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Prophetic word for today
Hurricane Frances


On Sunday September 5, 2004, the eastern coast of Florida, USA was hit by hurricane Frances, which caused massive flooding, at least 14 deaths, and the loss of electrical power for some 6 million people in 2.8 million homes and businesses. This was the second massive hurricane to hit Florida in a 24-day period; hurricane Charley hit the western coast of Florida on August 12, 2004.


Hurricane Frances approached Florida as a category-4 hurricane but "weakened" into a category-2 storm as it made landfall at Sewall's Point, north of Palm Beach, just east of Stuart; this is exactly the opposite of hurricane Charley, which approached land as a category-2 storm and suddenly strengthened to category 4.


While Charley blazed through Florida with powerfully devastating winds on a narrow, well-defined path that was 40 miles wide, Frances slowly crawled through the state on a large, 140-mile wide path for almost an entire day, dumping up to 20 inches of rain that covered most of the state.


While Charley made an unexpected right turn before hitting Florida from the west, Frances made a direct and well-announced attack on Florida from the east, making landfall right around the place where meteorologists expected her to. Her landfall was not too far away from Hutchinson Island, where a pod of 36 dolphins stranded itself on August 6, 2004, exactly 30 days earlier.


The day that Frances made landfall in Florida, Fox News Channel reported 2 strong earthquakes in Japan; one of them was over 7 on the Richter scale. Apparently, there were no major personal or material damages from these earthquakes.


{Much of the information above was obtained from the following pages: (link no longer active), (link no longer active), and}


This is the prophetic interpretation of these events:

{Most of the meanings of names were extracted from}


When viewing a map with the north side pointing up, the "east" appears on the right side while the "west" appears on the left side. This means that hurricane Charley attacked Florida's left side while Frances attacked the right side.


Hurricane Charley's most concentrated damage was in an area of 31 mobile-home parks in Punta Gorda, populated mostly by retired people. This shows that Charley was God's judgment against the spirit of Hivite retirement that is prevalent in the state of Florida. As we have shared in one of our articles, Girgashites are people focused on temporary things and who are prone to becoming workaholics who toil and labor for years in order to accumulate material riches, in the hopes of someday retiring to live the "good life". Here is where Hivite spirits of "self-centered grace enjoyment" come in. As we have shared before, the Hivite spirits are left-handed while the Girgashite spirits are right-handed. This is the reason why God hit the left side of Florida with Charley, as spiritual judgment against the Hivite spirit of retirement, and He hit the right side of Florida with Frances, as spiritual judgment against the Girgashite spirit of temporality. This is reinforced when one looks at the individual behavior of each hurricane.


As we have shared before, the "right" side in Scripture is related to "public openness" while the "left" side is related to "secrecy" and "surprise". This is why Charley, the left-side hurricane, did not pre-announce its "route", while Frances, the right-side hurricane, did. This is also why Charley unexpectedly increased from category 2 to 4 before landfall, while Frances did the opposite; this was so that Charley would catch people off-guard while Frances would find them more prepared.


As we have also shared before, the "right" side in Scripture is related to the "visible" while the "left" side is related to the "invisible". This is the reason why Charley's emphasis was on wind, which is invisible, while Frances's emphasis was on rain, which is visible.


As we have also shared before, the mind is on the "right" side of the soul while the emotions are on the "left" side. This is why Charley blazed through Florida in a narrow path, which is symbolic of a powerful emotional outburst, while Frances tortured Florida by crawling slowly through the state in a wide path, which is symbolic of a slow and methodical thinking process that tries to consider "all the factors". Hivite spirits, which are left-handed, motivate people to seek outbursts of enjoyment, while Girgashite spirits, which are right-handed, torment people with multiple worries and concerns. People influenced by Girgashite spirits are mind-oriented and methodical, and many times suffer insomnia from all the worries and concerns that fill their minds.


As we have shared before, God's judgment against Girgashites is "death by drowning". This is the reason why Frances (the right-side hurricane which brought judgment against the Girgashite spirit) produced massive flooding.


Girgashites are methodical and perfectionists in the flesh; this is the reason why Frances left 6 million people without electricity in 2.8 million homes and businesses. Those who study mathematics (and "number theory" in particular) will tell you that the number "28" is considered a "perfect" number; on the other hand, the number "6" in Scripture is the number of "human weakness". Girgashites ignore the spiritual nature of man and focus on temporary things, thinking that man can find perfection or "self-fulfillment" in the middle of their human weakness and temporality, without realizing that God has called us to cover or "dress up" our earthly weakness with His eternal, spirit nature (2 Corinthians 5:1-5). When God left 6 million people in 2.8 million homes and business without power, it was His way of saying,

"Girgashites, here is My judgment on your belief that you can be complete in your temporality; your earthly houses will always disintegrate in the presence of My Eternal Nature".


The name "Frances" is the feminine form of the name "Francis", which means "Frenchman". The Girgashite spirit (along with the Amorite spirit) is very strong in France, even to this day; this is the reason why French culture is so riddled with atheism and intellectualism that is derived from their faith in what the mind can see or perceive. As we said in a recent prophetic word on Russia, God is beginning to unleash powerful judgments on Girgashite spirits across the Earth, and He named this hurricane "Frances" to emphasize the fact that He is judging the Girgashites.


Frances made landfall in Stuart. The name "Stuart" is the French form of the name "Stewart", which means, "keeper of the estate". The word "estate" refers to a large piece of land that contains a large, privately-owned residence. Since the word "Girgashite" literally means "clay-dwellers", it makes sense that a hurricane that came as judgment against the Girgashite spirit would make landfall in a town whose name involves land or "earth" ownership. The word "estate" also makes an implicit reference to opulence and wealth, so it also shows an implicit judgment against the Hivite spirits, who focus on the enjoyment of wealth and riches.


The day that Frances made landfall, two strong earthquakes were reported in Japan. Japan is another nation riddled with Girgashite spirits (along with Hittite spirits of occultism). The Girgashite spirits in Japan are the cause for the Japanese workaholic drive and their obsession with perfection. It is also the reason why they are so interested in robotics. The Japanese culture is clearly convinced that a human being can eventually be emulated with metallic parts and electronic circuitry. This means that they believe that the human experience can be completely simulated by the right combination of material elements, thereby ignoring the fact that no amount of electronic wizardry will ever be able to replace the spiritual nature of man. God sent the earthquakes on the day of Frances' landfall as another sign that He is unleashing judgments on the Girgashite spirits throughout the Earth.


At the time of this writing, another hurricane, hurricane Jeanne, has just hit Florida from the right side, and it made landfall right around Stuart once again. Coincidence? Not at all. God is trying to emphasize His point. Those who have ears are being called to hear.


By the way, the name "Jeanne" is, once again, the French feminine form of the name "John"; it turns out that "John" means "Jehovah has graced", which makes an implicit reference to the Hivite spirit once again, since Hivites are abusers of the grace given to them.


Jeanne, the "spiritual twin" of Frances, caused massive flooding and deaths by drowning in Haiti, emphasizing what we said above about how God's judgments on the Girgashites consist of "death by drowning". Notice, also, that there is a French connection once again in the fact that Haiti is a French-speaking country, a former colony of France. It is also a nation plagued by witchcraft and occultism, meaning that it is infested by Hittite spirits. This is why God sent Jeanne to stay on top of Haiti long enough to cause so much death and destruction.


As you may remember from a previous prophetic word, 36 dolphins stranded themselves twice on a Florida beach on August 6, 2004. One week later, Charley struck Florida, and, exactly 30 days after the stranding, Frances came along, making landfall in Stuart, which is very close to Hutchinson Island, where the 36 dolphins stranded themselves (30 of the 36 dolphins died); exactly 50 days after the stranding, Jeanne came along. Even though some might have thought that the dolphin stranding was a quirk, those with ears to hear will have realized that God was using those dolphins as a prophetic symbol. If you read our prophetic word concerning these dolphins, you will remember how the facts surrounding this incident were declaring that God wants to regenerate the earth and "drown" those who abide in earthliness (i.e.- Girgashite mentality), the way that God did during Noah's days. The dolphins were God's prophetic prelude foretelling how He would bring so many hurricanes over Florida in such a short period of time. Three hurricanes hit Florida directly (and one indirectly -- Ivan) right after these dolphins reached Hutchinson Island, and the last two hurricanes, Frances and Jeanne made landfall right near where the dolphins made landfall.


These hurricanes on Florida are a manifestation of God's purifying judgments multiplying over the Earth. These are not random events. God is at work here!!! Let those who have ears hear what God is telling the Church. God's time of judgments has come!!! Why? Because His prophetic remnant is beginning to manifest itself; through that faithful remnant, God is unleashing His purifying judgments and clearing up the spiritual atmosphere for Yeshua's Glorious manifestation in the Body of Christ and in the Earth in general during these latter days.