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Prophetic word for today

Goat bite

First posted: May 22, 2005

E-mailed: May 15, 2005

Received by: Paula Gibbs


{We received this word in the form of a regular e-mail where the site visitor shared some thoughts with us. However, we sense in our spirits and souls that this e-mail is so important that it must be shared with others. It also correlates in the Spirit with a dream we received one day earlier, which we will post shortly.}


On May 14, 2005, at approximately 8pm, I went out to untangle my male goat. We had him tied out to graze. When I took the chain in hands, I started loosing the chain so it could be uncircled from the stub where it was tangled. He freaked out and pinched the middle finger, ring finger and pinky finger of my left hand. I knew they weren't broken, but they were pinched harshly, sending a gasp to me and several seconds of holding my hand. I turned my wrath on my goat because he had to understand that I am boss. Being a billy, he had to learn that, and we had been working with him. I finally got him subdued, and he stood waiting quietly while I finished untangling him.

I read your post on the U.S. Revival delayed on May 15, 2005 (the next day), and I realized these could be related because, afterward, I was sorely aware of my bruised fingers, and they did not want to work as they should, while the thumb and index finger were fine. Later in the day, as I reflected, I was overcome and was sore upset that it was true: there was a delay and I felt my heart rend in two. I was overcome with tears, and I could hardly eat my lunch, but it came to me that He was sorrowed more than I can tell you now how much this delay saddened Him.

I love the Lord so much it is a great anguish that many other people do not love Him ... I know they say they love Him, but I know they are empty words having no truth. My fingers continue to be sore and feeling rather devoid of life as if I cannot use them. I know I can, so I went deeper into the Lord expressing my sorrow to Him and was again assailed with sorrow that came from the Lord to me.


As I write this and reflected on the rest of the day, I had to run out of town to pick up something I had purchased, and as we sailed down the road, I was singing a song which burst into my heart about "Do you hear what I hear?" I thought my heart would burst within my chest at the sorrow coming from those words that came forth. Even when my earth father died I had never felt such sorrow.

I truly believe the delay is as you stated, though maybe not as long, and that three ministries have been stopped which would intensify the famine: Evangelical, Pastoral, Teaching, and I don't believe they will start up again until the remnant is come together for real. My fingers at this moment still feel weak but they feel part of a thing as if connected but extremely weak.