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Prophetic word for today

Fear not the nations

First posted: December 19, 2004

E-mailed: December 13, 2004

Word received: December 4, 2004

Word received by: David Howe


Fear not the nations.

Why do the nations rage? Their peoples imagine vain things; their kings plot in vain against the Lord and His Holy One Jesus Christ.

Why do they fear the last days? Why do they fear the blowing of the wind, fear the shining light breaking through the clouds?

Why do they attempt to stop the Word of God breaking forth from the mouths of babes and children?

Why do they try to stop those who would believe and be saved by the light of Jesus Christ?

Why? Because their deeds are evil, their hearts full of darkness, pride and fear.

My people, fear not when the nations rage. Fear not when they try to stop your mouths from preaching the truth before the judges of this world.

Fear not, for the Lord will give you wisdom from on high, for you will speak with the wisdom of the Lord. Speak as my disciples did in the days of old, when they were brought before the judges of men.

Yes, fear not what they can do to you in the flesh, when they attempt to chain you up, but let your praises ring forth from hearts that are free, free in the Lord, for the prison doors will open, the walls fall down and many will be saved as in the days of old.

So fear not the last days, as the wicked do in their foolishness, for, if they would turn from their wicked ways, I would save and heal them all.

Fear not and go forward in the power that I have given unto you this day.


Our comments

This e-mail served as confirmation from the Lord on what we were to write about in the article posted today (Dec-19-2004) entitled "Pre-parousia -- Internal turmoil". In a sense, it's as if the article is the interpretation of this word. We did not fully read this word before posting the article, but it is evident that both the article and this prophetic word are spiritually consistent and complementary. 


Notice, for example the reference to the phrase "pride and fear" that appears around the middle of this word. "Pride" points to the Amorite spirit of pride and self-exaltation, while "fear" points to the Girgashite spirit of earthliness, since it produces a strong fear of death. In our article, the Lord led us to make repeated references to both spirits, without us being aware of the phrase "pride and fear" that appears in this word.


The phrase "their deeds are evil, their hearts full of darkness" also points to the Girgashite and Amorite spirits. Why? Because Girgashites tend to focus on what is visible, meaning that they place a great deal of emphasis on the execution of external, religious deeds which do nothing to transform people on the inside and are nothing more than grievous and unnecessary burdens (Colossians 2:21-23). The Greek word for "grievous" or "burdensome" is poneros, which is translated as "evil" in many verses of the New Testament. Therefore, we can say that Girgashites perform "evil deeds". The phrase "hearts full of darkness" points to Amorite spirits, since the heart is where our will resides, and Amorites are strong-willed individuals who like to domineer over others.


Notice also how this prophetic word refers to light breaking forth through the "clouds". In our article, the Lord led us to speak about how Scripture portrays you, fellow believer, as the cloud out of which Jesus will be manifested in His Second Coming. The reference to the "blowing wind" next to the "clouds" reference is "peculiar", since we added a hyperlink to a section entitled "Wind-holders and cloud-gazers" in another article when we spoke of "clouds" in today's (Dec-19-2004) article.


The reference in this word to the "mouths of babes" points to Matthew 21:16 when Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on an ass and cleansed the temple. In the article, the Spirit of God led us to write about this event. The "mouths of babes" reference also corresponds with what we wrote at the end of the article on how God has sent donkeys to declare His Word and how these donkeys have been ignored by the Girgashites.


The reference to the nations trying to "stop our mouths from preaching the truth" corresponds with what we wrote in the article on how Girgashite nations make a concerted effort to shut up God's prophetic voice. The reference to the Lord "giving us wisdom from on high" corresponds with what the Lord led us to write concerning Luke 12:11-12.


The various references to the battle of the nations against the "light" points to the Girgashites war against the prophetic anointing, since the concept of "light" is strongly connected in Scripture with the prophetic anointing. Light speaks of "vision" and it speaks of "hope" when one is in a dark place, and the prophetic anointing imparts both vision and hope.


"19We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts:" (2 Peter 1:19)


The phrase "Speak as My disciples did in the days of old" fits in exactly with what we wrote in the article concerning the need to be disciples who sit at the Lord's feet instead of theologians trying to analyze Christ.


The reference to "the walls falling down" fits in exactly with what we wrote concerning the blind men outside of Jericho who cried out to Jesus in order to be free from their blindness.


As we said above, we did not read this prophetic word in detail before writing the article, but it is amazing to us how the article and this word are so deeply interrelated. Praised be the Lord Jesus!!!