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Prophetic word for today (p.i.)

The halving line

First preliminary posting: August 17, 2006

E-mailed: June 2, 2006

Word received by: Betty Greene


In the dream, I saw a lady that was a very good friend of mine when I lived in Seneca Falls. Her name is Betty. I found out after I left Seneca Falls a few weeks ago that she had died. I had been feeling like I should go see her but just never got around to it. Then, the dream switched. I was much younger and going to a Christian school. At the school, a bunch of us were in the basement, but left to go back upstairs. I had taken something with me that I needed to put back in the basement. And, while I was there, I felt a very evil presence. So I went to the janitor of the school and his family, and I told them what I felt. He was surprised, but, then, he said, "Oh no; I might have done something wrong". He said he was down there the other day and was getting prepared for some kind of event going on at the school, and he took a white piece of chalk and drew a line down the center of the floor. He felt that maybe that had drawn this evil presence there. So we decided to go back down and pray to get rid of it.


I asked him if, maybe, we could get more people to go with us. As we walked out his door, all these other people started appearing and saying "We know what you are going to do, and we are going with you to pray also." As we headed down to the basement, I started feeling fearful because I could not see anyone. They were all shrouded in the color red. The last thing I knew is that I did not have to be afraid because God has not given us a "spirit of fear." And, at that point, I woke up.



Our brief comments


This dream has several elements to consider:


Seneca Falls, New York, US


As indicated on, Seneca Falls is an important place in the Women's Rights Movement. Feminist leader Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who was born in New York state, organized the first Women's Rights convention there, known as the "Seneca Falls Convention", in 1848. The "National Women's Hall of Fame" was established in Seneca in 1969. Elizabeth Cady Stanton chose to fight for women's rights after attending a speech by Lucrecia Mott at the International Anti-Slavery Convention in London, England in the spring of 1840 while on her honeymoon. It is interesting to consider that the Women's Rights movement in America had to be birthed outside America, in the UK. Notice once again the spiritual connection to London and the UK.



According to, the area around Seneca in western New York was dubbed "The Burned-over district" by 19th-century evangelist Charles Finney because of all the revivalist movement that happened there during America's "Second Great Awakening", which led to very few people being left to be "converted". There were many mainline Protestant converts in that area, especially those who belonged to nonconformist sects. Many strange religious movements were also born in that area, including mor(m)onism and the practice of "sťances".



The area around Seneca is also known for the "Guns of the Seneca", which, according to, are loud booming sounds that are heard along the shores of Seneca Lake and Cayuga Lake (in New York state). Up until now, no one has been able to determine the reason for these oft-heard but mysterious booms, which are sometimes so strong that they can rattle plates.



Seneca Falls is named after a 40-foot waterfall in Seneca River, which drains 3 lakes (including the Seneca Lake), which are part of the "Finger Lakes". According to, this is the name given to some 11 linear lakes in the Western New York state area. Two of these lakes, though narrow, are particularly deep. According to, the Seneca Lake happens to be the second deepest lake in the United States. Because of this, Seneca Lake has been used as a submarines testing site.



The name of the friend that appeared at the beginning of the dream is "Betty", which is the dreamer's name (Betty Greene). This name also correlates with "Elizabeth Cady Stanton", since "Betty" is short for "Elizabeth". The name Elizabeth also points to the mother of John the Baptist; John is a figure of the latter-day remnant believers who are paving the way for the Lord's latter-day parousia.



The basement speaks of hidden prophetic intercession, outside of man's view. This basement also points to the underground prayer place in the Wall Street area (in Manhattan, New York City) where a group of faith-filled businessmen gathered to pray. This "simple" prayer group, initiated in 1857 by a lay preacher named Jeremiah Lamphier, launched a massive prayer revival that, according to a May 2006 CBN news report, eventually led to the conversion of 2 million people across America and Europe. I am getting goose bumps as I am writing this to you ... I have the Spirit's witness that a mighty revival anointing remains hidden beneath the ground in Manhattan's Wall Street area, just like Elisha's bones after they were buried (2 Kings 13:20-21). It is a shame that America missed out on the breakout of that anointing, a breakout whose process would have started in the spring and summer of 2005. Because America missed its kairos door, that anointing will have to remain dormant until the process is reinitiated in 2009. Shame on the moon!


By the way, sister Betty emailed us the above-mentioned CBN news report 2 days before sending us the dream. She was motivated to send that report, entitled "Rumblings of Revival in NYC" because of all that we have shared regarding NYC as the epicenter of the latter-rain revival in America.



A janitor is a person in charge of upkeep, making sure that everything is in working order. Therefore, it correlates with the 2 "female" ministries of pastor and teacher, which, as we have said before, are geared towards nurturing and maintaining what the 3 "male" ministries "bring home". As we have also said before, "sweeping" is spiritually related to the teaching ministry, while "garnishing" is related to the pastoral ministry.



The chalk line drawn in the basement by the janitor represents "compromised intercession", i.e.- an intercession that is not 100% focused on God's will and judgments. Such intercession is 50% interested in God's will and 50% interested in man's "ministerial" agenda. In response to this chalk line of compromise, God has drawn a line down the middle of America as well, decreeing spiritual civil war over a half-hearted land that wavered between God's will and its religious agenda.


The chalk line was drawn by the janitor because of an event being held at the school, which emphasizes the fact that this line was motivated by man's matriarchal activities and interests. "Women's events" keep getting in the way of God's agenda on Earth, and the brown loaves remain adrift in the sea. As we have said before, the last prophetic-intercession movement (of the late 1990s and early 2000s) perished as it turned Canaanite, trying to work with the pastoral-matriarchy spirit rather than against it.


The chalk line down the center of the basement also correlates with the Finger Lakes in western New York (mentioned above), since these narrow lakes are oriented on a "vertical", north-south axis. This orientation also correlates with the spiritual line drawn by God, a line which ran from north to south, splitting America down the middle and dividing her between "east" and "west".



In the dream, people suddenly appeared out of nowhere who wanted to pray also. These people represent the hidden prophetic remnant in America. This precious remnant is the only reason why America has not been cast off the way Latin America was cast off (as a region) in 2003. In America, there are also "janitors" (i.e.- pastors and teachers) who are willing to admit that the "pastoral matriarchy" is contrary to God's will, and these in-the-shadow "janitors" are willing to have that matriarchy removed. These men and women may have inadvertently aligned themselves with the matriarchy spirit in the past, but they are willing to change their ways and fight against that spirit if a "sister Betty" approaches them and makes them aware of it.



The fact that these praying people were shrouded in red points to the red, black, and green horses of the Apocalypse. The shroud points to anonymity, which, in turn, points to the black horse, since that horse launches invisible judgments from the lonely wilderness outside. These invisible praying people are the army of intercessors who are not out for human notoriety, but who are sincerely interested in God's purposes (not theirs) being fulfilled. There is no white chalk line dividing these believers' hearts. They are the army prophesied in Joel 1 and 2, the army that has sold its mantle in order to buy a devastating invisible sword (Luke 22:36).


The color red points to the red horse of pestilence. As we have said before, those of you imbued with the red-horse anointing become non-conformant believers who are indignant about the current state of things and who agitate the atmosphere by teaching truths to their brethren that reveal the inherent flaws in the status quo. This act of "teaching" can be manifested in many ways, and when it is, the "boat" is sure to be rocked. True red-horse riders are out to destroy the pastoral matriarchy altogether, not to cautiously work with it, which heightens their "spiritually violent" nature.


Cloths used to wrap a corpse for burial are called "shrouds". Therefore, the shrouds in the dream also point to green-horse believers who are willing to go to Sheol so that God's purposes may be fulfilled on Earth.


In a spiritual sense, sister Betty's awareness that there was evil in the basement points to the white horse. As we have said before, the other 3 horses of the Apocalypse operate under the umbrella of the white horse. That is the reason why the people shrouded in red (representing the other 3 horses) appeared as sister Betty and the janitor were heading for the basement.



Sister Betty felt fear as she headed down to the basement with the rest of the shrouded believers. This fear has 3 components:


The red-horse component in the red-shroud people creates uneasiness in those who are afraid to "rock the boat" and "stir trouble".


The black-horse component in the red-shroud people creates uneasiness because it involves believing in the "strange" things of God.


The green-horse component in the red-shroud people creates fear because it implies descending to Sheol and facing the terrors of death and Sheol; this is the reason why sister Betty's fear intensified as she began to descend to the basement with the rest of the praying people. Many believers in America are willing to go "red" and "black", but most of those believers are unwilling to go "green", because "going green" implies facing obliteration yourself in order to obliterate the enemies of God.



In the dream, sister Betty Greene overcame her fear of the green horse as she placed her trust in God, and, then, she woke up, which is a figure of green-horse believers resurrecting from the ashes of death into a new level of Spirit-relationship with God. Those who overcome the fear of death and die shall overcome the one who has used the fear of death to keep man in bondage.


"1Then Job answered the LORD, and said, 2I know that thou canst do every thing, and that no thought can be withholden from thee. 3Who is he that hideth counsel without knowledge? therefore have I uttered that I understood not; things too wonderful for me, which I knew not. 4Hear, I beseech thee, and I will speak: I will demand of thee, and declare thou unto me. 5I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: but now mine eye seeth thee. 6Wherefore I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes." (Job 42:1-6)

[Job spoke these words after going through a Sheol experience that is described along 40 tormenting chapters (Job 2-41). This is the reason why Job speaks of "ashes" in verse 6. These are the ashes of obliteration from which green-horse riders must rise. In verses 5 and 6, Job is describing his transition "from 5 to 6".]


"14Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil; 15And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage. 16For verily he took not on him the nature of angels; but he took on him the seed of Abraham. 17Wherefore in all things it behoved him to be made like unto his brethren, that he might be a merciful and faithful high priest in things pertaining to God, to make reconciliation for the sins of the people. 18For in that he himself hath suffered being tempted, he is able to succour them that are tempted." (Hebrews 2:14-18)

[The word "tempted" in verse 18 was translated from the Greek verb peirazo, which can also be translated as "tried".


Notice how this passage speaks of going through death in order to be an intercessory priest.]