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Prophetic word for today


First posted: June 5, 2006

E-mailed: April 26, 2006

Received by: Lanna Perry


{This prophetic word is dated April 22, 2006. Notice the number "22" in the date, whose meaning is strongly related to this prophetic word. This word is also posted on a page in sister Lanna's website. We strongly encourage you to visit her website at}

This is a season of growth and new life, My church. This is a season where I am calling My church to allow Me to stretch you, shake you, and re-establish many of you.


I have placed many of you in the midst of the furnace, where it seems that the heat is much hotter than it has ever been. Many of you are wondering why you have still not been moved and re-established. It is because I am working deeply within many of you.


I am weeding out much that has caused strife and turmoil within many of your lives, and removing things that you may be surprised to see removed, but I know that they are not placed there by My hand.


My church, you are like fruit trees, planted beside the waters edge. I am shaking many of you, and much fruit is falling to the ground: Good fruit and bad fruit. Do not dismay at the shaking, but know that I am doing this to bring about My Glory and My church to shine brighter than it ever has.

As you take your stands, My church, with your faces towards Me as flints, and seek Me wholeheartedly, you will see the moves of My Spirit in greater ways in many areas of your lives.


My heart is to raise up My church, to raise up My church to shine My Glory, and I am bringing forth a wave of My Spirit that will remove the idols and stains from those who are willing to receive My move.


I am preparing upcoming leaders. I am training upcoming leaders, I am equipping upcoming leaders, and I am re-shaping many ministries that now exist. I am serious about My Glory. No other shall take My Glory. Some will be removed from places of leadership, and new leaders will rise up.


The re-establishment of My church has come. The separation of the sheep from the goats that brings about a greater unity within My church. You are My treasure, you are My joy. You are My jewel, jewels within many places. I have placed many of you in situations which you would not first choose, but I have placed you there as a jewel, to shine My reflection. Do not lose hope, but continue to rejoice in Me.


This shaping, shaking and re-establishing will bring about purity within My church, so that Spirit may be welcomed. Will you welcome My move and rejoice, My children?


Continue to seek Me and serve Me, and know that I am developing character, integrity, and strength within many of your lives.


This apparent "quiet time" will not last forever. For I care more for the character of My people, so I will invest in each of you.


Do not dismay at this quiet time, but sing loudly in the Spirit and know that I, the Lord your God, am bringing forth LIFE in each of you in greater ways than ever before.


History will be changed, events will be detoured, the re-establishment will bring about a great move of My Spirit across the nations, as My people embrace the move of My hand.


{Sister Lanna's email ended with this quote}

"There is but one King that I know. It is He whom I love and worship. If I were to be killed a thousand times for my loyalty to Him, I would still be His servant. Christ is on my lips. Christ is in my heart, no amount of suffering will take Him from me" --- Genesius Of Rome