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Prophetic word for today

Floods in Eastern Europe

First posted: September 6, 2005

Word received: August 2005

Received by: Shamah-Elim Bible Studies


Two weeks ago (the week of August 23, 2005), some three weeks after the flooding in Mumbai, eastern Europe has been hit by sudden and massive rains that have caused flooding in countries such as Romania, Austria, and Switzerland. The floods has desolated the Western provinces of Vorarlberg and Tyrol in Austria, and have crippled the Swiss capital of Bern, where 250+ residents from a submerged section of the city had to be evacuated by helicopter from their housetops. The old districts in Bern have been the ones most seriously affected by the flooding, and it is feared that many of the decades- and centuries- old buildings have been left unusable and will have to be demolished.


According to Romanian officials, at least 7 people drowned in Romania on Tuesday August 23, 2005. At the time of this writing (August 25), 34 people have been reported dead in Europe as a result of these floods, and others continue without appearing. Besides the loss of life, the floods have led to massive economic losses. The losses in Switzerland alone are estimated at around 1 billion dollars.


Before these sudden floods in Europe, the European continent as a whole had been going through below-average rainfall. Ironically, as eastern Europe is being flooded, the neighboring west-European countries of France, Spain, and Portugal are going through their worst drought in decades.


{You can read reports on these floods at the Yahoo News!, the BBC News, and the websites.}



This is the prophetic interpretation of these events:

Perizzite Eastern Europe

In order to understand the spiritual meaning behind the floods in Central and Eastern Europe, we must first understand the spiritual atmosphere that is prevalent in that part of the world.


During the Middle Ages, Europe was gripped by a serfdom system that turned Europe into a "caste society". In the 14th century, however, the bubonic plague helped to put an end to the serfdom system and paved a way for a social and economic transformation of Europe. While Western Europe was relatively "quick" to abandon serfdom and move towards the age of renaissance, enlightenment, and industrialization, Central and Eastern Europe was slower in its transition. Even in the mid-19th century, regions such as Austria, Hungary, and Russia were still dealing with vestiges of 14th century feudalism. Central and Eastern Europe, as a whole, remained an agrarian society with many poor peasants.


As we have said before, the Perizzite spirit is a "poor villager" spirit that leads to people trapped within limited confines who have no vision for the future. Therefore, regions filled with poor peasants who own small pieces of land are regions plagued by the Perizzite spirit. Because of their unwillingness to dream and hope in the middle of their limitation, Perizzites become passive conformists without "proactive drive". This explains why most of Eastern and Central Europe remained industrially and culturally underdeveloped well into the 19th century, even when Western Europe was developing industrially and culturally and expanding its influence throughout the entire globe.


Hittite Eastern Europe

Besides the Perizzite spirit, another spirit prevalent throughout Eastern and Central Europe is the Hittite spirit. On a personal level, every time I meditate about that region of the world, a "black and gloomy cloud" comes over my soul. I perceive a sense of "emptiness" and of people with much prophetic potential that has gone untapped. I perceive wandering people who have an inner yearning for a brighter future but who don't know where to turn. All of this correlates with the Hittite spirit of emptiness and purposelessness.


This Hittite influence is confirmed by Eastern Europe's history. As you may know, eastern and central Europe was overrun by hordes of Hun invaders from Asia in the 4th and 5th centuries. In the 13th century, hordes of Mongol invaders overran Russia and much of Eastern Europe, reaching all the way to the frontiers of Hungary. The Byzantine Empire (which included modern Greece and the Balkans) was overrun by Turkish invaders in the 14th century. In the 20th century, the Russian Red Army overran and occupied most of Eastern and Central Europe, ruling it through its secret service, the KGB, which worked to discover and silently "neutralize" any opposing force. Notice, therefore, that all these invaders have the following in common:


They were terrorizing "pillagers" who wreaked havoc


They attacked in large numbers


They attacked in "disorganized" waves rather than as a united military front


They attacked from the east


All of these characteristics point to the Hittite spirit. Why? Because Hittite spirits are spirits of terror that invisibly operate in the realm of the emotions, and all the invaders above (especially the Mongols) used psychological warfare to terrorize and intimidate cities before overrunning them. The attack in large numbers also correlates with Hittites, since Hittite spirits lead to an overflow of emotions channeled towards a particular cause (this is the same with prophets; however, God's prophets channel their overflowing emotions towards God's purposes, while Hittites channel them towards false causes). As you may have noticed, Hittite terrorists like Al Qaeda (cursed are they) like to make multiple simultaneous attacks; this correlates with the Hittites' desire to overwhelm the emotions of others (notice that emotions are usually referred to in the plural).


The lack of a well-organized and united front by the invaders of Eastern Europe also correlates with Hittites, since Hittite spirits lead to emotional overflows that overshadow righteous mental judgment (God's prophetic spirit leads to emotional overflows that supersede natural thinking and are founded on the righteous judgments of God that are un-discernable by the natural mind). Hittite spirits are spirits of unrighteous chaos and confusion. They are random in their nature. This is why they never present a well-organized and visible united front.


There is a prophetic reason why the invaders of Eastern Europe would come from the east. The east is where the sun rises after having descended in the west the day before. If you follow the sun as it goes across the sky and descends over the western horizon (and you continue looking in that direction), you will be "caught by surprise" when the sun rises behind your back over the eastern horizon the next day. In a sense, the sun is like a "Pac-man" that goes out the left exit and reappears on the right side of the screen. Therefore, the east can be taken here to represent someone who surprisingly rises out of nowhere after having been hidden before. This correlates with Hittite spirits, since Hittites like to hide and disappear in order to carry out surprise attacks (prophets do the same, but they do so by being killed in righteousness before resurrecting to wreak havoc against the sin system that killed them).


Therefore, it becomes evident that the invaders of Eastern Europe who terrorized that region for significant periods of time were Hittite in nature. The fact that Hittite hordes have felt drawn towards Eastern Europe shows that Eastern Europe's spiritual atmosphere is receptive to the Hittite spirit. The Hittite influence over Eastern Europe can also be seen in historic events such as the assassination in 1914 of the archduke of Austria that was planned and aided by a secret society of Serb nationalists (which kick-started World War 1); the Hittite influence can also be seen in the fact that Turkey (which invaded Eastern Europe during the 14th century) was the geographical location of the literal Hittites in ancient times. The Hittite influence can also be seen in the fact that "human vampires", one of the greatest folkloric symbols of Hittite terror, are linked to Transylvania, a plateau region in Romania.


The Perizzite-Hittite combination

As we have said before, Hittites are prophets "gone bad". Therefore, the Hittite and Perizzite influences over Eastern Europe reveal that Eastern Europe, as a whole, is a land of prophets trapped in "village" structures. Because of their lack of "right-handed law and order", the "left-handed" prophetic peoples of Eastern Europe are too "disorganized" to know how to break out of their "village" structures, which leads to a vicious cycle of Perizzite impotence followed by Hittite chaos and purposelessness.


Because Perizzites are spiritually dependent people, they "attract" Amorites like metal does to a magnet. Amorites are "dominators" who are drawn to "domination vacuums", i.e.- to people or places that do not grow in their God-given authority. Without knowing it, Perizzites go around saying, "Please control me, please take dominion over me", and Amorites are more than glad to oblige to such a request.


While Perizzites "attract" Amorites, Hittites attract other Hittites. Hittites are "gang-oriented". They like to gather in isolated packs in order to terrorize through surprise attacks from "every angle". Therefore, it is not surprising that Perizzite-Hittite Eastern Europe has attracted Amorite-Hittite invaders throughout its history. As we have said before, spiritual "bears" are Amorite-Hittite people who rule through terror and intimidation. This means that Eastern Europe has always drawn the attention of "bears". No wonder the Russian "bear" stayed there for so long! If it weren't for God's prophetic warriors and for His latter-day prophetic purposes, that bear would still be there today.


Deutschland Rightland

Like the other countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Germany has also been influenced by the Perizzite and Hittite spirits. However, Germany, as a nation, has developed certain qualities that have allowed it to break past the limitations of its Central and Eastern neighbors:


  1. The German teacher

    As most of you may know, Germans are known for their mechanical efficiency. In general, Germans are methodical and perfectionist people who develop high-quality products with great efficiency. Therefore, it is evident that Germans have an endowment of God's Spirit of Perfection, which means that they have a strong teacher calling. As we have said before, teachers turn into Girgashites when they go astray. Even though there are Girgashite influences in German culture, these influences have been tempered by other factors, one of them being the fact that Germany shares in Eastern Europe's prophetic endowment (mentioned above). Germany has been able to move in its teacher endowment without going overly Girgashite.


  2. The German apostle

    Besides its teacher calling, Germany is also strongly apostolic. German people, in general, are endowed with a strong sense of duty and self-responsibility; besides the U.K. (and possibly the U.S.), I am hard-pressed to think of any other modern nation with such a strong sense of "duty". In order to have a sense of duty, you must be willing to judge yourself, which means that you must be receptive to the apostolic anointing, since the apostolic ministry is the one most related with the making of judgments.


    As we have said before, God's apostolic anointing turns believers into trailblazers, men and women who break new ground for others, and it allows believers to move in the wisdom of God to discover "new" laws and principles (these laws are "new" to us, but they were there all along). Therefore, we can see Germany's apostolic endowment in people like Albert Einstein, who broke new grounds and discovered a whole new realm of laws in physics. We can also see it in German Martin Luther, whom God used to begin the Protestant Reformation in which many New Testament laws and principles were rediscovered by the Church. We can also see it in German musicians like Johann Sebastian Bach and George Handel, who broke new grounds in the baroque style of music during the early part of the 18th century. German mathematicians and philosophers (such as Gauss, Riemann, Hegel, Rosenzweig, and Kant) are also known for their high level of abstraction. A strong apostolic endowment leads to a high level of abstraction, since it enables you to extract general laws and principles out of specific items and events.


    As we have said before, apostles who go astray turn into legalistic Jebusites. Even though there are many Jebusite streaks in German culture, these streaks have been tempered by the Germans' sense of duty that transcends human laws. For example, German philosophers such as Immanuel Kant emphasized the existence of moral laws that were independent of man. Therefore, Germans (in general) have oriented their sense of duty towards doing what is "right", where what is "right" is something "out there" to be found. This has prevented Germany from going overly "Jebusite", since Jebusites are enforcers of human laws who lose interest in finding laws that are independent of human, earthly thinking. The fact that Germany shares in Eastern Europe's prophetic endowment (mentioned above) also helps in reducing Germany's Jebusite tendencies, since prophets are designed to challenge earthly authority.


  3. The German evangelist

    Besides its teacher and apostolic endowments, Germany also has a strong evangelistic endowment. However, this endowment was late in blossoming. During most of its history, what we now call "Germany" was but a collection of small and independent principalities. To a certain extent, this "fractionalism" was a manifestation of the Perizzite influence over Germany. As we briefly shared before, the Perizzite spirit is the spiritual "counterpart" of the Spirit of Philadelphia --- God's Spirit of Dreams & Visions --- which endows people with a vision of great things while still being small. Central and Eastern Europe have an endowment of the Spirit of Philadelphia (Revelation 3:7-13), but in most of its countries, this endowment has been distorted into a Perizzite manifestation. In Germany's case, however, this distortion was not as great; even so, it must be said that Germany's authoritarian tendencies throughout its history are derived from its Perizzite roots, since Perizzites have a tendency to permanently allow other men to decide for them.


    As we have said before, there is a strong spiritual connection between the "poor" and the evangelistic anointing. Since the Perizzite spirit influences those who are "poor" and "weak", people who are Perizzites have a powerful but untapped evangelistic potential, but, in order for that potential to be fully manifested, the Perizzite distortion of the Spirit of Philadelphia must be removed. This is what the Lord did with the Samaritan woman in John 4:1-39.


    Since the Perizzite distortion was not as great in Germany as in the rest of Eastern and Central Europe, Germany turned into a conquering power when it emerged from its fractionalism in the 19th century, which reveals its evangelistic endowment, since evangelists are spiritual conquerors. Of all the nations in Central and Eastern Europe, Germany is the only one that has ever been militarily successful against Western Europe, and, of all the nations in Central and Eastern Europe, it has been the most successful exporter of brand-name products worldwide.


    As we have said before, evangelists who go astray turn into Amorites. Again, Germany does have streaks of the Amorite spirit, but its strong "sense of duty" has prevented it from becoming too Amorite.


In conclusion, we can say that Germany, as a nation, has a teacher-apostle-evangelist endowment. If you revisit the "triangle of ministries", you will notice that these 3 ministries comprise the right edge of the triangle. Because Germany has cultivated this "right-handed" impartation, it has been able to overcome the Perizzite and Hittite tendencies that have crippled the other countries in Central and Eastern Europe.


Outside of the U.K., Germany is the country in Europe that has been least impacted by the spirit of soul matriarchy. This is the reason why God used a German (Martin Luther) to break the stranglehold of matriarchal catholicism over Europe and much of the world. In the latter days, the "male" authority of the German people will be unleashed, and God will use Germany as a spiritual "point of contact" through which Eastern Europe will be transformed.


Canaanite-Amorite Austria

As you may know, Austria is a German-speaking nation where most people are of Germanic origin. Therefore, most of what we have shared about Germany applies to Austria as well. Like the Germans, Austrians are "efficiency-oriented" which denotes their teacher endowment. As with the Germans, Austrians (such as Gödel, Joseph Haydn, and Mozart) are renowned for their high level of abstraction and groundbreaking advances, which denotes Austria's apostolic endowment.


As is the case with Germany, Austria has an endowment of the Spirit of Philadelphia, which has also been distorted into manifestations of the Perizzite spirit. However, the Perizzite influence in Austria is much stronger than in Germany. Unlike Germany, Austria was still struggling with remnants of Middle Age serfdom well into the 19th century. Austria had a more difficult time making the transition from an agrarian, peasant-oriented economy to an industrial economy, even though it was "less unsuccessful" than its neighbors to the east.


While Germany was still divided into small principalities, Austria was already a "single" nation as early as the 10th century. In the 16th century, Austria, Hungary, and Bohemia were united under one crown, and it eventually grew to include modern-day Slovakia, the Czech republic, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and parts of Romania and Poland. This meant that the Austrian empire became a hodgepodge of 9 major nationalities (Germans, Magyars, Czechs, Croats, Slovaks, Slovenes, Serbs, Romanians, and Poles).


The expansion of Austrian influence across Eastern Europe reveals Austria's evangelistic endowment. However, unlike Germany's union and rise to prominence, Austria's union and expansion was premature in nature because it did not resolve its Perizzite "fractionalism" first. It was an artificial and forcible union of weak nationalities that never integrated into a uniquely identifiable culture. As we have said before, the Canaanite spirit is the one that promotes an artificial, patchwork-quilt unity where people are "bunched together" but are never truly one. Therefore, it is evident that Austria has a strong Canaanite influence that Germany lacks.


As we have said before, conquering evangelists who go astray turn into Amorites. Since Austria's expansion was gained through Canaanite means, Austria was forced to use Amorite authoritarianism (along with Jebusite enforcement) to maintain control. This means that the Austrian empire was a Canaanite-Amorite empire.


Amorites are opportunistic by nature. Since they are distorted evangelists, they are quick to seize any open door of opportunity in order to conquer. When they have a Canaanite influence in them, they take advantage of every opportunity to conquer through diplomacy and neutrality, and they have a tendency to fight only against small opponents. Because of the Canaanites' low pain threshold, they avoid war whenever possible, which means that they will rarely fight large opponents who cannot be defeated quickly; when they do fight large opponents, things rarely go well, and they rarely endure much. In order to "cover their backs" from larger opponents, Canaanite-Amorites generally use diplomacy to seek the alliance of a larger friend; Canaanites see strength in soul unity, so they find security in making friends. All of these elements can be seen throughout Austria's history:



Shortly after the French Revolution, which overthrew the French monarchy, France was in a state of social and political transition, which left it militarily vulnerable. In order to stem the "anti-monarchy" tide, the emperor of Austria tried to use Amorite intimidation and issued the "Declaration of Pillnitz" in August 1991, which called for European monarchs to unite against France. This declaration was largely a bluff, which reveals the Canaanite-Amorites' tendency to conquer through "communication" (without fighting). The French, however, took the bluff seriously, and they declared war against Austria in 1792. Because the French were in Hittite chaos at the time, the Austrians and their allies (the Prussians) were able to advance against the French forces, and were on their way to conquering Paris. Because of a minor setback at Valmy (100 miles from Paris), the cautious Austrians decided to call off the invasion. This reveals the Canaanite-Amorites' inability to stay the course when the going gets a little tough. Even with allied support, Austria was unable to strike down a major Western power like France, even when France was going through a major internal crisis.



In 1797, Napoleon (while still a brigadier general in the French army) easily kicked Austria out of Lombardy, a region in the North of Italy. This once again reveals Austria's ineffectiveness when fighting on its own against larger opponents like France.



In the War of 1859 between Austria and the small north-Italian region of Piedmont, the Austrians showed their Canaanite (and Girgashite) sluggishness once again. Had they moved quickly against the Piedmont forces, they might have won the war. Instead, they wasted time, and allowed the French forces to move into Italy in support of Piedmont. Once the "big boy" (i.e.- France) got involved, Austria was doomed to failure. Piedmont's victory paved the way for the eventual unification of Italy.



In the War of 1866 between Prussia (a German-speaking nation) and Austria, Austria was once again defeated, even though Austria had the military support of most of the German principalities. In other words, Prussia was forced to fight against the "rest of Germany", including Austria, and Austria still lost. This war led to the unification of Germany. It is poetic irony how the internally-fragmented empire of Austria was crucial in unifying both Italy and Germany!!!



During the Crimean War (1853-1855) between Russia and Turkey (and the major western powers, which fought on Turkey's side), Austria officially stayed "neutral" and never did any actual fighting. But, as the western powers began to look like the eventual victors, Austria concluded an alliance with them. Russia felt betrayed by Austria, since Russia had helped the Austrians to quell the Hungarian uprising of 1849.



During the Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878), the Austrians agreed with the Russians that they would stay neutral in the conflict; in return for their neutrality, the Austrians would gain control over Bosnia and Herzegovina. While they had taken the side of Turkey some 25 years earlier (during the Crimean War), the Austrians were now taking the Russians' side. Through diplomacy and neutrality, they gained new territory without doing any actual fighting.



After the Russo-Turkish War, the Congress of Berlin was held; in it, the European powers decided the peace settlement. After that Congress, relations between Russia and Austria went cold because Austria and other western nations were given spoils, while Russia, which had fought and won, was given little, leaving Russia frustrated and upset. When Austria lost Russia as an ally and was left "ally-less", it entered into an alliance with Germany. From then on, Austria's last decades as a "major power" were under Germany's wings.



During World War 1, Austria and Germany fought together. While Germany efficiently fought against France in the West, Austria limited itself to fighting the weak nations to the east. With the help of the Germans, Austrian forces were successful for a time on the eastern front, but they never helped the Germans on the western front. Despite the German's military prowess, the two-front war was just too much for them, and Austria and Germany eventually lost.



In 1955, 7 years after the end of World War 2, Austria was forced to become permanently neutral, even after Austria had long stopped being a military threat (ever since its crushing defeat in World War 1). Because of Austria's Canaanite-Amorite tendency to use neutrality and diplomacy to make gains, God condemned her to a permanent state of neutrality. In a sense, the Lord crushed Austria's Amorite search for greatness by exposing her chronic Canaanite weakness.


As we said above, Austria, for centuries, maintained its empire through forcible unity. Austria was generally content with a loose framework of centralized administrations, and it never established a common law or system of taxation, and it did not even have a common calendar throughout its empire! When Austria did become concerned about unifying its empire, it generally used bully tactics against its smaller and weaker components to enforce that unity. This differs from the truly successful empires in history:



After Alexander the Great conquered a large part of the civilized world, the Greek language and many of its ways of thinking were established throughout the conquered lands. This turned the Greek language into the "international language", and was fundamental in the spread of Christianity in the early years (as you know, the New Testament books were written in Greek so that people "everywhere" would understand it).



The Roman Empire allowed each conquered territory to preserve many of its traditions and culture, but it was dogmatic about the imposition of its system of laws. In other words, the Romans forced each conquered territory to conform to an independent and unique standard of laws. This allowed the Roman Empire to last for so long.



At the height of the Napoleonic Empire, Napoleon ruled over all of Europe (except for England). During that time, Napoleon instituted a uniform legal code that incorporated some concepts from the French Revolution such as equality before the law. This legal code was established throughout the Empire, and it was so well thought out that it is the basis of modern French law, and it influenced the future legal codes throughout all of Europe. During its short run of 13 years, the Napoleonic Empire truly was a cohesive empire. Its eventual fall was caused by other reasons.


{You can find more information about Austria's history at and Most of the information above can be found in the book "The Mainstream of Civilization Since 1500" by Joseph Strayer and Hans Gatzke}


The 3 examples above reveal that true unity between two or more parties can only be achieved when they can all come together under an independent system of right-handed logos judgments. Any union that ignores this fact will be artificial and purposeless. For many centuries, the Austrian Empire maintained this type of unity, using forceful (i.e.- emotional) compulsion instead of teaching and instilling a common set of laws and values. Therefore, unlike the Greek, Roman, or Napoleonic Empires, the Austrian Empire did not leave any lasting benefit on the regions it united. Unity within the Austrian Empire was more a nuisance than a blessing for the parties involved.


When two parties cannot come together over a common set of laws and values, the parties must eventually separate. This is what the red horse of the Apocalypse comes to do. Red-horse riders are teacher-apostles who try to teach God's laws to His people, revealing the difference between God's laws and man's religiosity. Those who accept God's teachings will separate themselves, and those who prefer man's teachings will be left behind to be struck by the black horse of the Apocalypse.


The Austrian frog pond

All of the above serves to explain why Austria suffered major flooding in August 2005. As we have said before, the "undercover" black horse of the Apocalypse comes to expose the hidden structures of iniquity and unrighteousness. In other words, the black horse makes the invisible structures in the spirit realm evident in the natural realm. Therefore, the black horse has visited Austria to reveal its Canaanite-Amorite tendencies.


As we have said before, the Canaanite-Amorite spirit is represented in Scripture by "frogs". This means that the "frog" spirit is (latently) prevalent in Austria. This "frog" spirit is not as evident as in countries like India because of the "right-handed" Germanic influence over Austria, but it is there, and it is the major reason behind Austria's failure to manifest its "evangelist" nature the way Germany has (it must be said, however, that parts of southern Germany that border with Austria are also influenced by the frog spirit).


As we have said before, frog queens have a "Let them eat cake" attitude when it comes to "plebeians". Therefore, it is not surprising that the French queen Marie Antoinette, to whom the phrase "Let them eat cake" is attributed, was actually Austrian. She became the French queen when she married French king Louis 16. 


Frogs like to live in stagnant bodies of water. This explains why the black horse has come to inundate Austria with water. Wherever frogs abound, the black horse will come to fill the place with water in order to reveal that it has been acting like a frog pond in the spirit realm.


The Austrian areas most affected by flooding were the western provinces of Vorarlberg and Tyrol. This is no coincidence. As we have shared before, the black horse attacks regions in the "spiritual west" where Cain (turned into a wandering Balaam) flees to escape from God's laws (revealed through "pestilent" red-horse riders).


The provinces of Vorarlberg and Tyrol are regions where sheep and cattle are herded. This means that they are "shepherding" regions, which emphasizes their connection with the "pastoral" ministry, since the words "pastor" and "shepherd" are synonymous. As we have said before, pastors who grow astray turn into Canaanites. Therefore, the flooding of Vorarlberg and Tyrol emphasizes God's judgment against the subliminal Canaanite influence in Austria.


Wide-gate Switzerland

As you may know, the Swiss are famous for their "time precision". This perfectionist tendency reveals Switzerland's teacher calling. Teachers are designed by God to be "backward-looking", which leads them to focus much attention on chronos time. However, when teachers go astray, they turn into workaholic Girgashites who become obsessed with chronos time and the accumulation of material things. Girgashites (and teachers) are goal-oriented people. Therefore, Girgashites set material goals for their lives, and they work hard to achieve those goals in order to go into Hivite retirement and live the "good life". Girgashites forget about their eternal calling and focus on their biological existence; to Girgashites, their "retirement years" are their version of "heaven".


As you may know, Switzerland is also famous for its banking system, which points to the "Girgashite accumulation of material things", and for its many resorts, which points to "Hivite retirement". In a sense, Switzerland is enjoying the material blessings that resulted from its acceptance of the Calvinist faith. John Calvin, who was a Frenchman, became a Protestant and settled down as a pastor in Geneva, Switzerland. Geneva became the nerve center of the Calvinist movement, and God blessed Switzerland because it was graciously hospitable to Protestant Calvin. However, Switzerland has acted like Hezekiah, choosing to enjoy its reward in this life instead of longing for a reward that will never pass. Like king Hezekiah, Switzerland has chosen the wide gate, and it is at present a spiritually dead nation even though it is materially alive and well. It is like a Laodicea that looks wealthy on the outside but is destitute on the inside.


Switzerland's banking system is famous for its acceptance of any money, no questions asked. This is why corrupt politicians and drug traffickers usually keep their dirty money in Swiss banks. Once that money is in Swiss hands, they can "rest assured" that it is "safe" because of Switzerland's banking laws. In other words, Swiss banks live out the evangelical maxim, "Don't judge; just love", at least when it comes to other people's money. This refusal to "judge" the money they are keeping reveals a strong Canaanite tendency, since Canaanites are anti-judgment. The Swiss banking system is like a "wide gate" that lets any money in. Switzerland is like a "Hivite wide gate" where all your material dreams can "come true". Switzerland is like a "Hivite heaven" where the Hezekiahs of the world can live out their "15 years of retirement" at the expense of other people's future.


The Canaanite-Hivite influence in Switzerland can even be seen in its cheese!!! Cheese comes from cow milk, and cows are related to the Canaanite spirit. As you may know, Swiss cheese has many holes in it, which speaks of the "Hivite wide gate" that lets anything through.


As we have shared before, Hivites are spiritual "rich kids" who live to enjoy "inherited grace". Therefore, the Hivite spirit is very common in people born into families of kings and tycoons. This means that the Hivite spirit is common in the families of Amorites who have established their earthly little kingdoms. Since Switzerland has Canaanite tendencies, we can again see the Canaanite-Amorite "frog" combination at work in Switzerland. This explains why Switzerland is famous for its neutrality. As we have said before, spiritual "frogs" have a tendency to advocate "peace and harmony" and to use it as a tool to advance their personal goals. Switzerland has used its neutrality status to attract financial capital. 


As you may see from the "triangle of evil", both the Canaanite and Hivite spirits are "left-handed". Both spirits foster carnal excesses and self-indulgence. In other words, they promote emotional "grace excesses". This explains why God inundated the Swiss capital of Bern with "excess" water. The black horse comes to reveal the hidden things in the spirit realm, which led to the flooding of Bern in the natural realm.


God's judgments shall be upon Switzerland until it repents of its wide-gate ways. God shall judge her until she utters the words of Zacchaeus in Luke 19:8. There shall be no restoration until there is restitution through repentance.


Romantic Romania

Like the rest of Eastern and Central Europe, Romania is strongly influenced by the Perizzite and Hittite spirits. However, Romania possesses a unique quality: it speaks a Latin language that is very similar to Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, and it is a "Latin" culture that emphasizes the importance of "romance" and "relationships". This means that Romania is strongly influenced by the Canaanite spirit of soul communion.


The Canaanite spirit is a "stirrer of emotions" that "lunatizes" people into thinking that the purpose of living is to have "soul relationships". The Canaanite spirit causes people to invest their emotions in one purposeless soul relationship after another, without filtering those relationships through the gate of righteousness, covenant, and commitment. Under the Canaanite spirit, people come together stirred by strong emotions, but, since those emotions are not over a foundation of righteousness, they are ephemeral, because the only things that endure forever are those that are built on a foundation of righteousness (Proverbs 10:25). Emotions without righteousness are like waves that come and go. Once the emotion dies out, Canaanite relationships can only continue through artificial compulsion.


Canaanite relationships lead to purposeless emotional draining; it leads to people wasting away their "emotional energy" in sentimentalism that prevents them from shedding their emotions in purposeful prophetic sacrifice. The Canaanite spirit compels people to wander through life in small and unstable packs of aimless wanderers who are held together by nothing but emotional ties. It is not surprising, therefore, that Romania is famous for its gypsies. The gypsy's language is known as "Romany", which emphasizes its connection to Romania and to the spirit of "over-sentimentalist romance". There is nothing inherently wrong with "soul love" and "romance", but it is wrong when it becomes the driving force of your life. Our lives should be driven and consumed by our agape love for God, and our love towards others should flow out of that total surrender to God (Matthew 22:37-40). When our life is driven by a search for emotional injections (whose effect quickly fades away), we turn into wandering gypsies whose emotions are purposelessly splattered on the ground. The floods in Romania are a physical manifestation of this "emotional splattering". Of all the countries flooded in Eastern and Central Europe, Romania was the one with the greatest casualty count, which is a figure of how the prophetic calling of many Romanians is dying as a result of the Canaanite spirit. This is also reflected in the fact that Romania has been known to have a high rate of AIDS infections. Because of their need for "contact", without regard for righteousness, Canaanites are spreaders of contagious spiritual diseases, which means that all contagious diseases in the natural realm have a strong Canaanite element to them.


Gypsies are Caucasoid people who are believed to proceed from India. This is no coincidence. As we have said before, India is gripped by the spirit of Canaanite sentimentalism.


As we have said before, pastors who go astray from God's will and purposes turn into Canaanites. Therefore, it is evident that Romania has a strong pastoral calling. Just like the rest of Eastern Europe, Romania also has a prophetic calling, as evidenced by the Transylvania stories and legends, which betray a Hittite influence (when prophets go astray, they turn into Hittites).


Resorts attacked

The floods throughout Eastern and Central Europe affected tourist resorts in countries such as Austria and Switzerland. This reveals God's black-horse attack against the Hivite spirit of self-indulgence and "inherited-grace splurging". Obviously, there is nothing inherently wrong with going to a tourist resort to enjoy a small vacation. But, because of their Canaanite influences, Switzerland and Austria have allowed Hivite strongholds to be set up across their territory, and those strongholds are physically manifested in many of these resorts. As a result, these resorts have helped to nurture and solidify the Hivite influence over all of Europe and many parts of the world. When the Lord flooded these resorts, He was attacking the Hivite spirit in Europe and the world.


In a previous word, we shared on how Spain's resorts have continued to consume large amounts of water while the rest of the country is undergoing a major drought. In Spain, the Lord has sent the black horse to emphasize her Jebusite dryness and to reveal how she is too proud to admit that she is dry, resorting instead to Canaanite outbursts of wetness to hide her dryness. All of this explains why God has allowed the Spanish resorts to eat up the little water left in Spain while at the same time flooding the resorts in Eastern and Central Europe. In Spain, God is revealing Jebusite dryness. In Switzerland and Austria, God is revealing Hivite excesses.


"Coincidentally", there is a strong historical connection between Austria and Spain. At one point, the Habsburg family ruled both Austria and Spain. This happened right around the time that Spain rose to prominence in Europe. After 1556, the Habsburg family was divided into the Spanish Habsburgs (who ruled over Spain) and the Austrian Habsburgs (who ruled over the Austrian empire). It is no coincidence, therefore, that Spain and Austria simultaneously came under black-horse judgment in August 2005. While Spain exemplifies Europe's unrighteous dryness, Austria exemplifies Europe's iniquitous excesses.


European transformation

As we have said before, God has shifted spiritual preeminence towards Europe as a result of America's "spirit of delay", and the simultaneous drought in Western Europe and floods in Eastern Europe are another indication of this spiritual shift. God is working Europe over as America pays the consequences of her spirit of delay.


The flooding in Bern and other places permanently damaged many old buildings. This is a prophetic figure of how God is attacking ancient spiritual structures in Europe and rendering them unusable. Through His black horse, He is revealing the unrighteousness and iniquity of these structures so that people may repent and run away from under them. 


As a result of the judgments on Old Europe, a New Europe shall emerge. God's Glory shall be seen in Europe. His mighty works there shall be made evident, and the nations will be amazed.