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Prophetic word for today

Five p-words

First posted: November 1, 2004

Word received: Between August 3, 2004 and October 14, 2004

Received by: Lauretta Weir



Pollution, the first, is despicable, and is leveled against the Church, U.S. Christians, the children of My house, says the Lord. My people are lost to Me, blinded by their senses and by this world. The enemy's trying to take over what I will not turn loose so easily. I am waiting to give second chances, up to and even past thousands of chances for those I am calling. I will wait, but the time has shortened, and the tine is sharpened, and is directed at you: those I am calling to sift and be destroyed, and from within.

How you act and react must change, even in My house. I am in disgust; you must repent and return. The days are shortened ever so increasingly due to the numbers being drawn into darkness, but as I halted the sun in the sky for Joshua, I can and will alter the time, for the tine will not strike my chosen, for I AM in charge of all things to come, and in 
the past, and the present. You are perverted in your hearts and minds by your own eyes, ears, and mouths. You must guard these areas to not be drawn in any further. Repent and renounce this dark kingdom and return to Me, says the Lord. Keep to the faith; keep to your First Love, Me, and not pleasures, for there is no pleasure in the pit.


Unnatural and an abomination as the very meaning is sexual deviation, and totally against God and detested by God who made man in His image and created woman from man to be one together towards God and to reproduce His kind. Man was not made to be with man sowing seed in a polluted place, and woman with woman of no use to God nor man. God is greatly displeased with those acting in His house with His authority, perpetrating this abomination on His children. All children are God's gift to man and not to be mistreated in any fashion.

The vile things being done in My house against these little ones, I will repay them, for every misstep they took against those undefiled little ones, and some even in My House, the Church's walls. The sin ran rampant in the old days in My temple, but, even so, this was not one of their sins, and I will deal harshly with those who have done so - much more than man is doing now with money and with defeat and disrepute. Blinded by their own deviousness in their minds, hearts and by their own fleshly lusts and perverseness, purposefully used by them while in their authority as My representative on Earth, causing mistrust in the undefiled, loss of faith in those who had attained at a young age and knew of My kindness, and made them lose that faith as a result. Those who were subject to them by their youthfulness and by their parents, some knowingly and some unknowingly, let it go on with no regard for the child or their own souls. I am holding them accountable as well.

For every pain suffered by these children caused by those in authority against these little ones, they will receive double from the punisher, the profane, the parent and the pervert. This is the worst of these two.

I am saddened by all of this and saddened by you who practice this act in your lives as adults, you who were raised to know better by your parents, and most of all by those of you who were taught in and raised in the Word. You have sought worldly pleasures and not spiritual ones; My plans for you have been thrown away and by your own hands.


Pornography is a poison to the spirit and a shame to the soul. This shame is against all mankind, male and female. All are guilty of disgusting activities, in and out of the Church and the nations. Every orifice and sense of the church has entered into this and witnessed by those of base and non-repentant souls who will inhabit the fiery pit. Lusts of the flesh will satisfy the lips and tongues of demons in hell at the appointed time. The church has been polluted by this and other filth and other perversions as well, iniquities all. Deceive yourselves not, for I Am now judging those and am not pleased, nor will I forgive those partakers of this disgust in My house at the appointed time. I am convicting hearts and minds at this very time as the end is sooner than you think. Forgiveness is My choice, and I will not forgive all who ask for it nor call on The Most High Name at that time either especially from those who have led others astray from their high place given by Me in the church. Forgiveness will only be granted by Me as I choose at the appointed time. And you know not when that is. You can watch Israel, Jerusalem and Babylon all you want; the time is when I choose, and you will not know when if your hearts and minds are still mired in this filth. Return to Me now; pay heed to My servants. I am sending forth from every walk of life and every culture and age to let you know what time it is. These voices are now in the wilderness calling out to the Church and man for repentance and returning, for you know not when your souls will be required of you. Count your blessings as you count your days... you are accountable for all, all the words spoken out of your mouths, accountable for all your transgressions, iniquities and sins.


God is not mocked. God is neither democrat nor republican. He looks on all the hearts of all the candidates for every election, not just this one for president has He been involved. All of those professing to be Christians and born-again are speaking from their mouths only and not their hearts. God loves all people, the Jews, the Gentiles and the lost nations. He is trying to get all of their attention. You have committed too many murders and unnatural acts put into laws that are not of Me, and you will be judged for the deceit of the unwise and the demoralization of the young and the unwise. Repent, confess and return to Me, and I will lead you in the way you should go.

The Lord will prevail and His Work will be accomplished. He uses the foolishness of the wise to confound the wicked. Politicians are all foul mouths and puffed up with their own vanity, ideals and selfish desires of power and position, seeking self-immortellation. Do not be fooled by these deceivers either. They were not sent by Me to you, says the Lord. If they have Me in them, they will heed My Laws and My servants and prophets. They hear My Voice and can lead them in this. Watch and be aware, for My Words are just and true and will accomplish that for which I have sent them. All those professing to be of Me and killing are doing their father's work, not Mine. They will be handed over to Me in due time.

My people before called to fight, fight on their knees first, seeking My Face, and all those going against them unjustly are delivered into their hands by My Hands.

All called by Me to office must keep My Word and do what is right and true, not what is popular and current, following the dictates of the princes of darkness of this world. The teachings of satan are alive and at work in them.

Terror is not of Me. I Am a God of Love and of Peace, My Peace I give to you in this. Pray to Me for direction before you vote.

The beginning is of the end and the end of the beginning My Word made manifest in all things told of this day.

What was is not and what will be was not.

My Commandments and Laws are still held accountable for all of the earth. Beware; no one will be let off from My judgment regarding them.

Things have changed. I AM doing a new thing in the seating of high authority in America. No longer will I stay out of this process. Those keeping my Commandments, the 10 Commandments, and who are hearing My Voice as 
born-again believers will be put into office.

No longer can My people be allowed to elect representatives who are representing the immorality of America. The iniquity of America has been noticed and will be dealt with very soon. No longer can My people elect only those who pander to the selfishness of the individual or to the most glamorous or the most gifted in speech.

I AM looking into the heart of every born-again believer and every Church leader, preacher, Bible School teacher, choir director, prophet, evangelist, and teacher, and challenging those who hear Me to vote for the moral issue and not the carnal issue, jobs, taxes, gas prices, not even the war or the economy. They must first seek My Face and My Instructions in this, this is neither republican- nor democrat-determined; it is moral, right and true choice of conscience.

Judgment is coming sooner than you think. Will you be ready then? For you are not now. Judge yourselves and be not judged for your soul hangs in the balance.

Those in authority, in office and in the church, with all their iniquities and scandals, are not going to be let off. Those causing pains to my faithful ones by stealing their jobs, homes, cars, pensions, savings, and even unequally in their taxing, cheating those needing relief the most and fattening up the greedy, also their gouging of the gas prices even, will not go unpunished, for the riches of the wicked are being piled up for the righteous, for I will repay all who hear Me and obey My Commandments and the Commandments of My Son. Love all as you love yourselves; judge not, yet ye be judged accordingly.

Judge yourselves first and repent, confess and return to Me, says the Lord, for That Time is coming soon.



This is to the Church. Judgment is a time to go through to the blessings of God and not condemnation. Repent ye first, and return to Me, says the Lord, for I AM the way and the life. This is a cleansing of the house and of My saints that I AM doing. My Word written on their hearts will not return to Me void, says the Lord God Almighty.

I come back for a bride that is not dirty and not divided, in their deeds, works, thinking, nor in their praising or worshipping Me.

Only My Son Jesus is a perfect man, as you are now you can never be, and I cannot expect it... not yet. Man is not expected to be perfect and cannot be perfect on the earth and without the help of My Spirit you cannot attain to it. The Holy Spirit is here now to help you get closer to Me, closer to 'perfect' in this life, and ready for the return of My Son, Jesus. Receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit now and walk in My Ways, and you will come through the judgment into My blessings. Judge yourselves, correct yourselves, repent and confess, return to your first love, Lord God Almighty. I AM causing you to go through many things now, causing you to repent now as I AM bringing you hope and a bright future. 

2004 is the year of fullness and 2005 the year of overflow, the overflow of My Holy Spirit. There will be a 'sign' soon, unmistakably God's doing. At that time, judgment of the church will begin, and then the Nations. Now is the time for the prophecy of Joel to come into the earth. My Church must be sanctified and ready to receive the fullness. Those filled to overflowing will be among the Chosen before the return of My Son and the judgment of the Nations. Sanctify yourselves, prepare the church for His return, Time is Nigh! Do not concern yourselves with the everyday worries of this life; seek ye first My Kingdom and My Righteousness, My Way of doing things and be in the right place and right time, right standing doing My Work on That Day.

As you are now, I find very few at the level to receive all of this perfection, and time is running out for the Church and the Earth to get ready. A few hear Me and are attaining to it now, but far less than I had decreed, you all need to wake up, and I will be sending out a 'wake up call' to the earth, to the Jews, the Church and the Nations. 

All those who are Mine will hear Me and be aware of its meaning, but all will see it. Are you ready? Where will you be? Watch and wait, praying, judging yourselves, for repentance is the only way you can return to Me and reach your glorious 'perfection'.

Watch and pray, wait and see the miracles on Earth and in America like never before. Greater things you shall do in My Name, says the Lord to the saints of His Church. These are the days of Jesus' admonition to His disciples. Where are you, are you getting ready to be made perfect?



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