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Train of thought

Black and gold

First posted: April 12, 2008

Word received by: Carol Mann (emailed April 9, 2008)



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I have been so inundated with dreams, visions, things heard in the night, and images evoked by current events that I feel very pressured to at least put them into a train of thought. Please forgive this writing's being somewhat disjointed, but if I don't get it down, I will be in error.


Since the beginning of March, I seem to be seeing and hearing warning signs to be watchful and alert and to press on in speaking judgments against the enemy. There are so many incidents and dreams, I won't describe them all. But several of them include the following:


February 27th, walking my dog in early morning, a fierce wind blowing from the north, a crane flew over my right shoulder, from the south into the north. It's not unusual to see cranes here, but this one was flying fast, flapping his wings furiously, and screaming, as if death itself was in pursuit. After studying about cranes (soos in Hebrew, the same word as for "horse"), I knew that this was a message. I am brand new to discerning the meanings of these things, but I feel certain that this bird's terrified, noisy flight was a picture of the institutional Church's pastoral matriarchy fleeing in squawking terror from a threat (green-horse riders?) from the south.


Along with this crane, on March 15th and ten days later, March 25, two black and yellow cranes collapsed in two major cities: first, in New York, and, second, in Miami. I know there is a spiritual meaning in the details of these collapses. For instance, in both cases, very high-reaching buildings were being constructed, much higher than any around them. To me, as I looked at news releases, they seemed like the Tower-of-Babel (Babylon's) evil and Jezebel's treachery. In addition, in both cases, there had been warnings called in to authorities prior to the disasters, but these went unheeded. In the case of New York, it was found that corrupt building-code enforcement was also involved. I KNOW there is a message for us in these and have meditated on it ever since.


Because the first collapse was in New York, I associated it with the first terror attack on the twin towers on 9-11-01, and felt sure that the second crane collapse spoke of a second terrorist attack, but where and when? In addition, the Lord kept putting the colors black and yellow (or perhaps, gold) in my sight, every day, multiple times a day. I still haven't discerned the full meaning of this and would appreciate your help. During this time, I have also received warnings from multiple sources. For example, on Sunday, March 16, at 1:15 a.m., my bedside telephone rang. I jumped out of bed to answer it, somewhat anxious that it could be bad news to hear from family at that time of night. I heard only static and hung up. At 1:20, five minutes later, it rang again. This time, I can see by the caller ID that it is someone calling from the keypad and phone at the front-entrance gates to the community in which I live. This arrangement helps to keep the community somewhat safer (whether you like it or not) and when they call, they can only gain entrance if I punch in a code. When I said, "Hello" a male voice, heavily accented and sounding either Indian or Pakistani, shouted to me, "YES! WE ARE COMING IN!" I think you could say that my blood curdled! Without a thought or pause, I shouted back to him, "OH, NO YOU'RE NOT!" and slammed down the phone. I KNOW as I KNOW that this was a definite challenge - and warning!


On March 17th, St. Patrick's Day, I had the following dream: A woman at work is pregnant, and a male co-worker and I buy her a present for the baby to be born. Then, she has had the baby. I know that she knows Jesus as the Christ, and we, the male worker and I, are so happy for her and her family. Another woman at work is also pregnant, but not as close to term. We hadn't known of this pregnancy, but I am determined to buy her a gift, too. Perhaps two gifts: a maternity outfit and a hair dryer. Since time is short, I order the hair dryer by phone from CVS stores without having seen it. It arrives by mail soon after, and I see that it's VERY big: it is black and yellow and has multiple uses. It can also be used, when standing on its base, as a table lamp. Oddly enough, I see that it is also an automatic weapon, like an AK-47, that would be used in an actual war. The woman will be leaving work soon, because of the pregnancy, and we at the office are having a party and cake to see her off. I'm in the office at a desk, trying to hide the hairdryer so she won't see it before the party. The male co-worker doesn't know that I've bought the gift. If he doesn't want to share the expense, I won't mind - Ill give it to her myself. I also want to get her, on my own, some maternity clothes. I have the sense that she could use them, and I don't mind spending the money, not at all. I can discern some of the spiritual issues here, but am not sure about the meaning of the two babies: are these the two-witnesses? Do they point to a second terrorist attack? Why, again, the colors black and yellow? I believe that the hairdryer's also being a lamp points to its prophetic nature, and [the fact] that it looks like a serious weapon of war tells me that serious judgments and vindications, given to us by the Lord's enlightenment, must be launched in the battle we are now in. I pray I have been heeding this warning. I find myself, more often and more intensely, infuriated at the lies and deceit of people like OBAMA. Like what I say or not, I find that man to be evil and his tongue is indeed "forked."


One other black and yellow episode. One day in February, a stray black and yellow cat appeared as I opened my front door to walk my dog. She kept meowing at me and raising her paw to talk to me. She clearly wanted entry into my home. I felt there was a message in this, as the cat followed us around the neighborhood, meowing and looking at both the dog and me. But what was it? One day, I decided to give it a chance and reached down to pet its head. As I did so, the cat launched an attack at my dog's face with its considerably-long claws bared and nearly scratched out her eyes. I knew then that this felt like a false message, something of deceit. I then arranged to capture her and bring her to the county animal control (where, happily, she was adopted). I know this may sound insignificant, but that cat's presence and persistent insistence upon making this her home must have been a message, perhaps, a warning. And she was black and yellow. Again. And she wanted ownership of and residence in that which she had not worked for. She felt like a Hivite to me.


On March 19 [2008], Wednesday, I was awake most of the night, hearing strange sounds that I never heard before. Then, half-asleep, I am flying, swiftly across a great plain, which I sense is the moors of England and Scotland: ochre-colored, dormant grass-covered for miles, windy and barren. I see below me as I swiftly fly by, the foundation of an ancient tower and parts of a rampart wall, made of sandstone-colored bricks. As I reach the curvature of the earth, I see above me and am halted in my flight by the curvature of the sky, which is all of the same old stone as the tower foundation. It almost bumps me on the head as I come down to the field.


Then, I am high up on a tree, an old and gnarled cedar tree, ancient and wind-swept by fierce mountain winds, its branches almost devoid of life, but still clinging tenaciously to the high rocky peak where it grows. I look, and flying straight at me, across the mountain valley, towards my very face where I am clinging with my right arm, buffeted by high winds, a great white owl: he is large and focused and zeroing in on his prey. For a moment, I am distracted by its raw beauty and don't sense any danger: I never heard of an owl attacking a human. As he nears and his speed and strength become more obvious, I see his outstretched talons in front of him, arched and curved like the cat's as it attacks me. I see that its beak is wide open and very bloody, red blood dripping from it. Then I KNOW, I SEE: I am its target! I am its intended prey!


What shall I do? How shall I beat it off? For I am resolved not to become its victim! Then, as it attacks, I KNOW what to do: the only weapon I have and have never really tested in a life-or-death situation: the might and power and vengeance of the Lord! Holding tightly with my right hand and leaning precariously to the left, I stretch out my left arm directly towards it as it zeroes in on me and CALL with all my might and voice on the wrath of God to slay it! Suddenly, my entire hand is a blazing light, a fiery orb. The fire does not burn or harm, but the owl is halted, screeching in its aborted attack, and its head erupts into a smoldering, smoking blaze of fire. The dream, or vision, fades, and I am seeking other believers to tell them of these visions and to seek their interpretations. I see myself talking to some small groups of people.


As I finished writing these words in my journal that morning, feeling exhausted and as if I had, in fact, fought a life-or-death battle, I became aware of hearing music, which often happens to me. But THIS time, it sounds like a great revival hymn (I wasn't raised in a Protestant-type church and am not very familiar with traditional hymns, but this music, which kept repeating a refrain which crescendoed with a great blast of the organ's pipes, is victorious!) I wrote,

Oh, my dear Lord, that's what WE are -- your long-awaited, long-prophesied magnificent "pipes", your "horns", who are sounding that great blast of the triumphal procession, the great crescendo achingly longed for by all creation. WE have begun the great procession heralding Your Kingdom re-established on earth as it is in heaven. Hallelujah! Amen!


On March 21, I wrote you telling of my dream of being deep, deep below the streets of New York, below the subway lines, in the bowels of the city. I also wrote of a vision I had early one morning of the Statue of Liberty. That dream and the statue have occupied my thoughts and meditations since then. I particularly keep seeing the phrase inscribed on the interior of the base of Lady Liberty and the torch held aloft in her right hand, "whose flame/Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name/Mother of Exiles." WE, US, made a promise to "the poor, the huddled masses, the wretched refuse" of the world, to free them, to provide for them a safe haven, to hold aloft the lamp and enlightening of the Lord, but we turned them, those green-horse riders, away. We will have to make good on that promise yet. I also keep hearing another part of that inscription, "Her mild eyes command/The air-bridged harbor that TWIN CITIES frame." As I have meditated on those words and have gleaned from so many messages, I believe that the twin city of New York, the target of the first terrorist attack, could be San Francisco. And I believe that that second terrorist attack, which has been heralded in many warning signs, is necessary to and intricately involved with this dear land's finally making good on its promise to the battered, tattered remnant of God.


Some of the reasons for this are written above, but there are others. Time and again, I have been directed to the date April 19. This was the day, in 1775, that the first shot of the American Revolution was fired, in Lexington, Massachusetts, which also happens to be where I grew up. On April 8, yesterday, I had a dream which showed transportation and communications, from New York down into the South, and across the nation to the west coast, all snarled up, garbled and brought to a halt. I awoke very troubled and with a sense of foreboding. On that same night, I had a number of other dreams. Among those were the following: I'm in my home in Tarpon Springs in Florida. My family (of origin) has driven down from Massachusetts or perhaps, New York, to visit with me and then continue on to California. They managed to get here but didn't have a map, and have no idea of how to get to California. I go into my office to find them directions to get there on MapQuest, but my computer's printer has been disabled by a child's having been allowed to play near it. And when I connect with the website, I can't read the information: it's all garbled. There are many more details here, but the most relevant point, for the purpose of this discussion, is that San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge kept popping up in my thoughts all that day. This was emphasized by the fact that many scenes of the bridge were aired on FOX News that day and the day before because of the freedom protesters who scaled its bridgework, in considerable peril to their lives, in order to protest China's inhumane and brutal treatment of Tibetans. In addition, when I began researching San Francisco, the Golden Gate, the Bridge, their histories and associations, I could see so many reasons why this could be the "twin city" spoken of in the inscription. For starters, the Statue of Liberty speaks of lifting her lamp beside the golden door. SF's famous bridge actually spans the channel, i.e., canal, called the Golden Gate. This channel is also an isthmus, separating two large land masses, the northern tip of SF and the southern tip of Marin County, like the city of Tyre in Scripture.


This association caused me to re-read your teaching, "The Tyre Treason." As I did so, it became clear to me that SF is really a modern-day picture of Tyre and that it could be the prophetically told-of city which Tyre represents. Many, many reasons for this: It's a city with an "Alcatraz-like island fortress" separated from the mainland. Just as Tyre was fortress-like in its rock-solid impenetrability, the original Alcatraz, rests just off it's coast, and is colloquially known as "The Rock." (Notably, this island's full name is "La Isla de las Alcatraces", that is, "The Island of the Sea Birds", and it originally was used as a fortress). San Francisco rests on the Pacific, i.e.," peaceful" Ocean. It encloses San Francisco Bay, also known as San Francisco HAVEN, just as Tyre rested on the Mediterranean Sea, i.e., a sea enclosed by land.) Just as was Tyre, San Francisco developed as a prosperous trading center, also became inflated with its sense of (Amorite) pride, and, I believe, traitorously betrayed its promise to provide a safe haven for the poor, wearied, wretched refuse of remnant believers, who had previously been refused at US's eastern "golden door", i.e., the Lord's righteous judgment door on the "right" side of US. This impression is further reinforced by the fact that SF is also associated with Mare Island. Wikipedia explains that Mare Island was originally within the Mexican city of Vallejo, named after General Mariano Vallejo, in 1852, and was supposed to have been the capital city of the Mexican state. The island's name derives from the following:

Gen. Vallejo, "a great horse fancier, particularly prized one beautiful WHITE mare. On an occasion when a number of the General's horses were being ferried across the Strait...the crude barge capsized. Some of the horses swam ashore, others drowned, and the white mare disappeared. It is recorded that many weeks afterward, the white mare was discovered grazing on the hillside of the island across the channel from Vallejo. From that day, the island was known as 'Mare's Island,' shortened to Mare Island"


For these reasons, I believe San Francisco was meant to be a haven and a refuge for the green-horse riders (overarched by the first, and white, horse) of the Apocalypse. This is reinforced by the fact that the white horse "resurrected" from death in the sea and by the association with the sea birds of Alcatraz and the sea-faring riders. (San Francisco also has an association with Mare Island which came about during the Great Earthquake and Great Fire of April 18 and 19, 1906, explained below.)


All day yesterday, I meditated and studied on these things. When I went to sleep last night, I asked the Lord for understanding. In what I have discovered to be typical fashion, He gave me these enigmatic dreams, but I now believe they provide another confirmation of my interpretations. Last night, I had "night mares", and as I wrote those words in my journal this morning, I saw them as these, "white mares". These are the dreams:


I am in my home with my son Justin Andrew (who in actual life is 36 years old TODAY, his birthday). It is dark outside, evening, and suddenly I realize that someone is trying to break in my front door. They can't get in that way, and as I rush to see the back door (which for some reason is louvered and not very substantial), I see a male figure rip the door from its hinges and crack it in two, splintering its slats; it is only held on by its lock, but he is about to invade my home. I scream, and actually DO scream out loud, "CALL 9-1-1!" It wakes me (and my dog), and I am shaking with fear, with the sense of this as being real. I fall into another sleep and am in my bedroom in bed but not asleep. My son Justin (much younger) is there also. A low lamp is on and I can see the golden glow of the room's details. Suddenly, a violent wind whips me out of the bed and flies me to the floor to the right side of the bed. It then propels me, with great and increasing force, towards the foot of the bed and then, around the left side of the bed. moving fast, head-first. As it does, the lamp is knocked over off the five-drawer dresser at the foot of the bed. My arms are pinned to my sides. I cannot get away or stop the rushing. I think, "I am going to crash, head-first through the bedroom wall at the head of the bed, I could be killed!" and I scream, AGAIN, waking myself, just as I make contact.


I should also mention that two nights ago, I awoke seeing the word, "Prebble" or "Pebble". As I prayed and meditated on the meaning of these strange and, frankly, very frightening dreams, I suddenly saw their meaning. The first is an obvious call or warning, not only to seek emergency help, i.e., loud, persistent, unequivocal judgments of the Lord, but also related to the first terrorist attack of 9-11. In the second dream, if we see my bed, viewed from my position in it, as a picture of the United States, with its right side being the Atlantic, or eastern coast, its foot as being the southern part, its left side as being its Pacific coast, or western side, and the head as being north, I think we have a picture of something that is now happening. The Spirit has blown in with a mighty force from the north, swept us, believers and perhaps, others, out from almost-slumber, moving from the east, or right, side, i.e., New York City, along the southern states (my dream of unclear maps in Florida), and up the west coast (San Francisco?) next. I think it's a warning and an awakening and an urgent call to speak out the Lord's vindicating justice and judgments on US, on the traitorous institutional church.


There's one other connection. In researching San Francisco, I, read the accounts, in Wikipedia, of the Great Earthquake of April 18, 1906, and the ensuring SEVEN Great Fires, which continued for four days and which destroyed the city. 3000 people lost their lives in those disasters. It is notable that, on APRIL 19, the USS Preble, a warship berthed at MARE ISLAND, was called to the city to provide help, hospital, and supplies. This the same word I saw "written" two days ago! I truly believe that San Francisco, was meant to be a haven for those wearied and battle-torn riders, way back when. And I truly believe that, like her prophetic twin Tyre, she was treasonous. Instead of providing a refuge for God's battle-worn warriors, she has "turned coat", and become a cursed HAVEN for Amorite-Girgashite-Canaanite immorality! She is awash in her disgusting, shameless, flagrant homosexual hospitality. She is not ashamed of her abominable refugees; she prides herself in them! There is a magnificent wooded park, truly a place blessed by God, overlooking the Bay, where homosexual couples unashamedly desecrate its beauty, flaunting their nakedness, their unnatural couplings, their mockery of hapless visitors, and who do so with arrogant pride! If I sound infuriated, I am! How dare they steal what was meant for the Lord's work? How dare they flaunt their lewd activities and DEMAND recognition, not to mention, compensation, from US for their disgusting diseases? May the Lord destroy them and wipe them from the face of the earth! This arrogant city, "high on a hill," will be brought low, by the very Edom-like excesses of her Biblical predecessor and perhaps, by others. And, like the first time, it will be by a violent shaking of the earth and purifying, uncontrolled-by-man, fires.


{The day when we received this email [9 April 2008] was the 102nd anniversary of the Pentecostal outbreak in Azusa Street, California, US. There is significance behind the number 102.}