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Prophetic word for today (p.i.)

Vision on America

First preliminary posting: July 7, 2008

E-mailed: June 16, 2008

Word received by: Kerry Salt


{This vision was given in about December 2005}



I was in a city in the United States of America; and the city was on the sea shore.


Here, there was a warning that a tornado was coming. I moved out onto the sand into a small gazebo and stood in it, ignoring the obvious. But I found that the waters were rising around me and coming in fast and covering the small distance between the gazebo and the land. I started to cross this distance but found the going tough; the waters were swirling and rising fast. But, with effort and exertion, I made it back to the dry ground on the sea shore, by the edge of the city.


My car was somewhere in the streets. There were warnings being given in the air.


Moving up the hill

I proceeded a block or so into the city and then went up the hill on my left. People were trying to ring the emergency number, but the message they got was "This is only for emergencies". When they could report actual damage, the number would take their detail, but, until this time, there was no point in ringing.


The un-enterable shelter

I proceeded up a hill. There was a man trying to get into a small underground shelter. It did not seem to be his, but I sensed that he knew what he was doing, and I was going to follow him.


But what was strange was that there really was only a small entrance; the entrance was too small for anyone to get into. I could look down into the entrance, and even see some light from it, but the entrance was too small.


There were people in this shelter, but they wouldn't need me. And, I didn't know how the man was going to be able to fit into the entrance. Even so, he seemed to have his friends and relations in this shelter.


The entrance was rough, not like you would expect to find on a planned shelter. There were broken bricks and earth in the wall entrance; in fact it looked like an old drain. In any event, the entrance was just too small, so it was [then] that I proceeded up the hill further and found a church ground.


The safety of church grounds

There was an old building that was small but looked strong; it was empty. I thought that it seems to have been used for funeral services or perhaps holding the coffins before they were actually taken to the grave. But I thought that, since it has stood so many years, it would stand in this storm; I would trust in this, rather than the stronger, larger, and at first impressions, better buildings on the church grounds.


I went further in into the grounds and found children playing. I thought,

'I am from another country and know that this is a very dangerous time; I have heard the warnings in the air'.


I wondered,

'Did they not know that a storm was coming?'


I went to the back of the church, and here I found a group worshiping. They seemed ignorant of what was obviously happening in the sky. On the left there was a man in robes, with an oriental type of triangular hat on. He was worshiping something before him, perhaps it was the sky, but I was not sure. They were obviously not worshiping Christians, and it seemed that they were [of] another religion, but in the grounds of a Christian church.


The tornado

Then I saw, with the worshippers, a tornado rise from the violent sky; it was over the ocean and could be seen by all, as the church was on the top of a hill. Yet still, they were not watching; they did not see the obvious danger, even now after the warnings, and now when the tornado was directly in front of them. It could be seen moving across the ocean.


Then I saw the tornado from above the waters and we all watched; it was the most beautiful light show, and quite extraordinary; there were distinct forms in the light, but not symbols, only shapes of different colours, but it was well structured and not chaotic.


I could well understand someone watching, for it was most beautiful, worthy of being watched for its beauty. But it was a tornado of huge proportions; one had to act and not look upon it. So it was pretty to watch, quite beautiful to behold, but I knew that you could not keep watching, that you had to get back to the shelter of the old building. I started to go back and left them.



Our brief comments


{Fellow believer, if the Lord shares something with you regarding this dream, please let us know. Thank you.}


This dream has several elements to consider:



There is spiritual significance in the fact that the vision was given on December 2005. That was the month when America's 4-year delay was sealed and when the green-horse remnant were ordered to "retreat" from America's spiritual realm.



The tornado in the dream points to the "New York tornado" we have shared on earlier.



As we have said before, there is a strong spiritual connection between the green horse and "seafaring". Therefore, the sea shore mentioned throughout the vision points to God's green-horse visitation of America, a visitation America proved to be unready for.



The warnings in the air point to the spiritual warnings that the Lord began to broadcast in the early part of 2005. These warnings went completely unheeded by the cross-armed American Church, a Church too numb to hear God's infrasounds.



The empty church building that seemed to be used for funerals or for holding coffins points once again to the green horse, since green-horse riders are sent on "failed expeditions" that end in the spiritual graveyard of Sheol. That is the reason why the empty church building was safer than the apparently sturdier buildings on the rest of the church grounds. A green-horse-induced storm was approaching, and the safest place when such a storm approaches is a place of green-horse vulnerability and death.



The "light show" in the tornado points to the light barrier that green-horse riders cross as they die. This light show was "extraordinary" because that is the type of Church green-horse riders are after; they are so unimpressed and uninterested in the ordinary, soul-dominated Church that they are willing to shed their lives to see the manifestation of the extraordinary, spirit-centred Church. The distinct forms in the light were not "recognisable" symbols, for green-horse riders speak a language that is completely foreign to the natural, soul-centred believer. Even so, the light forms were not chaotic, even if the natural man is unable to understand them, finding them to be "chaotic" and "illogical" because he is unable to operate in God's "fractal" logic, a complex logic that becomes available to believers only when they are willing to operate in the fullness of their God-given mind of Christ. The light forms were multicoloured, which goes against the simplistic, black-and-white "Gospel" that most believers are comfortable in.



The light-filled storm was one to "act upon", not one to gaze at. This speaks of green-horse "activism", which clashes with the Church's natural passivity. Most of the Church are passive "cloud gazers" waiting for Jesus to come back some day and establish His Kingdom on Earth. By contrast, God's true remnant passively surrender to Christ and become lethal forgers of His spiritual kingdom, for they know that the Kingdom is "within". Whilst most "active" believers are interested in filling church pews, God's true remnant are interested in filling the entire Earth with the overwhelming presence of God's Spirit, a task that they know goes way beyond institutionalised religious activities.