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Prophetic word for today

A 43 message for America

First posted: February 19, 2006

E-mailed: February 17, 2006

Word received by: Lauretta Weir


I think this is regarding the floodings and rebuilding of New Orleans...


Feb-8-06, 2:30am - 2:59am

Feb-17-06, 2:30am - 4:00am


Ezekiel 43, The Glory of the Lord Returns


The seven days of force showed Gods Strength in the land. The things of late are but a few of the things which I'll do unto thee, for thee, and against thee in judgment, saith the Lord, if thou repentest not.

If thou repent and put away thy whoredoms, I'll forgive and forget your trespasses and the defilement of My Name in the land in the past. The Lord's Glory shall return.

Thou shall rebuild, by My guidance, the waste places destroyed, and set the poles as I direct thee. If thou do not, retribution shall again come unto thee by My Hand, saith the Lord. You shall put away your whoredoms and foul carcasses from thee of thy past, and dwell I with thee forever in the land of My Righteousness. I'm to show you your wrongdoings so that you'll know your iniquities and stop doing them now and in the future.

If you are truly ashamed and repent, and pray, I'll hear from heaven and once again show you the Favor of God. Judgment shall cease and the Glory revealed. Those who are called by My Name will prevail with Me, saith the Lord God Almighty. All those who associate with Him are justified on the eighth day, and the Glory shall return to the land and those who are just and associate with God shall return.



Our comments

We received this e-mail 2 days before posting the 3 prophetic words entitled "The blue prayer shawl". Sister Lauretta did not know that we were in the middle of typing a word that revolves around Ezekiel 43:9, and she did not know that the Lord would have us talking about the removal of king's carcasses. Therefore, the prophetic word above is confirmation from the Lord that America is being called to remove these carcasses and to put an end to her whoredoms, for any "rebuilding" or "revival" will be useless unless the carcasses are removed.


Sister Lauretta received this word in two different dates, February 8 and February 17. Both dates have spiritual significance. The number "8" speaks of Noah-style regeneration, and the number "17" refers to the manifestation of God's latter-day remnant. Therefore, the Lord is emphasizing that there will be no latter-rain manifestation without regeneration.


Notice how the prophetic word above emphasizes the "8th day". Therefore, this word is a spiritual continuation of the word entitled "Day 7" which sister Lauretta sent to us last year, and which we posted on February 18, 2005, exactly 1 year and 1 day before this word was posted. It is only until a few seconds ago that I realized this!


According to Genesis 7:11, Noah entered the ark on the 17th day of the 2nd month, in the 600th year of Noah's life. In our modern calendar, the 2nd month is February, meaning that the date when Noah entered the ark, using our terminology, would be "February 17", which coincides with the second date mentioned by sister Lauretta. Therefore, God is speaking of a remnant that goes into hiding as America gets its act together. God's remnant was supposed to begin a 7-year process towards full-fledged manifestation in America in the year 2005, but the American Church has forced those with the remnant spirit to go into a 3-and-a-half year period of "hiding".


Sister Lauretta mentions 2 time periods. Both start at 2:30 am, but one is 29 minutes long, and the other one is 90 minutes long. As we share in the "Hurricane Charley" prophetic word (which we mention at length in the first "Blue prayer shawl" word), the number "29" points to Psalm 29, which speaks of the Lord's thunderous voice that makes the cedars fall and the wilderness shake. Interestingly enough, the Lord also had us mention the meaning of the number "29" in a prophetic word entitled "Out with the old, in with the True". Therefore, the "29-minute period" on February 8 (2:30am - 2:59am) is God's way of saying,

I shall make America shake with the roaring of My voice because she has refused to do away with the old carcasses, leaving My True remnant out in the cold. Through My roaring voice, I shall DEMAND regeneration from My people, and I shall destroy those who defy My demand!!!


The 90-minute period points to Psalm 90. "Coincidentally", the Lord also had us mentioning the significance of the number "90" in the prophetic word "Out with the old, in with the True". That word was posted exactly 450 days before the posting of this word, and 450 equals 90 times 5. As we shared before, the number "90" points to the frailty of earthly existence, and the number "5" points to "ministerial grace". Therefore, in a mind-boggling way, the Lord is saying the following through the "90-minute period" on February 17 (2:30am -4:00am) ...

I shall wear America out like a mighty and persistent wind that erodes a beach. I shall reveal the frailty of her earthly existence and reveal the puny weakness of the "ministers" she has placed her confidence in.


Amazingly, the Lord had us speaking in the first "Blue prayer shawl" word about how God will deal with America's "pole of confidence". At the same time, the Lord prompted sister Lauretta to speak about how He will make America "set the poles" as He "directs it". We are posting this word concurrently with the "Blue prayer shawl" words, so there was no way that sister Lauretta could know the content of the "Blue prayer shawl" words in advance. The Lord God is once again confirming His judgment against America, against the land of Thomas, against the doubting American Church that requires confirmation after confirmation before finally accepting God's prophetic word.


If you add the two time periods, you get 119 (=29+90) minutes. "Coincidentally", 119 equals 17 times 7. The numbers 17 and 7 point to the date July-17 (7/17 or 17/7), which is exactly 5 months after February 17. Interestingly enough, July-17-2004 was the date when the Lord had us posting the article entitled, "Showdown before the Revival"; July-17-2004 is exactly 19 months before February-17-2006, and the number "19" features prominently in the first "Blue prayer shawl" word. The number 119 also points to Psalm 119, the longest of all the psalms, and it is a psalm that focuses on the detailed attributes of God's Word. In this fractal collage of numbers and facts, the Lord is saying the following:

I shall complete Day 7 in you, America. I shall force you into My rest, says the Lord, so that My remnant spirit may be fully manifested ("17"). You have asked for a more difficult showdown against Me than the one I originally intended. I shall reveal the long and intricate details of My word to you, oh simplistic America that refuses to break away from your simple little doctrines. I shall reveal My fractal nature to you, and you shall be forced to accept Me as I am, for I will not simplify Myself to satisfy your arrogant desires. I shall wear you out as I wore you out in the Vietnam War. I will reveal to you the failure of your "19" so that you may enter into the "20" of My young army, the young and bold army which you disdain and abhor. I am coming against your Goliath spirit, says the Lord, and I shall desolate the 5 cities of the Philistines in you. Yea, I shall desolate them all, and I shall leave no city behind.


Some two or three weeks ago, the Lord impressed the date "February 17" upon my heart, and I understood that something significant would happen that day with regard to an important matter in my mind. To my amazement, something very significant did happen that day. To be honest with you, I thought that February 17 would be the day that the event would happen, not the day when I would find out about it. The event that was weighing on my mind is related to the UK documents mentioned at the beginning of the "Blue prayer shawl" words (these documents were mailed the day the whale appeared in London). Interestingly enough, the information I received on February 17 was prepared on February 8, meaning that sister Lauretta's prophetic word spans the exact time period during which the information was drafted up and sent back to me. I had shared this with no one, until now. Our God is indeed an awesome God!!!


Yesterday, February 18, 2006, CNN ran a story on 2 whales that made a surprise appearance in the San Diego, California, USA area. They were found exploring the waters near San Diego, and, after a few hours, they went away. As she has shared in previous words, sister Lauretta is from the San Diego area.