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Prophetic word for today (p.i.)

Hurried exit

First preliminary posting: April 6, 2007

Last updated: April 6, 2007

E-mailed: December 25, 2005

Word received by: Paula Gibbs


About 10 days ago [December 15, 2005], I had this dream:

I was with a group of people, and we were fixing to go out ... I don't know what we were doing but we just wore ordinary clothes and what have you. I mean, I think some had other things, but, me personally, I didn't have any tools or anything. [There was] this person; I felt like I knew them, but, of course, I have no name; I felt it was like an angel. The person asked me to pick out a security name, and I thought for a minute, and, then, I said "Biscuit". They said, "OK" and left. I had no idea why they wanted a security name.


While we were out there, I was aware that things were not going well, although I had not felt fear, only intense frustration at something. Finally, we were being chased, and we all went into this room which had 4 doors (if you make an "X" and turn it to a slight angle, that's how I was seeing the room... as if I was standing in one of the corners and the others barely fit). It was pretty small, with the coloring of the room being rather drab and like lots of brown and dark cream.


One of the persons said I thought we would get some help, and I said, "Well, that's what they said...". So we were listening for those who were coming, and we were looking at the 4 doors... Then I noticed against the far corner a pedestal with a tiered rack of shelves, and it was full of books and hardware, software CDs, and other books, and all sorts of stuff ... almost like computer stuff. And I noticed a note, and I looked at the note, and it said, "For: Biscuit". I was overwhelmed and started to cry. I gathered all the items in my arms; I could barely hold it, and we departed the room towards the left of where we came in.


After that, I woke up, feeling something right had happened for a change. I don't remember getting any scriptures about it at all.


Our brief comments


This dream has several elements to consider:



This dream deals with the frustration felt by God's remnant as a result of the spiritual delay in America. Instead of a "green-carpet" welcome during His visitation of America, God experienced the stagnant delay of an American Church that said that they would enable Him but who were not bold enough to provide the promised help. God appeared on America's front porch wearing "ordinary clothes", not "regal ministerial robes", and the half-hearted Church was unable to stick her neck out for the sake of the ordinarily-dressed stranger. In a spiritual sense, the American Church was expecting the stranger to survive and establish Himself on His own out on the porch, and, if He "proved Himself" successful, the Church would then open her doors to let Him in. God, however, would not go for that, for He was demanding a spiritual vision that transcended external appearance. He was not about to pour His latter rain on a perverse generation that demanded signs but who could not discern the sign of Jonah, a sign that requires recognising the resurrection anointing in those egressed from the depths of Sheol without the need for "belly-cam" video.



A few days before we received this dream via email, I was buying chicken at a take-out place; as I waited, the only other customer there requested some "biscuits" with the food he was ordering. As I stood there, I said to myself, "Hmmm... 'biscuit' ... that sure is a weird word!" I then began to repeat the word "biscuit" within me, as if I were assimilating a brand new word in a strange language. For some reason, the word sounded so "strange", so "unusual" to me at that particular time. All of this prompted me to do a little research on the word, even before we received this dream.


As indicated on, the exact meaning of the word "biscuit" varies greatly in different parts of the world. In America, the word is used to refer to a small, soft bread leavened with baking powder or baking soda rather than yeast. In the UK, the word refers to a flat, hard-baked cake, which is known in America as a "cookie" or "cracker". Thus, the word "biscuit" acts as a "shibboleth" that differentiates between Americans and Britons. To an American, a "biscuit" is soft and leavened; to a Briton, a "biscuit" is hard and unleavened.


"1In the mean time, when there were gathered together an innumerable multitude of people, insomuch that they trode one upon another, he began to say unto his disciples first of all, Beware ye of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy. 2For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known." (Luke 12:1-2)


In other words, the American (leavened) "biscuit" points to the spirit of "hypocrisy" that compromises convictions by hiding unrighteousness and pretending as if it were not there. By contrast, the British (unleavened) "biscuit" points to the spirit of oven judgements that forces the bread to a place of "hard" definition. Instead of being "cushy" and "adaptable", the British "biscuit" has an established, uncompromising shape.


As indicated in Judges 12, the word "shibboleth" was used at one point to identify Ephraimites who had secretly crossed into Gileadite territory to escape the payment of retribution after their defeat at the hands of the Gileadites. Thus, "shibboleth" also points to the iniquitous Canaanite-Hivite-Amorite influence from Latin American illegals who have infiltrated America without admitting to their culture's inherent failures. By doing so, they are trying to escape paying the retribution demanded by God: repentance from unrighteous cultural paradigms that place personal convenience over impersonal conviction. The lack of a "shibboleth firewall" around America's borders is a result of America's "soft-biscuit" hypocrisy.


{You can read more on "shibboleth" at}


Interestingly enough, I just learnt (at that "shibboleth" is a term used in computer security, which correlates with the use of the word "biscuit" as a security name in sister Paula's dream. In that sense, the word "biscuit" refers to the "spiritual firewall" established by God in order to distinguish between those who are of the remnant and those who are not. Remnant believers are uncompromising; non-remnant believers are more "pliable" and less concerned about a "total transformation" of the Church and the world. Thus, non-remnant believers are more susceptible to sudden attacks on their public "IPs" (Impartation Points) that turn them into "zombie" computers that are unwittingly used by the enemy to send unnecessary burdens and "spam" (stifling problems and melees) to God's legitimate "sites" in the spirit realm.


{You can read more on "zombie computers" at}


The "American biscuit" is very similar to the "scone". This is no coincidence. In a spiritual sense, the word "scone" is an abbreviation for the phrase "silence cone". As we have said before, the religious spirit of "Southern Cain" in America has worked tirelessly to silence the voice of God's remnant, making a fuss over meaningless religious restrictions, whilst at the same time allowing many spiritual "rats" to creep in through the unclosed windows.


{You can read more on "scones" at}


The word "biscuit" comes from an expression in Latin meaning "twice cooked". This points to an iterative "cooking" (i.e.- judgement) process that operates on something until it is "done" (i.e.- righteous and perfect). It also points to the 2-witness anointing on God's uncompromising remnant, and it points to the "double whammy" strategy that God uses against Korah.


Based on all of the above, we can safely say that the word "biscuit" points to the uncompromising 2-witness anointing that has been stowed away in the UK's spirit realm as God deals with an American Church that claimed to share in that anointing but was really trapped in religious paradigms contrary to God.



The 4 doors point to the (4-sided) blue squares on the prayer shawl that God's remnant are willing to be wrapped in. Thus, the spiritual exit of God's remnant spirit from America implies a green-horse Azazel sacrifice. This is the spiritual reason why the Lord made sure that sister Paula would email her dream 10 days after she had had it. As we have said before, the number "10" speaks of prophetic sacrifice, and it also points to the spiritual tithe that God's green-horse riders are willing to pay, a tithe that the American Church refused to offer unto God.



The fact that the Lord prompted sister Paula to email this dream on xmas day 2005, 10 days after she had had the dream, points to how the xmas spirit of Canaanite contamination was instrumental in sealing America's revival delay and its dire consequences; xmas 2005 was indeed a sad time in America's spiritual history.



The brown colouring in the walls points to the "brown God-potential" in the sea that America was unable and unwilling to recognise.



The "computer stuff" points to the wealth of deep wisdom that God was ready to unleash upon America had the American Church understood God's purposes. It also points to the wealth of miracles that were detained as a result of America's betrayal of the remnant. The phrase for "miracles" in Greek (poieo dunamis) literally means "putting into practice power", and it speaks of the activation of advanced methodologies that unleash extraordinary power, just as the putting together of an advanced machine allows people to release extraordinary amounts of locomotive, electric, or mechanical power. Therefore, the dream's software CDs point to the spiritual "software programmes" that God would have activated had the remnant spirit been well received in America. These programmes would have triggered a massive outpouring of miracles that would have then accelerated the spread of God's glory across the American landscape. Unfortunately, the remnant waited and waited for the promised help to arrive. When it didn't arrive, the remnant were forced to cancel their "going out" (i.e.- their public manifestation), making instead a saddening retreat, a hurried exit from mainstream America that paved the way for a pelting of judgements against the American land. In the meantime, the remnant will find a place of refuge, a refuge denied them in America. As they find that secure refuge, something right will happen for a change in the lives of God's remnant. The security name required to enter that refuge is "Biscuit".



We received this email on December 25, 2005. Through no deliberate intention of our own, the Lord had us officially post this word for the first time on April 6, 2007, exactly 468 days later. The number 468 struck my heart as I saw it, and the Lord immediately reminded me of a verse in Nehemiah where this unusual number appears, a verse whose presence the Lord impressed upon my heart and mind years ago:


"All the sons of Perez that dwelt at Jerusalem were four hundred threescore and eight valiant men" (Nehemiah 11:6)


The name "Perez" means "breach", which speaks of the "civil war" separation established by God, a separation that distinguishes the sheep from the goats, the righteous from the quasi-righteous, the true believer from the pseudo-believer. The word "valiant" above was translated from the Hebrew word chayil, which, as we have seen before, has the connotation of military confrontation. The name "Perez" was translated from the same Hebrew name that is translated as "Pharez" in Genesis 38:29, which, as we have seen before, speaks of a prophetic remnant breaking through the hindering structures of man. Thus, the number 468 speaks of a warrior remnant, a remnant in the Micah 2:12-13 anointing of the Lord Jesus who are ironically creating one breach in order to close another. By forcing the separation between the righteous and the quasi-righteous, they are working to end the separation between God and man.



The departure to the "left" points to the phrase "35 degrees to the left" which the Lord had us write about in previous postings. Ironically, sister Paula felt that something "right" had happened as she departed to the "left". This is something that makes sense only to the mind of a "crazy fractal green-horse believer".



The reason why sister Paula did not "get any scriptures at all" is because the green-horse spiritual drama that God's remnant are going through is a dramatic subplot taking place beneath the surface. Just as the literal Sheol lies beneath the literal surface of the Earth, God's green-horse operations are taking place well beneath the view of the natural mind. These operations were all prophesied in Scripture, but finding them requires a mind and heart willing to delve deep beneath the surface of the Scriptural texts. Those bent on denying the depth and height of God's nature, limiting Him to a "Plain God" who speaks the literal language of natural man, shall never understand the operations required to usher in the coming of the Lord. They shall read passages on the "rapture" and on the "end of the world", and they shall be prompted to gaze at the literal sky, awaiting a magical transport into "heaven", without realising that everything is happening right "beneath their feet". Let him who has ears understand what the Lord is saying.