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Prophetic word for today

Divine dissatisfaction

First posted: June 26, 2005

E-mailed: June 18, 2005

Received by: (Anonymous)


There is divine dissatisfaction in the land. This divine dissatisfaction was put on the hearts of many by God. This divine dissatisfaction has brought forth the seekers, those who are searching for "the true church. Many in the Body of Christ are in this transition. They have been called out from where they were by God and are not quite sure how to get from where they were to where they are to be. This could be because the place they are to be is not yet established. They cling to the leading of the Holy Spirit as if their life depended on it ... and it does.


Along with the release of divine dissatisfaction, there is also a release of an anointing that I feel is specific for this time of transition. It is what I call the "Anointing for Truth". Those who have this Anointing have been in the place of divine dissatisfaction for quite some time. But unlike some, they did not turn back, give up, or give in. Instead they turned to God. Therefore, the Lord has revealed to them much of the lies that have kept His people in bondage and from reaching their destiny. However, many do not want to hear the truths these people have learned.


Since much of the church is in transition, it can get confusing at times and we tend to stumble over each other as God reorganizes things. This confusion comes from the old religious mindsets that have been in place for many years that the Lord wants to change. Many are hearing from God but it is contrary to much of what they have been taught. They often go to prophetic gatherings in hopes of receiving clarity, confirmation, and direction. There needs to be grace for each other in this move toward the place the Lord is leading us. There also needs to be a humbleness of spirit to be willing to listen to each other, to admit that we might have misunderstood something God was doing, and to make changes if needed.