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Prophetic word for today (p.i.)
Bridge disaster


I awoke this (Sunday) morning [December 23, 2007] after having had troubling dreams. I was awake, but with my eyes still closed. I saw, as if from a high vantage point, a bridge spanning what appears to be a river. My point of view is from the near side of the river. Along the bridge are vehicles, which seem to be colliding and veering off in different directions, as if the bridge had been shaken. Where the bridge arches slightly, the road seems to have buckled, broken and with one section lower than the other. Towards my end of the bridge, a semi truck had ended up crosswise, with its cab overhanging the right side of the bridge. At the far end, in the distance along the water, I saw what appeared to be a large city. Deep, thick grey smoke was billowing out from it in different places. There was also some sort of commotion, accidents or smoke along the parkway running along the river on the near side of the bridge.


The tone of the entire scene was of a pearlized grey, almost oily color. I am not sure, but I had the sense that this was the Brooklyn Bridge, and I was viewing the Queens side of it from the Manhattan side. As I watched, horrified and with increasing anxiety, I distinctly heard music, primarily in my right ear: low, slow, measured, somber - like a funeral march. As I looked at my bedside clock, it read 5:24 or 5:25 (I have an old-fashion-face clock, not the digital type).



Our brief comments


{Fellow believer, there are threads in this vision that have been left unexplored or partially explored. We pray that you will follow up on these threads. If the Lord shares something with you regarding this vision, please let us know. Thank you.}


This vision has several elements to consider:



The date of the vision, December 23, 2007 has spiritual significance. It is exactly 2 years after December 23, 2005. As we have studied before, that was the day when the Lord sealed the cancellation of His visitation of America. It is the date when America's 4-year revival delay was sealed. This revival was intended by God to start in New York and spread from there throughout America and the world. Due to America's half-heartedness, however, New York (and America) shall remain a "stagnant marshland" until May 2009. Therefore, it is no coincidence that sister Carol thought she was seeing a bridge in New York.



The troubling dreams that sister Carol had prior to this vision represent the sequence of pelting judgements that America has been under since the delay began in May 2005. These judgements include city-destroying hurricanes, dramatic bridge collapses, raging fires, flooding, historic droughts, vicious winter storms, and snow in warm-weather regions; even explosions in the middle of Manhattan and world-shocking mass murders have been included in this rain of pelting judgements.



The fact that sister Carol was awake but had her eyes closed during this vision represents the nature of God's attack against America up until now. Even though the rain of judgements has been strong and persistent, most believers continue to see them as a lump of unrelated individual events, without realising that they are part of a "lump-sum treatment" that God is unleashing upon the land of Thomas. All these judgements are spiritually related and are part of one fabric, an indivisible judgement tunic hovering over America during its period of spiritual civil war.



As we have said before, cars are a figure of methods and procedures. When used in a negative context, cars are a figure of man's religious methods and the ministries that uphold these methods. Therefore, the colliding vehicles in the vision represent God's judgement against the ministries in the American Church that pretend as if they can cross into God's Glory without surrendering the pre-eminence of the soul over the Spirit. The abundance of these soul-centred ministries was instrumental in delaying the spiritual revival process that was to start in 2005.


The fact that these vehicles were veering in different directions, as if shaken by an earthquake, is a figure of how the earthquake-causing green horse of the Apocalypse comes to expose the Korah leadership of the Church as a clueless bunch of men and women who have no idea where they are going.



The pearlised grey that permeated the vision points to the spiritual reason that prompted the judgement of God portrayed in the vision. As we have said before, the American Church was supposed to progress from the "black-horse" stage into the "green-horse stage", the stage during which she would welcome God's visitation. Instead of progressing from "black" to a non-compromising "green", however, the American Church regressed from "black" to a half-hearted "grey", a colour-blind grey in which the Gospel of God is reduced to a simplified faith that dismisses God's deep wisdom. This is the reason why the tone of grey seen by sister Carol was "pearlised". As we have said before, pearls are a figure of God's apostolic wisdom. America lost the opportunity to abound in God's apostolic pearls because she belittled them, dismissing them as "superfluous" for her religious plans. Because of this, these pearls are now releasing apostolic judgement on America's half-hearted greyness.



In the vision, a part of the bridge seemed to have one section lower than the other. This points to the spiritual division that the institutionalised Church constantly enforces, an Old-Covenant division that separates the Body of Christ into "ministers" and "laymen". It is impossible to bring about God's latter-rain revival under an atmosphere that teaches that certain believers are to consider themselves as belonging to an inherently lower level than the other, more "privileged" believers.



The connection between the vision's greyness and America's half-heartedness is emphasised by the appearance of the "semi-trailer truck" (i.e.- articulated lorry) in the vision, since the prefix "semi" means "half". As indicated on, articulated lorries (or artics) are also known as "transfer trucks" in the U.S. and Canada; this speaks of how the American Church's spiritual transfer into God's Glory was frustrated by God because, just like Uzzah and David, the American Church wanted to carry out this transfer the wrong way (2 Samuel 6:3-8).


Artics are also known as "18-wheelers", which points to the number "18". As we have shared before, the number "18" speaks of the carnage decreed on America, a carnage that could have been averted had the American Church been fully submissive to God's will.


Artics are also known as "Big rigs" and "Diesels" in America. These names point to the "Big D" spirit of ministerial reverence that was instrumental in hindering God's revival in New York and America.


Artics are also known as "juggernauts" in the UK. According to, the word "juggernaut" is derived from an Indian word meaning "lord of the universe", and is used to refer to anything so unstoppable that it crushes anything that gets in its path. This is how America's large ministries feel. They indoctrinate believers into trusting them unconditionally by equating loyalty to God with loyalty to them. This turns them into the "lords of the universe", spiritual behemoths who wield great power in the lives of many souls, enabling them to delay many of God's operations on Earth. Due to the millions of souls that surrender unconditionally to them, they feel like unstoppable juggernauts, and they do not hesitate to crush anyone who dares to question the wisdom of their route. As shown by sister Carol's vision, however, these juggernauts shall be stopped, for no man can defy God's righteousness and win, no matter how large his lorry may be.



The reason why the artic in the vision ends up crosswise, with its cab overhanging the right side of the bridge, is because these "juggernaut" ministries can take believers no further than "level-1 righteousness". The other level of righteousness, the one required to enter into God's Glory, is inaccessible to them, just as the tree of life was inaccessible to the fallen Adam.



The fact that the bridge in the dream seemed like the Brooklyn Bridge has deep prophetic significance. It is no spiritual coincidence that the only time that we have ever explicitly mentioned the "Brooklyn Bridge" prior to this post is in the "U.S. Revival delayed" word posted in May 2005, the month that the delay began.


On a cold and foggy December Sunday morning of 2005, the Lord led me to the Wall Street area of Manhattan; and, as I walked on the snow and ice that covered the pavements, I suddenly found myself at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge. I can still recall the eerie sadness I felt as I stood there, staring up at the bridge, with a foggy, grey sky acting as a dreary background. The Lord then said to me, "I wanted My remnant to cross into Brooklyn, but the Church did not allow it". I understood that "crossing into Brooklyn" meant crossing into a spiritual dimension in which the Brook of God would be free to flow. Ever since then, I have been firmly convinced that the Brooklyn Bridge has deep spiritual significance with regard to America's latter-rain revival. As we briefly alluded to in a previous word, the God of Israel shall OK America's revival when America allows His remnant to "cross the Brooklyn Bridge". Therefore, it is no coincidence that the Brooklyn Bridge appeared in sister Carol's vision. There are other things regarding Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Bridge which we are not at liberty to share at this time.



In the vision, sister Carol was watching the bridge from the Manhattan side, just as the Lord had me do on that cold morning of December 4, 2005. There is a prophetic reason for this. New York City is comprised of 5 constituent boroughs, each of which is a separate county of New York state. As indicated on, Staten Island is "Richmond County", the Bronx is "Bronx County", Queens is "Queens County", Manhattan is "New York County", and Brooklyn is " Kings County". Therefore, we can say that, as she watched the Brooklyn Bridge from the Manhattan side, sister Carol was watching the transition from New York County into Kings County. Since New York is the spiritual epicentre of America's latter-rain revival, the transition from New York County into Kings County represents America's transition into a spiritual atmosphere in which the "male" Spirit is king. The American Church is indeed willing to let the remnant reach Queens County, but she is not willing to let them reach Kings County, because she wants a revival where the "female" soul remains supreme as "queen over all". God was calling the American queen to warmly receive and host His remnant, giving them comfort and enabling them for the battle. However, as the time for hosting the remnant drew near, the American Church realised that welcoming the remnant meant relinquishing the throne to the Spirit, and that was too much for the Church's soul to bear. Therefore, she went from being a warm "homecoming queen" to an icy-cold Halloween witch, and the transition into Kings County (i.e.- God's Kingdom) was delayed.



The funeral march represents the horrible death experience that God's remnant were sent to as America denied them entrance into her mainstream. This has drawn God's ire against America; therefore, if America is to be restored, she must be judged and forced to partake in the death experience that she forced the remnant to go through.


The fact that sister Carol heard a funeral "march" is God's way of pointing to the month of March ... March 2006, a month spiritually related to the remnant's horrid death experience following the delay of 2005.



The time that sister Carol saw on her clock ... 5:24 or 5:25 ... immediately points to Amos 5:24-25:


"24 But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream. 25 Have ye offered unto me sacrifices and offerings in the wilderness forty years, O house of Israel?" (Amos 5:24-25)


America wants a "Brooklyn" (i.e.- the Brook of God) without God's righteousness and judgements. Yet, God has declared that His river is a pure river, and His river is laden with His nature, which means that it is laden with His righteous judgements (v24). The American Church wants the blessings without the sacrifice required by God (v25), and that sacrifice is the spiritual tithe required to cross Adam's bridge. Unfortunately, the American Church is defiantly reluctant to hand over the tithe.



The fact that sister Carol's clock is an old-fashion-face clock, not the digital type, means that the clock is a circle, which reveals a crucial spiritual principle that most believers in the American Church are unable or unwilling to comprehend. As we have said before, "circles" are a figure of God's purifying judgements. Without judgement-unleashing intercession, kairos time on Earth stops, even as chronos time continues ticking. That is the reason why the Lord prompted sister Carol to make a reference to a circle-faced clock.


The old-fashion-face clock also points to the Grand Central clock that we shared on in a previous word. Let him who has ears hear what the Lord is saying.