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Prophetic word for today

Remnant breakout

First posted: September 21, 2008

E-mailed: September 17, 2008

Word received by: Wendy Borchers


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Good morning! I received this word that I would like to share with you at 10:41 to 10:43 this morning 9/17/2008...



I have set you to hunker down in the 5th Seal time of repentance and acceleration. But daughter, now is the time for the 5th Seal remnant to remove the seal from off the cave and come out to the 6th Seal cool wind that now blows. Come out lovely ones, this is your Father speaking! Come on out lovely ones, it s ok! You were hidden in the caves as lonely vagrants, unwanted and unwelcome. You nursed your wounds there and you cared for one another (sometimes over very long distances). You salved your wounds with the anointing I provided you and others and you sat on the hard surfaces looking for comfort where you could find it. I saw your lovely faces as you cried your tears, sometimes thinking all was lost. I looked so lovingly at your forlorn brows, wrinkled over time by the loads you were forced to bear. I shut the door to your escape, you could not leave. This was not a forced entry into the caves of despair, but a place of refuge and solitude. But lovely ones, your time is over!


Come here, come here, it is I who call you from the door of opportunity! Come here lovely ones, full of power, full of grace, full of the likeness of Me. I have a table prepared for you, come outside and see! Oh My heart bursts with pride looking at you! You are shocked because all you see is grave clothes? Look again lovely ones, that is burial clothing, you are dressed in white garments. You are ok! Come sit at My table I have prepared for you lovely ones, full of honor and grace! Come here, sit, for I have prepared you a banquet in your honor, you 6th Seal astonishment, in the midst of your enemies! They will be the ones amazed, they will be the ones forlorn for as you exit the hidden place of the 5th Seal, you are passing the veil which is removing all your reproach! I am doing that for you, I alone can do that. Sit down here lovely ones, oh I am so proud of you!

Blessings to you, I'm very excited!


Our brief comments


This word is a spiritual "sequel" to the "Lava breakout" word. The fact that sister Wendy received it on September 17 has spiritual significance:



The number "17" speaks of a manifested remnant.



The fact that September is the 9th month points to the number "153" (since 9*17=153), which in turn points to the supernatural latter-day harvest that shall be reaped through God's remnant believers.



September 17, 2008 happened to be Day #261 of year 2008. The number 261 equals 29 times 9. As we have said before, the number "29" speaks of God's earth-shaking voice that floods the Girgashite land and devastates the forest of Amorite-Canaanite cedars. The number "9", in turn, speaks of dunamis power. Therefore, the number "261" points to a mighty release of God's power that devastates the soul matriarchy as the sons of God become manifested in full force.


The fact that sister Wendy received this word between 10:41 and 10:43 has spiritual significance:



The number "10" in the times "10:41" and "10:43" points to prophetic sacrifice and to the spiritual tithe that God's remnant have been willing to give unto God, a tithe that most religious believers are completely unaware of and uninterested in.



In one sense, the number "41" speaks of Amorite fornication, and, in another sense, it points to the remnant's hibernation as they battle the Amorite giants in the heavenlies through the violence of their silence.



The number "43" speaks of spiritual contention that brings forth the glory of the God of Israel.