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Prophetic word for today

Green-horse Colts

First posted: February 7, 2007

E-mailed: February 4, 2007

Received by: Donald Rubie


{This word was received on February 4, 2007 at 1:16 am UTC, some 22 hours prior to the start of Super Bowl 41 (which started around 23:25 UTC). Even though we intended to post it prior to the game, we were only able to post it until today.


Hyperlinks added by us.}


Today, the Lord revealed to me that He shall manifest a Green-Horse victory in the Colts and a defeat of the Amorite Bears.


Prophetically, I saw that Manning is a Green-Horse rider. The Lord has also impressed on me the need for praise, as Paul and Silas whose worship triggered a mighty earthquake that loosened their shackles and opened the jail doors. A victory for the Colts will trigger earthquakes, including the big one coming to the USA.


Last year, the Lord showed me a Steelers victory (as a confirmation of the Word He gave you) in the car He provided me; this year (yesterday) I saw an Indiana plate in Toronto (I have not seen one before).


Also, this is a very strange but very prophetic Word on a Colts victory. As you know, both coaches are black, which is the first time in history that has happened. The Colts coach has the last name Dungy.


Last week the Lord led me to the scripture on Jehu's anointing as king of Israel and then Jehu's killing of the king, Jezebel, Ahab's kin, and the massacre of the Baal worshippers (2 Kings 9 & 10). The Lord was pleased with Jehu for all this killing and gave him and his children the throne until 4 generations. This contrasts with David, whose fear allowed him to leave Saul on the throne even though God delivered him into his hands. David kept saying Saul was the Lord's anointed, even though he wasn't; rather, David felt inadequate for the job because of his origin.


(What the Lord is saying to me about that is He shall put on the throne whom He desires, and, when He gives me the throne, I am to possess it at once, like Jehu, but, of course, not follow the path of Jehu who walked away from the Lord).


After Jehu massacred the Baal worshippers, he broke down the house of Baal and turned it into a draught house (or a toilet). The word "dung" kept coming to me over the last few weeks and I was surprised that the Colts coach is called Dungy. This is what the Lord thinks about what is going on in the Church in His name: Many of these churches will collapse in the coming judgment, and the carcasses of the people in them will be as dung in the fields. (The last sentence was difficult for me to write, due to the residue of Canaanite niceness in me)


God bless you, a great deal of power will be flowing to the sons of God, shortly.


{This appendix was received on February 4, 2007 at 1:53 am UTC, some 21+ hours prior to the start of Super Bowl 41. Hyperlinks added by us.}



Manning is number 18, which relates to Ezekiel 18 (the soul that sinneth shall die)



Dung (as in coach Dungy) points to fertilizer placed around a fig tree to nourish it (Luke 13:6-9), but, if it does not produce fruit after 1
year, it shall be cut down. May 11, 2007 is an important date for the remnant: Vindication.


{This appendix was received on February 5, 2007 at 6:15 pm UTC, some 15 hours after the end of Super Bowl 41}


Here's more confirmation of the Colts win. The Lord has consistently showed me that the coming quakes are in California and then Jamaica. Like the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco, which as you know followed the Azusa revival in LA, was followed 9 months later (1/14/1907) by a major earthquake in Jamaica.


The quakes this time will signify the manifestation of the sons of God, who will go out and take back the earth to God.


{Brother Donald then appends a news story posted on February 5, 2007 on titled "Magnitude 6.1 earthquake hits eastern Caribbean". The story, posted from Miami (which "happened to be" the site of Super Bowl 41) reports a strong earthquake that struck the eastern Caribbean on Sunday afternoon; the earthquake was felt throughout Jamaica and in Cuba. Super Bowl 41 began at the end of Sunday afternoon, local Miami (and Caribbean) time.}


Our comments


The Colts' victory over the Bears in Super Bowl 41 represents the breaking of a seal --- the 6th seal --- which is leading and shall lead to the unleashing of mighty events in the natural realm. The Colts had not been to or won a Super Bowl since Super Bowl 5, which was 36 years earlier. The number 36 equals 6 times 6.


The Colts won 29-17. As we have said before, the number "29" speaks of the earth-shaking voice of God that shatters the forest of Amorite-Canaanite cedars, and the number "17" speaks of the manifestation of God's prophetic remnant. In other words, the manifestation of God's prophetic remnant comes through the roaring of God's earth-shaking voice. As the Lord said through brother Donald, Paul and Silas were freed from their Sheol prison when the earth shook. After that, the enemies who had once berated them were forced to meekly apologise to them. This is a figure of the vindication that shall come from the Lord on behalf of His faithful green-horse remnant:


"35And when it was day, the magistrates sent the serjeants, saying, Let those men go. 36And the keeper of the prison told this saying to Paul, The magistrates have sent to let you go: now therefore depart, and go in peace. 37But Paul said unto them, They have beaten us openly uncondemned, being Romans, and have cast us into prison; and now do they thrust us out privily? nay verily; but let them come themselves and fetch us out. 38And the serjeants told these words unto the magistrates: and they feared, when they heard that they were Romans. 39And they came and besought them, and brought them out, and desired them to depart out of the city." (Acts 16:35-39)


The total number of points scored was 46. It would have been 47 had the Colts not failed on the extra point attempt after their first touchdown; this extra-point failure was caused by the persistent rain, which made the ball very slippery. God organised this extra-point fiasco to ensure that the Colts would score 29 points, not 30, and that the points total would stand at 46 (not 47, which speaks of latter-rain outpouring). As we have shared before, the number "46" points to a "Chicago" pastoral matriarchy that is doing its best to hold on to power in God's Church. The Lord led us to speak about the number "46" in the context of the Chicago White Sox and their strong Latin American influence. As we have said before, this L.A. influence was instrumental in shutting the God of the green horse out of America, leaving Him standing at the porch. In a spiritual sense, the Colts win over the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl 41 is God's revenge against the Chicago White Sox victory over the Houston Astros in the 2005 World Series; as we said before, the Houston Astros represented a "waiting remnant" that was shut out of America by the L.A. pastoral matriarchy. It is no coincidence, therefore, that the earthquake that shook Jamaica also affected Cuba, a stronghold of the "Korah Marx" spirit that eventually took over the spiritual atmosphere of Latin America; this cursed "Korah Marx" spirit is the Hivite spirit that led to the permanent rejection of God's green-horse visitation in Latin America, which in turn led to Latin America being cast off by God and left to rot away as a wasteland of spiritual decline. This "Korah Marx" spirit has also infected America, but only for a season, for America shall see the glory of the coming of the Lord, due to a faithful remnant who have prevented America being cast off as well.


[It is worth noting that the Chicago Bears who played in Super Bowl 41 had a very strong Latin American influence, with Puerto Rican Ron Rivera as defensive coordinator, Mexican-Americans Roberto Garza and Richard Angulo, and Puerto Rican-Peruvian Antonio Garay. The Hispanic media, both in the U.S. and in Latin America, publicised Roberto Garza's presence in the Super Bowl ad nauseum, in an attitude typical of the Hispanic culture, which derives "great pride" from over-emphasising relatively meaningless victories in order to "prove" to themselves that their culture is not as bad and empty as it may appear to be. This reflects the strong spirit of "Canaanite unity" in Latin America, a mammon spirit which drives people to certify their value based on their ethnicity and not on their individual worth before God.


The name "Garza" literally means "heron", which points to the heron's cousin, the stork. As we have studied before, the stork is a figure in Scripture of Canaanite pastoral mercy that denies the God of judgements and justice. This is the spirit that releases Jezebel-style accusations against those who operate in God's righteousness and judgements, the spirit which accused brother Rubie as he wrote the sentence "Many of these churches will collapse in the coming judgment, and the carcasses of the people in them will be as dung in the fields" above. You cursed Jezebel! Your time has come, and your judgement (Revelation 2:20-23) is at hand!]


In the 4th quarter, the Colts' Kelvin Hayden intercepted Chicago Bears' Rex Grossman's pass at the Colts 44-yard line. He then returned the interception 56 yards for a touchdown, and he scored with 11:44 left in the game. When I saw that, something in me said, "It is finished!". The game was sealed. The fact that the interception occurred at the 44 yard line and the fact that Kelvin Hayden entered the end zone at the time "11:44" are no coincidence. As we shared before, there is a spiritual battle between the number "44" and the number "46". In the 2005 World Series, the "46" Chicago White Sox defeated the "44" Houston Astros, symbolising America's rejection of God's green-horse remnant in 2005. The Colts' convincing victory over the Chicago Bears, therefore, represents the vindicating vengeance of the "44" remnant over the "46" pastoral matriarchy. As we have said before, the number "11" speaks of God's judgements. Therefore, the number "11:44" speaks of a mighty series of vindicating judgements from God against America, a series of judgements that shall bust open the door of America and allow for the eventual manifestation of God in the now "land of Thomas".


The fact that Colt Kelvin Hayden galloped 56 yards for the score points to the 56 who died in London in the 7/7 attacks; the 56 deaths include the 52 innocent victims plus the 4 terrorists. As we have said before, the London 7/7 carnage points to suffering that would have otherwise been unnecessary. Thus, the Lord is declaring that His vindicating "44" vengeance over "46" shall come with much, much carnage that would have otherwise been unnecessary.


The pass intercepted by Kelvin Hayden was intended for Chicago Bears Muhsin Muhammad. According to, the name "Muhsin" means "beneficent" in Arabic. Thus, it speaks of Amorite bears who act pastorally "kindly" and "beneficent" towards "little people" when they perceive the little people to be of no threat to them, but who become viciously violent against those same little people when those little people manifest a "male" spirit nature that defies their soul-exalting structures. These Amorite bears act like "cute teddy bears" towards weak little people under their control, but turn into vicious and heartless grizzly bears against the little people who manifest the "male" spirit nature of God. This double-faced attitude is prevalent in the spiritual "Korahs", who act as "merciful champions of the little people" (Numbers 16:1-3) one minute and as ruthless oppressors of vulnerable people the next (Numbers 16:4) --- especially when those vulnerable people dare to act in the authority and freedom of God's male spirit. This "beneficent" (Muhsin) and "oppressor" (Muhammad) double-facedness is evident in Korah Marxes such as the cursed Latin Americans hugo chavez and fidel castro, spiritual bastards who hand out sweets to poor people to win them over whilst at the same time repressing civil freedoms, snuffing all the "manhood" out of the people under their control, like vampires who suck the blood life out of the people under their cursed boot, turning them into zombies who commit spiritual suicide just as they did.


It is no spiritual coincidence that God shook the island of Jamaica on the same Sunday afternoon as Super Bowl 41 in nearby Miami, Florida. As we shared just a couple of weeks ago, Jamaica points to the "banana boat song", which in turn points to the remnant's 5th-seal plea for liberation (Revelation 6:9-11). The green colts are rising in revenge against the matriarchal enemies of God. Delay or no delay, daylight has come and we gonna go home.