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Prophetic word for today

Word to Martha

First posted: May 3, 2006

E-mailed: March 30, 2006

Word received by: Catha Miller


The Word of the Lord:

How long, pastors, are you going to let my people go hungry? How long are you going to let my people grieve while you feed upon your own wisdom and your own knowledge, and feed my people the food that has dried up on the vine? You refuse to come and stay until you hear my voice, but yet you say, "I have heard from the Lord."


You feed upon one another to see who has the most knowledge, while my people run to and fro looking for food from heaven. Pastors and leaders of my people, you will dry up. I will raise up out of the street those you look down on, and those you say have to go by your rules. I will raise up a people that will come and stay on their knees until they hear from me; they will not be afraid of your words; they will know the twisting of my word to bring them into bondage that you have done that you may gain. My people will know my voice and no other will they follow, I will set my people free; you will go into bondage; and you will feel my judgment. This I, the Lord, have spoken.


My leaders have become Martha's and not Mary's. They see themselves as "hard workers", and they see nothing being accomplished sitting at Jesus' feet. Because they are always busy doing "God's work", they hear Jesus talking, but they do not have time to sit down and listen to what he is saying.


Man says, "Mary's are accomplishing nothing, so you need to get off your knees and do something."


However, Jesus said, "Martha, Martha, One thing is needful, and Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her." Martha thought ''many things'' were necessary for the Lord's comfort and was wearing herself out to prepare for them; she wanted to be known as a "good Christian". However, to Jesus, her company meant more to him than her cooking.


Mary's are always listening and waiting for their Master to say, "Come." Martha's are always running to Jesus and asking him to come in unto them that they may serve him, but they are always too busy to hear him.


Mary's are always at Jesus feet. When Lazarus died, Jesus was coming into town, and Martha ran to meet him in her own strength, but she never fell down at his feet. Mary was still in her house grieving until Martha said, "The Master is come, and called for thee." When Mary heard that her master had come, it gave her strength; she arose quickly, and ran and fell down at his feet. My leaders are always coming to me, but they do not have the time to fall down before me and listen; they have too much to tell me.


Jesus said, "Take away the stone." Martha said, "Lord, by this time he stinketh"; Martha's are always running to Jesus and telling him things, but not listening. Jesus said unto her, "Said I not unto thee, that, if you would believe, you shall see the glory of God?" If my leaders run to me, fall upon their knees, repent, and listen, I will restore.


Moreover, they will see my glory come back into my house, and the women will be able to break open the alabaster box, and, once again, my house will fill up with a sweet odor of joy and love of God. Mary took a pound of ointment of spikenard, very costly, at his feet. She went again, anointing his feet and wiping them with her hair, and the house filled with the odor of the ointment. The Martha's still did not get it; they could not smell the odor in the house. They are filled with good works, but they are also filled with criticism toward others.


However, Jesus said, "Leave her alone." In contrast to the rulers, Mary believed in Jesus "person"; in contrast to many who believed in a general way, Mary's faith included the work of the savior --- his death.


Martha's are men and women of action, but they run in their strength. Mary's are those who know they cannot do anything unless Jesus says, "Come" and "Go". Jesus loved Mary and Martha the same, but there are a lot of Martha's, and few Mary's. God would like his people to understand, "If you do not stay at Jesus' feet, you are running your race in vain". When we stay at his feet, we can hear him say, "Come, my child", and "Go here" or "Go there"; his words will be clear.


The world will see more of God and less of us. However, flesh will have to take the backseat and he will not like that.


We will win the souls that are appointed to us, and we will not be out there running into each other. This has caused the world to look upon the Body as a field of money for the taking, and a place to run and hide. Leaders have said, "Jesus has already done it all, so let's get out there and just done good". But we forget Jesus said, "I will send you a comforter which is the Holy Ghost, He will lead and guide you into all things."


Get ready, pastors and so-called "leaders". God is turning the Church from the north to the west, and there is going to be victory for his people.


His people are waking up to the word of freedom. No longer are they sending their money to leaders that are stripping them of their inheritance. No longer are they believing lies. God is revealing his word to his people.


The "north church" is a taker of my people; the "west church" will be a healer of my people.


God said, "I am taking my church and shifting it from the North to the West".


According to Zechariah 6:6, those with the black horses are going toward the North Country, those with the white horses toward the West, and those with the dappled horses toward the South. The black horses are a symbol of calamity. The white horses are the symbol of victory and joy. God said my people have been in bondage long enough; Man has taken my word and turned it to his gain.


"Then said he unto me, Son of man, lift up thine eyes now the way toward the north. So I lifted up mine eyes the way toward the north, and behold northward at the gate of the altar this image of jealousy in the entry" (Ezekiel 8:5)


Jealousy has caused a lot of men and women to go after the people. They need the crowd to feel good about themselves. In addition, they need money to stay on top and be "number one". However, God said, it is time for change.


"18Moreover the prince shall not take of the people’s inheritance by oppression, to thrust them out of their possession; but he shall give his sons inheritance out of his own possession: that my people be not scattered every man from his possession. 19After he brought me through the entry, which was at the side of the gate, into the holy chambers of the priests, which looked toward the north: and, behold, there was a place on the two sides westward." (Ezekiel 46:18-19)


God said, "Through my son, no longer does one man have a sacred room facing north; my son opened the door to all that they may come and feed at my table."


"And the prince in the midst of them, when they go in, shall go in; and when they go forth, shall go forth." (Ezekiel 46:10)


When the people come to worship, the prince will worship with them as one of them. There are pastors that feel they have to have that sacred room, that people should treat them as a "priest" and that God called them to rule over the people.


"They shall walk after the LORD: he shall roar like a lion: when he shall roar, then the children shall tremble from the west" (Hosea 11:10)


God is revealing his word to those who seek his face and not his hand. What is in his hand is already ours, but he is saying, "Seek my face, and I will reveal the end-time message, and it carries a judgment on those who have refused to hear what God is saying".


Now he is uncovering their sins. God is a good God and a merciful God, but he is also a God of judgment. God's Judgment is on all those that have used his word to bring his people into bondage and to strip his people of their finances.


God Bless all who stay at Jesus' feet until they hear from God.