed that between 20,000 and 80,000 women were raped. Japanese soldiers would throw little children up in the air and "catch them" with their bayonets, just for the "fun of it". They would gang rape young women and murder them afterwards by stabbing them in their private parts with either a bayonet or a bamboo stick, and they would leave the bayonet or bamboo stick on the corpse as if to "mark" the place where their own worthless private parts had been. Therefore, it is safe to say that the 2 nuclear bombs dropped on Japan do not even come close to compensating for the Nanking Massacre alone, much less the myriad of other atrocities committed by the little army of the bastard Hirohito. It is also a well-established fact that the Japanese used chemical and bacteriological weapons against civilians. As indicated on, the coward Hirohito directly authorised the use of chemical weapons on some 375 occasions in the Battle of Wuhan alone. The coward hirohito was also "OK" with his air force bombing the Chinese cities of Ningbo and Changde with fleas carrying the bubonic plague. Despite all of these atrocities, Japan and its "imperial" family have refused, even to this day, to apologise to their neighbours for all the unnecessary evil they committed. Various "apologies" have been issued over the years by various government officials, but an analysis of these apologies reveals that they are all half-hearted, rather ambiguous, and issued more as personal apologies by individual officials and not as sincere apologies issued by a people who are aware of what they did; in no way do these apologies sound like those of a shocked and puzzled nation struggling to understand what attributes in their culture could have triggered such monstrous and grotesque evil. All of this contrasts with how Germany reacted to its World-War-2 atrocities. Germany has on many an occasion apologised for its actions, and Germans have, as a people, shown great collective shame over what they did, blushing every time the issue is so much as casually mentioned, and showing great pain in their hearts every time they are forced to remember what they did in the concentration camps. As you may know, Germany and Europe as a whole are so openly remorseful about the matter that you can literally go to jail in Europe for denying the Holocaust, especially in all the German-speaking countries. By contrast, Japanese culture remains "hush" about Japan's atrocities during World War 2.


Hence, any tear shed for Japan because of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is a tear abominable to God. In fact, there is an indictment from God in the spirit realm against America for allowing hirohito to remain as "emperor" when Japan surrendered. Instead of trying the little bastard for war crimes (the way Nazi generals were), he was allowed to remain in power and retain his "dignity", even after he had literally raped millions of people out of theirs. Not even an, "Oops ... my bad" was demanded of him; instead, he was deliberately protected by MacArthur from any potential war-crime indictment. Why? Because MacArthur was more interested in ending the war and in having a "stable" Japan than in completing the work he had been assigned. What would people think of Germany, for example, if, after the end of the war, Germans had remained so attached to Hitler and to the Nazi ideology that they would have collapsed if their Nazi leadership was taken away from them altogether? What if Germans had remained so loyal to the Nazi party that the Allies would have felt a strong compulsion not to try the Nazis for war crimes and to simply "let bygones be bygones" and "to look forward to a peaceful future with Germany and not harp on the past"? Wouldn't we all think that there was something fundamentally wrong with the German people if they still remained patriotically attached to the Nazi party, even after all that the Nazis had done and made them go through? Wouldn't we find something fundamentally wrong with the German people if, even to this day, there were major German historians and politicians questioning the veracity and scale of the Holocaust? Yet, for some reason, most people around the world (including Americans and Europeans themselves) hold Germany to a higher standard than Japan. Why? Because Germans are white and the Japanese are not. In typical "mea culpa", self-flagellating mode, many white Americans and Europeans see Japheth's prosperity and his dominion over Ham as a result of outright thievery and exploitation. To these Ham-contaminated pseudo-sons of Japheth, it is impossible to fathom that Europe and America have prospered because they have hardworking people with creative ideas, people who are willing to live by law and order, people who do not go around stabbing each other in the back to get ahead. Because their souls are contaminated by Hamite emotionalism, they are unwilling to accept that the Japhethite cultures are inherently superior to the cultures of Ham, and, in their hearts, they resent God's judgement against the spirit of Ham. They are unwilling to believe that, for some reason, God has chosen to bless Japheth and curse rebellious Ham. In typical Canaanite fashion, they view God's judgements as simply too unfair to them, and their souls instinctively react against those judgements with much bitterness and blinding hypocrisy.


Ironically, most Hamite Americans are more interested in forcing America to issue some sort of "apology" for the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki than in getting Japan to truly apologise for its war crimes. They are OK with the fact that hirohito was allowed to live a long and unrepentant life, going straight to hell in 1989 at the outrageous age of 87, where his loud and endless cries of tortured anguish can be heard today, to the joy and delight of God's remnant believers; this joy, however, shall never be enough to compensate for the enraging injustice of hirohito's acquittal, an injustice that lingers on the face of the Earth like a cloud of nauseous fumes.


{It is worth noting that there is an individual out there who claims to have been "in the building" in Japan when hirohito allegedly went to MacArthur to extend a formal apology. According to this individual, MacArthur for some reason rejected the apology and refused to even meet with hirohito. However, the individual who "stepped forward" to testify of this alleged incident is the only such witness of the event. There is absolutely no supporting evidence or witnesses to back this individual's claims, and a close study of his professional work reveals a strong attachment to Japan and the Japanese culture, as shown by the fact that he has received awards from the Japanese government for his "work" on behalf of the Japanese culture. To make matters even more suspicious, this former California resident and professor in a local Pasadena college eventually moved to Utah to teach at the University of Utah, where he remains as an emeritus professor. This means that this man is very sympathetic and/or comfortable with the Mor(m)on spirit. As we have studied before, the Mor(m)on spirit is a spirit of deceit that emphasises faith based purely on emotion and not on cold, hard facts. You can read more about this false, history-rewriting apology at It is ironic that revisionists have made more of an effort to apologise for hirohito than the little bastard did for himself.}


Cursed be those who protect hirohito's "honour" within Japan and throughout the world, and cursed be those who dare to defend Japan's indifference about its war-time atrocities, for the blood of millions of souls is clamouring for justice even to this day. That is the blood that stirred the ground into the 5th most powerful earthquake in recorded history on 11 March 2011 (10 March in California); the fact that it was the 5th most powerful earthquake is due to the fact that it was a release of judgement power by the "5th angel" (à la Revelation 9:1-11) from 5th-seal souls clamouring for justice to be done on Earth (Revelation 6:9-11).


{Fellow believer, the fact that the March 2011 earthquake in Japan and the ensuing tsunami affected two nuclear plants (Fukushima 1 and Fukushima 2), leading to the fear of a massive nuclear meltdown, is God's not-so-subtle way of emphasising that it was He, the God of Israel, who ordered the nuclear bombing of the two Japanese cities during World War 2. The radiation released as a result of the earthquake is a figure of the invisible cloud of death that lingers in Japan's spiritual atmosphere as a result of her collective non-repentance. Fellow believer, if you truly love Japan, and if you truly long to see a manifestation of God in the latter days, not only in Japan but in many places across the Far East, you must be willing to pronounce the necessary judgements on Japan and the Japanese people so as to clear Japan's atmosphere of this silent but deadly cloud. Pretending as if the cloud is not there only helps to prolong the spiritual death that lingers over Japan, and it also makes you a co-participant in that death. Let him who has ears understand what God's 5th-seal remnant are saying.}


Las Vegas lady

It is interesting to consider that the Reuters story reporting on the USPS Liberty stamp error was entitled "Oops! Statue of Liberty stamp shows Las Vegas lady". There is a spiritual reason for this. As many of you may know, Nevada is the only state in the US where prostitution is legal. Even though it is not legal throughout the state, and even though it is technically illegal within Las Vegas proper, prostitution is profusely advertised to tourists in Las Vegas in a form so thinly veiled that anyone with a bit of perception will be able to discern that prostitution is what is being offered. The police force in Las Vegas look the other way when it comes to prostitution, going into action mostly when casinos complain about specific prostitutes "bothering" their gambling customers. Considering all the nudity prevalent in Las Vegas' entertainment scene, prostitution can be considered a "natural" and "understandable" extension of what is already accepted as legal and normal behaviour there. Therefore, if you utter the phrase "Las Vegas lady", all by itself, to an American (and maybe, to most foreigners), one of the first things (if not the first) that will pop into that person's mind is "prostitute" (along with "showgirl"). Hence, the prophetic reason why Reuters felt prompted to use the phrase "Vegas lady" (when referring to the fake Statue of Liberty in the stamp) is to reveal how America discarded the liberty that God was offering, replacing it with the liberty of a prostitute. Why? Because the liberty offered by God requires that the soul submit to the spirit, i.e.- that the Spirit be Lord:


"17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. 18 But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord." (2 Corinthians 3:17-18)


The day before the "liberty" stamp story appeared on the Internet, the Lord brought Nevada to my mind, and He made me remember how they had unceremoniously thrown Senate candidate Sharron Angle in the rubbish bin, re-electing the petulant whore harry reid for yet another term, even when he has done nothing but give Nevada the highest unemployment rate in the nation. As He reminded me of this, I felt the prompting of the Spirit to pronounce harsh judgement on Nevada. Cursed is Nevada for allowing harry reid to get away with his lies and get re-elected. Cursed is Nevada for giving America "harry reid, Senate Majority Leader" for at least 2 more years. May poverty, depression, drought, and unemployment continue to plague the state of Nevada until it admits its wrong.



As I shared above, the week between 5 March and 11 March 2011 was plagued with Moabite attacks in my personal life. The attacks on 9 March were particularly devastating, so much so that I have yet to fully shake off their effects on my soul at the time of this writing. That day, before returning home from the attacks, I decided to stop for a cup of coffee at a nearby Starbucks in order to meditate a bit on what had just transpired. Whilst paying for the coffee, a series of events (too long to detail here) led to a young black man in the queue astutely taking US$15 from me in plain sight of all (no, it was not a mugging, it was not a pickpocket incident, and it was not a beggar soliciting alms; it was way more intricate than that). Oddly enough, the 3 5-dollar bills that this individual took from me came from the place where I had received the barrage of Moabite attacks a few hours earlier. I had been loathe to taking any currency from that place for I had found that place to be cursed by God, and I wanted as few "mementoes" from it as possible. However, I felt compelled in my spirit to pay a certain way, which led to the 3 five-dollar bills in change that I had with me at the time. Hence, when that young black man happily walked away with those 3 bills from before my presence (with me and others around him knowing that he had those bills in his pocket, and with him knowing that we knew), he took with him a curse judgement of death and perennial loss that shall hang over him for the rest of his opportunistic life.


As I sat with my cup of coffee to meditate on what had just happened, grieving in my heart, wondering if I had displeased God by the decision I had made that triggered the sequence of events, a thought suddenly hit me out of nowhere, and I was shocked by how I had overlooked such a clear and "simple" truth all this time. As we have shared on Twitter, the black race correlates with the tribe of Issachar, the tribe of those who are discerners of the times (1 Chronicles 12:32). Therefore, as God's visitation of America drew near in 2004, it was black America which had the task of discerning and informing the more prophetically-sedated white America of what was coming and how to be prepared for it. It was the responsibility of the black American Church to rise up like sentinels and sound the trumpet, announcing to the rest of the American Church what was coming, alerting them to the "strangeness" of what was approaching so that they would not dismiss it in the midst of their soul-centred traditions and values. Just as God had used a black man at the dawn of the 20th century to make America understand that the time had come for a Pentecostal outbreak, God was planning to use black America at the dawn of the 21st century to make the rest of America understand that a "strange visitation" was about to descend upon the land, a visitation that could not be understood in the soul but only in the Spirit, a visitation so strange and wonderful that it would utterly transform America and initiate a fundamental transformation of the entire planet (the transformation of 1 Corinthians 15:51-58). However, instead of acting like green watchmen preparing the rest of the American Church for the "strange" coming of the Lord, the black American Church acted like opportunistic harlots, getting drunk on the wine of "Gospel" emotionalism and the liquor of racial paranoia. Instead of lending their ears to the voice of the Spirit and to the deep wisdom He was uttering, those in the black American Church lent their ears to hell-bound arrogant bastards like jeremiah wright (cursed is he and all who follow him) who were spewing "spiritual" nonsense in a confident and self-righteous tone. When satan offered them the opportunity to have a "brother" in the White House, they seized the opportunity, like shoplifters at a second-hand store (I am speaking in the Spirit -- mind the racial paranoia). They did not care who the "brother" was. They did not care who he was or what he had to say. The "brother" was going to make everything right, finally. They would have the reparations they had been waiting for for so long. Mummy government was going to take care of them, at long last, and they would not have to ever again feel accountable for the black-on-black murders, the high rate of imprisonment amongst blacks, and the high ratio of single mothers raising cold-blooded, irreverent bastards (literally and figuratively) with no sense of the value of human life. Yes, at long last, à la Korah, the "brother" was going to shield them from the soft whisper of judgements that could be heard deep within their spiritually-sensitive hearts, that soft voice of God saying to them, "You, as a race, must recognise your collective evil and repent; you, as a race, must stop blaming white traders from 4 centuries ago for the evil you are committing now". However, black America, as a collective whole, chose to act like arrogant Moabites, unwilling to admit that they were wrong, and they were ready to jump on the first opportunity they could have to escape God's verdict against their actions. It is no coincidence, therefore, that the Lord chose to speak a word of judgement against the Cushites immediately after pronouncing judgement against the Moabites in Zephaniah (a book spiritually relevant to present-day America):


"8 I have heard the reproach of Moab, and the revilings of the children of Ammon, whereby they have reproached my people, and magnified themselves against their border. 9 Therefore as I live, saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, Surely Moab shall be as Sodom, and the children of Ammon as Gomorrah, even the breeding of nettles, and saltpits, and a perpetual desolation: the residue of my people shall spoil them, and the remnant of my people shall possess them. 10 This shall they have for their pride, because they have reproached and magnified themselves against the people of the LORD of hosts. 11 The LORD will be terrible unto them: for he will famish all the gods of the earth; and men shall worship him, every one from his place, even all the isles of the heathen. 12 Ye Ethiopians also, ye shall be slain by my sword." (Zephaniah 2:8-12)

[The word "Ethiopians" in verse 12 was translated from the Hebrew word "Cushi". Therefore, a more direct translation would be "Cushites". As we have studied before, the Hebrew word "Cush" literally means "black". Therefore, all references to Cushites in Scripture are spiritual references to black people (at a "literal" level).]


Fellow believer, my heart, though enraged, also grieves profusely as I write these words. Ever since I was a young lad, my heart longed to see the day when the words of Martin Luther King would come true, "We as a people shall get to the Promised Land". I longed to see the day when black America would collectively come out of her stagnation and moral decay and rise to fulfil the wonderful calling God has for her. How I longed to see the day when black prophets and evangelists would rise up like a mighty army across America and the world and manifest the Tirhakah anointing prophesied from so long ago! Fellow believer, I get goose bumps just thinking of what my eyes see in the Spirit! However, I now understand that my eyes were so focused on the vision of what God was to do with black America once the revival started that I somehow failed to comprehend what they were assigned to do before the revival started. They "dropped the ball" on their Issachar calling to discern the times, and they got so caught up in discerning opportunities presented by satan instead that they failed to seize the opportunity that God, the God of Israel, was laying before them. I am so sad and angered to think that I may likely not live to see the fulfilment of the vision in my Spirit regarding black America! How sad that black America, instead of opening the door for the remnant, actually ended up setting a "basketball screen" that blocked the open door for the remnant and allowed the enemy to sneak in.


As the thoughts above inundated my heart and mind on 9 March 2011, the Lord also placed another thought in my heart. When I asked him about the $15 that the young black man had so astutely taken from my right hand (literally), I opened my Bible, and my eyes were immediately drawn to this passage in the page that appeared before me:


"1 Then said the LORD unto me, Go yet, love a woman beloved of her friend, yet an adulteress, according to the love of the LORD toward the children of Israel, who look to other gods, and love flagons of wine. 2 So I bought her to me for fifteen pieces of silver, and for an homer of barley, and an half homer of barley: " (Hosea 3:1-2)


This is when I realised what had just happened. A spiritual transaction had taken place. Clever as the young black man must have thought he was, he had actually sold himself to me. In a spiritual sense, I, as a representative of the remnant, had bought unrighteous black America and now had her as my slave. Since she had passed up on her opportunity to enjoy the true freedom of the Spirit, she had "conned" herself back into slavery. Through those $15, I had bought a door of access into black America, a door of judgement that I am using and shall continue to use until either my last day on Earth or the repentance of black America (whichever comes first). I now have unrighteous black America by the neck. The very right hand from which my $15 were taken is the right hand that is on black America's neck, and I shall squeeze my hand and cause her pain until she cries out for forgiveness. I shall get back every last cent, and unrighteous black America shall rue the day that she fell into the remnant's hands, for she was unable to discern the times, and she was too "Moab-right" to admit she was wrong:


"55 And when ye see the south wind blow, ye say, There will be heat; and it cometh to pass. 56 Ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky and of the earth; but how is it that ye do not discern this time? 57 Yea, and why even of yourselves judge ye not what is right? 58 When thou goest with thine adversary to the magistrate, as thou art in the way, give diligence that thou mayest be delivered from him; lest he hale thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and the officer cast thee into prison. 59 I tell thee, thou shalt not depart thence, till thou hast paid the very last mite." (Luke 12:55-59)


Fellow believer, I was not going to share all of the above on this website. I thought that, besides sharing it with a few people here and there, I would take these thoughts with me to my early grave, but it was the Lord God of Israel who prompted me to type them now. It all began as I was meditating on the words of the USPS spokesman Roy Betts. As I heard those words in my heart and mind, I began to visualise a black man, but I was not sure whether or not it was my imagination. That is when the Lord said, "Look up Roy Betts' image and find out his colour". This is when I found an image of Roy Betts at After seeing that picture, the Lord said with a firm voice, "Write what I have said to you about black America, for my wrath is set against her, and I want my feelings about her to be known".


If the words above will cause many of you, including black Americans, to consider this a false ministry and to walk away, never to return, so be it. Death threats do not work on a person who is already dead. It is not as if this writer is still waiting for revival to break out anytime soon or for the voice of this ministry to be suddenly heeded in any significant way after 7 years of being actively ignored. You, black America, were responsible in murdering the remnant's manifestation, and, since it is already dead, you cannot murder it again. Believe you me, I shall get back at you, and I shall not let go of your neck until you kneel before me and say, "I have sinned and I was wrong", and you can rest assured that I shall not let go until that happens, even if I die tomorrow and even if you try to put your hands on my neck. I am speaking in the anointing and the authority of the Spirit, and let those who doubt it just walk away. Mind you, if you feel like walking away, you must be a part of that which I am judging, and you shall not go unpunished either (not for walking away from us, but for defending the indefensible).


{Fellow believer, as you read the words above, it is crucial that you be aware of the "collective" nature of human groups. When groups of humans come together and bond with each other, a new "collective" entity is formed, an entity that gains an existence that is almost "independent" of its individual members. In other words, when humans come together and interact with each other in significant ways, either an "angel" or a "monster" with a "life of its own" is born. This is similar to when individual atoms bond with each other to form compounds with properties that vary dramatically from those of the original atoms. Despite the apparent "independence" of the new "collective" entity, however, the angel's or monster's continued existence hinges on the groundswell of support emanating from the individual members that formed it in the first place. Thus, the phrase "Black America" is not a mere reference to the individuals forming it. It is a reference to the unrighteous monster that black Americans have collectively fashioned in the midst of their interactions either through active unrighteousness or passive acceptance. If you are black and you are an American, you are not necessarily part of the "Black America" monster, but odds are that you are. If you are not, you will behold the monster with disgust and abhor it, and, if you are operating in the Spirit, you will be fully aware that your identity is not derived from that monster but rather from God. You will feel no sense of personal loss if that monster is slain because your self-worth will not be attached to it. As a black and an American, your responsibility before God for the slaying of this monster is greater than for those who are not black Americans because you have a greater access into it than others. Even if you are black but not an American, your responsibility remains rather great, for, as black America goes, so goes the rest of black people around the world. As we have shared on Twitter, the Americas are the "neutral" battleground that God has designated to determine whether the "Hamites" or the "non-Hamites" shall prevail on Earth. If you are a non-American black and see the issues of black America as mostly "irrelevant" to you, you are more a part of the monster than you think you are, for that monster is the spawn of a dark spirit from the African continent that God has been endeavouring (for centuries) to separate black people from.}


Substituting Vegas for New York

As we have shared before, New York is the city that God has designated as the epicentre of the latter-rain revival in America. Therefore, when the USPS chose the Vegas statue over the New York Statue (which they would have done regardless, according to Betts), they were revealing a spiritual issue that has hindered God's manifestation in America (and the world).


As you may know, Las Vegas is a city built in the middle of what is an otherwise arid desert. Thus, Las Vegas stands as a place of escape where you can go and have "private, intimate enjoyment" even as all the surroundings remain barren and dry (the "privacy" or "intimacy" of the "enjoyment" offered by Las Vegas is emphasised by the promotional phrase "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"). Therefore, Vegas points to the following passage:


"Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not." (Matthew 24:26)


As we have studied in detail before, the "secret chambers" above point to pockets of refuge that people escape to in order to experience the joys of intimacy and escape from God's judgements. The vast majority of black churches in America operate under the "secret chambers" paradigm. In the midst of poverty, crime, and decay, the black church often stands as a place where you can go to forget all your problems and have a "good spiritual time". After singing all the uplifting Gospel songs, you are served an inspiring, emotionally-charged sermon that causes you to stand up and shout, "Hallelujah", "Praise the Lord", and "Amen". Even as the rate of single black motherhood and abortion remains alarmingly high, even as young black men murder each other left and right, even as blacks become incarcerated for committing crimes at a disproportionate rate, the preacher in the black church can convince "his" sheep that everything in the community is fundamentally OK, that the community is morally strong and approved by God, and that all the visible evils are actually the work of outside forces from hell, for which reason the preacher feels compelled to preach inspirational messages to encourage the brothers and sisters to persevere "in the struggle" against the enemy outside. There is no judgement anointing in the sermons being preached, no logos word that cuts like a sword through the hearts of those listening in order to expose any unrighteousness within. Like a typical obama speech, these sermons are full of "fluff", empty words that make you feel good (like an injection of heroin that induces a brief euphoria) without truly revealing spiritual truths about yourself, about God, and about the world in general. You walk out as ignorant of the truth as you were when you walked in, but with an emotional high that convinces you that things between God and you are "AOK" and that all you need is to continue with your "regularly scheduled programming" because there is nothing basically wrong with you.


Therefore, we can safely say that black churches across America act like little "Vegases" that offer you a false escape from reality. They are places where you go to have moments of intense "spiritual intimacy" with "God" and can somehow escape not only the reality of the world but also the reality of your own spiritual condition. Even though this is true in churches across America of all races and colours, it is particularly true of black churches, especially because of their (God-endowed) tendency towards the prophetic and toward strong emotional flows. Because of the historical oppression that black people went through in America, the "refuge structures" were firmly (and somewhat understandably) put in place within black churches, but, as the oppression receded, and as God called black people out of those refuges and into a life of independence and individual accountability, black churches chose to hunker down and remain in the "let-us-protect-you-from-the-evil-world" mindset. Why? Because it gave those leading the black churches a "raison d'être", a stronghold within the "community" that would solidify black believers' dependence on them. In that sense, therefore, black churches ended up re-enslaving black believers in America even as these believers were becoming free in the natural realm. Like Vegas casinos that depend on gambling addicts in order to thrive, black churches needed to keep black people addicted to the "victim" mentality and to the adrenaline rush of an emotion-centric message. As the real monster disappeared in the real world, these black church leaders created a new, fictitious monster in the minds of black America so that they could have an easy-to-accuse "enemy" to rally against. As the attention of black believers was drawn to fighting an imaginary outside enemy, the real enemy within was ignored, and he grew and grew, thus creating a morally void subculture that has been eroding black America's spiritual potential, destroying millions and millions of young lives with promise along the way. Just like Vegas casinos, black churches are not places where new wealth is produced. Instead, they are places of dissipation where potentials are wasted away; they are places where no spiritual growth is truly being produced; they are sterile places where no new Tirhakah conquerors are being raised up, where no black apostles and prophets and evangelists and teachers are being raised up in the power and the anointing of the Spirit to impact the world for God's glory. The Issachar anointing has therefore been lulled into comfortable sleep, and black America must now face the consequences of what she failed to do for "sleeping on the job". She shall not go unpunished, and I will not rest until she pays back the very last cent.