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Prophetic word for today
Which side are you on?


Separation of the sheep from the goats

It is time for confessions, repentance and returning. Seek me while I can still be found. 

I am interested in only a personal relationship with all my children on earth, all those called by name are welcome. I am only interested in a daily relationship with my sheep. I am calling to them. I've knocked but they've not heard. I've called and some answered but some were confused and needed chastising to hear, yet others are still deaf to my sheep know my voice and will hear. 

I've stood and knocked and not been received from outside of their doors. I will not cross thresholds of any without a personal invitation, a personal invitation to enter their hearts, souls, minds. Searching hearts and finding few - many are they in need of much. Salvation is free now, but sin, costly now, though attractive and enticing to many, far too many. Beware, the love of man. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, the time is now.


The iniquity of the Amorites is full

Vanity of man has crested the pinnacle, soon the very edge of hell sliding over. Flies and maggots shall their carrion produce. They shall see corruption of their flesh and know that I am God of all and in their vanity, I seek them not.


Time is being shortened

For all who come to me are contrite and as babes, humble themselves, humble yourselves, now while there is still time. Time is not time as it was, 24 hours was in a day, is now 12 and 7 days in a week is now 3.5 days. 

The hour has come and the bugler is getting his horn and his breath ready, are you ready, are you seeking me while I can still be found....hark, the Voice of the Lord calls.


Our comments

In the first part of this word ("Separation of the sheep from the goats"), the Lord is telling His Church that this is a time of definition, where God is allowing each one to decide where they stand with Him. Those who are more loyal to man than to God will be labeled as "goats" while those who are loyal to God above all things, including man, will be called "sheep" (John 10:27). The goats are not aware of the God-potential of the believers around them, and are constantly shutting down God's prophetic word when it is manifested through men that don't have "recognized" human authority (Matthew 25:31-46, John 5:31-47). The passage in Matthew 25 has always been taken as a literal representation of the separation of the save from the unsaved, but, in a deeper prophetic sense, really represents the separation of believers who are already inside the Church. Why? Because sheep and goats are similar. We are clearly distinguishable from the unbelieving world, but the goats inside the Church cannot be distinguished as easily. I encourage you, fellow believer, to read Matthew 25:31-46 from this perspective, under the leading of the Spirit, and you will see how the whole passage opens up and begins to make sense to you.


In the second part of this word ("The iniquity of the Amorites is full"), the Lord is reminding His Church that the arrogance of man has reached its pinnacle. This corresponds to something we shared in one of our articles, and it corresponds to what the Lord declared in Luke 13:23-30.


In the third part of this word ("Time is being shortened"), the Lord reminds us that processes will become faster as we draw towards the end of things. This is why Amos 9:13 speaks of the plowman overtaking the reaper. As God's judgments are released into the atmosphere by God's people, the time that things take to get accomplished will be accelerated. The word for "process" and "judgment" are the same in Hebrew, and, as God's people release His judgments through their prayers and their lives of surrender, processes in this world will be accelerated, in the literal and the spiritual realm.


In conclusion, this word is calling us to awareness concerning the "decision of definition" that you must make in your heart. Are you a remnant believer? Have you committed your life to serving God before serving man? God is about to cut down self-glorifying men and women inside the Church, and He will also bring judgments on all those who followed them blindly, being more concerned about living a religious life than about abiding under a direct one-to-one relationship with God through the prophetic voice of His Spirit. He will separate the sheep from the goats, and He is sounding the horn so that you may stand on the right side. If you are caught unprepared, the horn will sound a second time, and the walls of your Jericho will come tumbling down.