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Prophetic word for today
The hyenas in today's Church


Word received while studying Amos chapter 1:


Time is running out

This has been said before, to the World, to America, to the Church of God and His chosen ones, the Church, also His chosen people, Israel:

It is about to be too late, to confess, to repent and to return to and remain true to Your First Love, Our God of Heaven, and to stay in that state.

This is not a game; this is not child’s play. Only those forgiven will be Children of the Most High. But even so, if not, I’ll still use them as I see fit. As some of the old ones remain steadfast in their faithlessness and refuse to hear, see, learn, forgive and trust in Me. They, only in themselves do they trust. They trust the Law to save them and it will not happen.

This is to and regarding, these People: today's church leaders and Pres. Bush; these Places: my City and my Country, San Diego and USA; and, these Things: earthquakes and dis-eases. This is to happen very quickly, but to His chosen ones the faithful, be not afraid, just trust in Me.

3 Psalms

After meditating on all of this, I saw the following as writing on a wall, but in my mind, 3 psalms:

Psalm 27
Psalm 38
Psalm 104

Ps 27: Stay true to the Word and wait on the Lord

Ps 38: Make haste O Lord to help me, for I follow You that is good, they hate me; forsake me not and be not far from me

Ps 104: Return to work, I restore all your good things, I’ll never leave you, you have My Light, go with My Wind, My Spirit, go in knowledge and truth of thy salvation and with My Favor.


And, I saw an animal, a hyena. These were really people walking on all fours high in the front and low in the back, just like the hyena and acting just like that animal.


They that laugh mockingly, steal, destroy what is not theirs, will pay, the righteous shall be vindicated in these last days. Scavengers all, foul things love they and with their wickedness they try to infect my chosen. Blight and diseases they shall retain but this will revert back, yes it shall return to them increased, multiplied, and worse than they imagined upon the chosen, as their reward.


Our comments

In the first part of this word ("Time is running out"), the Lord is reminding His Church of the judgments of Ezekiel chapter 9. Only those who have God's mark on their forehead will be spared from God's judgment process against a Church that is refusing to repent. God has many things to do, and time is running out. He cannot wait forever for the Church to adapt to His purposes. There is too much glory to manifest and too many lives to restore to waste any more time.


In the second part of this word ("3 Psalms"), the Lord is reminding His Church of the conflict between His remnant and the established religious hierarchy. Psalms 27 and 38 speak of this struggle, while Psalm 104 speaks of the final outcome. Psalm 104 is prophetic word on the spiritual characteristics that will be prevalent in the believers of the latter-day Church.


The fact that the psalm numbers were written on a "wall" points to Daniel chapter 5, where God wrote the words MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN on the wall (Daniel 5:25). This was the Lord's response to Belshazzar using the golden vessels from God's temple to hold a banquet where they would get drunk on wine (Daniel 5:1-6). This is a figure of today's ministers using the vessels of glory entrusted them (i.e.- their fellow believers) to indulge themselves in human self-glorification and in a gospel that emphasizes grace without truth and judgment.


In the third part of this word ("Hyenas"), the Lord portrays those who are in the established religious hierarchy as hyenas. They are high in the front and low in the back, meaning that they put up a "lofty spiritual front", but are really "animal and earthly" behind their spiritual facade. These hyenas like to take what is not theirs, which corresponds to what we shared on self-satisfying pastors in one of our articles. Hyenas are by nature matriarchal, which refers to the pastoral matriarchy that has ruled the Church and is about to be toppled in the Spirit.


In conclusion, this word is calling us to awareness concerning the spiritual conflict that is taking place between God's prophetic remnant and the hyenas who have ruled the Church for centuries. Please compare all of the above to the passage in Acts 20:17-35.