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Train of thought

Brazilian dead snake

First posted: February 13, 2007

Written: February 10-13, 2007

Word received by: Shamah-Elim


Late yesterday (February 9, 2007) and midday today (February 10, 2007), the Lord drew my attention to a Reuters story posted on Yahoo! News titled "Brazilian pries grandson from anaconda death grip". On January 25, 2007 (15 days before the Reuters story appeared), we received an email from a sister in Christ in Brazil. The fact that the email came from Brazil drew my attention in a strong way, because the Lord had had me thinking about Brazil off and on over over the previous few weeks. The next day (January 26, 2007, 15 days before the day of this writing), the Lord prompted me to write the following words to her:


The Lord's purposes for Brazil are wonderful, and they remain alive (along with Argentina's and Uruguay's), despite the spiritual decline Latin America is going through. As a nation, Brazil has an apostolic-evangelistic calling, Argentina a prophetic-evangelistic calling, and Uruguay an apostolic-prophetic calling.


For some interesting reason, the Lord has had me thinking about Brazil off and on over the past few weeks, and I kept wondering why. I must share with you that, in February 2004, the Lord [reminded me of] a brief dream/vision [he showed me] in which He mentioned Brazil. It was because of that dream/vision that I understood that the Shamah-Elim website had to be created.


The Lord drew my attention to the number "15" mentioned above, and He prompted me to look up the meaning of the number "15". To be honest with you, I did not recall what we had said about the number, and I was surprised to see that the number "15" represents the true manifestation of the "male" ministries inside the Church, which will enable the true manifestation of believers' spirit nature. This surprised me, since the Lord had us mention the callings for Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay in our reply to the sister in Brazil. The 3 "male" ministries are "apostle", "prophet", and "evangelist", and, as you may have noticed, each of these 3 countries has a calling that combines pairs of "male" ministries. The 3 countries cover all 3 possible pair combinations. Thus, the Lord's focus on Brazil in the spirit realm points to the coming restoration of the "male" ministries over the entire face of the Earth.


As we have shared before, the Korah snake stands as the enemy of God's green-horse riders, fighting against the green horse sent by God to obliterate the matriarchy of the soul. Therefore, it makes sense that the story from Brazil features a snake. The Lord is declaring in these days that the reign of the "female" soul is about to end and that the "male" spirit is about to exert dominion over the spirit realm of the Earth.


The Reuters story mentioned at the top of this word reports on how a 66-year-old man in Brazil named Joaquim Pereira saved the life of his 8-year-old grandson Matheus who was being strangled to death by a 5-metre (15-foot) anaconda. Joaquim had to struggle with the wicked creature for nearly half an hour, but was able to kill it, even as the snake tried to strangle him as well. The fact that the child is named "Matheus" points to the "Giant house on the meadow" dream which the Lord had us post in September 2006. In that dream, sister Cindy fought against snakes to preserve her son Matthew's life (and her own). The name "Matheus" is a Portuguese form of the name "Matthew". This is no spiritual coincidence. Just as God's remnant have faced fierce opposition in America, they have also faced fierce opposition in Brazil. In the weeks prior to the email from Brazil, I was meditating on the "bad signs" I had been hearing about Brazil, and I was wondering in my heart, "Lord, have Brazil and Argentina been cast off along with the rest of Latin America?" The email from Brazil, along with this story about the death of the anaconda are prophetic confirmation that Brazil's call is indeed alive and kicking; satan tried to kill Brazil's and Argentina's calling, but he was unsuccessful. There is much struggle ahead, but there are a remnant of believers in Brazil who have found grace in the eyes of the Lord, and, because of that, Brazil's mighty apostolic-evangelistic calling remains alive. Just like Matthew in the meadow dream, Matheus was bitten by the snake, but he lived to tell the tale.


The fact that the lad was 8-years-old is no spiritual coincidence. As we have said before, the number "8" speaks of regeneration judgements that bring obliterating destruction in order to start anew. Thus, the fact that 8-year-old Matheus did not die means that Brazil is willing to accept God's green-horse visitation of obliterating judgements. Unlike the rest of Latin America, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay remain willing to host a green-horse visitation that will lead to an utter regeneration of those countries' spiritual atmospheres. In the latter days, this visitation shall be manifested. May God have mercy on these 3 nations, and may He work His green-horse judgements over these nations so as to prepare the manifestation of His shekinah glory in them.


According to, The grandfather's name, "Joaquim" is a Portuguese form of the Hebrew name "Jehoiakim" meaning "raised by Yahweh". Thus, it speaks of how God resurrects His green-horse riders from the Sheol death He sends them to. There is a sizeable remnant in Brazil who trust that God can raise us from the death of His judgements. Just as Abraham trusted that God could raise his son Isaac from a death decreed by Him, there are enough Brazilians who are willing to trust God with the regeneration of Brazil, even if it means exposing Brazil to His death-causing judgements.


The fact that the grandfather's age is 66 points to Isaiah chapter 66:


"14And when ye see this, your heart shall rejoice, and your bones shall flourish like an herb: and the hand of the LORD shall be known toward his servants, and his indignation toward his enemies. 15For, behold, the LORD will come with fire, and with his chariots like a whirlwind, to render his anger with fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire. 16For by fire and by his sword will the LORD plead with all flesh: and the slain of the LORD shall be many." (Isaiah 66:14-16)

[Notice how this passage focuses on green-horse obliteration and vindicating vengeance]


"23And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the LORD. 24And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcases of the men that have transgressed against me: for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched; and they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh." (Isaiah 66:23-25)


Interestingly enough, one of the photos posted on Yahoo! News shows the dead body of the huge snake with children looking on. This is a prophetic figure of the passage above. This is also a prophetic sign that there is a green-horse army of cadaver-removing young warriors in Brazil. "Coincidentally", the photo with the dead snake has an adult with a green shirt standing behind the children.


According to, the last name "Pereira" is derived from the Portuguese word for "pear tree". As we have shared before, the pear points to a foundation of apostolic wisdom. This confirms the fact that Brazil is willing to operate in apostolic judgements in order to slay the Korah dragon. As was said above, Brazil's calling is apostolic-evangelistic in nature; therefore, the slaying of the anaconda is a figure of how Brazil shall rise in the latter days as a nation of apostolic judgements. Despite the Canaanite influences of sexual decay and people pleasing that haunt Brazil, its apostolic nature shall prevail. Brazil shall reject the contact of Canaanite soul communion, just as Joaquim Pereira rejected the anaconda's "hug", for he understood that it was the hug of a "black-hole" Canaanite pastor seeking to swallow him into its Sheol vacuum of spiritual oblivion.


Matheus was attacked in his grandfather's farm, which is in a town called "Cosmorama". The name "Cosmorama" points to the Greek word kosmos meaning "world arrangement"; this is the word from which the English word "cosmetics" is derived, which shows that kosmos speaks of the arrangement of things in a pleasant way. Therefore, when used in a negative sense, the word kosmos speaks of the world system dominated by the Canaanite pastoral spirit, since Canaanites seek to establish a world system that is pleasant to the matriarchal soul, not to the Spirit of God. As we have shared before, pastors are "garnishers", which emphasises the connection between the word kosmos and the pastoral matriarchy. Thus, the fact that Matheus was almost eaten up by a snake in "Cosmorama" speaks of how the anti-judgement pastoral spirit works to devour people, especially those born to make judgements.


Matheus is from the city of São Paulo, which is the world's 3rd largest metropolis. The name "São Paulo" literally means "Saint Paul", which points to the most famous of all the Primitive Church apostles. As we have shared before, the evangelistic anointing is spiritually related to kingship and to fame (i.e.- the broadcast of a name). This emphasises the apostolic-evangelistic nature of both Matheus and Brazil as a nation.


Matheus' fuller name is "Matheus Pereira de Araujo". The name "Araujo" is very similar to the Portuguese verb "arar" meaning "to plough". This once again points to the apostolic ministry, since, as we have seen before, apostles are trailblazers who endure great sufferings and break new ground, ploughing the way for others to walk after them.


As Brazil grows in its strong apostolic nature of judgements, it shall export that judgement anointing throughout the Earth's spirit realm because of its evangelistic, expansive nature.


As the Lord had me meditating on the dead-snake story and on Brazil in general, the word that would constantly appear in my heart and mind was "wonderful". There is a "wonderful" nature about Brazil and its people (if you have any doubts, just watch Brazilians play football [soccer]; it is most definitely a wonderful thing to behold). God willing, we will post a future article describing how the soul's 9 "emotional sensors" are related to the 9 spirit gifts of 1 Corinthians 12:7-10. The emotional sensor of "wonder" or "awe" is related to the gift of "working of miracles". Therefore, Brazil has the calling to be a land that manifests many miracles of evangelistically giant proportions.


Another quality that is prevalent among Brazilians is joy. There is a certain effusive, contagious joy about Brazilians. This joy is derived from their evangelistic anointing. As we have shared before, each of the 5 ministries of Ephesians 4:11 is related to one or more of the spirit gifts in 1 Corinthians 12:7-10. The evangelistic ministry is related to the gifts of "healings", which are in turn related to the emotional sensor of "joy". As we have said before, joy is spiritually related to victory, and a healing represents a spiritual conquest over illness that brings great joy to those involved. Thus, Brazil shall be a land of mighty healings, in the spirit and the natural realm. It shall be a land filled with the joy of God's conquest over His enemies. The joy experienced by Joaquim Pereira when he defeated the snake and saved his grandson shall be a joy that shall fill the land of Brazil.


For some reason, the Lord drew my attention to the fact that the story's URL on Yahoo! News included the abbreviation "uk" in it. I wondered, "What does a story about Brazil, a country in South America, have anything to do with the UK?". I then realised that the natural reason for the presence of "uk" in the URL was because the story was released by Reuters, a news agency based in London. The Lord then spoke to my heart and said, "I allowed Reuters to release this story for a reason". This prompted me to find out a bit more about Reuters on This is what I learnt:



Reuters was founded by Paul Julius Reuter, a Jew born to a rabbi in Kassel, Germany. The name Paul points to "São Paulo" and to Brazil's apostolic anointing. Mr. Reuter's Jewish origin points to Brazil's relatively large Jewish population. According to, Brazil's Jewish population was the 8th largest in the world in 2002, just below the UK's and just above Germany's. "Curiously enough", both countries, the UK and Germany, are related to Paul Julius Reuter.



In 1851, Reuter moved to London, setting up his "Submarine Telegraph" office in October 1851 just before the opening of a submarine telegraph cable that went across the Channel from Dover, England to Calais, France. "Coincidentally", as we shared before, Herman Melville's novel "Moby Dick" was published in London as "The Whale" in October 1851 as well. This reveals the green-horse connection to the rise of the Reuters news agency in London and the UK. As we have shared before, "Moby Dick" points to the obliterating revenge inflicted by God against the Korahs who kill His green-horse riders.



Reuter was naturalised as a British subject in 1857, and his news agency became the main broadcaster of news across Europe during the late 19th century. This speaks of how revival is to start in the UK and spread across Europe from there.



The submarine telegraph cable that prompted Reuter's move to the UK was opened in November, 1851. "Coincidentally", as we have said before, the novel "Moby Dick" (mentioned above) was published in New York on November 14, 1851, 27 days after it had been published in the UK. Moby Dick's November publication in New York points to how the latter-rain anointing had to be stowed away in the UK's spirit realm whilst God dealt with America. After that, the Lord shall allow the latter-rain anointing to be "transported" from the UK back to the US, which correlates with the transmission of news from Dover (i.e.- the UK) to Calais (i.e.- the America of "Brittany" compromise).



Reuters' private firm was restructured in 1865, becoming a limited company called "Reuter's Telegram Company". "Coincidentally", 1865 was the year that the Civil War ended in America. As we have said before, God has decreed a spiritual civil war over the spirit realm of America, and, in the meantime, the latter-rain anointing shall be stowed away in the UK's spirit realm. After the "civil war" in America is over on May 11, 2009, a spiritual restructuring will take place, and the work performed by God in the UK shall be consolidated with His work in America, leading to an acceleration that will culminate in the 2012 global outbreak.


All of the above reveals a spiritual connection between the UK and Brazil. Both nations have a strong apostolic calling (even though Brazil grapples with greater issues of Canaanite contamination), and both nations reveal evangelistic, world-conquering characteristics, as proved by the British Empire (the most extensive empire in the history of mankind) and by Brazil's World Cup success and its impressively expansive economy and cities, even in the midst of Canaanite obstructions (a photograph of São Paulo looks more like a photograph of Manhattan than of a typical Latin American city). It is only until now that I am beginning to realise why the man killed by police in London on July 22, 2005, shortly after the 7/7 attacks, was a Brazilian. "Coincidentally", according to, Jean Charles de Menezes, the Brazilian killed in London, grew up on a farm but left the farm at age 14 to live with his uncle in São Paulo to further his education. At age 19, he received a professional diploma, after he which he tried to migrate to America, but he was denied a work visa. He then entered the UK on a tourist visa in 2002 and obtained a student visa until June 2003 (the month Latin America was cast off by God). According to the Home Office, he did not apply for a visa extension, which would mean that he was illegally in the UK after June 2003. I still do not understand the exact connection, but the death of this Brazilian --- spurred by the 7/7 attacks, which would have never happened had America done its spiritual part --- reveals the connection between the UK, the US, and Brazil in God's latter-rain purposes on Earth.


{You may read more about Brazil and the beautiful city of São Paulo on}


The young Brazilian lad Matheus was attacked by the serpent on February 7, 2007, which was Day #38 of year 2007. In a spiritual sense, Latin America died at "age 38", like the rebellious Israelites who died in the desert after 38 years of wandering. The fact that Matheus lived past Day #38 means that Brazil has indeed gone past "age 38" and into "age 39", on its way to "age 40" when it shall enter the Promised Land. As we have said before, America also entered "age 39" but it became stuck there, for which reason God is judging and shall continue to judge her until she leaves the limbo land of "39 stagnation" and enters the fullness of God's purposes for her.


Matheus needed 21 stitches to close the bite inflicted by the "Korah" serpent. As we have said before, the number "21" speaks of a period of "silent" spiritual warfare that leads to a spiritual breakthrough and an angelic visitation. As we have also said before, angels are "apostolic-evangelistic" in nature. Therefore, Brazil, which has an apostolic-evangelistic calling, is destined to have a strong angelic visitation in the latter days. This visitation is to come after a period of silent but intense warfare.


As we have said before, the Korah serpent loves to take advantage of vulnerable green-horse riders, which God uses as bait to draw Korah in. When Korah attacks His green-horse riders, he unleashes the wrath of God against him. Had the anaconda not attacked vulnerable 8-year-old Matheus, it might still be alive today. However, it was unable to "help itself", and it chose to attack Matheus, which led to the wrath of Joaquim being unleashed against it. In the same way, God shall unleash His wrath against the spirit of Korah in Brazil and across the Earth, and the glory of God shall envelop the Earth. The cursed Latin American Korah snake's days are numbered, and the L.A. nations that sided with him shall go down into the shameful abyss of eternal oblivion with him.