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Prophetic word
willie fidel graham, dead at 98



A man who would not step aside

In the previous posting, we shared on how billy graham was the last Protestant pope and how he had spiritually descended into the same path as the last catholic pope, john paul 2 (we shared then how the Vatican heads of states since jp2 no longer had the "pope" mantle in the spirit realm, even if they have borne the name externally). We also spoke on how billy graham and his family became obsessed about him reaching the age of 100, almost going so far as to prophesy it, seeing it as some sort of proof that billy graham has God's 100% approval and that he has lived out the "perfect" evangelistic ministry. We also declared how he would not/will not make it to that age and that he has been stripped of every eternal reward that he had amassed from his life's work, all because of how he clung to his natural life and refused to surrender it in any form of true prophetic sacrifice unto God, even after he had been involuntarily sidelined from his public ministry 12 years ago by God Himself. At that time, a manifestation of the remnant in America was in the works, and God was calling billy graham to step aside and let arise a better generation than him and his converts.


Unfortunately for God's people, and for billy graham himself, billy chose not to step aside. He had accomplished too much, "saved" too many "millions of souls" to be told that his ministry was not up to par for what God wanted to do in the latter days. Due to his shallow and infantile understanding of Scripture and the prophetic, he was utterly unable to grasp what God's latter-day plans were. Deep within him he knew that God was up to something, but he could not understand it, so he immediately associated it with the only major latter-day event that his mind could think of: the magical "rapture" of the Church. Therefore, he determined in his heart that, due to the measure of his accomplishments, he was entitled to be part of this great latter-day event. This then meant that he would be alive when the grand moment of mass escapism arrived, alive to lead the crowd of all the souls he had "won" as they soared up to "heaven".


Less than 2 years after God forcibly retired him in 2005, God took billy's wife, as if to say, "Son, it is time to go" (and, yes, at that time, God still called him "son"), but he chose to linger, for he knew deep within him that his walk was incomplete. However, like a "good" Girgashite, he did not realise that his incompleteness stemmed from a lack of quality, so he concluded that he could complete what he had failed to give to God through more quantity, more time on Earth doing the same. He then stubbornly charged ahead, like an old man who ignores a stop sign and is willing to run over any pedestrian on the zebra crossing, blaming the pedestrian for daring to get in his way. That is when he went from being a hindrance to a mortal danger to God's remnant. The Spirit of God kept warning him that he was about to cross a line, a point of no return, and He even sent the prophet of God in the Spirit to plead with him on several occasions, yet he stayed on his intended course.


Remember, remember the fifth of November

Up until 5 November 2017, willie graham had some control over his life, meaning that he had the authority to say, "I surrender", and let his natural life go. Starting on 5 November, however, he has lost complete control over his life and is now at the mercy of those he surrounded himself with to protect him: his family. Dear reader, this writer can assure you that willie graham is suffering. He is completely powerless, his body is useless and decomposing, literally and figuratively, but the very family that he used as a human shield to protect himself from God's judgement now has the minor control that he used to have, i.e. the ability to let him go, but they will refuse to do so for a while, even as willie starts to cry out from the depths of his soul for the death that he was once avoiding; willie will now suffer the 5 months of torment described in Revelation 9. Regardless of whether those 5 months are literal or spiritual, they will feel like 5 endless months to willie, with his body continuing its live decomposition, to the shame of his family and his name.


We had shared in the previous word that willie graham's "age at the time of his physical death will be 2 years short of 100". November 7, 2017 was officially willie's 99th birthday, and this writer is certain that, in the spirit realm, willie's family smiled defiantly at the remnant, convinced that they had proved the remnant wrong and themselves right. Knowing, however, that the goal of 100 years will be impossible to reach (given the strength of God's remnant), willie's son tweeted on November 7 that his daddy had successfully entered into his "100th year" of existence. This was a way to hedge his family's bets, for they know how bad a state willie's body is in, and that the damage of the remnant's judgements against his daddy is too great to overcome.


Absent on 7 November

This writer was curious to see what would be said by those around willie graham on account of his supposed 99th birthday. This led me to an article by an admirer of willie who gladly announced willie's "birthday achievement" whilst claiming that willie "has [present tense] run the Billy Graham ministry for over 60 years". It was ironic that the article went on to describe how the article's writer had attended a public ceremony to celebrate the occasion, a ceremony where the "achiever" was not even present. Yes, the man who is leading the Billy Graham ministry could not even make a brief appearance at a ceremony honouring him. The article's writer added a brief note indicating that willie had celebrated his birthday at his home, surrounded by family, friends, and nurses. It was interesting that he said "nurses" in the plural; in fact, it is interesting that he mentioned a "nurse" at all when describing who was surrounding willie on his "festive occasion". All of this reveals that even the adoring writer of the article knows deep inside how bad a shape willie is in, even if he and his family try to mask it as mere "fragility". He may have had some freedom of movement, some freedom of choice in some parts of his age-98 year on Earth, but he clearly does not have that freedom any more. He is now a living dead, a rotting vegetable, a rotting tree that cannot move from where he is planted. For all intents and purposes, willie graham is dead. Even if he is being kept artificially alive by his family, he is no longer a living man. For all intents and purposes, willie graham became a dead man on November 5, 2017, at the age of 98. Remember, remember the fifth of November, willie, for that is the day that you died. That is the day that you were stripped of all your eternal rewards. That is the day that you were banished far, far away from the Kingdom of God. You, the man who spoke to millions and millions about entering the Kingdom of God shall not enter it yourself; you shall only see it, and see it from far, far away for ever and ever and ever. Yes, that is what you gained in exchange for the vegetable existence you now have in your 99th birthday; willie, it seems as if satan lied to you! The remnant both mourn your foolishness and laugh at your failure, for you were willing to spiritually damage the remnant for your own gain. You never showed compassion towards the remnant. Instead, you showed defiance. Even when the prophet of God lovingly approached you in the Spirit and told you to surrender, you said to yourself, "Who are these little Davids, these little dogs who come against me? I am the Goliath of evangelists, the greatest evangelist in American history, and my place in eternity is secure!! How dare these dogs get in my way? I shall run them over if I have to and then blame it on them for having dared to cross in front of me and force me to stop."


The contrast to john paul 2's short death-bed stint

It is interesting to consider that willie graham's colleague, catholic john paul 2, died rather quickly once he caved under the remnant's judgements and became bed-ridden. Why did john paul 2 last so little on his death bed compared to willie? The answer is rather straightforward. The catholic sect is very "ocular" in its nature. It requires visible elements to an extreme. The division between priests and laymen is emphasised by forcing the so-called "priests" to wear a very distinctive uniform. The spiritual "sanctification" of these so-called "priests" is emphasised by a very literal and visible abstinence from regular acts such as marriage. The existence of an invisible God and a behind-the-scenes spirit realm is emphasised by prominently-placed, visible statues that must be visibly revered and worshipped by all, especially the ones not wearing the uniform. Under such a culture, therefore, it is crucial that the leader of the pack always remain visible to be effective. This is why, as long as jp2 could hold on for dear life to his long stick and stand in public, he could be allowed to continue leading the sect. However, when the remnant's judgements became too much for jp2 to physically stand any longer, his "family", i.e. the cardinals that surrounded him, had no interest in keeping him alive for long. The longer the catholic church seemed without a visible leader, the weaker it would be, and the catholic sect had already suffered enough lasting damage from God's people throughout the 20th century to jeopardise the institution by holding on to a dying man. On top of that, the catholic sect already had a clear system of succession to quickly replace jp2. Therefore, despite the "prayerful" support of millions of little "laymen", the cardinals (or vultures, to be more precise about the bird species) simply let jp2 go the moment that he became bed-ridden. This is why he died so quickly.


By contrast, willie graham, the last Protestant pope, operated under a religious system that was much less reliant on "ocularity", i.e. on visible parameters, to uphold the faith of the "flock". Even though that system also preaches the division between priests and laymen, the priests do not necessarily need to wear distinctive uniforms; they can wear regular suits and ties and still command the reverence of the laymen. Also, the spiritual sanctification of the priests under this system does not require "visible proof by abstinence" from marriage and the outside world; their priests can marry and live what many could consider a "normal" family life, with the main difference being that they stand behind a pulpit to preach every Sunday. Also, under this religious system, the existence of God and an invisible realm does not require the propping up of statues all around the place of worship. Those under this system can accept the existence of God and the spirit realm by faith, by hearing the words of the one standing behind the pulpit. Therefore, it can be said that this religious system is more "audible" than "ocular" in its nature, meaning that it does not need to see the leader to feel led by him. As long as they can literally hear an audible voice from those around him that he is "alive and kicking", their faith can continue to see him as "alive and kicking", even if he is nowhere in sight. Those surrounding him know this very well, so they know that all they need to do is to claim that he is "fragile but alive" for people to continue trusting in "his" leadership, even when that "leadership" is actually coming from the people around him.


The reason why they are clinging to willie

The more "audible" nature of Old-Covenant Protestants explains why they can continue to follow an invisible living dead. Even so, the question remains, Why would his family want to cling so desperately to this dead man? The answer is a 2-faced coin. On one side of the coin, there is no clear line of succession, as in the catholic sect. Yes, franklin has all but taken over his daddy's ministry and has continued his Old-Covenant work. But, unlike the catholic sect where the name "pope" bears a well-accepted "authority" regardless of who is wearing it, franklin's name does not carry the same "weight" and "authority" as his daddy's. The day daddy is known by all to be literally dead, the Billy Graham ministry will stop being "extraordinary" when compared to other ministries and be nothing more than a hand-me-down ministry bearing the name of a man who is now dead; franklin never preached to and "evangelised" (or Ammonised, to be more precise) millions of souls the way daddy did, so why should people continue supporting his ministry in an above-ordinary way as they do now? This is why, to franklin and friends, the perception of a living billy graham is crucial, and even though they always knew that willie had to die some day, they needed his death to be so extraordinary that, even when dead, they could keep his name alive by audibly repeating it to the Old-Covenant Protestants. This is why satan planted the thoughts of "live to 100" and "live till the Rapture" in franklin's naive heart. "Living till the Rapture" would mean that daddy would not die at all and that he and everyone around daddy would go to heaven anyway, meaning that there would be no need to worry about how to maintain the reputation of the Billy Graham ministry. However, as the remnant have continued their work, the hope around the mythical Rapture has been severely damaged throughout the Church, and franklin and friends know it, so holding on the hope of "daddy living till the Rapture" now sounds like a pipe dream to them. Therefore, they have now clung to the second lie, "daddy living to 100", and the very people who, under daddy's guidance, have so strongly disdained God's prophetic endowment are now speaking like "prophets", prophesying that daddy will make it to 100. In their eyes, this "feat" will not only certify the "immortal greatness" of the "Billy Graham" name but also certify franklin and friends as "spiritual seers", thereby allowing franklin to have a name and credibility of his own. Wrong as all of this is, there would be arguable "merit" in franklin attempting to "prophesy" something, but even when performing this "spiritual" act "on his own", he is still dependent on his daddy coming through for him, meaning that, even then, he is still riding on his daddy's coat tails and inadvertently using daddy and his decomposing body to further his own ministry.


As we mentioned above, the reason for willie's family clinging to him is a 2-faced coin. On one side is the uncertain ministerial succession. On the other side is the fact that Billy Graham never cultivated his children. Throughout his ministry, his concern was to rack up "soul saving" numbers, for, in the Old-Covenant pseudo-gospel, all that matters is for people to be saved from literal hell and at least become faithful churchgoers so that they can finance the continuation of the work. In willie graham's Old-Covenant pseudo-gospel, there is no awareness that the born-again experience is just the beginning of the salvation process, and there is no understanding that to give birth to a baby that will never live to adolescence or adulthood is a horrible tragedy (if in doubt about the reality of this tragedy, talk to any decent parent who has lost a young child). In willie graham's eyes, his job was to show up in a town, conceive these souls, and then hand them over to the town's foster homes (i.e. the local churches). He never visualised his job as that of raising a mighty "Joel's army" that would shake these towns, their nations, and the foundations of the Earth. Therefore, when all these converts would turn into little more than Bible-carrying, church-going folk (in the best of cases), willie graham was more than satisfied. He never expected much from them to begin with, meaning that he never cultivated them in his heart or grieved in any way when all these "millions" of children were becoming little more than walking paper weights or door stops. He never sat to ponder that Yeshua saved and cultivated 11 men during His life, and 1 after that, and that those 12 men went on to shake the nations of the Earth, to the point that their work has impact on humanity even to this day. If 12 cultivated men could shake the nations of the Earth after 3 years of public ministry, wouldn't millions of souls after decades and decades of public ministry have so shaken the Earth by now that the world as we know it would be fundamentally transformed forever? Obviously, neither billy graham nor anyone can be blamed for what others decide to do with their lives, but the very fact that he never really cared or grieved over it not only guaranteed the ineffectual nature of those he "saved" but it bears testimony to the shallowness of his ministry. It is not that extraordinary to print out a million copies of a 10-page, simple book that you wrote out in a couple of days. It is another thing to author 12 200-page books full of complex truths and principles, even if only 10 copies of each are sold. Quantity does have its place in the Lord's eyes, but quality always exceeds quantity to Him, for quality has an exponential impact that quantity by itself will never have. Poor willie never understood this. This is why he became little more than a sperm donor and a filler of spiritual foster homes, and this is why even those who are close to him, including franklin, never developed into anything extraordinary. This is why the news of his literal death will create such a void (a "spiritual credibility" vacuum) in the hearts and minds of the Church's Old-Covenant Protestants that it must be avoided at all costs; or, at least it must be iced with some "extraordinary" quality such as "the man lived to 100", as when a man coats an excrement cake with sweet frosting in order to partially hide the unpleasant taste.


The failure of willie graham's most important convert

The prime example of willie's non-cultivation of those conceived through him is George W. Bush, the last visible President of the United States (as we have shared before, the Kenyan demagogue b.o., also known as little Beelzebub, little lord of the flies, was an illegitimate imposter who was not legally or morally qualified to live in the White House, and the current resident in the White House was not called by God to act as a Constitutional President but, rather, as a king, for the current Constitution fashioned by the Founding Fathers has been proved as extremely mediocre and inept, marginally "acceptable" for a baby nation but ridiculously flawed for an old, 200-year-old nation). As some of you know, George W. Bush surrendered his life to the Lord after a conversation with Billy Graham. As indicated on, this happened in 1985, and, after Bush 43 had sincerely yielded his life to Yeshua, Billy Graham gave him a stern warning: "Never play God!!". These apparently-wise words show how, even with his most significant convert, willie graham was always stupid enough to sabotage God's maturing work in those that he "saved". As shown by the rather negative article from The Guardian, this stupid advice from Billy Graham has been constantly used by God's enemies to smear and attack everything good that Bush 43 did. And, considering Bush 43's naive heart and his actions as President, it is evident that Bush took willie's words to heart and allowed himself to be hindered by them. Just as satan's allies are doing with Trump day after day, Bush 43 was constantly labelled as a "bully" with a God complex, since that is the traditional caricature that American liberals have of conservatives, especially religious conservatives.


By telling Bush not to "play God", he was, in truth, telling an already meek and humble man never to assert himself, never to believe that he was a hero of God who could act on behalf of Him to effect transformative change on Earth. Sage as that advice may seem to a matriarchal on the surface, Billy Graham's stupid words ended up crippling Bush 43 like a blow to the knees with a baseball bat. When Bush 43 was being called by God to attack Saddam Hussein in September 2002, he hesitated for 6 months, which allowed hussein to disperse his chemical weapons, and it also allowed the terrorists to prepare their sabotage of Iraq. This all happened because Bush 43 was afraid to "play God" and take decisive, energetic action when needed. When he finally attacked Hussein in 2003, he laid a quick, decisive, 19-day blow to the long-standing dictator, but, fearful of "playing God" again, he hesitated on the notion of using the attack as an opportunity to strike down multiple tyrants with a single blow. Called by God to be a hero and direct the troops towards the border with Syria to threaten Assad with invasion, Bush 43 yielded to the voices of satanic caution around him, all as the words "Never play God" echoed in his brain. Had Bush acted on God's command, Assad would have had the fear of God supernaturally put in him, and he would either have stepped down or fallen like a teetering domino after a blitzkrieg attack by American troops. After this, God would have called him to amass more troops by the border with Iran, forcing the s.o.b.'s (sons of Belial) in Tehran to quake in fear. A direct attack on Iran would have been unwise, but the menacing American presence on the western border of Iran would have emboldened the non-fanatical population of Iran to rise up in revolt and end the smothering religious oppression that started the same year that Saddam Hussein began to oppress Iraq. However, Bush was again afraid to be a hero of God and dare to believe that "little old he" could fundamentally transform the landscape of the Middle East in a few quick blows, even when the spiritual land was there for the taking in a perfectly prepared kairos of God. Afraid yet again to "play God", Bush never made a move to threaten Iran, which left Iraq's eastern border devoid of a military presence and allowed Iranian terrorists to infiltrate the border, just as Syrian and Jordanian terrorists began to infiltrate through the neglected western border with Syria. This led to the constant terrorist havoc and despair that the Iraqi people had to endure in the years after the painless overthrow of Hussein. Naturally, all the havoc that entered Iraq through both borders was blamed on Bush's "murderous brashness", "recklessness", and "nation building". By contrast, the true murderers, the s.o.b. foreign terrorists from Iran, Syria, and Jordan, were seen as defenders of Iraq and the Arab world (even as they blew up innocent Iraqi women and children in marketplaces just to make the Americans look bad). Yes, you idiot, you, the not-so-great Billy Graham caused all of this through your stupid words to Bush 43. Convinced that non-ministers are nothing but little "sinners saved by grace", you were quick to snuff out any manifestation of the Spirit of Philadelphia in the heart of the repentant and meek man standing before you. Having been called to greatness, having been called to be a hero of God and manifest the nature of God on Earth, you coldly decided to nip the manifestation of God in the bud as you saw it emerge from inside Bush's eyes, and you uttered the 3 most stupid words that you ever uttered whilst you were alive: "Never play God".


You, little willie, share responsibility in the eyes of God for the thousands of American soldiers maimed and killed in Iraq because of Bush's unwillingness to "play God". You, little willie, have on your hands the blood of the Iraqi people maimed and murdered by the terrorists that cautious George let into Iraq through his inaction. You, little willie graham, are responsible for those imprisoned and murdered during the 2009 uprising in Iran (as b.o. watched complacently), an uprising that was ineffective and 6 years too late because you told cautious George not to "play God". You, little willie graham, are responsible for the horrendous bloodshed that the Syrian people have endured over the last few years, a bloodshed that would have never happened had Bush "played God" and forced Assad to evacuate his intestines in fear and vacate Damascus so that democracy could flourish there. Sure, things would not have been easy, but with the fall of the axis of tyranny in the Middle East (Baghdad, Tehran, and Damascus), the process would have been much less violent, less futile, and incredibly more successfully in the long haul. Democracy would now be flourishing in those countries. But, thanks to your 3 words ringing in Bush's ears (which acted as false proof to Bush that his enemies were speaking "Godly wisdom"), we have had (and continue to have) a bloody and oppressive mess instead, and the fragile success in Iraq achieved through so much American sacrifice has been seriously imperilled by the destructive actions of the little lord of the flies, the bastard from Kenya, a man that you, little willie graham, would have been "simpatico" with had you been healthy enough to socialise with him as you did with b.j. (bill jefferson) clinton and old pervert Bush 41. And you still thought, little willie, that you would be enshrined by God in the "Ministers Hall of Fame" and that you deserved to live to 100? No, sir. When all is revealed, the shame of what you did with your ministry, magnified in those 3 little words that you spoke to your most important convert, will be exposed, and you will live in ignominy for all of eternity.


Just to emphasise the failure of willie graham's ministry, his most important convert was in the news embarrassing himself as willie slowly dragged himself through the ground towards a false 99th birthday. As some of you may know, Bush 43, in tandem with daddy Bush 41, made public statements savagely denouncing Trump. Yes, Bush 43, the man that could never bring himself to counter-attack Democrats when they would savage him whilst President, yes, the man who thought that pointing fingers was the political equivalent of mud wrestling, yes, the man who believed in always taking the "high road", yes, that same man did not hesitate to savage a man from his own party, a man raised up by God to undo some of the damage that his high-road strategy had left behind, a man that is now being savaged in a far worse way by liberals than he ever was during his 8 years in the White House. When Bush 43 so publicly attacked Trump, he officially made himself persona non grata in the eyes of God, and he is now an enemy of the Most High God. A man who started with such a meek and humble heart and with a mighty calling to transform the lives of the people in the Middle East forever is now an enemy of God and of the remnant. That is the sad end for willie graham's most important spiritual son. Bush 43 was willie's last hope of producing something eternally meaningful for God from the White House access that he prostituted himself for, but even that became a bust.


William F. Graham --- the "F." is for fidel

Some of you may recall that, a few months before the death of catholic-sect leader john paul 2, a walking excrement named fidel castro fell at the end of a public rally and never recovered from that fall. The fact that little castro had this fall around the time of jp2's final decline and death was no coincidence. This writer had been called by the Lord to pray for the death of 3 specific people, two of them being castro and jp2. After fidelito's fall, his brother raul became the de-facto leader of the Caribbean slum known as Cuba. Even though he tried, fidel was never able to take back his position as slum lord of Cuba. Despite this, fidelito refused to die. The reasons for this are eerily similar to willie graham's. Just like willie, fidel never cultivated a new system of government or a generation of new leaders. Even though fidel would rant about the "benefits" of the Communist system and about those "damn Yankees", he never did so in a selfless, objective way, meaning that he never allowed Cubans to believe that they were better off (driving their 50-year-old cars and living in their run-down homes with 1950s appliances) because of Communism per se. Instead, he always made sure that Cubans believed that they were "better off" because of him and because of all the Communist things that he did "for" them (or to them, to be more exact). This is why, when the God of Israel struck Walking Excrement down, Walking Excrement's brother had no interest in his big brother dying, even if that would have turned him into Cuba's new, uncontested Walking Excrement. In the same way, the naive and corrupted people of Cuba felt helpless without their daddy, so they joined raul in grabbing hold of fidelito, and they determined not to let him go. Just like willie's family and followers, all that the people of Cuba wanted was to hear that fidelito was alive, and they would be more than satisfied with simply hearing some words from the Great Excrement, even if they heard those words through a 3rd party and never directly from the walking excrement's mouth, all despite the fact that the physically-deteriorating fidel would go long, long spells without being seen at all. It was many years after his fall that Walking Excrement finally died and went to hell to burn and burn for eternity (my spirit can hear the s.o.b. screaming loudly in hell, and my heart rejoices; glory to the God of Israel! Glory to His Holy Name), but it is a fact that Cuba was never led by him after his fall in 2004. Though he lived for years after the fall, they were useless years, years of pain, surgeries, and futility, all until he could not take it any more and eventually took the train to hell. Thus, we can see how, for all intents and purposes, willie graham has turned himself into a spiritual fidel. How sad that the man touted by his naive family as the "greatest evangelist ever, past, present, and future" (this is not an exaggeration) has descended to the same level as that of a sadistic tyrant, murderer, and thief like fidel castro. Granted, poor willie would not have entered the Kingdom of God even through a speedy death. He had committed too many subtle and arrogant sins of omission to ever be allowed in, but he would have had an honourable discharge, an honourable exit from this life if he had yielded to God's call to die 11 or 12 years ago, and he would have departed with some eternal rewards and a certain level of eternal praise for his life's work. Now, he has lost all of that just so that he could be technically "alive" on 7 November 2017 for a birthday that he could not celebrate, a birthday in which he spent his few moments of consciousness worrying more about receiving life-"sustaining" medical treatment from multiple nurses than about blowing candles out and eating a tasty cake.


Time of death: 5 Nov 2017 ... Age of death: 98

In conclusion, the truth is that willie fidel graham died on 5 November, 2017, at the age of 98 (just like Eli, who was also careless about his children but was at least more respectful of remnant Samuels than willie ever was). On 5 November, 2017, billy graham lost the little authority he had to surrender his life, and his soul is now at the mercy of a family that is willing to torture him indefinitely in order to keep him "alive" until his 100th birthday. Torture and agony await the decomposing and festering body of willie graham until even his stubborn family realises that keeping him "alive" is too embarrassing to them (the smell will become unbearable), and they will have to let him go and bury him very quickly, with little fanfare so as to prevent the public seeing the awful state of graham's cadaver. Poor willie graham is now a powerless soul trapped inside a dead body. Billy Graham irrefutably became a dead man 2 days shy of his 99th birthday; willie graham's age at the time of his physical death was indeed 2 years short of 100. We pray that you see why we said "2 years short of 100" rather than simply "98".