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Prophetic word for today (p.i.)

The pull

First preliminary posting: April 14, 2008

E-mailed: April 7, 2008

Word received by: Noelia


I just want to share quickly that on 3/20/08 I was awoken at 1:58 a.m. by this word: 'Talitha Cumi'.


Later that morning, I checked my emails and saw in the news that 'an eagle stingray leapt out of the water and struck a 55 year old woman who was off the Florida keys with her family. It struck her in the neck'.


I share this because the Lord said to me one day 'Nothing is a coincidence, nothing is without significance.' And another day He said, 'Everything in this age has been defined.'


Permit me to share this one dream:


June 24, 2007 at 3:31 a.m.


I was working on my computer and clicked on one of the icons on the top, and it dialed a number. The voice of [a] man answered on the other line and said: 'Hello'. I, noticing right away that it was too early, apologized and said it was dialed by mistake. The man did not seem annoyed; on the contrary, [it was] more like he was expecting my call. I clicked another icon on the computer and, again, the number was dialed. This time, I talked to the man because I recognized that the Lord's hand was in the occurrence. The man started to talk about Jesus. I said: 'I know Jesus; the fact that we are talking is no coincidence. The Lord spoke to my heart and said one day nothing is a coincidence', nothing is without significance'. The man on the other line didn't say much but I sensed that he was pleased with my reply, especially after I said 'all things work out for good for those who fear the Lord and keep His commandments and whose mind is stayed on Him.'


I couldn't hear most of the conversation, for it seemed that, at that point and all of a sudden, there were many people in my home: my mother, my younger sister Gladys, my older sister, Carmen, my sister's children and grandchildren, and others, I'm not sure I recognized the others. The voice on the phone was familiar and friendly. There was noise of people talking on my side and a loud television on. I told my younger sister to lower it; she did, but not much, and, then, she hugged me tightly and for a while, as a child who doesn't want to let go of her mommy. I had to literally take her hands off of me so I could move and continue the conversation.


My mother, who was there, saw it and said to my sister that I was ignorant and immature. I said out loud 'Immature?'. Then Pete (that was the name of the man on the phone; I don't know how I knew it) [appeared], and, then, (this is the strange part of the dream) he grabbed me by the shoulders, pulled me closer to him, and whispered in my left ear:

'You are about to experience a time of testing, but be strong and of good courage. The Lord is with you. Good bye! I will be looking for you.'


Immediately, a voice inside my head began to mock me, making fun of me and saying, 'You won't be able to endure and be strong.' I said, 'You are wrong!' and prayed,

'Lord, I know I cannot endure if left to my own strength but YOU CAN! WALK WITH ME AND IN ME THAT I CAN BE STRONG AND ENDURE. NOT I BUT CHRIST IN ME. AMEN.'

(I was trying to drown the noise).


When I woke, [I said] this:

'I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praise so shall I be saved from my enemies; the Lord liveth, and blessed be My Rock, and let the God of my salvation be exalted. Amen.'



Our brief comments


{Fellow believer, there are threads in this dream that have been left unexplored or partially explored. We pray that you will follow up on these threads. If the Lord shares something with you regarding this vision, please let us know. Thank you.}


This dream has several elements to consider:



Amongst other things, this dream portrays the pull that the "female" soul (represented by the family) tries to exert on you in order to distract you from the "male" voice of the Spirit. When you resist that pull, those who are subservient to "Queen Soul" will be quick to label you as "ignorant" and "immature". This is because the soul rates spiritual maturity based on manifestations of gooey, soulish love, not on the manifestations of God's righteous Spirit nature. The matriarchal soul does not understand that to "know" God is to "know Him in His fearsome judgements"'; as a result, the matriarchal soul is the one that is truly "ignorant" in the eyes of God. Because of her rejection of judgements, the matriarchal soul denies herself the possibility of spiritual growth, and she thereby remains perennially "immature" in the eyes of God. In Korah-style fashion, however, the matriarchal soul rearranges her judgement system in such a way that those in the Spirit become the "ignorant" and "immature" ones; she deceives herself by tagging others with the labels that actually belong to her.


Just as Moses learned after his encounter with God (Exodus 4:18-26), the matriarchal soul can become a serious hindrance in the way of those seeking to manifest their God-given purpose on Earth.



As we have shared before, the name "Peter" means "rock", which is a figure of "spirit nature". This is the reason why the man's name was "Pete". In the dream, sister Noelia did not know how she knew the man's name. This is because she discerned his name (i.e.- his spiritual nature) through non-natural means. Only those in the Spirit can detect when the "Peter" in others is speaking. Most believers are quick to listen to "compassionate Simon" when he is trying to convince others not to go to the cross (Matthew 16:21-23), but they have a hard time accepting "judging Peter" when he pronounces death judgements on those who speak and defend half-truths (Acts 5:1-11).


As the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The soul may have "good intentions", but, when she tries to deny the reality of spiritual truths, when she tries to deny the reality of the world that lies beyond her natural understanding, when she creates earthly distractions in order to deceive herself into thinking that her realm is the only true human realm, she sets herself on the path to the Sheol of spiritual purposelessness, filling the Earth with Hittite void.


The Earth's Hittite void shall be replaced with the fullness of God's Glory through those believers who prefer the "pull of Pete" over the "pull of the soul". Preferring the "pull of Pete", however, requires determination and endurance in the face of much persecution. As God's remnant endure, the Church and the world shall be cleansed of their spiritual menstruation. Righteous souls that are submissive to the Spirit shall then arise as the Lord declares "Talitha Cumi!", and the Earth shall be filled with the Glory of the Lord.