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Prophetic word for today

Snakes left and right

First posted: March 31, 2008

E-mailed: March 5, 2008

Word received by: Timeka Nicole




My husband and I were at home and found a snake, a real big snake. I do not remember if it was in the house or outside, but we saw it. I know that the snake [had been] killed.....I cannot recall who killed the snake....I am not sure if it was my husband that did it, but it was killed.


Then later, outside, we saw another snake, and it was a really big and long snake like the first one, and outside our house we had animals. We had an alligator and the alligator killed one of the snakes. And we saw another snake, and I said that there was a nest close or nearby. I saw another snake that was under the leaves, and he was moving along the side of the fence. It was not visible, but I knew it was a snake. We also had a lion (it was a male and female). They got up and were looking toward the direction the snake was at and moving. They were walking slowly and were sneaking up on the snake. They were acting as they do when they sense danger is near. I didn't not see what happened to that snake. I told my husband that it was kind of good that we had the animals, and he said, "Yeah".


Then, we ended up in the house, and then, later, I was laying in the bed asleep, and he had to go to work. My husband woke me up and gave me a kiss and said that he was getting ready to leave; then he left. I got up because I was a little scared ... because I knew that I was there by myself. When I got up, I saw another snake, and I said "I have to get out of here". When I got up, it was dark, I tried to turn on the light in the hall, and it did not work.....the only light working was in the living room. In the living room the lamp was turned over, and the lampshade was sitting on the side. I then turned on the light, and it worked. So I was heading to the front door, and, when I opened up the front door, it was daylight outside, but [there] was a black cat in front of my door ... the cat was not directly in front of the door, but it was right by it, and it was eating. The cat began to run off ... I think it ran toward the right...



Our brief comments


The serpentine beasts vs. the Spirit-man

The big snake mentioned at the beginning of the dream ...the snake that was killed ... represents the "first beast" that is mortally wounded by the remnant as they walk in the black- and green-horse anointings (Revelation 13:1-12). The fact that sister Timeka could not recall who had killed the snake points to the spiritual nature of this "mortal wounding". It is not a literal, visible wounding, but it is a very real wounding that is discernable by those who choose to walk in the Spirit and not the soul.


In the dream, sister Timeka's husband represents the spirit, whilst sister Timeka herself represents a soul that is submissive to the spirit. That is the reason why she perceived that her husband had killed the snake, since the mortal wounding of the first beast is carried out by those who operate in their God-endowed spirit nature.


The big, long snake that appears outside represents the "first beast" as it recovers during the 5th-seal period from its mortal wound (Revelation 13:3). The fact that the snake was outside rather than inside is a figure of how God's remnant expose the first beast, driving it out of its comfortable anonymity through their 4-seal spiritual work. Even though the first beast appears to "recover", it has been dealt a spiritual death blow from which it will never recover, even if it tries to deceive everyone into thinking that it is fundamentally sound.


In the context of this dream, the animals outside represent believers who operate in supernatural powers, i.e.- powers that cannot be activated by believers living in the realm of natural man. As we have shared before, these are the believers operating in the non-Man spiritual faces: the Lion Face, the Eagle Face, and the Ox Face.


Two against two

The 2 snakes that were outside (besides the big, long snake) represent the Jebusite and Hittite nature of the "second beast". As we have studied before, the second beast works during the 5th-seal period to "rebuild" the spiritual authority of the first beast as it "recovers" from the mortal wound inflicted by God's remnant. As we have also studied before, the Jebusite nature of the second beast is its "visible" side, whilst the Hittite nature is its "invisible" side. Therefore, the first snake, the one visibly killed by the alligator, represents the Jebusite spirit in the second beast. The second snake, the one hiding under the leaves, represents the Hittite spirit in the second beast. This is the reason why the lion pair were in a state of alert as if perceiving a danger, since the Hittite spirits of terror induce a sense of fear about an unseen danger.


Alligators are stealth operators that sneak up on their victims, swimming below the water's surface before launching a lightning attack against the unsuspecting victim standing above the water. On dry land, however, alligators are terrible hunters, and their moves are relatively awkward and graceless. As we have studied before, green-horse riders are "seafarers". As we have also studied before, the prophetic anointing is the one most directly related to "stealth" spiritual operations and to the launching of invisible-arrow sudden attacks against the enemy. Therefore, we can say that, in the context of this dream, the alligator represents believers who have gone through green-horse death and who operate under an intense prophetic anointing that can suddenly lash out against the enemy's attacks during the 5th-seal period (the period immediately following their green-horse death). To those who are oblivious to the "green-horse sea", these alligators' sudden attacks may seem awkward, graceless, and unjustified, and only those who are in the Spirit will realise that these are not the actions of "unclean animals" but rather the actions of spiritually-sensitive believers who are engaged in a life-or-death spiritual struggle that will culminate in the full-blown manifestation of God's kingdom on Earth.


As we said above, the 2 snakes outside represent the Jebusite and Hittite spirits that operate in the 2nd beast. The snake killed by the alligator corresponds to the Jebusite spirit. In reaction to the 2nd beast's right-handed Jebusite bashing during the 5th-seal period, the remnant have been fighting back with prophetic spiritual attacks (of an "anarchist", "underground" nature) in an effort to stem the Jebusites' efforts to crush and trample on their right to exercise spiritual authority and initiative. These counterattacks on the remnant's part may seem "chaotic" and "anarchical" actions to those with no spiritual discernment, but that is because they fail to perceive the "blue-green sea water" surrounding God's alligators. In that water, their actions are not awkward and chaotic; they are graceful and precise, and they are well justified. Jebusites are murderers, so they deserve to be "killed". That is the reason why the Jebusite snake was killed.


As we have said before, lions are a figure of judges executing judgements. Therefore, the lion pair that set out against the Hittite snake represent God's right-handed judgements against the Hittite element of the second beast. As we have studied before, the Hittite spirit is overcome through the imposition of right-handed law and order. This is the reason why the Hittite chaos in Iraq began to come under control after the "surge", which allowed more troops to police the streets of Iraq, bringing a visible presence of law and order against the invisible chaos of Hittite terrorists. Wherever Hittite snakes abound, visible lions must be brought in order to bring the Hittite snakes under God's righteous judgements. That is the only way for God's law and order to be re-established.


As we said above, God's left-handed alligators come against the Jebusite elements of the second beast, and God's right-handed lions come against the Hittite elements of the second beast. There is another hidden message behind these animals.


Pastors and teachers of God

When alligators are on dry land, they walk with their belly very close to the ground, almost dragging it. If taken in a negative sense, this would point to the Girgashite spirit, since Girgashites are "clay dwellers", people bound to earthliness. In a positive sense, however, this points to God's teacher endowment. Why? Because, as we have said before, Girgashites are "teachers gone bad". People endowed with God's teacher spirit (one of the 7 Spirits of God) are pragmatic people who like to establish practical methodologies and who are predisposed to rebuke the soul winds of emotional rantings that are not grounded on reality. As we have also said before, the teacher endowment is perfected in people when it enters the "prophetic" stage. In other words, teachers are perfected when they become prophets. When this happens, their teaching operates in the fullness of God's prophetic anointing, as opposed to the Girgashites, whose teachings become antagonistic towards the prophetic. Therefore, we can conclude that the alligators in sister Timeka's dream are "teachers gone prophetic".


In the dream, sister Timeka saw a lion and a lioness working together to hunt down the Hittite snake. As we said above, the male lion points directly to the apostolic endowment of wisdom and judgements. On the other hand, the female lion points to the pastoral endowment. Why? Because, as we have studied before, the pastoral ministry is one of the two "female" ministries, and the pastoral ministry is a "reproving" ministry, meaning that it is geared towards applying "iron judgements" on those who wilfully do wrong, as opposed to apostles, who are more geared towards "bronze judgements" that impel people to grow into new dimensions of understanding. A detailed study of Revelation 2:19 shows that pastors are perfected when they become apostles. When this happens, their pastoring is loaded with bronze apostolic judgements that propel people into new dimensions of growth. Therefore, we can conclude that the lion and lioness in sister Timeka's dream are "pastors gone apostolic".


As we have said before, red-horse (i.e.- 2nd-seal) riders are teacher-apostles, black-horse (i.e.- 3rd-seal) riders are apostle-prophets, and green-horse (i.e.- 4th-seal) riders are prophet-pastors. In order to understand the pattern delineated by these ministry pairings, we must list the ministries of Ephesians 4:11 (excluding the evangelistic "calf" ministry) along a closed circle. If we do so, we get the following circle:



Notice that each ministry pairing mentioned above is formed by consecutive ministries along the circle, starting at the (ground-based) teacher ministry and ending at the pastor ministry (teacher-apostle ... apostle-prophet ... prophet-pastor). Therefore, we can conclude that the ministry pairing for the next seal, the 5th seal, is a continuation of this pattern, which means that remnant believers in the 5th seal act as pastor-teachers; this returns you to the teacher ministry and closes the circle (teacher-apostle ... apostle-prophet ... prophet-pastor ... pastor-teacher).


The above explains why sister Timeka's 5th-seal dream included both an alligator and a lion-lioness pair. The lion-lioness pair represents the pastoral endowment gone apostolic and the alligator represents the teacher endowment gone prophetic. On the natural level, 5th-seal remnant believers are reduced to weak (Man-Faced) pastor-teachers clamouring for vindication (Revelation 6:10, Luke 18:3) from their limited bubbles of refuge, but, at the spirit level, the pastor-teacher turns into a fierce apostle-prophet (pastor gone apostolic; teacher gone prophetic) that wages intense warfare against the Jebusite-Hittite second beast. At the natural level, the 5th-seal believer seems like a lion deprived of its masculinity (a lioness), as well as an awkward land-bound alligator. However, at the spirit level, the 5th-seal believer is actually a fierce lion of roaring judgements against the Hittite enemy, as well as a water-immersed alligator who can unleash lightning-fast surprise attacks that inject chaos into the Jebusite enemy. During their 5th-seal stage, God's remnant manifest the 2 "female" ministry endowments (pastor and teacher) in submission to the "male" Spirit, thus acting as a righteous seed in the ground that shall sprout forth to redeem the "female" ministries across the Earth, ending the pastoral matriarchy once and for all.


As I meditated on sister Timeka's dream, the US states of Florida and Michigan kept coming to my mind. As many of you may know, the American state that is most directly associated with alligators is Florida, due to the large presence of alligators in that state. On the other hand, there is no state in America with a significantly large population of lions. Yet, if you asked me which US state comes to my mind when I hear the word "lion", I would immediately reply Michigan. This is because the only professional team named after lions in any of America's 4 major sport leagues are the Detroit Lions (of the NFL), and Detroit is Michigan's most important city. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the chairman of the Democratic Party, Howard Dean (a man with a strong "impartation" of the second-beast spirit), foolishly drafted decrees that ended up barring Florida's and Michigan's delegates from the 2008 Democratic National Convention. This disenfranchising of Florida and Michigan favours Barack Obama, a man whose underlying spirit is abominable to God. Barack Obama represents America's efforts to deny its current state of "civil war"; the "Obama spirit" is trying to bring about an artificial "reunification" of America without dealing with the underlying issues that prompted God (not man) to decree spiritual civil war over America. It is no coincidence, therefore, that the term "civil war" has been used so frequently by political pundits when referring to the Democratic Party's nomination contest between Hillary Clinton (a somewhat self-deceived but genuine woman with Walter Mitty episodes) and Barack Obama (a slick politician who sounds "new and independent" but is as "old and compromised" as most politicians in Washington, and who argues away his "oldness" through self-deceiving arguments that disguise compromise behind apparent resoluteness). The spirit of Obama is a spirit of deceit that sounds deep and powerful but is actually shallow and powerless upon close review. It is an attractive spirit on the outside, but its inner intention is to bypass the "civil war" decree that God has pronounced over America. It is a shame that better men such as Bill Cosby and Newt Gingrich, men who are preaching real change, are not in a position to make a viable run for the White House.


[It is worth noting that the spirit of "civil war" was also rather evident during the initial part of the Republican party's 2008 primary process. Staunch conservatives began to spouse their repudiation of John McCain, to the point that one of them, Ann Coulter, publically declared that she would rather vote for Hillary Clinton in November 2008 than cast a vote for John McCain. This internal strife subsided as the primary process continued, mainly because there is a prophetic purpose from God behind John McCain's run for the Presidency. God willing, we will share more on this in a future posting.]


Hibernation separation

In the last part of the dream, sister Timeka suddenly finds herself back in the house. This latter part of the dream is intended to emphasise the spiritual principles portrayed in the previous parts of the dream, shedding a different light on them. It can be said that the first part of the dream shows the "pastoral" angle, whilst the latter part shows the "teacher" angle.


Sister Timeka finds herself "laying in the bed asleep". This points to the remnant's hibernation during their 5th-seal process. Her husband then woke her up, gave her a kiss, and left. This speaks of a "rapture", a temporary splitting of the soul and the spirit, that happens during the 5th-seal period (Revelation 12:5-6). The "female" soul (represented by sister Timeka) is left to wander under relative protection in the wilderness whilst the "male" spirit (represented by sister Timeka's husband) is "caught up unto God" in order to perform mighty deeds in the spirit realm, deeds that transcend the natural realm and which require this temporary separation from the soul. These deeds enter into the realm of the supranatural, and they involve "green relocations". This is the reason why sister Timeka says that her husband "had to go to work".


It's time to go

Sister Timeka got up because she knew that the place she was at was not a place to comfortably remain at. This is a figure of the remnant's awareness that their 5th-seal refuge is a temporary one. Even though it has a bed to rest at, this refuge is not safe for permanent residence, for which reason they clamour unto God for liberation from their refuge so that they may be fully manifested (Revelation 6:10, Isaiah 1:24).


The exit from the 5th-seal stage is a dark and lonely one, an exit during which no one seems able or willing to help you. Finding a guiding light of hope becomes very difficult at such a time. That is the reason why it was dark when sister Timeka got up.


Hallways speak of transition. Therefore, the reason why the light in the hall did not work is because the exit from 5th-seal enclosure requires a dark transition period that will serve as a test of your resoluteness to exit. You must be willing to take a leap of faith and walk in the dark during a brief but difficult transition period. The enemy will do everything in his power to prevent you moving and to get you to accept your 5th-seal condition, but you must be willing to press ahead in the Spirit. There will be an initial resistance to your 5th-seal exit, a resistance that you must be willing to endure. You cannot rest comfortably in the 5th-seal bedroom as if that is the place you are destined to stay at. If you choose to rest there, you will surely die. You must press towards the exit door. You must press towards the full-blown manifestation of the male spirit nature in you and towards the submission of the soul to the Spirit.


Interestingly enough, the English word "hall" is derived from a word meaning "to cover" (according to Therefore, the "uncooperative light" in the hall is a figure of the reluctance by most around the remnant to provide a covering for them, i.e.- to aid them in their plight, in their moment of spiritual distress.


Imperfect oasis

Living rooms are a figure of soul communion and camaraderie. Therefore, the light that worked in the living room speaks of a temporary place of rest and relaxation that the remnant will encounter immediately after going through the dark transition hall. This oasis will not be perfect, as shown by the upside-down lamp and the lampshade placed to the side rather than on top of the lamp. The lamp speaks of a guiding light and of prophetic direction. Therefore, the oasis will be a place with misguided prophetic direction where some things will be inverted (things that should be up are down, and things that should be down are up), and where some things will be out of place, not being allowed to perform their assigned functionality. Even so, a light will begin to shine and a small source of soul communion will allow the remnant to regain strength as they finish the final stretch of their exit from the 5th-seal stage.


The black cat

The black cat at the door was not directly in front of the door, which means that it was not trying to get in the way. The black cat may at first seem like a bad omen, but it depends on where you are from. As indicated on, black cats are seen with a better eye in the UK and Europe than they are in America. Throughout Europe (with the exception of Italy and Spain), a black cat crossing your path is considered good luck. In Scotland, finding a strange black cat on your porch (which is, in a sense, what happened to sister Timeka in her dream) is a sign of upcoming prosperity. Many years ago in England, the wives of fishermen would keep black cats in their homes whilst their husbands went away to work in the sea (which is again, in a sense, what happened to sister Timeka in her dream). Therefore, if you see the black cat by the door from the perspective of America, it is sign of bad things to come. If you see him from the perspective of the UK, it is a sign of good things to come. As we have said before, the Lord "stowed away" the remnant spirit, hiding it in Britannia, after America acted like an unwelcoming "Glace Bay" to His green-horse remnant. Therefore, to God's remnant, who are of the "Britannia perspective", the black cat is a sign of good things, of redemption and vindication for their lives. To those who remain in the "anti-Britannia" "American perspective", the black cat is a sign of bad things, of terrifying judgements aimed at destroying the soul matriarchy treasured by America's institutionalised Church. The black cat is a harbinger of powerful judgements that shall open the way for the remnant's full-blown manifestation.


It is no spiritual coincidence that the Lord had us mention Scotland and the Scots throughout the "stowaway" word. The house in the dream represents the meadow house where the remnant have been stowed away during their 5th-seal period. This house is one of relative prosperity, a prosperity that provides relative sustenance and comfort during this difficult period. As they leave this "house", there is a large prosperity, a full-blown "violet" Spirit-of-Laodicea prosperity awaiting them. That is why the black cat at the door, a symbol of prosperity in Scotland, appeared in the dream.


As we shared in the "stowaway" word, the sea is intimately related to the green-horse anointing. In a sense, green-horse riders are "seafarers", men and women who go outside the realm of dry land and who venture into the unknown sea. Also, as we have said before, God's resurrected green-horse riders shall be the ones through whom God shall reap the latter-day 153-fish harvest on Earth, just as the Lord did after He resurrected. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the wives of fishermen in England would keep black cats in their houses whilst their husbands were away at sea.


The black horse and prosperity

There is a subtle connection between the black cat in the dream and the black horse of the Apocalypse. In order to discern the message behind this connection, we must consider three facts:


As we have studied before, the black horse is a horse of scarcity that silently consumes soul-based emotional and material grace.



As we have studied before, America regressed at a time when it was to move forward across the Jordan and into the fullness of her green-horse stage. In "Norwegian fashion", America became stuck in her black-horse stage.



As we have said before, the "cat", when used in a negative sense, refers to the spirit of Hivite Korah, the adversary that God's green horse comes against. The Hivite cat comes to devour God's doves. Since Korah is the distorted image of God's green-horse spirit in the enemy's parallel "anti-universe", we can conclude that the "cat", when taken in a positive sense, refers to God's green-horse remnant who devour the enemy in the spirit realm without him realising it in the natural.


Therefore, the black cat eating by the door outside the house represents the black horse of scarcity consuming America's prosperity whilst the green-horse remnant take refuge inside the house. This is the reason why the word "recession" is so prevalent these days whenever the American economy is discussed. It is also the spiritual reason why America's economic woes were caused by a housing bubble (let him who has ears hear what the Lord is saying). In a spiritual sense, as the Lord's "black cat" devours Korah's prosperity, that prosperity is being stored up in order to be given to the remnant of God as they walk out the door of their house.


The black cat ran off to the right, which means that his devouring work is one of righteousness, as opposed to the Hivite cat's work, which is based on left-handed self-deception. As the remnant are finally allowed to leave their 5th-seal house, the scarcity cat will run away and prosperity shall abound not only for the remnant but for America and all the nations of the Earth who receive them.


"For God giveth to a man that is good in his sight wisdom, and knowledge, and joy: but to the sinner he giveth travail, to gather and to heap up, that he may give to him that is good before God. This also is vanity and vexation of spirit." (Ecclesiastes 2:26)


6th-seal victory

Even though there are snakes left and right, alligators and lions shall endure against them. At the end, the Lord's black cat shall overcome the Hivite-Korah serpent. In nature, cats are able to overcome venomous snakes of similar size, as shown by a video on Interestingly enough, as I watched that video, a news report describing an alligator's victory over a python was featured to the right (that video is also posted on


The daylight outside that sister Timeka saw when she opened the door speaks of the 6th-seal clarity after the 5th-seal darkness. If we are willing to press through and walk out of our 5th-seal condition, a sudden breakthrough will take place and the darkness will instantly go away.