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Prophetic word for today
Bloody sword visitation


The sword is being sharpened in preparation for the dreadful day of the Lord. I am a God of justice and judgements; this is My way, saith the Lord God. The rebellious woman called the Church shall be no more, for I will reduce her to rubble. She shall not stand, for I hate her proud ways.


Who shall stand in the day of the Lord? Only those who live and die for Me, saith the Lord. Am I not a God of grace? Do I not love judgement? Do I not bless and curse? Then how do you take My Word and turn it into peace when there is no peace so that the people reject truth and love lies? They live a life of lies and are destroyed daily, while the leaders are fed on the fat of the people.


Shall I not visit these sins and abominations? Shall My Soul not be comforted? Am I to live with My anger and not pour it out on the wickedness that abounds in My name?


The sword is being sharpened, and My sons shall do My bidding. They shall speak My words over the unclean and these abominations shall come down. Then I shall be comforted; and I will raise up a mighty kingdom of men who will lead the world and deliver the poor and needy from the rich and greedy.


I have set watchmen in the land, and they shall blow the trumpet before the dreadful day of the Lord. Many shall die on that day, and those who die in Me shall live though they die. My sword shall not spare nor shall pity, for even the baby on the breast must die. Then, they shall know that I am the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, even Christ Jesus.


Thus saith the Lord God of Israel.



Donald Rubie

Servant of the Lord Jesus