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Prophetic word for today

America, have your pets spayed or neutered

First posted: August 2, 2011

E-mailed: June 22, 2011

Word received by: Carmell


This A.M. (22nd [of June]) the LORD gave me a couple of graphic visions. Actually, [I] started having some last night -- they were quite emotional -- [, and I] have been impressed by Christ to tell you this one. It came as almost a footnote to a long and emotional vision of watching the stumble and fall of a person/spirits that embraced the 3 top spirits of the evil triangle with Canaanite and Girgashite underpinnings. It was quite involved. [Both visions] had completely different "textures".


[I was] just coming out of the long vision, and the LORD was organizing my thoughts; [then] in the northwest of my intercessory territory came this vision: Obama was standing and looking more like a younger man in his early twenties, not filled out like an older man is. As I saw him, he held his arms out to about a 45o angle from his body (he was facing east and slightly to the south). His forearms were then both severed above the wrists, cutting 1/3 of his forearms off along with his wrists and hands. There was little blood. It was quick and smooth, without emotion; then it ended. This is the first vision/dream I have had of Obama. Over the last month or so, I have been led to pray for his binding around his face and [for] his arms to be bound to his body.


As I was meditating on the other long vision, I went briefly to the Obama one, and questioned the Father: "Is this due to the war that he started with Yemen illegally?" I realize there could be many reasons why, but the direction I got from God was to share this with you. He also impressed in my mind that this was not due to any answers to soul prayers of the "spoiled" Church at large which just don't like him due to their own personal losses (I realize you know this).



Our comments


The animal

In a literal sense, the one-third that was cut off from obama's forearms represents obama's "loss" of the House of Representatives. It (i.e.- obama) used to have control of the Executive, the Senate (through weasel reid), and the House (through coral-snake pelosi). After the 2010 elections, it was left in control of 2 of those 3 entities.


In a different sense, the loss of "1/3" means that obama was exposed as a soul being (i.e.- an animal), as opposed to a spirit being (i.e.- a human). It (i.e.- obama) presented himself as the bearer of a new, profound vision from beyond, but it is being exposed more and more as a beast with no transcendental vision whatsoever.


The northwest brat

The fact that sister Carmell described it (i.e.- obama) as being in the NW of her intercessory territory was rather interesting to me. In a previous email, she had shared that she would generally see a certain person in the NW of her intercessory territory as well, a person who I would venture to say belongs to the green-horse remnant. Thus, it would seem counterintuitive that an animal such as obama that is so imbued with the anti-green-horse Korah spirit would be in the same location as green-horse remnant believers, but the key to understanding this vision lies in this apparent inconsistency.


Since the east in America is in general more populated than the west, and since the north is colder than the south, I understand the NW to represent isolation in a cold, dark corner. Within the US, the NW is somewhat of a cloudy, rainy place; in that sense, therefore, the NW also has an element of gloomy, grey clouds about it. I sense, therefore, that obama's presence in the NW points to how obama has been isolated and "abandoned" in the spirit realm through the "presential intercession" of the remnant that have been relegated to a NW corner in the natural realm. The NW relegation in the spirit realm that obama has been sentenced to by the remnant is beginning (very slowly) to be manifested in the natural realm as well, at least enough to prevent it (i.e.- obama) destroying the future of the next generation altogether.


When I wrote the phrase "presential intercession" above, I felt led to search for the words "presence" and "intercession" on the website, and the Lord took me to "Blue prayer shawl (Part 3)". When I looked up the word "presence" within that posting, this is what appeared:


As we have shared before, God's latter-day army is an army of youthful warriors who have no reverence for the Church's "sacred cows". However, those warriors' "youthfulness" is combined with a "mature" submission to God's will. This is the reason why the Lord says to Peter, "When you were young, you girded yourself, and walked wherever you wanted, but when you are old, another shall gird you, and carry you where you do not want to go" (v18-19). "Youthfulness" speaks of "strength", and "old age" speaks of "weakness". God's prophetic intercessors are "young" in their proactive boldness and strength, but they are "old" in their submission to God. They allow God to use their lives whichever way He chooses. True intercessors intercede through their very lives. They understand that they are transforming the spiritual atmosphere through their very physical presence in a place, and they are willing to be physically taken (if necessary) to the places where God wants them to perform spiritual work.


The fact that this paragraph emphasises "youthfulness" drew my attention, since it correlates with the relative youthfulness that sister Carmell saw in the animal (i.e.- obama) during the vision. It is as if the animal was manifesting all the natural-realm traits of the remnant, only that it (i.e.- the animal) is manifesting them in the spirit realm. The green-horse remnant look "youthful and inexperienced" in the natural realm, even though they are actually the most mature believers in the spirit realm, and it is this natural-realm "youthfulness" which causes the traditional believers to dismiss them as "fringe radicals" swayed by youthful and immature impulses. Even though the animal makes a consistent effort to portray itself as a wise and mature leader, it is actually a petty child, a cry-baby, a "man-child", as Rush Limbaugh calls him, a petulant teenage brat with youthful impulses that are destroying America. This petty youthfulness is slowly beginning to show in the natural realm, at least enough to spare the next generation a total annihilation of their calling.


The fact that it (i.e.- obama) was in its early 20s emphasises the spiritual correlation with the youthful "20" army that the Lord has had us talk about before. It is the through Jehovah Sabaoth's army of "youthful" green-horse riders that obama's petty youthfulness in the spirit realm is becoming exposed in the natural realm.


As it (i.e.- obama) has become isolated in the NW, and as its immature youthfulness is being exposed, it is trying to reach out towards the opposite direction (the east and the south) in the hopes of regaining the acceptance it once had, but that has been denied it, as shown by the fact that its arms were cut off by 1/3 when it attempted "rapprochement" with the country. The fact that its arms were not completely cut off reveals that the remnant's victory is not absolute and overwhelming due to the soulishness (i.e.- 2/3 nature) that still prevails in America's spiritual atmosphere.


{As a parenthesis, I must share that, in the early part of the year 2010, the Lord drew my spiritual eyes towards the American northwest and to Oregon in particular. It is as if the Lord said, "I am calling Oregon and the northwest to step up, but you shall see how immature and capricious they are, old and mature as they may claim to be". Through a series of incidents that began around 5 January 2010 and culminated on 26 February and 27 February 2010, this became more than clear to both my spirit and soul. Judgement in the spirit has gone out to the American northwest, and to Oregon in particular, for she failed to recognise her responsibility. To whom much is given, much shall be required of him. Woe be unto the immature and childish spirits that pass themselves up for mature, even as they perceive God's stare upon them.}

Angelic trimming

The swift and silent nature of the "arm trimming" that the beast experienced points to the silent and invisible nature of the remnant's operations against it. What sister Carmell beheld in her vision is what is beginning to transpire in the natural realm. Most of the people who have been fighting against obama in the political arena (and even the religious arena) do not realise why they have experienced relative success. In a sense, they are like a child who scares off a bully and congratulates himself on how "terrifying" he must have seemed, without realising that his 7'4" (2.24m), 290 lb. father was standing behind him when the bully ran away. Praiseworthy and relevant as the efforts of Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and the Tea Party may be, none of their efforts would have yielded much fruit were it not for the silent, invisible work performed by God's true remnant in the spirit realm. As sister Carmell declared in her email, those battling the beast in the religious arena may feel that their prayers are weakening the beast, but they do not realise that their prayers are neutered by the very element that allowed obama to rise to power in the first place, that element being their unawareness of a need to carry out FUNDAMENTAL changes within America's spiritual structures. All that these religious "intercessors" want is a return to the "good ole' days" and a rise to prominence of a matriarchal Church that is unable to overcome the enemy on account of its intrinsic soulishness.


The "emotionless" nature of obama's arm trimming points to the angelic nature of the operation. Angels are God's "soulless" executioners. They are His apostolic-evangelistic messengers who carry out the appointed judgement with surgical precision and impersonal ruthlessness. This is the anointing with which the true remnant have been judging the little beast, with no regard for its feelings or the feelings of those who support it.


Mirror, mirror in between

In a second email sent by sister Carmell on the same day (22 June 2011), she indicated that the animal's location in the vision was "northeast" rather than "northwest". However, the Lord prevented me remembering or noticing that correction as I sat down to write all of the above to her. I believe this is for a reason. As I struggled to understand why the animal appeared in the same location where sister Carmell had once mentioned seeing someone who I presume belongs to the green-horse remnant, the vision suddenly opened up, and everything began to make sense. Had I tried to comprehend the vision with the location being "northeast", the vision would have become shrouded to my understanding again. For some reason, I believe that the Lord led sister Carmell to write "northwest" in the first email because her vision, though spiritual, is a panorama of what is happening in the natural realm. Her intercessory territory is an inherently spiritual place, so it makes sense that she would later recall the location being "northeast" rather than "northwest". However, if you place a mirror down the middle of the country, the northeast becomes the northwest, and, as can be seen from all of the above, what is beginning to happen to the animal in the natural realm is a mirror image of what the remnant have been doing to it in the spirit realm, and that reflection in the natural realm is beginning to mirror what the remnant have already been subjected to in the natural realm. As we have studied before, both the remnant's path and their enemies' path are mirror images of each other. What happens to the remnant in the natural realm happens to their enemies in the spirit realm and vice versa, but the time shall quickly and surely come when the tragedies befalling the remnant in the natural realm shall befall their enemies in the natural realm as well. This shall happen as the barrier between the spirit realm and the natural realm is rent and what has been forged and accumulated in the spirit realm by God's faithful begins to flood into the empty pseudo-reality of the natural realm below.


"4 And all the host of heaven shall be dissolved, and the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll: and all their host shall fall down, as the leaf falleth off from the vine, and as a falling fig from the fig tree. 5 For my sword shall be bathed in heaven: behold, it shall come down upon Idumea, and upon the people of my curse, to judgment. 6 The sword of the LORD is filled with blood, it is made fat with fatness, [and] with the blood of lambs and goats, with the fat of the kidneys of rams: for the LORD hath a sacrifice in Bozrah, and a great slaughter in the land of Idumea." (Isaiah 34:4-6)


"7 And he will destroy in this mountain the face of the covering cast over all people, and the vail that is spread over all nations. 8 He will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord GOD will wipe away tears from off all faces; and the rebuke of his people shall he take away from off all the earth: for the LORD hath spoken it. 9 And it shall be said in that day, Lo, this is our God; we have waited for him, and he will save us: this is the LORD; we have waited for him, we will be glad and rejoice in his salvation. 10 For in this mountain shall the hand of the LORD rest, and Moab shall be trodden down under him, even as straw is trodden down for the dunghill. 11 And he shall spread forth his hands in the midst of them, as he that swimmeth spreadeth forth his hands to swim: and he shall bring down their pride together with the spoils of their hands. 12 And the fortress of the high fort of thy walls shall he bring down, lay low, and bring to the ground, even to the dust." (Isaiah 25:7-12)


All of this shall happen on a full scale as the 5th-seal hibernation period ends and the 6th seal of vindicating vengeance is opened. As this happens, the enemies' defeat and failure in the spiritual realm shall be made evident in the natural realm, and, as this defeat gets reflected on the "mirror in the middle", the remnant's spiritual victory shall also be made evident in the natural realm.


As sister Carmell shared in her email, this vision came after a rather long and "involved" first vision. Hence, this second vision has a complex backdrop to it, brief and to the point as it may have seemed. This complex backdrop is reflected in the fractal and "confusing" nature of the mirror reflections described above.

It was interesting to me how the vision opened up as I sat at a Starbucks on 27 July 2011, 35 days after the vision was emailed to us. The first time I read it, there were some impressions in my heart, but the vision remained mostly "shrouded" in some way. I believe that the vision became clearer as a result of things that have been happening in recent days. Had I gotten back to sister Carmell in June [2011] regarding this vision, I would have gleaned a somewhat superficial interpretation, and I would have checked off the vision as "processed" and moved on; the change from NW to NE might have also caused me to misunderstand the Lord's message behind the vision.


A rain of beatings instead of the latter rain

As shown by how the 2011 debt-ceiling melodrama concluded, obama the baboon is still capable of achieving much, even when one third of its arms have been cut off. This is not because of this bastard animal's "prowess" but because of Kentuckian idiots such as John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, animals in their own right that have proved that they can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory (there is a prophetic reason why these wise-in-their-own-eyes mules are both from Kentucky, as we shall share in a future video in the "Mourning the dead (dream)" series, God willing). Because these fools from the stained state of Kentucky are tainted with the spirit of "compromise" and Nixonian pragmatism, they are utterly incapable of allowing the manifestation in the natural realm of the overwhelming victory that God's faithful remnant have already made possible in the spirit realm. We shall have to wait one more generation before the brave army of principled men and women shall appear on the scene to open the floodgates and let out all that God's remnant have stored up in the spirit realm.


{Fellow believer, if you are offended by the words above, you must take the following into account: There is a subtle but real spirit of elitism in the animals called out above. If you ever spoke to John Boehner, for example, and explained to him how wrong he was in what he just did (at the time of this writing), you would get a short and patronising response, and, if you insisted, he would look you up and down to ascertain your rank, and, upon finding none, he would simply walk away and leave you talking by yourself, deeming you incapable of comprehending the "deep wisdom" of his action. This spirit of elitism is what enables these men to rejoice in the "wheelings and dealings" of Washington politics, even at the expense of more fundamental principles, for it is more important for these elitists to feel part of the power-playing "upper echelon" than to be "isolated" from it due to higher principles.


To a person who is quick to hear, you speak with a soft and understanding voice. To a person who is somewhat hard of hearing, you speak with a louder, firmer voice wrapped in empathy. To an arrogant and self-righteous animal who refuses to hear, you must speak with spiritual rods of iron and bronze. This is what Yeshua did with the arrogant and self-righteous animals of His days on Earth (Matthew 23). The fact that there are so few speaking with these rods of iron and bronze is what has led to the proliferation of these animals, to the point that they have taken over the spiritual atmosphere and blockaded the Lord's manifestation, aborting the spiritual potential of millions of human beings. If you don't care for the Lord's manifestation, then do remain silent and put away your rods, but do bear in mind that those who are speaking shall then come to strike you with their rods, for, in your silence, you have become a shield and an enabler to those who have arrogantly heaved God's judgements upon themselves. If you can't beat them (with your rods), then join them (in receiving the judgement that is upon them).}


America has a great deal of animals controlling its leadership (both in the "secular" and the "religious" realm), and the remnant have come in the spirit of the Lord to neuter and spay these animals so as to render them null and void and end their multiplication once and for all. The remnant have been doing the "chopping" required to carry this out, as evidenced by sister Carmell's vision, but it is up to America to determine how much shall eventually be chopped off and how much of that chopping shall be manifested in the natural realm. As long as America is unwilling to have her pets spayed or neutered, the manifestation in the natural of the remnant's spiritual work shall be truncated, and America shall pay the high price for her soulish infatuation. America's pet projects, ideologies, structures, and personalities continue in place, and she continues to protect them from God's axe; and, as this happens, God's wrath is stirred all the more. It is truly ironic that a phrase made so famous by a Canaanite-Amorite (i.e.- a "froggy") game show host and an animal ultra-fanatic has been resounding in the spiritual realm with the thunderous voice of God's 7 Spirits for the past 7 years:

"America, have your pets spayed or neutered, for you are playing a game of Truth or Consequences"


Since America refuses to do so, she is facing and shall continue to face the consequences of her stupidity.