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The death of a king


Last night, the prophet of God spoke to this writer, and she made me aware of some sad news, news that I witnessed myself in real time: Donald Trump's spiritual kingship died yesterday, on 27 November 2016, around 9:00 pm U.S. Eastern Time (6:00 pm PT). Shortly before that, Donald Trump's spiritual body was lying on the ground, with him still alive and the traitors around him feasting on him, eating him up. His body was open, and most of his internal organs had been devoured by the worthless animals around him. At that point, there was no point in fighting for him. He was utterly helpless, and there was nothing that could be done for him. The only thing left, therefore, was to ask God to take his life, which He did.


The prophet of God declared that Donald Trump had been crowned in the spirit realm on 26 October 2016 around 4:53 pm U.S. Eastern Time (13:53 PT). In the spirit realm, Trump had already been declared a king over America, even before he was officially elected 13 days later. Hence, Trump's spiritual death yesterday marked the sad death of a king, a king who ruled for 32 days.


It was very grievous for this writer (and for the prophet of God) to realise this, but the grief was mixed with wrath, especially since his death was self-induced. Thinking that the key to his success was his skill at "deal making", Trump dealt himself into a spiritual death that will soon be reflected in the natural realm. It was sad to see a man who had been given so much squander it all by trusting himself and those around him more than in the ultimate value of truth. He willingly surrounded himself with opportunistic traitors, ignoring every warning sent out to him by the remnant. Convinced that he knew what he was doing, he built a wall around him to keep the remnant out of his heart and mind. As a result, his spiritual cadaver now lies on the ground wrapped in linen, guarded by God against the vile animals who brazenly want to continue feeding off of his flesh even as he lies dead. He shall be lying there for 3 days, after which the Lord will decide where it must rest.


Trump was given so much. He could have been one of the greatest leaders in human history. He could have been the most transformational political figure in American history to date, blessing the lives of millions around the Earth and laying the groundwork for great works by his successors. Without having to pay the massive life sacrifice that the remnant have had to pay, Trump had been enabled by the remnant's heavy sacrifice and raised up for this time in order to empower and enable all that had been denied to God's true remnant. Yet, he chose to throw it all away and replace it with Machiavellian manoeuvring, thinking, just like his enemies, that the ends can always justify the means.


Not knowing that Trump was a few hours from dying, this writer shared in a tweet (earlier yesterday) about how Trump's surname always seemed to have this "Irish" look about it, even though it is well-known that it is actually German. Now, this reality makes even more spiritual sense. As we have shared before, the Celts racial group corresponds with the Israelite tribe of Gad, and, as is well-known, the Irish are the modern ethnicity most directly representative of the Celts. At some point over the last 2 years, it became clear, from a detailed study of the 24 priestly groups listed in Scripture, that the tribe of Gad was prophesied to carry out a major betrayal against God and His remnant, forcing those from the spiritual tribe of Zebulun to carry an even heavier burden than needed. Thus, it is interesting how Trump embraced and tolerated around him so many traitors of literal Irish descent.


As we have shared before, the Germanic racial group corresponds with the Israelite tribe of Naphtali. Therefore, when the Trump surname spiritually morphed from "Germanic" to "Irish", it was morphing from Naphtali to Gad. Besides explaining the spiritual betrayals that Trump has carried out since (and prior to) his election, there is great significance to this move from Naphtali to Gad. The name "Naphtali" literally means "my fight", whereas the name "Gad" can be translated as "troop". The prophet of God shared with me yesterday that Trump had been endowed on a certain day with an anointing and a call to be a lone warrior. That is when the meaning of Naphtali became clearer. Trump had been called to boldly shout "my fight" within him and embrace the role of a lone fighter, no matter what the cost. To be truly successful, he had to be willing to be the "only one" fighting against the multitude of forces that opposed him. Unfortunately, however, he allowed satan to convince him that his key to victory was to surround himself with a "troop" and that he had no chance of any real success unless he was supported by a team of "politically viable" people. Since he was, at the end of the day, the lone voice on most issues, he realised that, to gather this "troop", he would have to make compromises, selling parts of himself here and there, "masterfully" practising the "art of the deal" that he was so proud of. As a result, he began to recruit people based on what they could bring to the table in terms of political connections or skills, instead of recruiting people based on character regardless of whether they were tagged as "deplorable pariahs" by the establishment. He never believed that a team of men and women trained in the art of "lonely fighting" could get anything practical done. Leaning on America's cursed tendency for pragmatism (cursed is the United States for this), Trump opted for pragmatic choices rather than making choices based on principle and principle alone. As he chose pragmatic, visible results over intangible, metaphysical values, he began to sell parts of himself to secure deals with corrupt gang bangers. Instead of spending time with God to learn a new way of fighting, Trump chose to resort to the techniques that he already knew and that had, in his eyes, made him the successful man that he was. He did not realise, however, that the fight he was in could not be fought in the same way that all his other fights had been fought. Just as the spiritual tools and opportunities he had been given were much, much greater, so was the magnitude of the enemies he had to overcome. As the prophet of God declared, Trump would, in the past, sell a part of himself to secure a victory, and he would always recover what he had sold at the end (at least in his eyes). Because the magnitude of the battle was much more profound, he was forced to sell more of himself than usual to achieve the same results, which opened his spiritual body to the ravenous hyenas that ended up devouring him and killing him forever.


As we have shared before, the last visible U.S. President was George W. Bush. The worthless demagogue that succeeded him in the White House was nothing more than a WHOREsident (i.e. White HOuse REsident). In the spirit realm, it is well known that he was nothing more than an impostor. This writer is still unclear over whether Trump was going to be the next "President" of the United States (spiritually speaking), but one thing that is clear is that he had been anointed as King and had a great and wonderful calling laid out before him. It truly grieves my heart to see how he threw it all away with such decisive callousness! Yesterday, the spirit realm witnessed the death of a king, a man with such mighty potential, a man whom God loved so dearly and for whom He had done and prepared so much! Unfortunately, it was necessary for him to die yesterday so as to rescue what little was left of his spiritual inheritance, at least before the hyenas around him ate it all away.


Despite the soul's constant efforts to prevent spiritual realities being manifested in the natural realm, this spiritual death will irrevocably be reflected in the natural realm, for the tide of the remnant's spiritual power can no longer be contained. As a result, Miguelito Pence will sadly take over as leader of the U.S. regime, and America will continue to be a nation without a visible president in the spirit realm. Pence -- or "Pennies" in American English (as in "mere pennies on the Trump dollar") -- that treacherous and opportunistic pseudo-Christian, will fulfil his lifelong dream and become the next WHOREsident of the United States. And, as he does, the dark cloud of shame will continue over the nation of the United States, with its epicentre on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.