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Prophetic word for today

The wolves are back in town

First posted: December 3, 2004

E-mailed: November 28, 2004

Word received by: Twila Highline


I received the vision 2 years ago. Now, it has become a "now" situation.

The vision was the following:

I see these wolves. They are healthy and beautiful. There is a pack of them, and they are running towards trees. They were on a road. The further they ran, the mangier they became, until they were sick-looking and had rabies. They divided and went into the trees, and I could no longer see them. Then I heard a howling sound, and I asked God, "What is that?" And He said, "A call to the wild." The wolves appeared in a rabies type condition at the edge of the forest where I could see them. They packed together back on the road and started running back towards me, and started gaining strength and health. I saw these black things flying through the air, hitting the wolves and bouncing off. There were many of them and they were trying to stop the wolves and could not. The wolves were being restored to their original condition: beautiful.

Our comments


As we shared in our previous article, the wolves in the vision are the Amorite "ministers" who have dominated the Church until now. Their health and beauty point to two things:

  1. Their health points to physical soundness, i.e.- soundness of the body. As we have shared before, the "physical" part of the soul is the mind, meaning that these "ministers" look "right" and "proper", at least to the natural, Girgashite mind that judges based on external appearances, and not in the Spirit.


  2. Their beauty points to soul appeal. As we have shared before, the "soulish" part of the soul are the emotions, meaning that these "ministers" are appealing to the emotions of believers who are influenced by Canaanite spirits that focus on "non-suffering", "feel-good, sentimentalist love", and "not judging anyone".


Therefore, we can say that the wolves look "right" to the Girgashite believers and are emotionally appealing to the Canaanite believers inside the Church. As we have said before, teachers who stray from God's purposes become Girgashites, while pastors who stray from God's righteousness become Canaanites, meaning that pastoral matriarchy, i.e.- the domination of the two "female" ministries, pastors and teachers, has allowed these wolves to maintain control over the Church.


The reason why the wolves were running is because they were trying to escape from the judgments being launched through the prophetic-intercession movement of the late 1990s and first couple of years of the 21st century, which we briefly described in a previous prophetic word. This is why sister Twila had this vision 2 years ago, which is right around the time when this third prophetic movement ended in failure once again.


Mange is a skin disease that causes animals to lose their hair. Therefore, the fact that the wolves were described as becoming "mangier" speaks of how judgments began to fall on the wolves that revealed their "nakedness". 


"25And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed. 1Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?" (Genesis 2:25-3:1)


The word "naked" in verse 25 above was translated from the Hebrew word arowm. Interestingly enough, the word "subtil", which is old English for "shrewd" or "cunning", was translated from the almost identical Hebrew word aruwm. In other words, "nakedness", when referred to in a negative sense, has the spiritual connotation of shrewdness or craftiness. Instead of looking "right" and "proper", the wolves were being shown by God's judgments to be shrewd, crafty, and spiritually conniving. In other words, the prophetic-intercession movement began to reveal the Amorite arrogance of these wolves. Amorites like to manipulate and to take advantage of others in order to "rise to the top" and be "kings".


The fact that they became "sick-looking" and with "rabies" is an exact reversal of their initial condition of "health" and "beauty". Their sickliness means that God began to reveal their Girgashite temporality; as we have shared in a previous prophetic word, Girgashites are so "time-bound" that they tend to age and deteriorate more quickly. Their rabies means that God began to reveal their Canaanite lunacy; as we have shared before, Canaanite spirits make a concerted effort to shut down the person's mind and to get him or her into a drunken stupor where emotions are no longer inhibited by a mind that makes sober judgments; this is exactly what happens to an animal with rabies. Their sickliness and rabies, therefore, mean that God began to expose the wolves as ministers of earthliness who were not abiding in God's true judgments.


From all of the above, we can see that God revealed the Amorite, Girgashite, and Canaanite nature of the wolves during the last prophetic movement. If you check the triangle of evil, you will notice that these 3 spirits comprise the 3 vertices of the triangle. The wolves have enclosed the Church inside the triangle of evil, and the latter-day Revival cannot come until that triangle is broken.


The trees in the vision represent the people of God who love to have a "human" king over them:


"8The trees went forth on a time to anoint a king over them; and they said unto the olive tree, Reign thou over us. 9But the olive tree said unto them, Should I leave my fatness, wherewith by me they honour God and man, and go to be promoted over the trees? 10And the trees said to the fig tree, Come thou, and reign over us. 11But the fig tree said unto them, Should I forsake my sweetness, and my good fruit, and go to be promoted over the trees? 12Then said the trees unto the vine, Come thou, and reign over us. 13And the vine said unto them, Should I leave my wine, which cheereth God and man, and go to be promoted over the trees? 14Then said all the trees unto the bramble, Come thou, and reign over us. 15And the bramble said unto the trees, If in truth ye anoint me king over you, then come and put your trust in my shadow: and if not, let fire come out of the bramble, and devour the cedars of Lebanon." (Judges 9:8-15)

[Notice the ruthless, wolf-like attitude displayed by the "bramble" in verse 15. In Judges chapter 9, the "bramble" is said to represent Abimelech, a man who became king by murdering his own brothers.]


The wolves were running towards the trees to take refuge from the spiritual judgments being unleashed upon them by the prophetic-intercession movement of the late 1990s and early 2000s. As we have said before, Amorite kings always need a "ground-swell" of "soulish" support in order to maintain their earthly little kingdoms. Tyrants and dictators (both literal and spiritual) need a great group of people to either be supportive or at least indifferent to their Amorite tyranny. This is why fools like Fidel Castro and the North Korean dictators have stayed in power for so long. As we shared in a previous word, many Cubans actually burst into tears when they saw their ruthless oppressor fall to the ground and suffer 8 bone fractures!!!


During the prophetic-intercession movement of the late 1990s and early 2000s, wolves were being spiritually exposed for what they were, and they "ran" to the people for cover, because they knew that the "cult of personality" that believers have towards them would serve as a "human shield" against God's judgments.


The fact that the wolves divided as they went amongst the trees is a figure of how God weakened the spiritual unity of the wolves and allowed each congregation to individually decide whether or not they would "slay" their respective wolves. Since the wolves understood (at least in a spiritual sense) that their fate depended on people supporting them, they began to "campaign" in order to gather the believers' support. This prompted their "call to the wild", which means that they began to herald a message of blessings, mercy and charismatic manifestations of the Spirit. The reason why the prophetic-intercession movement was so successful in weakening the wolves is because this movement focused on the freedom of the Spirit and attacked the oppression of legalistic and "traditional" ministers who were restraining that freedom. They exposed legalism and traditionalism as hindrances to God's purposes. When the wolves saw that this message was being received by a people of God who were hungry for a greater presence of the Spirit, they applied the famous phrase that says, "If you can't beat them, join them", so they began to espouse a message of left-handed, wild, spiritual "freedom"; this is why the wolves appeared with "rabies" when they gathered together at the edge of the forest. In a sense, it's as if the wolves said the following: 

"We will give you all the blessings and charismatic manifestations that you want, as long as you remain loyal to us. We will be your providers. We will take care of your spiritual needs and give you all that you want. We want to be your heroes. Just give us your loyalty, and you will have spiritual enjoyment galore!!"


"8Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; 9And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me." (Matthew 4:8-9)


Whereas the Lord Jesus overcame this temptation, the Church did not. Believers took up the wolves' offer and spared their lives. This is when the wolves regained their "strength and health". Their strength refers to the restoration of their Amorite vigor, since Amorites are the spirits most associated with spiritual strongholds and "strong men". Their health refers to the restoration from their Girgashite decay; they no longer appeared to be "weak, temporal" men and women; they again appeared as demigods ruling over a Body of believers who had once again relinquished their responsibility to move in the spiritual realm. While the "ministers" would deal with the "spiritual realm" and take care of the believers' spiritual blessings, "regular" believers could once again pay attention to their earthly matters and go to church on Sunday to get their weekly "spiritual filling" from the demigods.


In the vision, sister Twila represents the prophetic spirit. As the wolves regained their strength and health, they decided to lash out against the prophetic spirit that had done them so much harm. As we have said before, the prophetic spirit in believers creates an awareness of our direct and intimate relationship with God the Father, without the need for human intermediaries. Wolves abhor the prophetic spirit, because it deprives them of their control and power. Their attack on sister Twila is a prophetic figure of what Jezebel did against Elijah after he convinced the people of Israel to capture the prophets of Baal in order to slay them:


"39And when all the people saw it, they fell on their faces: and they said, The LORD, he is the God; the LORD, he is the God. 40And Elijah said unto them, Take the prophets of Baal; let not one of them escape. And they took them: and Elijah brought them down to the brook Kishon, and slew them there." (1 Kings 18:39-40)


"1And Ahab told Jezebel all that Elijah had done, and withal how he had slain all the prophets with the sword. 2Then Jezebel sent a messenger unto Elijah, saying, So let the gods do to me, and more also, if I make not thy life as the life of one of them by to morrow about this time." (1 Kings 19:1-2)


As we have said before, the "Jezebel spirit" is not portrayed in Scripture as one that promotes "peasant" rebellions against the "ruling monarchy", but rather as a spirit that moves in the ruling "spiritual monarchy" that seeks to suppress the true prophetic spirit in God's people and to accuse believers of rebellion whenever they speak out against human authority in the prophetic anointing of the Spirit. Jezebel is a vengeful whore, and every time I have unleashed word of judgment against her, she has personally attacked me back in emotionally devastating ways. As I was writing these words, I began to feel trepidation in my heart over possible reprisals from Jezebel. But, who cares? Cursed be Jezebel, and may punishing judgments be unleashed upon all those who uphold the Jezebel spirit on Earth!!!


The black things that were flying through the air and hitting the wolves were "prophetic word". Why? For starters, "flying" is generally associated in Scripture with the prophetic spirit that allows believers to escape the earthly perspective and get God's eagle-eye view of things from the spiritual realm. Also, the flying things are a reference to "spiritual arrows", which, as we have said in previous articles, are a figure of "prophetic attacks".


The "blackness" of the flying things also points to the prophetic ministry:


"1And Elijah the Tishbite, who was of the inhabitants of Gilead, said unto Ahab, As the LORD God of Israel liveth, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, but according to my word. 2And the word of the LORD came unto him, saying, 3Get thee hence, and turn thee eastward, and hide thyself by the brook Cherith, that is before Jordan. 4And it shall be, that thou shalt drink of the brook; and I have commanded the ravens to feed thee there. 5So he went and did according unto the word of the LORD: for he went and dwelt by the brook Cherith, that is before Jordan. 6And the ravens brought him bread and flesh in the morning, and bread and flesh in the evening; and he drank of the brook." (1 Kings 17:1-6)


The word for "raven" in Hebrew is oreb, which is derived from arab meaning, "to become evening, to grow dark" (this makes sense since ravens are black birds). Though not always, "darkness" or "blackness" is a figure of "secrecy", "anonymity", and "intimacy", which are left-handed concepts that are strongly associated with the prophetic ministry. Therefore, it is not surprising that God chose "ravens" to feed the prophet Elijah while he hid (v2) by the brook of Cherith.


If the black things that were flying through the air were "prophetic arrows", why were they bouncing off the wolves? Because they lacked apostolic-judgment anointing. The prophetic-intercession movement of the late 1990s and early 2000s was motivated by a desire for a greater "presence" of the Spirit and for the breaking of the human paradigms that were hindering that "presence". Unfortunately, as God's presence began to descend and be manifested, the movement became enamored with the emotional effects of that presence. A movement that began with a sincere desire to see God's Glory became focused on the emotional "blessings" of "spiritual presence". This is when the prophetic movement turned "Canaanite". If you revisit the "triangle of evil" and the "triangle of ministries", you will notice that this meant a "slide" down the left side of the triangle.


When the prophetic-intercession movement turned "Canaanite", it lost its spiritual ability to execute judgments, because the Canaanite spirit is the complete antithesis of apostolic judgments. Since truth and judgments cause "death", the fact that the prophetic movement turned "Canaanite" meant that it lost the ability to kill the wolves. This explains why the prophetic arrows harmlessly bounced off the wolves, despite the fact that the wolves were being struck.


Notice that the description of the vision ends with the word "beautiful", which, as we saw at the beginning, is a figure of Canaanite soul-appeal. As the prophetic movement went "Canaanite-mad", and as the "trees" decided to pardon the wolves in exchange for "wild" blessings, the wolves recovered their original Canaanite beauty and are once again freely roaming around the Church, controlling her, consuming her.


This wolf vision is a very clear and vivid interpretation of what I have seen happen in many congregations. I personally witnessed the "spiritual drama" described above literally played out between April 27, 1998 and October 15, 2002 in one specific congregation that God wanted to visit prophetically. This is why it is not surprising that sister Twila had this vision 2 years ago. I am personally convinced that the third prophetic attempt to bring the latter-rain Glory ended in 2002. 


(The spiritual drama described above also happened in the catholic church. As believers inside the catholic church began to perceive the spiritual staleness of the catholic church's Girgashite structures, the catholic "charismatic movement" broke out. However, instead of serving as an agent of judgment and utter transformation, the catholic charismatic movement ended up forgiving the catholic wolves and settled for "spiritual experiences" on the side while still submitting to the wolves' authority. These wolves continue to roam around the catholic church, preying on those who are spiritually defenseless. This preying in the spiritual realm is manifested in the natural realm in the well-publicized child abuse scandals in the catholic church.)


Woe be unto you, oh you demons, for your day is come. This fourth time, you shall be stricken down, for a prophetic remnant is now present in Me that will unleash apostolic judgments against you. Your call to the wild will not work on this remnant, for her desire in Me is to see My Holy Righteousness manifested upon the Earth, and she shall fill the Earth with My  judgments.


Count your days, oh Jezebel, for your end is near. You shall be stricken down, because Jehu is on his way, and he shall feed you to the dogs. My second coming is near -- says the Lord -- and I shall be manifested in My people and throughout the Earth.