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Train of thought

Argentinian white tigers

First posted: February 18, 2007

Written: February 17-18 2007

Word received by: Shamah-Elim


On February 9, 2007 US time (February 10 UK time), an AP story was posted on Yahoo! News indicating that 3 white tigers had been born at the Buenos Aires Zoo in Argentina. The rare white Bengal tigers, 1 male and 2 female, were born on December 23, 2006, and made their public debut on the week of February 10. A few days earlier, on February 7, 2007, another story was posted on BBC News indicating that 4 white lions, 1 male and 3 female, had been born at an England safari park near Bewdley, in the West Midlands. The beautiful and very rare white lions were born in August 2006, and they were to make their public debut on February 10, 2007, the same day (UK time) that the AP story on the Argentinian white tigers appeared on the Internet. Thus, both the white tigers in Argentina and the white lions in England made their public debut on the same week.


Therefore, as I read the story about the 3 white tigers born in Argentina, I understood that it was a prophetic sign of God's work in Argentina. As we shared in the previous posting, the Lord recently had me thinking about Brazil over a period of several weeks, and, as I would meditate on Brazil's status, Argentina would immediately crop up in my heart. As we have shared before, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay remain as the only countries in what is humanly known as "Latin America" whose callings remain alive. However, as I beheld several events related to these countries, doubts began to arise in my heart. I began to ask, "Did these nations 'go down the tube' like the rest of Latin America? Have these nations been cast off as well?" I am glad, and incredibly blessed to know, that these nations remain alive, as shown by several signs of the Lord in recent weeks. One of these signs is the birth of these 3 white tigers in Argentina.


It is interesting to consider that, in both Argentina and England, 1 white cub was male while the others were female. There is a prophetic reason for this. As we have said before, the white horse of the Apocalypse acts the spiritual umbrella that permeates the operations of the other 3 horses of the Apocalypse. From that perspective, therefore, the white horse can be seen as a "male" covering for the other 3 "female" horses. The white horse signifies the awakening of the strong "male" spirit nature in the believer, and his galloping begins way up in the 3rd heaven, whilst the other 3 horses represent operations done down in the midst of our weak human nature in order for God's "male" Spirit nature to be manifested from the 3rd heaven; these 3 horses operate in the realm of the 1st and 2nd heavens. Therefore, the 1 white male in both Argentina and England point to the white horse of the Apocalypse. The fact that the white horse permeates the work of the other horses explains why all the cubs are white. In a spiritual sense, all the horses are "dyed in white".


Besides the 1 male cub, 2 female tigers were born in Argentina. The male cub represents the white horse, the first female cub represents the red horse, and the second female represents the black horse. This means that Argentina is in the midst of her black-horse stage and is on her way to the green-horse stage. In England, 3 female lions were born, meaning that England is in the midst of her green-horse stage and is on her way to the subsequent Revelation seals (the 5th and 6th seals; the first 4 seals are the 4 horses).


There is spiritual significance behind the fact that 4 white lions were born and presented to the public (i.e.- revealed) in England as 3 white lions were born and revealed in Argentina. As we shared in the previous word on Brazil, there is an "invisible" spiritual link between Brazil and the UK. In the same way, there is a (more "visible") link between the UK and The Argentine. Argentina's passionate love for football (soccer) stems from the influence of British immigrants to Argentina in the late 19th century. This British influence can be seen in the Anglo-Saxon names of Argentinian football clubs such as "Newell's Old Boys" and "River Plate". Argentina's love for rugby and polo also stem from their contact with Britannia. Therefore, it is no coincidence that God used the UK to end Argentina's era of right-wing dictatorships.


{As I am realising at this moment, there are hidden spiritual clues behind the story of Argentina's Newell's Old Boys football club (the club which the Lord prompted me to mention above). These clues are too extensive to include here, but they are related to the 4 spiritual war fronts that the remnant are fighting on, and they point to a successful transition from the black horse to the green horse for Argentina. You may read about this club on There are also hidden clues in the article on Argentina.}


{You may also read more on the British influence on Argentina in an article at}

As you may know, Britain and Argentina had a brief war in 1982 after Argentina invaded Britain's Falkland Islands, claiming them as Argentinian territory. Some have characterised this war as "two bald men fighting over a comb". Yet, this "meaningless" comb war had great consequences that have transcended over the years. The military murderers who ruled Argentina invaded the Falklands in an effort to cement their popularity with a people who were growing restless over their human-right violations. The military dictatorship thought that Britain would not "waste its time" crossing the Atlantic to defend a few tiny islands of "little relevance", either economically, culturally, or militarily. Yet, the Argentinian dictatorship failed to understand that the British people are apostolic in nature, and, as such, they are prone to appreciating the "value of small things". Judgement-oriented, apostolic peoples are principle-oriented, meaning that they act in indignation when they behold an injustice being performed. This indignation is not tempered so much by the amount of "personal inconvenience" caused by the injustice but rather by outrage over the invisible laws being violated. Because of this, Britain chose to sail across thousands of miles to defend the sovereignty of the "tiny" islands being invaded by Argentina. Out of love for both the Argentinian and British people, God fought on Britannia's side, which led to an embarrassing defeat for the Argentinian dictatorship. Just as is the case with Korah and God's green-horse riders, the Argentinian dictatorship saw the Falkland Islands as vulnerable land that could be easily taken. This vulnerability, however, was actually God's bait intended to lure them into a trap. Korah always wins the initial battles, but ends up losing the war in a devastating way. The Argentinian army easily took the defenceless Falkland Islands, but it ended up suffering a devastating defeat from an enemy that came from far away (i.e.- from "way behind") to trounce them. This embarrassment became the spark that propelled the Argentinian people against the ruling dictatorship, leading to their eventual downfall a few years later and to the beginning of a democratic period (since December 1983) that has lasted until today. By worrying over a "few meaningless islands", Britannia ended up blessing the Argentinian people in a very meaningful way.

According to a story posted on Yahoo! News, the blue-eyed Bengal tigers born in Argentina made their public debut on February 8, 2007. This date has spiritual significance. Based on what we have studied before, we can say that the date "February 8" speaks of a time of shedding old things and admitting that God's revival is impossible without saying "Welcome home!" to the remnant. Argentina's green-horse stage has begun, and, just as He has knocked on America's and Britain's door, the Lord God, cloaked in green-horse vulnerability, is now knocking on Argentina's door.


The fact that Argentina's white tigers were born on December 23, 2006 also has spiritual significance. As we have shared before, the date "December 23" points to how America was doomed to a series of harsh judgements from God because she was unwilling to let go of the "anti-termination Hispanic spirit". Thus, the date "December 23" is an "anti-Latin-American-spirit" date. The fact that God induced the birth of the Argentinian white tigers on this very date certifies that God does not view Argentina with the same eyes as He does the rest of the Latin American region.


The England safari park where the white lions were born is in Worcestershire near Bewdley. Interestingly enough, according to, Bewdley is a sister town with Clarksville, Indiana in America. The fact that Clarksville is in Indiana points to the things we have been saying about the "green" Indianapolis Colts in recent weeks. It is no coincidence that the month of February 2007 saw the "revelation" of white tigers in Argentina, white lions in a park in England near Clarksville's sister town, and the Indianapolis Colts' victory in Super Bowl 41. According to, the name "Clark" means "cleric" or "scholar". All of this has spiritual significance. This points to what we have said about Preston ("priest town") in the context of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Let him who has ears discern what the Lord is saying in all of this.


Interestingly enough, as I was searching the Internet for the story about the England white lions that I had read a few days earlier, I stumbled upon a 2004 story about the birth of 2 white tiger cubs in West Midland Safari Park, the same England park in which the white lions had been born. According to this story, posted on the safari park's website, the 2 white tigers were born on May 25, 2004. I was stunned when I read this date, because May 25 happens to be Argentina's "National Day", her equivalent of America's Independence Day. (The Lord had made me "record" Argentina's National Day in my head ever since 2005; now I know why). This means that God induced the birth of white tigers in England on Argentina's National Day in the same park in which the white lions would be born 2 years and 3 months later. This birth of white tigers in England was pointing in the spirit to the birth of white tigers in Argentina 942 days later. The 2007 white cub stories in Argentina and England are indeed related. God shall complete His work in the nation of Argentina. Argentina's calling remains alive.


To my surprise, I had a difficult time finding the England white lions story on the Internet, but God allowed this for several reasons because, as I kept searching, I stumbled upon another story, posted on on 23 November 2006, which spoke of the birth in September 2006 of a litter of white lions at the Mogo Zoo in New South Wales, Australia. As I meditated on the story yesterday (February 17, 2007), I felt the Lord strike my heart with the phrase "Argentina is connected to Wales, UK", and I felt the Lord say, "There is linkage between Argentina and Australia". The Lord confirmed these phrases today (February 18) as I learnt (by "chance") that there are several large Welsh-speaking communities in Argentina's Patagonia region. According to, a significant migration from Wales to Argentina began in the 19th century when a preacher by the name of Michael D. Jones was bent on the creation of a "little Wales beyond Wales". Australia, New Zealand, and even Palestine were considered for the "little Wales" project, but Argentina won out as host to the Welsh because of the Patagonia's isolation and because of Argentina's generous offer of 100 square miles of land along the Chubut River.


The connection with Australia was confirmed when I learnt of Argentina's "austral". As Argentina struggled to recover from its hyper-inflation in the mid 1980s, the old "peso" currency was replaced by the "austral", which acted as Argentina's national currency for 2390 days. It was later replaced by a new "peso" when the "austral" became victim to "hyper-devaluation" as well. The word "austral" literally means "south", and both Argentina and Australia are large countries deep in the Southern Hemisphere. Based on, of the few countries in the "southern temperate zone", the largest countries are Brazil, Australia, and Argentina. Therefore, the birth of white lions in New South Wales, Australia a few months before the birth of the white tigers in Argentina reveals a "spiritual tube" connecting both nations. Spiritual breakthroughs in one country shall affect the other, and vice versa.


I feel a deep love for the Argentinian people. They are enveloped in an effusive, marvellous beauty that betrays their impartation from God of both of the "grace" ministries (prophet and evangelist). Their prophetic anointing is evident in much of the popular music they have produced over the years. Musical acts from Argentina such as Tormenta, Soda Stereo, Los Enanitos Verdes, Miguel Mateos, Leo Dan, Elio Roca, and Sandro (the Argentine equivalent of Welsh singer Tom Jones) express a poetic musical depth that reveals that the Argentinian culture has a deep and colourful texture. Their music betrays a "yearning", a "visionary longing" that is typical of prophetic peoples. May the Lord have mercy on Argentina, and may I see the day when Argentina's cities and countryside are alit with the presence of God's fire. The Lord gave me a brief vision of Argentina related to my personal life some 23 years ago, and I believe that that vision shall be fulfilled in the years ahead.